SiN Episodes: Emergence patch

SiN Episodes: EmergenceKao što su i obećali, ekipa iz Ritual-a je napravila i objavila prvu zakrpu za SiN Episodes: Emergence. Patch se za sada može skinuti samo preo Steam sistema. Evo i liste ispravki:

  • Fixed the challenge system sometimes never easing up on the player, making it unforgiving
  • Fixed sound-stuttering issues for some players
  • Fixed player stats not always reporting while you are in the car or otherwise locked in place
  • Fixed the instantaneous challenge rating sometimes reporting 0
  • Fixed a texture problem that was causing a lock-up on some video cards when loading in U4Labs
  • Fixed a path-finding issue preventing the game from progressing after talking with Radek at his headquarters
  • Reduced point-size on some fonts to fix close captioning being clipped

    Takođe, screenove iz ove igre možete videti ekskluzivno u našoj Screenshots sekciji ili klikom na donji link.
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