Simon the Sorceror 1 (walkthrough)

Simon the Sorceror 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo

You start off in Calypso's place.
Take the magnet(on the fridge) and the scissors(in the drawer) with you.

Go outside and walk to the blacksmith.....Take the Rope and Clapper there.
Now use Rope with Magnet to make this one item...

Now go to the Druids place(a ladder and a wagonwheel are standing outside his
house) and pickup the Ladder.Now go inside and pickup the Cold Remedy(on the
table) and the Specimen Jar(stands next to the blue and red jars).

Now go to the inn, it's called "The drunken Druid" and enter this place.
There is a box of matches on the fruit machine.Pick it up. After that use
scissors on dwarf. The drunken fool is sleeping so we're gonna cut his beard

So far for the village...

Before we continue....Once outside I'll use terms like :

R = Leave screen to the right
L = Leave screen to the left
U = Leave screen on the upper side
D = leave screen on the down side
RU = There's a path leading to the Right Upper corner of the screen
RD,LU and LD....

By now you've found out you can "use the map" to zap from place to place...
I will use this often.

Now go outside to the forest.
Once there go R-D-R(there must be a fallen tree here)-R(treestump) and have
your first conversation with some Woodworms. Go D-L to arrive at the Witches
Cottage. See the well over there ??  Use the handle attached to the well to
pickup the bucket of water.

Once you have the bucket go Right till you meet the troll and the two goats.
Watch the conversation.You can not pass the bridge at this time but outhearing
this conversation will save you a lot time later on..

Now "use" your map to go back to the village.
You now stand in front of the shop. Leave the village (left exit) and once
outside go R-U-R and meet the wise owl..Talk to him and he looses a feather.
Pick it up!! You can come here often to talk to the owl and he will give you
some hints. But why do you need them since you're reading the solve now....

From here go L-D. There's a barbarian here...Help the zero-I.Q. figure to
remove the thorn from his foot..He's very gratefull and you'll get a whistle
from him.

Next use your map to return to the troll-bridge.
Once there "talk" to the troll about his problem. Talk to the troll till he
takes your whistle and uses it....Watch the scene now, it's great....
So you can cross the bridge, it's cleared. Pickup the Placard on the bridge
to demonstate with it.

Now cross the bridge and go R-R to meet Oaf..
Talk to Oaf about his Beans.
Suggest to water the Beans. And what luck, you happen to have a bucket of
water... Ai, you drowned them and leave the screen.. Go back there and notice
Oaf is gone and there's a puddle of water.(with some beans in it)
Pick up the beans.

From here go R-RD. Use your clapper with the bell. Use the bell..Clang,clang.
After severall minutes when you have recovered you can use the hair to climb
up. There you meet Repulser,some sort of tranformed pig. Start talking to her
and kiss here...YOU HERO !!!!! (but at least you have a pig now.) Otherwise
if she had turned into the beautifull lady the game would have ended here
with "horny" Simon. For some reason I do not understand the programmers left
out the fuck-scene with the pig...
Back to bussines: Use the hair again to exit the tower. Go L-RU.
Now you are on a screen with two waterfalls. If you look at the forge you can
see someone fishing down there. Now watch this !!!  There are vines in the
Left-down corner of this screen. Leave this screen by clicking on the vines.
Once down you see a Golum fishing there. Talk to him. You can't do anything
now so we'll come back later here.

Use yor map to go back to the village.
Go to Calypso's place and walk behind the cottage. There's a heap of compost
here. Use your beans here and after they have grown up pick the water-melon.
Now go to the house with the beehive(Left of druids place).
Use your Repulser(piggy) with the chocolate door. Enter the house.
Inside pick up the Smoke-box and the Hat. Go out. Use Smoke-box on Beehive
and afterwards pick up Wax(top of beehive).
Go to the Drunken Druid and talk to the barman.. Order a drink...As soon as he
disappears behind his counter use Wax on Beerbarrel, which is standing behind
him. Wait and he'll give you a Leaflet.
Go outside and look what is waiting there to be picked up.

Use your map to go to the owls place. From here go R-R-RU and "talk to the
hole" ???? Indiana Jones is digging here. Go Right.
You have arrived at the dwarf mine(located on your map as "Centre of the
forest"). Pick up the Rock in front of the mine and have a closer look at it !!
Now that you know the password enter the mine. Keep trying the password till
you say "beer". Pffff, you may pass.
Give Beer to the guarding dwarf. Follow him downstairs. Once down use your
Feather on the sleeping dwarf. He rolls over and pickup the key. Nasty game !
Now go Up and Left. Talk to the "middle dwarf". Pick up the Hook on the left
side of this dwarf. Now use your Key on the door and enter the doorway. Inside
make the dwarf there an offer. You got something he wants. Give the Beer
Voucher to the Dwarf. You'll get a Gem in return for it. Give the Gem to the
Pig to fuck it again or keep it for later use(better do the second). Now exit
the mine.

Go LU to a screen with a heavy door and bars. Pickup the paper there(it's on
the ground in front of you).

Go R-RU and enter the cave-entrance. Walk R till you see a swamphouse and open
the door. Finally you'll get something to eat. Jum,jum,jum..... Talk to the
swampling. Do not offend him on his birthday and eat his stew. At the second
bowl use Specimen-jar with Stew. You get another bowl of stew and you MUST
consume this one. Now you have eaten all his stew so the swampling dies of
starvation......Nop, he's gonna get new ingredients for more jumjum-stew.
Have you noticed the Chest jet? Move it. See the trapdoor? Open it... you
can go down but you will not come very far.

Now exit the swampling house (the Normal Way!) and go R-R-R-R till you arrive
at the sleeping giant. This one only for Map-purpose.

Now use your map and zap to the Centre of the forest.
From there go RD-R and meet the woodcutter. Talk to him to get his Metal-

Use your map to go to the village. Enter the shop. Give shopping-list to the
shopkeeper(s???) Behind them are a bottle of "white spirit" and a hammer.
We'll get back later here to buy these items.
Now go to the Dodgy Geezer (sales person,arabic I think) and give him your
Gem. Sell it for 20 gold peaces and not a penny less.
So now that you have your gold go to the shop and pick up(buy) the White Spirit
and the Hammer(and you get a free nail !! Scroodges...).

Use your map to zap to the troll-bridge. Go LU and talk to the bard. Give him
your pig and let him fuck it...Oh, you don't have the pig anymore....What a
shame.. Anyway, you can't stand the noise of the sousaphone sound so you exit
the scene. Go back there and use Water-melon with Sousaphone..And since you
have Instrument-repairing abbilities he'll give you his Sousaphone.

Use your map to teleport( Enterprise,this is captain Kirk) to the crossroads,
go RU-vines and talk to the golum again. In conversation take option 1 to
hand over your Specimen-jar with Stew. You get his fishing rod, so start

Now teleport(Spock here, captain) to the Sleeping Giant. Since you'll have to
wake him use the Sousaphone. It works! he knocks over the tree so you can pass

Go R-R and enter the cave. Watch the dragon-scene and get blown out. Re-enter
the cave and use Cold-remedy on dragon. Re-re-enter the cave and take the
fire-extinguisher. Leave the cave and use your Hook with the Boulder on top
of the cave. Click on Boulder to climb the cave. Once up walk to the Hole and
use your Rope&Magnet with Hole untill you have 40 gold coins and go down the
way you came.

Once down, go RU and pickup the Rock. Look at it. Hey, got an idea ????
Go R-R-R till you come to the tree with the pink spot. Talk to the tree.
Talk to the tree ??????
YES, TALK TO THE TREE !!!!!  After this use White Spirit on Pink Splodge to
remove the stain from the tree. Talk to the tree to get your first Magic

Now zap to the sleeping giant, walk L and use your Metal detector. YES !!!!!
You have found your milrith(easy, isn't it ?)

Now go to the hole of Indian Johnny(map:centre of forest,left) and give
him the rock with the fossil in it. Shit, you have to get the fossil out.

Now zap back to the village. Hey, there is a box in front of the store...
So, use box I should say.. Now wait and when arrived open box.
Behind you on the floor is a Rat-bone. Pick it up. Look at the boxes and find
your Spellbook. Take a look at your Spellbook. There's a paper in it. Use
Paper on Door. Use Ratbone at Lock. Pickup paper. Use Key on Lock. Open Door.
Step through the doorway and pickup the Bucket. Go down now..
Open the Iron Maiden and pick up the Mints. Talk to the druid.
Now walk up and down the stairs and remove the Ring. Talk to the druid again.
You have to prove your innocence to him by using his silver cross on your
forehead. After that ask him if he got any ideas to escape. Now use your last
found bucket on the druid. See the fiery pot in the middle of the room ?
There's a flaming brand there which we'll gonna use on the druid.
Now step into the Iron Maiden and wait for the druid to return. open the Iron
Maiden and pick up the hacksaw the druid brought you. Use your hack-saw on
the bars and free you are.

Oh yes, the fossil....
Zap back to the village and go to the blacksmith. Use your Rock with his Anvil
to get the Fossil out. Since you're in town now why don't you pay the druid a
visit ? Talk to him and ask for his help. Sure, the old Succer will help you..
IN EXHANGE FOR FROGSBANE !!!!! So use your Placard now to kill the old bastard.
It won't work ???? Programmers, why not ????

Zap now to the Centre of the forest and go Left.
Give the fossil to Incata Jambory down the Hole and tell him you found it where
your detector is.

Now go to your detector(map:sleeping giant-L). And have a look at the dirt.
Pick up the Milrith-ore. Zap back to the village and give the Milrith-ore to
the blacksmith. He makes an axe-head for you.

Use map to Centre of forest-RD-R and give the axe-head to the woodcutter..
He's so happy with it he'll gonna try it at once... So you can enter his house
now. So do it. Inside pick up the climbing pin. Next use the fire-extinguisher
to put the fire out. See the hook above the fire place ? Move it and an exit
down becomes vissible. Go down and pick up a piece of Mahogany.

Now go to the swamplings house(map:centre of forest-RU-R-R-R). Enter the house
and go down the trapdoor. Walk R. The plank is loose. Use the Nail on Plank.
Now walk Right. See the flowers on top of the skull ? It's Frogsbane.....

Zap over to the witch cottage and go R-R to reach the treestump.. Talk to the
woodworms in the treestump and let them eat your piece of Mahogany.

So now go back to the druids place and hand over the Frogsbane. He'll give you
the potion. He's no use to the rest of the game so kill him now if you like too.

Next go back to the repulser house(map:cross roads-RD).
Use Hair to enter the house.
Once inside use the Woodworms on the Floorboards. You fall down through the
hole and see another hole in the floor. Use your ladder on this hole.
Go down and open the Tomb. Aaaaarrrggghhhh. You're outside now. Re-enter the
tomb-room and open it again. If the mummy steps out be quick. At his rearside
there's a peace of Loose Bandage. Pick this up and see what happens. Once
destroyed you can pick up his staff. Now that you have his staff you can become
a real wizkid.

Zap to the village and go to the Drunken Druid. Inside walk Right to the side-
room. There are four wizards here. Talk to them and tell them that you do any-
thing to become a wizard. They are all gay so bend over and pull up your robe.
Nah, they want your staff, uh, THE Staff. So talk to them again and give them
the staff. After you,ve done that they want money too, so give them their
money. You get your WizKid Wallet in return.

Now that you are a real wizard you can go fight the witch. Use your map to go
to the witch cottage. Open the door and step inside. See the mousehole in the
back ? Good you'll need it later...All you need now is the broom so pick it
up. Wrong!!! The witch appears. Challenge her for a duel. Play the duel till
you win from the witch.(Hocus Pocus worked best for me...). If you win you
pick up the broom automatically. The witch changes and you have to change too
to defend yourself. Use the word "abracadabra" to change into a mouse and run
to the mousehole quickly.

Now use your map to go to the dragons cave.
From here go RU-R. Use the Climbing Pin with the Hole and climb up.
Talk to the snowman. To remove him from the scene consume a mint.
Now walk R-R.
You have arrived at Sordids Tower.

Use your broom to fly over to the tower. Consume your Potion, and now you can
enter the tower.
Inside you meet your dog. See that you get one of his Hairs. He picks you up
and puts you in the garden.
In the garden pick up the Stone and the Leaf(both on the path) and the
Matchstick inside the bucket. Now go Left

Pickup the Lily-leaf here. Use your Matchstick with the Lily-leaf. Use your
Leaf with the Matchstick. So now you have a boat. Pick up some seeds and go
back to the shore. Use your Hair on the Tap. Use Stone on Seeds. You have
some oil now. Use the Oil on the Tap. Move the Hair. Step on your Boat and go

There's a frog here. Is it the Druid ? Nop, it's his mother...
See the water at your right? Have a look at it. Do NOT pick up the Tadpole now
but try to walk to the left first... So, had a good laugh? Pick up the Tadpole
and talk to the Frog. Threathen to turn his little Tadpole into Froglegs(2)
and the frog clears your path. Pick up the Mushroom and consume it to change
back to normal size.

Now pick up the Branch from the tree(on the right side). Open the door and
enter the Tower. Re-enter the tower and use Branch on Chest. Now pick up the
Shield and the Spear. Now go Down.

Once down pick up chest. Use Spear with Skull. Pick up the Skull.
Move the lever. Use chest with Block and move the lever again. Crack!!
Move the Lever again and pick up the Candles. Go Up and Up.

Now you're in Sordids bedroom. Pick up the Sock from the floor, the Book to the
right, the Pouch on the bed and the Magic Wand in front of the mirror.
Now use the Sock with the Pouch. Use the Pouch with the Hole. You captured the
mouse? Good, talk to the mirror now. Go Up.

There are two demons here. Pick up Chemicals(centre of the screen). Use the
Chemicals on the Shield. Use the Shield with the Hook(centre of the screen).
Pick up Book(behind chemicals). Now look at BOTH Books. Now go down and talk
to the mirror again.Spy on the demons on the top floor.
Now that you know their real names you can go back Up again.

Talk to the demons for as long as it takes to offer them to return them to the
pits. Do so and they tell you how to operate the teleporter.
Step into the Teleporter and teleport out of here.

Where am I ? Your on the Enterprise, Simon. Welcome aboard. But I don't know
how to operate a starship ehh mister Spock. Oh in that case; Beam him out of
here Scotty...Aye sir, teleporting now. And so your in the fiery pits now.

Pick up the Pebble and the Sapling at your feet. Talk to the Attendant. he
gives you a Brochure. Now look at your Brochure. Use the Elastic Band with
the Sapling to turn it into a Phaser....uhh, Catapult.
Use your Catapult with the Bell and the attendant flees. Pick up the Souvenir
Matches from the counter and walk Right.

Pick up the bucket of Floor Wax here and walk Right.

Hey, Sordid id here.
Use the Magic Wand on Sordid. Now light the Pit using the Souvenir Matches.
All you have to do now is use the Magic Wand with the Lava.
Is this the END ????? Nop, not yet.

Once you've recovered from your fall go back to Sordid and use the Floor Wax
on him.

And now you can watch the end scene.........

It took me 16 hours to replay the complete game and to write and type this

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