Silent Hill 2 [Solve] (walkthrough)

Silent Hill 2  [Solve]

Submitted by: Naum

James Sanderlend looks at the reflection in a dirty mirror and wearily wipes
eyes. Really all this dreams him or he really is in the Silent Hill? Similar,
that he actually has gone mad, if there has arrived to this the God forgotten
small town, obeying the request for a long time the died wife. " And, can, she
has not died, James? Can, it is draw, and Mary waits for you here that all to
explain? You in fact will excuse her? " - cautiously asks a voice inside James.
James turns away from a mirror - " you, know, that I ask to her anything you
like, if only she has returned ", - he speaks silently, and leaves in a fog on a
meeting with uncertainty. All that will take place with James further, depends
only on you. So, we begin...
Map and cemetery
Leave a toilet and take away a map from the machine worth by a line. A map to
use it is extremely desirable, for names of all streets of a small town there
are marked. Now come downstairs downwards and run on a footpath until will see
ahead a gate. Cries and breath behind a back while ignore, all the same you do
not touch, while... Enter into a gate - you appeared on a cemetery. The unique
alive soul is a girl at a tomb. Talk to her. It will be found out, that her name
is Angela. After conversation leave through the western gate and go on road to
Sanders Street.
Walk on a small town
Turn on Lindsay Street on which someone's remains are smeared, and then go on
Vachss Road. Pick up drinks of health on the right on a road shoulder. Go on
Vachss Road up to the end as wooden impasse. Move apart boards and get inside.
And the first monster. Suffice a stick with nails and understand with a young
reptile. Kill it if it is required, and that they are accustomed to come to
life. Except for a stick you will find radio which starts to show attributes of
trouble when a beside monsters. Take away things and be sent on Lindsay Street.
Turn on Saul Street and then on Martin Street.
Woodside Apartments
Now along the street to not drive, to not pass, not encountering the next
monster. Cut through road to end Martin Street where the monster mocks at a
corpse. To kill him and take away from a corpse a key from a gate of house
Woodside Apartments. Go there and open a gate. Enter into the house. From the
stand take away a map of a building. The bottle with reviver there and then
lays. Rise upwards on a ladder. Enter into a door on the second floor. Go on a
corridor up to an apartment 205. Inside examine remains of the person. In an
apartment there is a lantern. Take it, and you will be attacked by the monster.
What to do - you in a rate. Leave and go to an apartment 210, on a way having
hammered in the monster. Inside take away patrons and be sent on a ladder on the
third floor. As soon as rise, will see a key rolling behind a gate. Try to get a
key, the small little girl will appear and dexterously will reject it in depth
of a corridor. The bad girl! Be sent in an apartment 301. Urs, inside there is a
shotgun! Well, get you to us once again, the little girl... Go down downwards on
the second floor. Go to an apartment 208. So behind a gate the monster, but he
to us is not terrible. Enter into an apartment. So, inside one more dead man. On
a shelf the key from 202 apartments lays. Go there. On kitchen the drink lays,
and in a bedroom the key from hours per 208 apartment rolls. Go back in 208.
Riddle with hours per 208 room
Enter into a room with hours. Use a key from 202 rooms to open hours. Now turn
arrows until will hear click. In my version it has taken place on a mark 21:10,
but this parameter can and vary depending on complexity of a level. Now try to
shift hours from a place. Ur, they were removed, and behind them there was a
huge hole in the next apartment. Well and rats here are found! Get into a hole.
You appeared on the other hand a gate. Go forward and walk upstairs on the third
The third floor
Your task: to reach a key which was rejected by the little girl. Check up on a
map where it, and run there. Take away a key from a fire escape. Go in a room
307. The god, mine, what is this the ugly creature such?! Do not move and give
the monster to leave. Then take away from a case a key from a court yard and go
out. Go to a ladder in the east and go down on a ground floor. About an enclosed
door the pack of juice lays. Lift it and come back to the second floor to a room
with a refuse chute. Throw juice in a refuse chute and go out on street. A coin
from the Recycle Bin and an internal court yard. Near to an input the exhaust
outlet of a refuse chute where you have thrown juice is. Now the old coin has
dropped out of it - take it and go into into a building. Use a key from a court
yard to open a door near a ladder. Go into - here the pool is arranged. Jump in
pool and it is fast from it be selected are will attract monsters. To kill all
monsters. After that take away a coin with the snake (Snake Coin). Go out a
court yard through east door. Go in a room 101. Take away cartridges. Inside you
will discover poor creature Eddi. Talk to him and go out on street.
Rise on the second floor. In the left end of a corridor use a key from a fire
escape, having opened it a blue door. My God, one more building!
Blue Creek Apartments
You in a bedroom. Go in a toilet and find a leaflet with a code. Interestingly,
to what it? One is understandable, not to goods. Search a room.
The safe
And the safe. It would be time to break it{him}. Use a piece of paper with a
code to open the safe. Principal is to recollect Roman numeralses and to know
how to combine. If the combination like X3 it means will get to you: X3=10+3=13
and so on. Like anything terrible. Four boxes of cartridges inside are. Thanks,
they still will be useful to us. Go out and arm with a stick. Discover a door in
an atmosphere of an exit. The map of Room company at the blue brook on the right
is. Take away it. Go down on a ground floor. Take away cartridges in 109
apartment. Now go to the following white door, and towards to you will leave...
No, not the monster, and Angela. See video. Take away a knife and a Prisoner
Coin. So, now at you three coins, it is high time to visit a room 105 and the
riddle hidden there.
Riddle with three coins
In a room 105 pay attention to a small bedside-table with five circles. The
decision of a riddle depends on a selected level of complexity. So: the Simple
level: coin Old Man in the first slot, coin Snake in the average slot and coin
Prisoner in last. A normal level: coin Old Man in the second slot, coin Snake in
last slot and coin Prisoner in average. A difficult level: coin Old Man in the
second slot, coin Snake in the fourth slot and coin Prisoner in last. If all is
correct, the box in which the key from Lyne House lays will open. This most
Lyne lives on the second floor - a room 209. It is time to visit her{it}.
Apartment 209
Go into and go to a balcony through which it is possible to get in a room 208.
Quickly suffice a key from a ladder and patrons. Go out through 209 number, turn
on the left and open a key a door. Be SAVED! Prepare for a meeting with the
first boss, but all over again see video.
The boss 1 - the Pyramidly head
Main that for you the shotgun and not less magpie of patrons to was. Are kept
as it is possible further from the monster, do not give itself to touch. To be
recharged in the best way in the menu that James has not crippled while he it
does during pain. It is possible to not shoot at all, main: to hold on some time
- nerves will pull about, but patrons save. After a pair of minutes of sterile
battle with the boss, you will hear a howl of an alerter. The boss will rush
downwards on a ladder, the filled water. Do not run for nymas, and that you will
finish off, give a reptile to leave. When water will leave, you can abandon the
damned place.
Park Pink water
Depart to park where James was torn from the very beginning of the game is
Rosewater Park (look on a map). See a video. Talk with Lora - the little girl
who has taken away from you a key. Iditol is farther to park. You came to lake,
so, to the alternate videoclip. For you Maria familiar by name has appeared - to
be pleased or long in this halter - at all I do not know, wherefore you should
shadow the girl, monitoring for that that her have not killed. It is the best
way to run and main - snug to shoot to not shoot down Maria with own hand. Leave
park. Now you can or depart on searches of the decomposed corpse, or at once to
be directed to a bowling alley the Pete (Pete's Bowl-O-Rama).
Bowling alley Pete's
One more videoinsert. The Lora will run away and will keep you alone from the
Eddi. Talk from nymas and leave on street. Maria will show you a place where the
Lora has run. Iditol on avenue also enter into a door which will be discovered
for you by Maria. You have appeared in hospital.
Hospital Brukheven
At the left take away a map of hospital. Go to a room with documents, for this
purpose pass through registry. Near the printing machine the lilac key of the
bull lays. Esteem magazine about the patient treated in this hospital. Forget,
that you the gentleman and kill any lady whom will meet on the way.
Use a map to find a ladder on the second level. Iditol in a women locker room.
There you should mine a curve a needle thrust in the ivy bear cub and the
shotgun. Now iditol in a men's locker room. It is terrible to think, that for
you waits there, after finds in women. In a locker room there is a key from a
room for inspection. He lays in a pouch of a bloody robe. Be descended downwards
and unlock a room for inspection of patients. Inside collect patrons and be
hoisted on the second level. Iditol in a room number three. Collect a first aid
kit and check up a carbon paper in the typing machine. Record or store number on
a piece of paper. He still is useful to us. Now be guided to room M2 and collect
patrons and a Lapis Eye Key. It still that for a miracle such? Iditol in room

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