Silent Heroes (walkthrough)

Silent Heroes

               It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
  _____  _____  _       ______  _   _  _______
 / ____||_   _|| |     |  ____||  | ||__   __|  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
| (___    | |  | |     | |__   |  | |   | |
 ___    | |  | |     |  __|  |     |   | |     *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
 ____) | _| |_ | |____ | |____ | |  |   | |
|_____/ |_____||______||______||_| _|   |_|     *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
                                _    _  ______  _____    ____   ______   _____ 
   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   | |  | ||  ____||  __   / __  |  ____| / ____|
                               | |__| || |__   | |__) || |  | || |__   | (___  
   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   |  __  ||  __|  |  _  / | |  | ||  __|   ___  
                               | |  | || |____ | |   | |__| || |____  ____) |
   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   |_|  |_||______||_|  _ ____/ |______||_____/ 
                Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.

Copyright 2006 - Staley, Deuce ex Defcon.  Any site that wishes to host any of
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guide(s), as I like to know where they're being used.

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Note:  I'm just writing about the methods that I personally used to win these
missions.  Don't be surprised if you find a strategy for some missions that's
better than the ones I've written down.  Hey, at least I tried, right?

                          |                        |
                          |        Contents        |
                          |                        |

0.00)  A Few Notes Before You Get Started
0.10)  Important Controls
0.20)  Tank Damage

1.00)  Soviet Campaign
   1.01)  Diversion
   1.02)  Deliver a Prisoner
   1.03)  Top Dog
   1.04)  Trap
   1.05)  Chasing for Snipers
   1.06)  Radars
   1.07)  Backdoor Threat
   1.08)  Daring Assault
   1.09)  Railroad
   1.10)  Hunt the Tiger

6.00)  End
   6.01)  Version History
   6.02)  Closing

                 |                                           |
                 | 0.00)  A Few Notes Before You Get Started |
                 |                                           |

In this section, I'll list some notes about various things you should keep in
mind while playing, in no particular order:

I)  Gray compared to red damage.

 - When a vehicle takes damage, it will show up on the unit's picture on the
left side of the screen when you select it.  Damage shown in red can be
repaired using a repair kit.  However, damage that appears as a dark gray will
not be repairable.  Once it's broken, it stays broken.  Any vehicle that has
tires will fall victim to this easily.  All it takes is one popped tire, and
the vehicle is permanently immobile.  See section 0.20 of this guide for an
indepth description of the various types of damage you can have on a standard

II)  Weapons equipped when entering vehicles and mounted guns.

 - If you don't have space in your inventory to hold your weapon, you'll just
drop it on the ground when you enter a vehicle or a mounted gun.  Make sure you
take that into consideration before you get in something, or you'll find
yourself helpless when you get out.

III)  Helmets and body armor.

 - Body armor is a huge help for your soldiers.  If you find some, make sure
you take it and equip it.  Helmets are also a very important piece of
equipment.  If your helmet gets blown off, make sure you replace it immediately
with a helmet from a downed enemy soldier (sometimes you can pick the same
helmet back up, too).

IV)  Double clicking items in your inventory.

 - When you're examining another inventory, double clicking an item from your
inventory will move it to the other inventory, and double clicking on an item
in the other inventory will move it to yours.  Double clicking on an item that
has a lot more than can fit in one spot in your inventory will fill all of your
available slots with that item (unless there isn't enough of the item).  This
is helpful for quickly moving items in your inventory.

If you only have a single unit's inventory open, double clicking on ammo will
reload your gun.

V)  The Map.

It sometimes starts off at a tilt, but there isn't an easy way to tell which
way is north.  Usually, I would tell people to immediately change their angle
so that north is up on the screen.  This time though, I recommend you keep it
at the default position.  All directions in this guide assume that you have.

VI)  Never leave your men armed with grenades if you're not going to be
Directly Controlling them.

Seriously, your AI is unreasonably stupid.  If you leave a grenade in the hands
of a soldier, and you let go of the Direct Control, he will use it at the next
available target, regardless of how close he (or an ally) might be to that
target.  It's a quick way to get yourself killed, or waste a grenade that you
might need later.

VII)  Equipping things from your inventory.

To equip helmets, body armor, or weapons from your inventory, simply click and
drag the item from your inventory to the appropriate location on your unit's
picture.  Unequip things by reversing that process.

                         |                           |
                         | 0.10)  Important Controls |
                         |                           |

For the most part, if you go through the training and if you've played at least
one other RTS game before, you should have no problems with the controls.

I)  Direct Control.

There are two ways to enter the "Direct Control" feature.  The first is by
pressing the End key to turn the feature on, and then pressing it again to turn
it off.  The other way (which is the way I ALWAYS recommend you do it) is by
holding down the Control key for the duration of the time you want to stay in
Direct Control mode.

Direct control is useful for making very quick, precise attacks.  Units are a
lot more accurate in Direct Control, and you can pick your targets much easier.
Direct Control is also extremely useful for driving vehicles into tight spots,
or escaping quickly from heated battles.

II)  Hold Fire, Return Fire, and Fire At Will.

You can set a unit to any one of these three basic commands when the unit is
not being Directly Controlled.  To set these, simply click on one of the
corresponding icons on the left side of the top row of your command bar when
you have at least one unit selected.

Hold Fire means that the unit will absolutely not fire at anything, no matter
what, until you tell it to.  This is almost always the safest way to go,
simply because your units are not exactly smart, and can easily get themselves
killed for stupid reasons if they fire at something you didn't want them to
fire at, or if they throw a grenade while standing in front of a wall or
another one of your units.

Return Fire means that your unit will fire back if it is fired upon.  This is
fairly safe, but you won't want to use it a lot of the times.  Your units tend
to waste their ammo shooting at things they can't hit, or they return fire with
grenades and kill themselves or your other units.

Fire At Will means the unit will fire at anything that gets too close.  This is
rarely a good idea for several of the reasons listed above.  The only time I
recommend using this is when you need to slaughter a lot of troops at one time.
You can set one or more men to Fire At Will, and then take Direct Control of
another unit.

III)  Hotkeys.

Several actions have keys assigned to them so you can perform them quickly
without using your mouse.  I'll list the most important ones here, in no
particular order.  Note that most of these features can also be opened with
various icons on your display.

E)  Exits a vehicle/gun.  Depending on what you're exiting, you'll be given a
cursor, and you must then click on where you want your unit(s) to exit to.

+)  Reloads your current weapon.  This is one of the more valuable hotkeys.

M)  Opens your map.

O)  Opens the mission objectives list.

F)  This puts your unit in the Melee attack mode when applicable.  You can use
a troop to run up to an enemy troop and smack them, causing the enemy to fall
down for a while.  Note that this DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE THE UNIT STAY DOWN.
They will sometimes get back up when you least expect it.

X)  This examines the target.  Use this to have a soldier check a vehicle's
inventory or check the contents of some crates.  Very useful.

D)  Drops the item you have in your hand.  This is used a lot when you're
carrying barrels or bundles of wood.

I)  This will open the selected unit's inventory.

Space)  This will make a selected soldier go into the Prone position, which is
useful when you need to sneak around or take cover quickly.

U)  This will allow you to use some items that you have in your hand.  For
example, matches, barrels of fuel, and dynamite all require this feature.

Tab)  Highlights items on the ground.  This is great for fiding helmets, guns,
crates, repair kits, and anything else that might've been dropped on the ground
at some point.

                          |                         |
                          |   0.20)  Tank Damage    |
                          |                         |

Taking direct control of heavy vehicles is my favorite part of this game (and
Soldiers:  Heroes of World War II before it, and now Faces of War too).  Of
course, tanks tend to get a little damaged when they get hit by tank shells,
grenades, and so forth, so it's important to know what the different types of
damage are and what you can and can't do while your tank is inflicted by it.

Enjoy this terrible ASCII tank I made.  The numbers on it represent what part
of the tank turns red from the different types of damage.
       |4|         Treads (1):  Tread damage is the most common form of damage.
       | |                      Almost anything can break your treads - hand
       |4|                      grenades, anti-tank grenades, heavy weapons,
  _____| |_____                 and even driving over very bad terrain.  While
 /|    |4|    |                a tread is damaged, your tank will be immobile,
|1|  5 | | 5  |1|               but all other parts will operate normally.
| |    |4|    | |
|1|  5 | | 5  |1|  Engine (2):  Engine damage is rare, but not too rare.  It's
| |    | |    | |               usually caused by anti-tank grenades that land
|1|  5/   5  |1|               right on top of the engine, but a lucky shell
| |  / 3 3   | |               can sometimes cause it as well.  While your
|1| |       | |1|               engine is damaged, your tank will be completely
| |   3 3 /  | |               immobile.
|1|   ___/   |1|
| |  2 2 2 2  | |  Turret (3):  Turret damage is fairly common - anti-tank
|_______________|               grenades and shells often disable your turret.
                                While your turret's disabled, your vehicle will
                                function normally, but you won't be able to aim
                                your weapons unless you manually turn the
                                entire tank.

Barrel (4):  Barrel damage is fairly rare, but it can be caused by grenades and
             heavy weapons fire.  If your barrel is damaged, your main weapon
             will be unable to fire, but your machine gun will still be
             operational.  Your turret will still function normally.

  Body (5):  Body damage is common when heavy weaponry is involved.  Anti-tank
             grenades and tank shells will often smash tanks to the point where
             they're completely disabled, and that's what this represents.
             When your tank has body damage, it won't be able to move at all,
             the turret will be immobile, and all weaponry will be disabled.

It's also important to note that, while rare, it's possible to have a soldier
get killed while inside a vehicle.  Tank shells are usually the cause of that,
though anti-tank grenades and molotovs can also have that effect.

Fires can also sometimes start when a tank takes a heavy hit.  Once a fire
starts, there's no way to stop it.  Eject your crew immediately before the
vehicle explodes, or everyone will be killed.

You should also be careful around water and hills.  Submerging a vehicle will
render it useless, and it's not as hard as you'd think to tip a vehicle over
when it's on a hill.

Lighter vehicles can suffer from a lot of similar (and a lot of very different)
types of damage.  Light vehicles like cars, trucks, and field guns are also
very vulnerable to machine gun fire, unlike tanks.


                            1.00)  Soviet Campaign

                          |                         |
                          |    1.01)  Diversion     |
                          |                         |



1)  Commit an act of sabotage:  blow up the ammunition depot.

 - The depot is surrounded by vehicles and men, so the easiest way to destroy
it is by capturing a German tank and firing shells at it from a distance.  If
you'd prefer to be a little more discrete about it, you can use heavy grenades
or the dynamite you're given to blow up the piles.  Only the piles along the
top of the depot need to be destroyed, not the vehicles or the building.

2)  Masha Borovitskaya must survive the mission.

 - If she dies, you fail.

3)  Dmitry Shevtsov (the commander) must survive the mission.

 - If he dies, you fail.

4)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive the mission.

 - If he dies, you fail.


1)  Liberate the village.

 - While this isn't necessary to win the mission, it's still fun to do if you'd
like a little extra challenge.  You don't need to kill every German unit on the
map to accomplish it, either - if you destroy the gun emplacements and retreat,
the remaining soldiers will run after you.  Once there aren't any more Germans
within the actual village, this objective will be complete.


3 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, and Masha Borovitskaya)


Assuming you have no objections to shooting at your own men, you can abuse a
little trick right at the start of the mission to get some body armor.  As soon
as you have control of your men, use one of them to shoot the tires on the car
with your soldiers in it before the car can leave the screen.  Inspect the
soldier near the steering wheel and take his body armor (and anything else you
might feel like taking).

Three clusters of Germans are patrolling the outside edges of the forest.  The
first group will reach your soldiers a few seconds after the mission starts, so
be prepared to have your men armed and ready to defend themselves.  Either sit
and wait patiently for the other two groups to reach you or head out and catch
them off guard in the trees.

Either way, your next objective after the patrols are dealt with should be
clearing out the field on the way to the village.  Once you start picking off
Germans, other Germans nearby will start attacking you, including the nearby
Tiger tank (or both of them, depending on where/how much you attacked).  Lead
the Tiger as far away from the village as you can, then hit it with an
anti-tank grenade to disable it (you'll need to hit it in the rear - grab some
AT grenades from the truck near your starting position).

Make sure the swarm of German soldiers that came with the Tiger are dealt with,
then repair it using the repair kit in its inventory.  Right now is when you
need to decide if you'd like to complete the primary and secondary objectives
or if you'd just like to finish the mission right away.  If you'd like to
finish the mission, drive the Tiger through the forest to your left, avoiding
the village entirely.

Attack the ammo depot from the west, where it's mostly clear.  A few quick high
explosive shells to the ammo piles will end the mission, but be aware that you
won't have very long before a swarm of German soldiers and vehicles responds to
the attack.

If you'd like to take a more careful approach and complete the secondary
objective, I suggest you attack the depot from the south, making the second
Tiger your first priority (assuming you haven't already disabled it).  Once the
Germans know you're there, though, you'll want to abandon your Tiger and fight
off the wave of German soldiers on foot.  Why?  Because the Tiger's turret is
so painfully slow that there's no way you can move it fast enough to hose the
stream of soldiers they're going to send at you.

Instead, let your two machine gunners hide in the trees (set to Fire at Will)
and take direct control of Masha with her rifle.  Your men will take care of
most of the soldiers, but you'll probably need Masha to pick off some of the
long-range targets.  Be very alert for grenades - if any of your three soldiers
get killed, the mission's over.

Once the initial wave of Germans is taken care of, get back in the Tiger and
take care of the gun emplacements in the village as well as any vehicles that
might remain.  Just watch out for bazooka soldiers - they can stop your Tiger
dead in its tracks.  Avoid damaging the depot if you'd like to complete the
secondary objective first.

To complete the secondary objective, all you need to do is eliminate the
stationary Germans in the village.  The rest of them will move out of the
village to attack you, and once they're all out, the secondary objective will
be complete.  Simply lob a few high explosive shells at the ammo piles along
the top of the depot to end the mission.

                          |                         |
                          |1.02)  Deliver a Prisoner|
                          |                         |



1)  Force a breach in the enemy's fortifications and secure the vehicle's safe
    passage through the frontline.

 - Basically, you need to eliminate every German that's in range of the main
road heading north, including everyone in the two closest trench sections.

2)  The vehicle is running out of fuel.  Find fuel in the German depots.

 - The depot to the west is unfortunately very well-defended.  You'll have to
secure it, then shoot the lock on the gate in the north-west corner to gain
entrance.  There's a gas can in one of the crates on the east side of the
depot - take it and use it to take some gas out of one of the German vehicles,
then put the can into a vehicle's cargo space and drive the vehicle back to
your car.  Take the can out and use it to fuel the car to end the mission.

3)  Igor Veselov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

4)  Sergey Samuilov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

5)  The car must not be destroyed.

 - You can damage it, but if it gets completely destroyed, you fail.  Oddly
enough, the prisoner doesn't need to survive, but the driver does.  If the
driver gets killed, it qualifies as the car being destroyed.


2 Soldiers (Igor Veselov and Sergey Samuilov)


There's a repair kit in this mission if you raid the tent area under the line
of self-propelled artillery, but it's very well-defended.  If you're very
patient and feeling lucky, start the mission by making an assault on the camp
to get the repair kit, but keep in mind that when you get near the tents, a
hoard of infantry will exit them.  The main threat is the Pz III and the other
vehicles in the area.  If you can pick off the Pz III and get to the cover of
the trees before the other vehicles manage to catch up to you, you'll have a
good chance of finishing them off and getting to the camp to grab the repair
kit.  Otherwise, you're pretty much screwed.

I suggest just forget about the repair kit (for now, anyway) and start by
assaulting the depot to the west of your starting position.  Combine your two
soldiers' inventories together, taking the small machine gun, its bullets, all
four grenades, and all of the bandages.  Send the soldier to the lower-left
corner of the depot in the trees.

See the guard tower?  The two on this side of the depot are manned, the two on
the other side aren't.  The lower one should be your first priority, but as
soon as you fire at it, there'll be a slew of Germans ready to blast you.  Stay
to the right of the tower at all times, and you'll be able to avoid the upper
tower's line of fire.

Deal with the motorcycle and patrols when they show up, then spend some time
picking off soldiers inside the depot.  Be careful where you fire, though - you
want to avoid alerting either tank if at all possible.  The five heavy soldiers
on patrol outside of the depot have molotovs and body armor - grab some as
early as you can.  The molotovs will make short work of the two nearby tanks.

When you've cleared out most of the depot (or at least most of the lower part),
return to the forest south of the depot and draw the lower tank's attention by
firing a few rounds at it.  Immediately retreat farther south into the forest,
then get a molotov ready.  The tank will have trouble seeing you down here, so
as long as you can move sideways far enough, it won't be able to hit you.  Wait
for it to drive straight forward for a while, then toss the molotov into the
trees around it.  The resulting fire will knock out the tank (and usually catch
the crew on fire on their way out).

Finish clearing out the depot from the south if there're still Germans in it,
then approach the northern tank from the west side of the depot.  Wait for its
turret to point as far away from you as possible, then step out and toss
another molotov at it.  Raid dead Germans (or the crate in the upper-left of
the depot) for hand grenades, then prepare to assault the stationary guns south
of the trench lines.

Start with the anti-aircraft gun on the far left.  Crawl up to it, then toss a
slightly cooked grenade at it to ensure that all of the occupants are killed.
Repeat the process with the larger gun directly to the right of this one, then
move south again towards your car.  Your next target is the tank on the right
side of the road near the water.

Carefully approach it from the trees below, then step out and toss another
molotov on it.  You'll probably need to run back into the trees right after
that, though - there're probably still quite a few troops lingering around the
area.  Slaughter them in the forest, then raid them for more grenades if

Time to take out a few more of those mounted guns.  Return to the small lake,
then jump in and swim to the ridge on the other side.  From here, you'll have
good approach angles on two more guns.  Take out the one in the sandbags first,
then retreat to the ridge before the field gun gets the chance to fire at you.
If any soldiers were alerted by your attack, wait by the water until you can
get rid of them, then deal with the motorcycle and troops to the right of the
lake if they're still there.

If they aren't, go ahead and carefully sneak to the right until you have a good
angle at the field gun to the north.  Grenade it, then carefully return to the
lake and wait.  There're two more guns close to the road that you haven't dealt
with yet, but they're close together and don't have much cover below them.
You'll need to toss two grenades at nearly the same time to take them both out
before they can turn and fire at you.

Send your second soldier up to meet your first, then make sure they're both
armed with a grenade.  Position them in the small bush south of the guns, then
have one of them toss a grenade at the field gun.  Don't wait for it to
explode - immediately switch to the second soldier and toss his grenade at the
second gun.  Be ready to machine gun any survivors incase something goes wrong,
then retreat both soldiers back to your car.

All you have to do now is clear out the two sections of trench closest to the
road.  Unfortunately, there's not really an easy way to do it...  my suggestion
is to sneak one of your soldiers along the very bottom of the map until you're
below and to the right of the second German camp area.  Head north along the
right side of the screen, quickly eliminate the group of soldiers there, and
continue to the north.

You'll need to take out another set of guns inside some sandbags, so crawl up
to it from the right side and toss a grenade in there.  Quickly stand up and
run straight north along the extreme right edge of the screen until you're out
of range of the soldiers in the trench.  Now you can run due west along the top
of the map until you reach the group of deserted vehicles in the north-western
corner of the map.  The KV-1's turret is damaged, but the tanks itself is still
fully operational.  Jump inside from the north, then quickly drive it away from
the trenches.

You can use this thing to eliminate most of the Germans in the two trenches
closest to the the main road, but it'll be annoying without the ability to move
your turret.  You'll need to manually aim it by moving the tank, but it can
still be done.  You can also approach the abandoned Tiger right in front of the
trench lines by the road.  It's got a broken tread, but the turret is fully
operational - you can use it to slaughter anything you couldn't get with the

Once the trenches closest to the road are completely free of Germans, you'll be
given a new mission objective.  Return your second soldier to your car, then
get the second one over to the depot on the left side of the map.  Shoot the
lock on the gate to open it if you haven't already, then check the crates on
the right side to find a gas can.  Use it to take some gas from one of the
German vehicles in the depot (or one of the abandoned vehicles to the north if
there aren't any intact in the depot), then return to your car with the gas.
Put it in the car, and the mission will be complete.

                          |                         |
                          |     1.03)  Top Dog      |
                          |                         |



1)  Capture or eliminate the German SS officer.

 - He'll be in one of the German cars in the small section of town in the
north-east corner.  After enough time passes, a decoy car will attempt to leave
the area.  The SS officer's car will follow shortly after that.

2)  Eliminate the enemy's detachments along the route of the SS officer and set
    an ambush.

 - Even though this is listed as an objective, there's really no way to
"complete" it.  Just be ready on the roads to stop the German cars from leaving
the area.

3)  Masha Borovitskaya must survive the mission.

 - If she dies, you fail.

4)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive the mission.

 - If he dies, you fail.

5)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive the mission.

 - If he dies, you fail.


6 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Leonid Chernyshev, Masha Borovitskaya, Ivan Fomin,
            Vasily Mikhailov, and Ivan Nikolaev)


Retreat your group of soldiers into the trees to the south, then select one
that's armed with a small machine gun and a few grenades.  Run him to the left
and start slaughtering the Germans in the forest, but make sure you avoid
sending any stray bullets towards the motorcycle and field gun farther up the
road.  Your goal is to clear the area around the south-west part of the road
leading off the map.  Once there aren't any Germans left around it, leave this
soldier there to guard it.

Select another one of your soldiers (again armed with a light machine gun and
a few grenades, at least one of which should be an anti-tank grenade) and send
him to the east.  Clear out the Germans in this section of forest just like you
did with the last section, but make sure you don't attract the attention of the
field gun or the machine gun vehicle.  You'll want to sneak around them from
above, toss your anti-tank grenade at the vehicle from the bushes, and then
machine gun the crew of the field gun before it can turn to attack you.

Another rush of Germans will probably attack you after that, so stand up and
find a defendable spot.  One soldier slightly to the north-east has a bazooka,
so be careful.  Once you've eliminated all of the soldiers, send another one of
your men to the end of the road on this side of the map to defend it, then take
your other one north along the far eastern edge of the map.

Eventually one of the German cars in the town will try to drive off of the
lower-right part of the screen, so use your soldier that you left down there to
destroy the car and kill the passengers.  You'll be told it was a decoy, so
watch the town to see where the second car goes.  Every time I've played this
mission, it always goes to the lower-left part of the map where I told you to
leave your first soldier, but it's conceivably possible that it could take one
of the other roads.  If it does, try to intercept it with the soldier you sent
up the east side of the map.  If you can't catch it in time, I guess you'll
have to move faster next time.  Either way, all you have to do is kill the SS
guy in the second car to end the mission.

                          |                         |
                          |       1.04)  Trap       |
                          |                         |



1)  Together with the partisans liberate the captured Red Army general.

 - Hmm, dunno how to keep the partisans alive long enough to complete this
objective...  Thankfully, that doesn't seem to keep you from winning the
mission.  If you know how to actually complete this objective, please let me

2)  Capture German armored vehicles located in the village and use them to
    break out from the encirclement.

 - You can trigger this objective in one of two ways - enter the base in the
north-west corner or put a soldier into the German engineering vehicle in the
north-east corner.  If you choose the first method, you'll have to deal with a
massive counter-attack of German tanks and soldiers.  If you choose the second
option, all you'll have to do is drive the vehicle down to the area between the
lake and the monastery to finish the mission.  Take your pick.

3)  Use an engineer vehicle to get to Point X.

 - Once you've dealt with the majority of the German counter-attack, put a
soldier into the odd-looking German vehicle that was next two the two Tigers.
Drive it down to the area between the lake and the ruined monastery to finish
the mission.  Note that the engineering vehicle can drive through minefields
without getting destroyed.

4)  Masha Borovitskaya must survive the mission.

 - If she dies, you fail.

5)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive the mission.

 - If he dies, you fail.

6)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive the mission.

 - If he dies, you fail.


1)  Eliminate an elite SS army detatchment at the ruined monastery.

 - You'll notice there's a deserted monastery east of your starting position.
The Panther and SDKs around it will make it a difficult target for your
soldiers, so I recommend you wait until you've got control of one of the gray
Panthers from the north-western base before you attempt to complete this.


6 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Leonid Chernyshev, Masha Borovitskaya, Ivan Popov,
            Vasily Mikhailov, and Ivan Boyko)


The four partisans always get slaughtered no matter what I do...  but
thankfully, it doesn't prevent you from finishing the mission.  I suggest you
just retreat all of your soldiers directly to the east to the other side of the
forest by the lake.  Transfer all of your anti-tank grenades to Masha, then
send her and a machine gunner north.  Have the machine gunner take care of the
Germans around the roadblock slightly north-east of the small farm, then send
him back down to your other soldiers where it's safe.

Send Masha to the large hay field south of the German base in the north-west.
Use her rifle to pick off the southern-most guard towers, then make her lay in
the hay on the far right side.  Fire a shot at the lower Panther inside the
base, and it should come down to find you (the second one proably will, too).
Immediately crawl somewhere else in the hay, and they shouldn't be able to find
you.  They'll mill around for a while, but they should eventually stop - and if
you're lucky, they'll stop fairly far away from each other, making it much
easier to pick them each off.

Make sure the hoard of soldiers that come out of the base aren't going to see
you, then sneak up on one of the stopped Panthers and toss an anti-tank
grenade on its engine.  Slaughter the crew and any other Germans your attack
attracted, then take out the second Panther if possible.  One of them will have
a repair kit in it, so fix it up and crew it with four of your guys.  Raid the
heavy machine gun bullets out of the other one and add them to the cargo.

Now you have two choices:

I)  wipe out the forces in the north-western base, then enter it to trigger the
    second primary objective.  The resulting counter-attack will require you to
    be very well-prepared to defend yourself.

II) Skip the north-western base entirely and trigger the next two objectives
    simply by getting in the German engineering vehicle in the north-east

[If you want to go with the first option, continue reading.  If you'd like to
 take the (much faster and easier) option, skip down to the slightly indented
 section slightly below this paragraph.]

Use the Panther to take out as much stuff in the base as you can, but don't get
anywhere near it - you won't want to trigger the next mission objective yet.
Once you've got the base fairly clear, head down to the monastery and crush the
elite German combat unit to complete the secondary objective.  From there, head
north and assault the German defenses in the village.  Watch out for the
minefields, though - you can see the edges near the small signs.

Carefully eliminate everything near the abandoned German vehicles, then send
all of your troops up there.  You'll have to repair and refuel both Tigers and
the engineering vehicle.  Crew each Tiger with three troops, then turn them
both to the west to face the German base.  Drive one of them over there, and
set the other one to Fire at Will.  When you get inside the base, the German
counter-attack will be triggered.  Immediately pull the Tiger back towards your
second one, then defend yourself there.

Tons of German infantry and quite a few heavy tanks will enter the map.  Most
of the infantry will probably follow your Tiger as it leaves the base, but the
tanks will likely stay behind.  Hunt them down if you'd like, or just send some
of your men into the third abandoned vehicle next to your Tigers.  It's the
engineering vehicle - fix it and fuel it if necessary, then drive it down to
the area between the lake and the monastery to complete the mission.  Note that
it can drive through minefields without being destroyed.

     If you'd like to take the easier approach, simply skip attacking the
     north-western base at all and take your Panther directly down to the
     monastery.  Crush the elite German defenders there to complete the
     secondary objective, then turn north and assault the village.  Watch out
     for the minefields in the areas surrounded by signs, though - a single
     mine will pulverize your Panther and kill everyone inside.

     Once the village and the small depot north of it are clear, occupy the
     German engineering vehicle.  Repair it and fuel it if necessary, then move
     it down to the area between the lake and the monastery to complete the
     mission.  Note that the engineering vehicle can drive over mines without
     taking any damage.

                        |                            |
                        | 1.05)  Chasing for Snipers |
                        |                            |



1)  Find and eliminate 12 German snipers.

 - You can find six in the upper-right corner, which are fairly easy to kill.
The lower-right corner has another four in it, which should be your second
target.  There's a single one in the trees in the lower-left corner, and you'll
have to get your last one from the pile of Germans in the upper-left corner.

2)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

3)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.


5 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Sevastian Zakharov, Ivan Kozlov,
            and Ivan Boyko)


Select one of your light machine gun soldiers, arm him well with grenades and
ammo from the vehicle south of your starting position, and send him north up
the road.  Take the left fork and watch out for the German approaching from the
west (he's the first sniper you'll encounter), then turn east when you're even
with the two red dots in the forest.  Sneak up on them and take them out, then
continue north to the cluster of six Germans near the top of the screen.

These trees provide excellent cover, so don't be afraid to attract the
attention of the Germans near the buildings (especially the self-propelled
artillery piece - the easiest way to get rid of it is to hit it with an
anti-tank grenade from the safety of the trees).  Clear out the entire area
around the houses, and you should have found six of the twelve snipers.

Avoid the pile of vehicles to the south by going back to the road you came up
here on.  Head all the way back down to your other soldiers, then turn east
towards the other small cluster of buildings.  Carefully pick off the groups of
Germans in the treeline, but avoid drawing the attention of the field gun or
the vehicles near the buildings (especially the rocket launcher).  If you do
accidentally attract the rocket launcher's attention, run west as fast as you
can - its rockets will devastate the forest, slaughtering friend and foe alike.

If you manage to get near the vehicles without attracting their attention, use
an anti-tank grenade to demolish the rocket launcher first, then retreat to a
safe spot and deal with the machine gun vehicle.  Once you've killed all of the
infantry around here, you should've found ten of the twelve snipers.  Head back
to the rest of your troops now, then continue farther to the west to find three
Germans in the trees.  Take out the two on the right first, then the sniper on
the left.

For your 12th sniper, you can just carefully approach the north-east corner of
the north-west group of Germans and toss a grenade at him near the corner of
the barn.  Watch out, though - there're some anti-personnel mines in the forest
between your starting position and the spot you'll want to be in to throw the
grenade.  When the 12th sniper is dead, the mission's over.

                        |                            |
                        |       1.06)  Radars        |
                        |                            |



1)  Destroy the German radar.

 - The first tower is in the upper-left corner of the map.  The easiest way to
destroy it is to hit it with a shell from the mounted German gun above it, but
you can also just blow up the truck next to it or hit it with an anti-tank

2)  It turned out there was more than one radar in this square.  Find and
    destroy the second radar.

 - The second tower is on the opposite side of the map from the first tower.
(Just click on the eye icon to see it if you can't find it.)  You'll have the
advantage of the forest for this one, so toss a molotov into it once you've
attracted the attention of most of the German defenders (the Tiger that's
patrolling the area has two molotovs in its inventory).  All you need to do
after that to end the mission is knock down the second tower.

3)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

4)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.


5 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Ivan Fomin, Ivan Kozlov, and
            Ivan Boyko)


Select Dmitry Shevtsov, then examine your other troops and transfer their
grenades, bandages, and light machine gun bullet's to Dmitry's inventory.  You
should also grab the body armor off of Ivan Fomin.  When you're ready, send all
five of your soldiers west into the safety of the trees - you don't want the
German soldiers or the Tiger tank to see you from the road.

Send Dmitry north around the first section of water, then turn him to the right
and assault the barn.  Continue up the side of the map here under the next
section of water.  The first radar tower is next to the house in the far
upper-left corner of the map, but it's well-guarded.  Creep up to the German
machine gun vehicle using the bushes for cover and toss an anti-tank grenade on
it.  The German soldiers in the area will attack, so be ready to do some major
machine-gunning.  Be very careful that you don't let the mounted gun get a shot
at you.

Once you've cleared out the German soldiers, toss a light grenade over the
crates to kill the mounted gun's crew.  Get in the gun, take out the motorcycle
and self-propelled artillery piece above the lake, and then blow up the radar
tower.  Raid dead Germans for ammo if necessary, then procede eastward across
the top of the lake near the self-propelled artillery piece.  Be on the lookout
for those tiny white signs - they denote minefields, which you'll want to avoid
at all costs.

There're tons of German soldiers patrolling the roads here, a Tiger, and
several roadblocks.  Your goal is to cross the road and enter the huge field on
the other side.  You can deal with the patrolling soldiers and roadblocks if
you'd like, or you can just ignore them and continue over the ridge.  I suggest
you deal with the soldiers, though, because it'll make taking out the Tiger a
lot easier.

Why take out the Tiger?  It's got two molotovs in it, which will make it a lot
easier to take out the second radar tower.  Time your attacks on the troops and
roadblocks to avoid catching the attention of the Tiger, then when you've got
the Tiger one-on-one, hide in a bush and toss an anti-tank grenade at it.
You'll probably only knock a tread off, but thankfully, Tigers have painfully
slow turrets.  Once the tread is disabled, you'll be able to run circles around
it.  Toss a second anti-tank grenade on its engine, and the crew should
evacuate it.  Take the molotovs and head for the trees right below the second
radar tower.

Fire some shots at the Germans or toss a grenade at them to catch their
attention, then run out of the forest and toss a molotov into the trees.  Most
of the soldiers and the vehicle should wind up getting slaughtered by the
resulting blaze, but you'll probably have to pick off a few soldiers that
managed to escape.  Once the fire stops, simply run to the radar tower and toss
another anti-tank grenade at it to end the mission.

[If you don't feel like wasting the effort to stop the Tiger, you can simply
 crawl up to the radar tower from underneath using the bushes for cover, then
 toss an anti-tank grenade from there.  If you can turn around and run out of
 the forest fast enough, you should be able to end the mission before Dmitry
 gets killed.]

                        |                            |
                        |   1.07)  Backdoor Threat   |
                        |                            |



1)  Take the enemy positions.

 - The two bunkers on the sides of the road directly above your starting
postion need to be neutralized to complete this objective.  Simply cross the
river on the far left side, then attack both positions from there rear to clean
them out.

2)  Capture armored machinery.

 - There's a Panzer IV on the German base in the north-western corner of the
map.  Capture it to complete this objective, but you'll want to make a few
preparations first (read the main walkthrough for more information).  Don't
forget to pick up the repair kit slightly south-west of the Panzer IV, either.

3)  Repel the attack of German troops.

 - Several heavy German vehicles will approach the map from the large hay field
once you've taken the Panzer IV.  The Panzer doesn't have a heavy enough gun to
deal with these German vehicles effectively, so you'll want to capture the
Flak41 near the south-east corner of the base.  Lure the German vehicles in
with your infantry or the Panzer, then blast them with armor piercing shells
from the Flak41 while they're distracted.

4)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

5)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.


5 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Yakim Dmitriev, Leonid
            Chernyshev, and Ivan Fomin)


Select Dmitry Shevtsov and start collecting equipment from your other four
troops.  Take all of their bandages, light machine gun bullets, grenades, and
Yakim Dmitriev's body armor.  Send him all the way to the left when you're
ready and cross the river to the north, making sure the Germans don't see you
while they're patrolling the area.  Assault the first machine gun bunker from
its back side, then deal with any Germans that attack you.  Take out the
second machine gun bunker on the other side of the road using the same tactics,
but make sure you don't attract the attention of the field gun near the German

With the machine gun bunkers eliminated, move back to the west side of the map
and approach the German base.  Carefully eliminate both guard towers on this
side of the base, and be prepared to deal with any German soldiers that you
might alert in the process.  The field gun below the base is your next target.
Carefully sneak up on it from behind and either toss a grenade at it or shoot
the Germans that are operating it.  Try to stay as far to the left of it as
possible to avoid attracting the attention of the Flak41 or the machine gun

Head south down the road a little, then turn east and approach the Flak41 from
the south-east.  Toss an anti-personnel grenade at it to kill the crew without
damaging the gun (you'll want it later).  Carefully sneak up on the German
machine gun vehicle parked on the road to the north, and toss an anti-tank
grenade at it from the protection of the bushes.  The other guard towers and
soldiers in the German base might attack after that, so be prepared to run for
cover.  Wipe out the soldiers, then get closer to the towers to deal with them
from the safety of the shadows.

Shoot the lock off of the gate in the north-east corner of the base if it
hasn't already been blown off, then finish clearing out any remaining Germans
from inside the base.  Send all of your soldiers up here now, and find the
repair kit on the ground slightly south-west of the Panzer IV.  Put it in the
Panzer IV, then have one of your men man the Flak41 south-east of the German
base.  Put the other four soldiers into the Panzer IV to trigger the last
mission objective, then immediately drive it over to the Flak41 to prepare for
the German assault.

A Tiger, a Panther, a Panzer II, and a Stug will approach from the hay field
north of your position.  The Tiger and the Panther have heavy armor, so your
Panzer IV will be fairly ineffective against them.  You'll need to lure them
towards the Flak41 using either a soldier or some shells from your Panzer, then
blast them at point blank range with the armor-piercing shells from the Flak41.
Watch out for loose soldiers and crewmen from the tanks - your guys in the
Flak41 will be very vulnerable.

Once the four German vehicles have been eliminated, the mission will be over.

                        |                            |
                        |   1.08)  Daring Assault    |
                        |                            |



1)  Get to the enemy base and destroy ammunition depots.

 - The piles of crates and barrels in the middle of the German base are what
you need to destroy.  Toss a few grenades at them until it says the objective
is complete.

2)  Destroy long-range artillery.

 - Well, you actually just need to disable them.  The two on the eastern side
will be fairly easy, but the three on the western side with the other two
vehicles near them will prove a little trickier.  Thankfully, the Germans in
the two trenches have anti-tank grenades, so load up on them before you head
over there.

3)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

4)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.


1)  Find dynamite on the enemy's positions.

 - It's in a crate near the left trench.  All you have to do is pick some of it
up, though it seems to be a little glitchy - if it doesn't work with one
soldier, try it with another one until it works.


5 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Yakim Dmitriev, Ivan Kozlov, and
            Ivan Fomin)


Immediately send your group of Soldiers off to the west into the trees for
cover.  Find Dmitry Shevtsov, then raid your other four members for equipment.
Take all of their grenades, bandages, and small machine gun ammunition, then
start taking out the German soldiers that are patrolling near the area (make
sure you remember to set your men to Hold Fire, or you'll likely have some
unfortunate encounters with German troops).

First on your agenda should be the two self-propelled artillery units on the
eastern side of the map.  Approach them from underneath using the treeline for
cover, then toss an anti-tank grenade at the closest one.  Use the chaos caused
by the first grenade to toss a second one at the other artillery piece, then
quickly hose the German soldiers.

Move westward using the treeline as cover and take care of the small German
tank on the road above the trenches (it might not be there yet, but as you
approach the area, some Germans will jump into it).  The trenches are fairly
easy to take out if you toss grenades from above them, but watch out for random
Germans coming down from the town.  You should also be careful not to damage
the crate above the left trench - it contains the dynamite you need to complete
the secondary objective.  Grab some of it, and if it doesn't complete the
secondary objective, grab some with a different soldier.  If that doesn't work,
well...  I don't know what else to suggest, it seems to be a little buggy.
Raid the Germans in the trenches for anti-tank grenades - you'll need a lot of
them to finish off the self-propelled artillery pieces and tanks on the other
side of the river.

The two mounted guns north of the left trench are your next target.  Head all
the way to the water, then approach the guns from the west where the small
concrete wall is.  Toss a small grenade over the wall at the southern gun, then
duck for cover.  Deal with any soldiers that come around the wall to attack
you, then toss a second grenade at the other gun.  Deal with the mounted
machine guns if they didn't get taken out from the grenades, then get up and
move on.

There might be some stragglers in the town, so deal with them now if necessary
(including the ammo truck, which might still be moving along the road).  The
German base is fairly easy to deal with if you attack it from the west.  Take
out the guard towers first, then hide from the vehicle inside the compound by
getting on the side of the building where it can't see you.  Defend against the
infantry onslaught, then toss an anti-tank grenade into the base if you can
reach the vehicle.  If not, lure it closer to you with some machine gun fire.

Take care of the rest of the guard towers and any other soldiers that might
still be around, then shoot the lock off of the gate if you haven't already.
Toss light grenades at the pile of crates in the middle of the compound to
complete the first objective, then defend against the light German
reinforcements that show up.

Your final target is the hardest part of the mission.  Head south until you're
lower than the small German tank south of the self-propelled artillery, then
cross the river to the western side.  Sneak up on the tank from the trees to
the left of it, then take it out with an anti-tank grenade.  If you attracted
the attention of anything near the artillery, run like hell.  If not, crawl up
to the top artillery piece and destroy it with an anti-tank grenade from the
bushes.  Definitely run like hell after that one, every German in the area is
probably going to come after you.

If you can hide in the trees for long enough, the other two self-propelled
artillery pieces will eventually stop moving.  Try to pick off as many soldiers
as you can, then take out another one of the artillery pieces.  Repeat the
process one more time after retreating, and the mission will be complete.

                        |                            |
                        |      1.09)  Railroad       |
                        |                            |



1)  Capture the railway station and head to the railway bridge using the German

 - Really you just need to capture the train in the middle of the station, but
that'll be a little difficult (and a tad dangerous) if you don't neutralize
most of the Germans in the station first.

2)  Capture the bridge.

 - Once you've captured the abandoned Panther in the railway station, use it to
clean out the German defenses around the bridge.

3)  Dmitry Shevtsov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.

4)  Vasily Mikhailov must survive.

 - If he dies, you fail.


5 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Ivan Nikolaev, Anton Polyakov,
            and Ivan Scherbarkov)


Start in the usual manner - collect the best equipment from your men onto a
single soldier, and make sure he's got a helmet and the body armor.  Proceed to
the east towards the railway station and approach it from underneath.  German
soldiers are swarming inside, so you'll want to fight as many of them out here
as possible - fire a few shots into the base to catch their attention.  Take
out the closest guard tower while you wait, then find a safe spot to defend
that's not in the mounted machine gun's line of fire.

When things calm down, sneak up on the mounted machine gun from its lower-left
and toss a grenade at it from the bushes.  Take care of the anti-aircraft gun
up and to the left of there in the same manner, but make sure you don't go west
of the road - that section of trees is mined.  Get in the anti-aircraft gun
once you've taken out its occupants and use it to deal with the huge mounted
gun directly above you.  Immediately abandon the anti-aircraft gun and return
to the forest where you defended against the first German onslaught.

More Germans will rush you from the railway station.  Deal with them, then move
north up the road once it's safe.  Pick off any remaining soldiers, but watch
out for machine gun fire from inside the station.  Your next objective is to
clear out the area around the abandoned Panther about a screen above the train.
I suggest you get all the way to the top of the map, then move east through the
buildings to attack the guard tower and mounted gun from above.

The Panther's got a repair kit in it, but it's not damaged (unless it was
accidentally damaged during your attack).  Try to clear out as many soldiers
from the area as possible, then get in the Panther and drive it westward to the
road.  Turn around and use your machine gun to deal with any soldiers that come
after you.  Send three of your other men to the Panther now, but watch out for
the minefield on the way.

Now that you've got a fully manned Panther, crush the remaining German vehicles
and soldiers in the railway station.  The only significant threats are the
tanks inside the large buildings, especially the one in the large warehouse on
the eastern edge of the base (since it's a Tiger).  Clear out the rest of the
Germans in the base and capture the Tiger intact if possible, then use your
fifth soldier to capture the train.  Be ready to defend against a second train
that'll come in from the west.

The only thing left to do is assault the bridge, which is easy with the aid of
the Panther or the Tiger.  Drive towards the bridge on the railroad tracks,
then pick off the Tiger near it.  If the rocket launcher fires at you,
immediately retreat at least half a screen away.  If it doesn't fire at you,
blow it away before it gets the chance.  Finish off any soldiers in the area,
then pick off the defenses on the other side of the bridge to end the mission.

                        |                            |
                        |   1.10)  Hunt the Tiger    |
                        |                            |



1)  Capture a German tank.

 - It's the big unoccupied gray one in the lower-right corner of the map,
surrounded by infantry and other vehicles.  Capturing the Nebelwerfer in the
town in the upper-left will let you devastate the pile of Tigers north of the
base, and you can also do quite a bit of damage to the outskirts of the base.

2)  Deliver the tank to square X.

 - Once you've captured it, you'll have to drive it all the way to the upper
left corner of the map.  Of course, heavy German reinforcements will also be
showing up on the right side of the map, so you'll have to defend yourself.
Make sure you don't accidentally run over the minefields, and check the
walkthrough section below if you need help fighting them off - there's a way to
get some anti-tank mines that can make this part of the mission a hell of a lot


5 Soldiers (Dmitry Shevtsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Ivan Popov, Makar Bogdanov, and
            Ivan Scherbarkov)


You start in the middle of a forest surrounded by German soldiers, so you'll
only have a little while to prepare yourself for a big fight.  Choose one of
your soldiers to use as your primary unit, then make sure your other four are
spread out and set to Fire at Will to ensure they do some damage without
killing each other.  Use your "primary" soldier to slaughter as many guys as
you can, but you'll probably need to constantly pick up rounds and bandages
from fallen Germans, not to mention new helmets.  Some of the Germans also have
body armor, so be on the lookout.

Keep an eye on the roads north of your position.  Two German cargo trucks will
be moving down them, and both of them have valuable equipment that you'll want
later (a repair kit and some anti-tank mines).  Disable the trucks with a few
light machine gun bullets, but make sure you don't completely destroy them.

Continue clearing out German soldiers in the area above the road as well, but
try to avoid drawing the attention of the Panzer IV in the village.  You'll
also want to be careful that the nebelwerfer doesn't launch any rockets at you.
If you hear it launch or see it move, immediately move all of your men
somewhere else and wait for the rockets to land.

Down and to the right of the nebelwerfer, you'll see a German soldier with a
rocket launcher on his back.  If you can draw this soldier away from the
village without attracting the vehicles or the nebelwerfer, his rocket launcher
will be prove quite useful for taking control of the village.  Attract the
Panzer IV, then hit it with a rocket to disable it (or destroy it, it doesn't
really matter that much).  Do the same thing to the anti-aircraft vehicle, then
carefully kill the crew of the nebelwerfer without damaging it - you'll want it
intact for the next part of the mission.

Due east of the village, you'll see a cluster of five Tiger tanks, three of
which are crewed and two of which are empty (the ones with the turrets moving
are obviously the crewed ones, the stationary ones are the uncrewed ones).  Put
some men in the nebelwerfer, then quickly launch three bursts with it at the
three occupied Tigers, avoiding the empty ones.  All three of them will be
completely destroyed, and the other two will probably take some damage.  Be
prepared to defend against the surviving infantry.

Once the area around the Tiger cluster is clear, send your soldiers over there
with the repair kit and anti-tank mines from the two trucks you encountered
earlier in the mission.  Repair one of the Tigers, then crew it with four men
and leave the fifth man behind (with the anti-tank mines in his inventory) to
man the nebelwerfer.

The nebelwerfer has insane range - you can reach the outskirts of the German
base with it.  Launch several sets of rockets at anything you can reach, and
don't stop when you think you've hit all you can - the units out of your reach
will move towards you, and you can destroy a lot of them if you continue firing
after your initial attacks.  Use your Tiger to stop anything that makes it past
the nebelwerfer raid, but watch out for land mines.

With the German base severely weakened, it's safe to move your Tiger down there
(again, use the road to avoid land mines).  Deal with anything that survived
your previous assaults, then stop for a minute to prepare for the next part of
the mission.  As soon as you occupy the Tiger II tank in the lower-right corner
of the base, heavy German reinforcements are going to come on the screen from
the right side.  You'll want to be ready for them.

Before you enter the Tiger II, send your soldier that has the land mines to the
end of the road on the east side of the map.  Lay the mines on the road, but
spread them out horizontally.  If you're lucky, you'll get two or three of the
German tanks with mines before they even get close to the Tiger II.  Send this
soldier back towards where the Tiger group was earlier, and leave your Tiger
there for him.  Don't leave him in it, though - hide him in the trees nearby.
He'll serve as an emergency back-up plan if your Tiger II gets disabled during
the battle.  Just jump in the Tiger and take a shot at the rear of the German
tanks, and if you're lucky, a single shell will disable them.

Anyway, once you've got the land mines placed and your emergency back-up
soldier in place, grab the repair kit from the ground near the Tiger II and put
it in its inventory, then load all four of your men into the Tiger II.  German
infantry will immediately move onto the map from your right, so start moving
left.  You won't make it very far before the German tanks start arriving, so be
ready to turn your tank to face them when they show up (to get your strongest
armor towards them).  If you're lucky, your mine field will take out two or
three of them (or maybe more if you're incredibly lucky).  Otherwise, you'll
have to try to disable them one at a time.

As I mentioned earlier, use your back-up soldier with the Tiger to hit the
Germans in the rear if you need some relief or a chance to repair the Tiger II.
Just remember that the Tiger will be slow and limited in its capabilities with
only a single man crewing it.

Once the German attack is thrown back, repair the Tiger II if necessary and
drive it westward along the road.  Your goal is the very upper-left part of the
road where it meets the left edge of the map.  Get there with the Tiger II, and
the mission is complete.


                                  6.00)  End

                         |                          |
                         |  6.01)  Version History  |
                         |                          |

October 16, 2006

 - Version .80 of the guide posted.  The first eight Soviet missions are done,
and so are the first two sections of the guide.

October 18, 2006

 - Version 1.00 of the guide posted.  All of the Soviet missions are now done,
and I added a small section near the start of the guide about vehicle damage
(specifically, it's about the various types of damage and how it affects your

                         |                          |
                         |      6.02)  Closing      |
                         |                          |

A special thanks goes to Luke Jaczewski for providing me with the location of a
repair kit in the second mission.  If anyone else has any similar tips, please
feel free to share.

As always, any comments are more than welcome.  If you need more specific help,
feel free to contact me on my site, and I'll see if I can't hook you up with a
quick screenshot or two to help out.


Otherwise, you can drop me an email at or try me on AIM at
"Deuce ex Defcon".  Thanks for checking out the guide, and enjoy the game.

I hope this guide will help at least a few people out...  so if you even glance
at it just for a little tip, please let me know.  I'd appreciate it.

        Deuce                         ex                         Defcon

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