Savage 2: A Tortured Soul v1.1.0 Patch

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul v1.1.0 Patch S2 Games je izbavio novi patch za Savage 2: A Tortured Soul. Nova verzija ispravlja dosta bagova vezanih za balans, poboljšanje pinga na serverima, a donosi i nova vizuelna poboljšanja. Takođe je rešen problem sa takozvanim "ghost" NPC-ovima. Patch je moguće skinuti preko ingame autoupdatera, a listu izmena koje nova zakrpa donosi možete pročitati u nastavku teksta.



-Fixed an issue with replays
-Fixed a server crash
-A small area around the commander's cursor is now rendered transparently
-When using snapcasted spells, entities that snapcast ignores (such as small bushes) will be transparent when moused over
-Any time the camera is obstructed by the player, the player is rendered 50% transparent
-Fixed a crash related to gadget placement
-Made it so players cannot "ping" the map when viewing the spawn screen
-Receiving a soul should now play a sound effect in addition to the visual effect
-Eden now has monkits
-Removed fog of war from warmup
-In warmup you can spawn from any allied OR enemy spawn points. You can also spawn from any foundation structure (gold mines, scars) during the warmup phase
-NPCs will not aggro during warmup unless attacked
-All units, weapons, and skills are available (and free) during warmup
-Team damage is enabled during warmup
-Fixed bug where using charge would cause other states and effects to be removed from the player
-Fixed "view stats" button from right clicking a player, it should now display stats properly
-Fixed client side lag issues that would sometimes appear when joining games in progress
-Fixed issue with the karma player selection menu that was causing the last player in the list to not be visible
-Fixed other various crashes
-Players who change units on the field (such as using a hell shrine) no longer leave revivable corpses
-Fixed commander worker move speed
-Improve Imp/Bearloth following ability
-Fixed a few issues with the build button being blocked
-Squad officer hover info now properly disappears
-Significant experience increase for dealing damage to buildings
-Sentry Hawk now uses the same minimap icon as the Electric Eye
-Workers cost more gold and react slower in combat situations
-Gold donation experience reward from 20% of gold donated to 10%
-Tower costs increased slightly
-Fixed issues with "ghost" NPCs
-Fixed an issue where ranged weapons would be unusable after blocking in melee
-ALT info should now show for all visible players on your screen, not just some
-Towers will now attack polymorphed players if the player has damaged it recently
-Firing a gun now puts the player's other guns into cooldown for the appropriate length
-Destroyed siege units no longer show the repair tooltip
-Vehicles no longer tilt if they are dead
-Local servers are no longer affected by server filters
-Fixed an issue where getting disconnected due to level range would leave you connected to the server for several minutes
-Fixed "Authentication failure" issue
-Malphas health degeneration increased slightly (Still lower than original)
-Malphas movement speed increased slightly
-Cast experience removed for a number of gadgets, now fully based off how useful they are once placed
-Commander and player experience are now tracked seperately, fixing an exploit to get "free" player experience
-Demo accounts now only have a 3 second spawn time increase, instead of 10
-Fixed a potential issue that could give a user negative experience or gold
-Beginner servers are now level 1 – 4, general are 5 – inf.
-Lowered the max. clients temporarily
-Fixed several editor-related crashes
-Scoreboards are now sorted by experience
-When using a toggled skill that disables your skills, the toggled skill now remains "available"
-Fixed an issue where disconnecting from a server could leave a user stuck at the "connecting" interface
-Added a "Connection Timeout" message to the connecting interface
-Shaman's Health and Mana Chant no longer have any effect on Hellbourne
-Commander's workers now repair slightly slower
-Towers now take longer to construct
-Imp's health changed to 425, armor reduced from 5 to 3
-Fix "Not in level range" error when you are actually in a server's level range
-Added a new effect for when a player recieves a soul
-Setup the patch test server

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