Sam and Max Episode Four – Abe Lincoln Must Die! (walkthrough)

Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Sam and Max Episode Four: Abe Lincoln Must Die!
By Exodist
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___  / _` | '_ ` _    / _` | '_  / _` | | |/| |/ _`  / /
 ___) | (_| | | | | | | | (_| | | | | (_| | | |  | | (_| |>  < 
|____/ __,_|_| |_| |_|  __,_|_| |_|__,_| |_|  |_|__,_/_/_


    _    _            _     _                 _         __  __           _   
   /   | |__   ___  | |   (_)_ __   ___ ___ | |_ __   |  /  |_   _ ___| |_ 
  / _  | '_  / _  | |   | | '_  / __/ _ | | '_   | |/| | | | / __| __|
 / ___ | |_) |  __/ | |___| | | | | (_| (_) | | | | | | |  | | |_| __  |_ 
/_/   __.__/ ___| |_____|_|_| |_|______/|_|_| |_| |_|  |_|__,_|___/__|
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Title: Sam and Max Episode Four: Abe Lincoln Must Die!
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games/Gametap
Platform: PC
Release: 02/22/07
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 8KB
Document version: 1.1
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 24th June 2007, latest version 24th June 2007

Document © copyright 2007 Ryan Haighton, and is NOT to be stealed. Please ask
for permission if you want to host this guide on your website.






First off, wow, I never knew it had been so long since I wrote my guide for Sam
and Max Episode Three. I honestly forgot about the season and I am going to try
and write and finish my guides for the last three episodes for the end of this
week. Either way, here is Episode Four, which I have finally got around to
writing a guide for. Either way, remember, if you have played the three previous
episodes, you will know that they were fairly easy to complete. You might want
to play through the game alone first, and just use this guide for when you
really get stuck. I hope you enjoy Sam and Max Episode Four, and find this guide




Wow, we start inside the white house, instead of the same old office. Either way
you will want to take the BOXING GLOVE, it's near the pool. There is a phone to
the right of the main doors, look at it, then take the DeSoto to the office.
Go behind the car and look at the posters, one falls down, so take it. Now go
east to see Hugh, ask for a magic trick, and take the FREE HOME DELIVERY SIGN
when he goes. Now, go into your office and phone the white house, simply say
Hello. Please Hold, then go back there.

Enter, then talk to the President. Say Interpreter?, Who are you meeting with
today?, We're ready to interpret, and We'll be back. Now, go inside the War
Room, you're kicked out, return to the president. Say We're ready to interpret,
What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here? and Which way is the War Room?
Use the BOXING GLOVE on him, then return to the outside. Go right, look at the
cue cards twice, they will say Two Wrongs don't make a right. Talk to Abe.
Say Let's talk about issues, and Where do you stand on religion and schools?.
Place the FREE HOME DELIVERY poster on the cue cards, then talk to Abe again.
Say How do you plan to solve the problems of toxic waste? Place the GIVE ME ALL
YOU GOT poster on the cue cards. Talk to Abe again, and say How would you
describe your tax plan?. Finally, use the organic listening device on Abe, then
take it back after. Pick up the CAMPAIGN FLYER, then go back to the Office.

Head over to Sybil's and use the CAMPAIGN FLYER on the dating box. Head back to
your office and use the ORGANIC LISTENING DEVICE on the phone. Call Sybil, say
I, Abraham Lincoln, am that man, This is a date that will be remembered for
centuries, I stand here at the steps of the White House, and The time to act is
now. Return to Sybils and talk, say How does Carbon-dating work?. Go back to
the White house. Go into the office, look at the President Discretionary Budget
Book and tick Sybil Pandemik's Office. Head back to your office. Go into Sybils
and take the CARBON-14 DATING DEVICE. Go into Bosco's Inconvenience and use the
CARBON-14 DATING DEVICE on the Hot Weenies next to his counter. Go back to the
white house and tick Bosco's Inconvenience in the Discretionary Budget Book,
inside the office. Go back to Boscos store, and talk to him for TRUTH SERUM. Go
back to the White House.

Give Whizzers the TRUTH SERUM, then take the RED RIBBON from the desk. Look at
the calendar, pick up the POST-IT and place it on the 26th. Give the Ribbon to
the secret agent guarding the War Room, tell him to Take a Vacation. Head into
the War Room. Walk to the Targeting Computer and press next until they talk
about Boscos. Now, return to Boscos once you know there is a beacon there. In
the store, pick up the BEACON behind the sale sign next to the door. Use the
Desoto and chase after Abe Lincoln. Throw the beacon on Abe's back, and go back
to the White House. Go into the War Room, use the targeting computer and press
the fire button.




This list of Easter Eggs was taken from the Telltale website Forums, from this
thread in particular:

Either way, yes, it may contain some spoilers, so watch out!

…watch TV before decapitating the president?

…and twice while Max is running for president?

…and yet again after Max wins the election?

…shoot your gun out the office window?

…check in on Mr. Spatula the fish and Hubert the plant?

…use the bug on every speaking character?

…use the bug to call everyone BEFORE recording anything with it?

…(including Meesta Pizza, Sybil, Superball, AND Lincoln?)

…use the bug to call everyone with Lincoln’s voice?

…(including Sybil again after she’s been jilted?)

…mistranslate Whizzer in every possible way?

…talk to or try to shoot the president while Chuckles was gone?

…look at the trophy after the president loses his head?

…ask Lincoln each question with the "I did not have sex" cue card?

…ask Lincoln about toxic waste with the "Gimme all you got" card?

…use the nutcracker before AND after Max is elected?

...look at the valet parking sign after Max is elected?

…use the camera in the O.O. repeatedly after Max is elected?

…talk to Hugh Bliss again after Max is elected?

...ask Whizzer about the Dakotan conflict before anyone else?

…use the Secretary ribbon on every character, including Leonard?

...declare Superball the Secretary of the Interior?

…tell Superball to leave on each holiday? (Including April 1?)

...find the Easter egg?

…use the carbon dater on everything even vaguely organic?

…use the truth serum on every character?

…fire the monument at Bosco’s while holding the beacon?

…talk to Max in every location at various stages of the game?

Either way, you might wanna take a look at that thread, its got some more Easter
Eggs in it, and ways to get some of the listed above. Enjoy!




Version: 1.0 - Initial Version of guide, layout and Easter Eggs complete.

Version: 1.1 - Complete version, End of Document chapter complete, full
walkthrough from start to finish.

This guide is © Copyright 2007 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK! You
cannot steal it in any form or way, nor copy not one little bit of it (directly
from my guide) for your own guide. You may however, save this document onto your
computer, as that is the main idea. From then, it may be modified, but the
modified version must not be put onto the internet. Nor can you modify it to
look like your own work. Anything copied from my guide is not allowed either.

Sam and Max Episode Four is © Copyright 2007 Telltale Games.
This Document is © Copyright 2007 Ryan Haighton.


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