Sam and Max Episode Five – Reality 2.0 (walkthrough)

Sam and Max Episode Five - Reality 2.0

Sam and Max Episode Five: Reality 2.0
By Exodist
 ____                                    _   __  __            
/ ___|  __ _ _ __ ___     __ _ _ __   __| | |  /  | __ ___  __
___  / _` | '_ ` _    / _` | '_  / _` | | |/| |/ _`  / /
 ___) | (_| | | | | | | | (_| | | | | (_| | | |  | | (_| |>  < 
|____/ __,_|_| |_| |_|  __,_|_| |_|__,_| |_|  |_|__,_/_/_

EPISODE FIVE:                                                     
 ____            _ _ _           ____        ___  
|  _  ___  __ _| (_) |_ _   _  |___       / _  
| |_) / _ / _` | | | __| | | |   __) |    | | | |
|  _ <  __/ (_| | | | |_| |_| |  / __/   _ | |_| |
|_| ____|__,_|_|_|__|__, | |_____| (_) ___/ 


Title: Sam and Max Episode Five: Reality 2.0
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games/Gametap
Platform: PC
Release: 03/29/07
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 9KB
Document version: 1.1
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 26th June 2007, latest version 27th June 2007

Document © copyright 2007 Ryan Haighton, and is NOT to be stealed. Please ask
for permission if you want to host this guide on your website.






Hello everyone and welcome to my guide for Sam and Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0!
After forgetting about the rest of the season (I was yet to even play them), I
remembered and quickly got to it, writing guides and basically finishing them
off. I wrote a guide for Episode Four promptly, and er, here I am, on Episode
Five. Most probably the best episode in the whole season, I hope you enjoy the
game and find my guide useful!




You will start inside the office, head outside and go into Bosco's store. Talk
to Jimmy the Rat, What's for Sale?, What have you got in stock? and How much for
the cannon?. After, click on the cannon, he will shoot you, when you get back up
quickly click on Jimmy the Rat. If you fail, just click on the cannon again. Go
outside and into Sybils. Use the RAT CANNON on her, say Reality 2.0?, Who are
you woring for? and The cops moved next door?. Head outside and go next door.
Why'd you hypnotize Sybil?, Did you say the Internet?, Where is the Internet?,
and finally, Let's try this new reality. Now, go back into Sybil's and place
the chip into the goggles.

Exit Sybils and head over to Lefty's (it's called the control room though). The
corner has a Jack in the Box, enter the control room and press the button on
the music machine (it's the one of the right, it only BEEPS). Now, go outside
and get the JACK IN THE BOX. Go back inside and use the COMPUTER BUG on the
machine second to the right. Go outside and head into Sybils. Walk right and
into the closet, you will get a GOLD COIN. Go into the control room again and
take the COMPUTER BUG, put it on the phone. Walk over to the office entrance,
go back to reality and enter the office. Use the VCR GOGGLES and go into the
rat hole to find another GOLD COIN. Now, go back to the control room, and place
the COMPUTER BUG on the arcade machine. Press the music machine again. Now,
get the THREE GOLD COINS in the air, and talk to the internet wizard to the
right. Say How about a magic trick, then go into Boscos and talk to Bosco.
We wanna buy something, and you will get a Long Sword. Now use the sludgie
machine, then use the LONG SWORD on the menacing blue slime. Then choose to
atack with Item, Long Sword.

Go out to the street and jump up to the +2 Sword on Sybil's roof, use the
BLUE SLIME on it. Jump down, and use the sword on Auntie Biotic. Choose to
defend with item, Jack in the Box, and attack with item, +2 Sword. Go into
Bosco's and use the +2 Sword on him, then go back to reality. Talk to Bosco,
We wanna buy something, what've you got?, How much for the biological weapon?,
Why is your money on the Internet?, How do we pay you online?, What's your bank
account password?, and Look behind you! Quickly take the BINOCULARS, and use
them on Bosco. If you fail, just try again, talk to him and ask him to look
behind, once you have them, and have used them on him, (you have to use them
when he is looking behind), use the VCR goggles.

Head outside and use the RAINBOW CAR PAINT KIT on the Desoto. Paint the front
blue, middle red, and the back purple. Now drive over to
You will come across a firewall, provided your car is the right colours, you
will be verified. Unlock Boscos account with the password, BOSCO, next you
need to get $1 billion into Boscos account. First, click COOK THE BOOKS on
Boscos account so the arrow goes down to his. To do this, you need to click
on COOK THE BOOKS to make the money move around to different accounts,
depending on the arrows. You should be able to figure it out and do it
pretty fast. You can't unlock the top account either. Once you're done, go
back to reality.

Talk to Bosco in his store and get the BIOLOGICAL WEAPON from him, and use the
VCR goggles. Walk to the left and use the COMPUTER DISEASE on the Mailbox.

You will end up in Reality 1.5, where there aren't any graphics. Use the
following commands:

Get, Respect for living things.
Go, Go East,
Get, Get Bosco's,
Go, Go West,
Go, Go Northwest,
Use, Use Bosco's, Use Boscos with nauseating lake,
Go, Go Southwest
Go, Go Down,
Use, Use Boscos, Use Boscos with Corporate Presence,
Get, Get Respect for living things,
Go, Go Up,
Use, Use Respect for all living things, Use respect for all living things with




This list of Easter Eggs was taken from the Telltale website Forums, from this
thread in particular:

Either way, yes, it may contain some spoilers, so watch out!

look at the box on top of Sam & Max's file cabinet repeatedly?

try to shoot Leonard or Mr. Spatula?

use the bug on every character, including the real-life COPS?

and Sybil both before and after knocking her out?

notice your old carpet in the dumpster?

notice the new ice cream truck parked on the street?

try to use the cannon on Bosco?

confront the COPS about the crisis before asking about Sybil?

try attacking the COPS?

use the binoculars on Sybil's diplomas?

repeatedly look at the clock in Sybil's VR office?

look at the picture of Musty a second time?

repeatedly talk to VR Sybil and listen to her audio blog?

use the computer disease on Sybil's audio blog?

repeatedly try to touch the mail box while Auntie Biotic was guarding it?

try to bribe Auntie Biotic with a gold coin?

defeat a second blue slime?

kill a million and fifty of them to reach the second level?

(just kidding)

hear all of Sam's battle quips?

talk to all the control computers while they were bugged?

use the blue slime on the VR COPS?

try to drive or pick up stuff while small or flat?

put on the VR goggles in Sam & Max's before ever having walked into the VR 
office normally?

try to give Jimmy a coin both before and after getting the coin from the rat 

use the computer disease and the sword on Jimmy's rat hole?

look at the potions counter at the far left of Bosco's VR store repeatedly?

notice the small potions rack behind Bosco?

try to knock Bosco over the head with a sword a second time?

use the hanky on Bosco, the coffee, the microwave, the condiments, and the 

talk to Max in every location, including the VR bank?

use every object in Reality 1.5 on every other object?

including using the Respect for Living Things everywhere before giving it to 
the Internet?

and using everything on the Respect while it was on the street and again in the

look at the Shambling Corporate Presence after sickening it?

order Telltale Texas Hold 'Em

Either way, you might wanna take a look at that thread, its got some more Easter
Eggs in it, and ways to get some of the listed above. Enjoy!




Version: 1.0 - Initial Version of guide, layout and Easter Eggs complete.

Version: 1.1 - Complete version, End of Document chapter complete, full
walkthrough from start to finish.

This guide is © Copyright 2007 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK! You
cannot steal it in any form or way, nor copy not one little bit of it (directly
from my guide) for your own guide. You may however, save this document onto your
computer, as that is the main idea. From then, it may be modified, but the
modified version must not be put onto the internet. Nor can you modify it to
look like your own work. Anything copied from my guide is not allowed either.

Sam and Max Episode Five is © Copyright 2007 Telltale Games.
This Document is © Copyright 2007 Ryan Haighton.


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