Sacred: Underworld patch v2.28

Sacred: UnderworldAscaron je izdao novi patch za ovaj dodatak igri koja kombinuje strategiju i RPG, čime je dostignuta verzija 2.28. Mnogo toga je ispravljeno – od sitnih bug-ova u singleplayer kampanji, preko grešaka u multiplayeru do rušenja i zaglavljivanja igre. Kao i uvek, changelog se nalazi u nastavku teksta, a patch možete preuzeti ovde (47mb). Napomena: kao što je to slučaj bio i sa prethodnim patch-evima, pre primenjivanja export-ujte vašeg lika, a nakon patch-ovanja pokrenite novu igru sa njim.


Changes in Underworld / Gold 2.28 Fixlist

Notice: As always, continuing a campaign in a savegame from a previous version is not recommended. Instead, it is recommended that you export your character and start a new game.

Single Player and Multiplayer Bugs:
• Fixed: Disappearing Horse problem
• Fixed: Hell Golem ignored char's resistances in higher levels (Platin/Niob)
• Fixed: Overflow at high values on some Dwarf skills
• Fixed: Problems occurring in high difficulty levels only (Niob/Platin):
o Masterbite (Vampiress) will work as intended once again.
o Conversion (Seraphim) will attain maximum effect now.
o Back-breaker (Gladiator) will work as intended once again.
• Fixed: Raane’s Set bonus +xx% to experience gained: the bonus was calculated incorrectly, resulting in an exceedingly high value being added to gained experience.
• Fixed: Awaken Dead. Casting Awaking Dead on Glorb Hunters is no longer exploitable.
• Fixed: Gold overflow. A maximum of 2,147,483,647 gold units may be collected.
• Fixed: Corrected values of Polemides Helm Set (values corrected to +3 for bronze and +4 for silver).
• Fixed: Inactive Water Form as set bonus of the Dark Elf Ethan Rhys Set. In an opponent’s line of sight, Water Form was cancelled; the same occurred when changing to fight mode. Water Form became visibly inactive and opponents would attack.
• Fixed: Experience exploit in connection with Orla-Aisling's Set.
• Fixed: Low-level Shaddar Rim riders (level 1) were adjusted.
• Fixed: Sir Markus of Endlich will no longer rise again once he has been killed; instead, he will dissolve in a particle effect.
• Fixed: 'Chance for open wounds' caused the player-character to substain loss
• Fixed: Hell Golem didn't hit the player's char in higher diffficulties (Platin/Niob)
• Fixed: Spell-values weren't calculated correctly when using daemon-forms (e.g. battle daemon) with other buffs (e.g. Infernal Power)
• Fixed: + % damage-modifier like physical damage weren't affecting some Dwarfen combat arts (Flamer, Grenade, Cannon)
• Some disarmed weapons did not have the correct character class limitations.
• The Bonus Water Form of Ethan-Rhys’ Set did not work as intended (It interfered with other effects previously).
• When quitting an in-game video by pressing space, the character will no longer drink a healing potion.
• The fire will now move towards the character when Purgatory is cast while mounted and no longer requires enemy contact.
• Open Wounds caused a chain reaction regarding damage.
• Missing footstep sounds during some Dwarf animations have been added.
• Sometimes Hard Hit was performed if you cast Mind Control while mounted.
• Nuk-Nuk Chieftain caused no damage while mounted.
• Occasionally occurring woman’s scream during Underworld intro was removed.

• Fixed several quests:
o Fixed rune exploit in connection with the quest The Eye of Hell.
o Eliminated a possible rune exploit in connection with the side quest Paths of Destiny.
o The side quest Whispers in the Wind is no longer repeatable, even if the goldberries appear repeatedly. A related exploit has been fixed.
o The reward modification for the side quest The Leader has been significantly increased.
o Once the side quest The Riddle in the Desert has been successfully completed, the fanfare will no longer sound when opening remaining vases.
o The key that is received during the side quest The Riddle in the Desert will now display correctly in the inventory.
o The side quest The Monster in the Forest has been balanced for mages. The golem in single player mode is no longer a boss enemy and should therefore no longer pose an insurmountable difficulty.
o Fixed a bug that prevented some players from finishing the side quest Cattle Rustlers.
o Once the quests Goods Messenger and Ronin have been completed, the quest givers will no longer display quest icons above their heads.
o The Elven priestess for the quest Elf Escort would disappear under certain circumstances, thus rendering players unable to solve the quest. This has been resolved.
o In order to complete the quest The Robber’s Camp you must collect the tunic now.
o The quest The Riddle in the Desert will fail now if you open a wrong vase.
o The mage start quest at the stone circle could not be finished if the Ghoul was killed from outside the circle.
o In the quest “The Hag in the Tree” the witch didn’t defend herself. Now she is a boss opponent.

Multiplayer Bugs:
• Fixed: Experience distribution within parties in higher difficulty levels (Platin, Niob): When defeating champions, boss enemies or difficult enemies experience was occasionally not rewarded. This has been resolved.
• Fixed: A security issue of the game server has been eliminated.
• Fixed: A kill-count end fight is now possible in Valley of Tears.
• Changed: Several error messages in connection with account creation were not clear. These messages have been changed in order to display a more precise description.
• Disarmed weapons sometimes disappeared in Multiplayer mode after picking them up.
• Wrong team effect of War Cry (doubled effect to caster, none to party members).
• Healing party members with Reiki is now possible in LAN games.
• Testosterone and Adrenaline were added repeatedly if players were in close proximity of the caster.
• Missing Stoneskin animation of party members if the spell was cast by a battle mage has been added.
• Casting Whirlwind on a party member did not affect the disarming function nor did it provide additional damage.

• Four OpenNet menu bugs fixed:
o Occasionally, wrong savegames were displayed.
o A button displaying Load instead of Create has been corrected.
o Clicking Back from the loading screen would reset the game type to Freegame.
o When clicking Back from the loading screen of a preconfigured game server, the game settings would appear even though the game server’s configuration could no longer be changed.

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