S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadow of Chernobyl (walkthrough)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl


Date: 25th March 2007	

Email address: jannis1001 (at) hotmail (dot) com

This FAQ is based upon the unpatched version 1.00, if there are any changes 
made in the patch then please inform me about it since I prefer to play the
unpatched version, mainly because of the anoying durability change of the 
armors so that they are very easily destroyed now.

=================================Version History=============================

It started March, 24, 07. I saw that there was no FAQ and so I decided,
hey, why not give it a try. So the first version of it was created. I 
approximately spent 3 hours on it but I know that I'm still missing things.

March, 25, 07. 
Added the Kolobok and Night Star Artifact. Also added the
Vintar BC and the GP37 to the Weapon list.
Added a New section called Endings, added 4 of the possible 6 (?) endings.
Might also be seven endings. Hope I will get feedback from other users when
my FAQ gets released.

March, 28, 07. 
Added the stats for the exosuit and the location of where
it can be found. Thanks UnderLord@darkuniverse.net for the Stats
and thanks Hoo Kim for the Location of it. Also added the Location where the 
Stalker suit can be found early in the game.
Thanks Jon B.
Jon B also pointed out where the Exo Suit might be found.
Allowed Cheatcc.com to also host my FAQ.

March, 28, 07. 
Added Stone Flower, Irchin, Slime, Thorn, Crystal Thorn,
Fireball, Meat Chunk, Sparkler, Slug, Pellicle, Jellyfish, Wrenched,
Gravi, Stone Blood, Droplets, to the artifact section.
Thanks to james.rutan@adelphia.net for these.
Allowed www.supercheats.com to host my FAQ.

March, 28, 07.
Added again more stuff. I totally forgot to add the Meat Chunk artifact 
to the list ^^. Thanks J. Schwarz for the info where the Freedom Trader 
is. Also thanks for a list of the pistols in the game (without statistics
though) ;)

March, 28, 07.

Finished the weapon list.
Finished the artifact list.

Allowed MyCheats.com to host this FAQ,
there are still problems with the format there though. ^^;

March, 29, 07.
Added two new endings. Thanks Michael J. Schwarz 
Added a location where the SSP-99 Ecologist suit can be found. 
Thanks Ramiro Brazuna 
Thanks Randal Barnot and William Nemeth for saying where the Crows 
actually are.. I'm a bit ashamed that i didn't looked up and saw 
them myself. Added the information of where the SEVA suit can be found,
I actually thought i did that already. Thanks Mojo B. Fantastic 
Added a FAQ Section.
Kwik Shot pointed out that Duty has it's own special trader. Thanks 
for the info. Kwik Shot also mailed me two special handguns and the 
stats for them.
Allowed Neoseeker.com to host this FAQ.
Thanks to Derblaue for providing the info about several costum weapons.

March, 30, 07
Thanks to Daniel Lynds for correcting a minor typo ^^; Well, as I said,
English is not my main language.
Kwik Shot sent an update on his submitted special weapons and pointed 
out a new armor (PSZ-9Md Universal Protection)
Gordon Bennett remembered me about the bleeding artifact bug. Thanks 
for doing that.
Venato Caine for mailing me another special gun and the location of it.
Thanks again to derblau for providing info about special weapons and for
the info about some armors.
Added a question the Q&A section.
Wow, nearly 16K clicks on gamefaqs.com :) I'm impressed

March, 31, 07
Ilsung Sato send me the stats of the monolith suit and the location of 
where it can be found.

April, 1, 07
Allowed Cheatchannel.com and Cheatbook.de to host my FAQ.
Added a Note to the Location of the Stalker/merc suit which can be found 
at the beginning of the game.
Greg Irwin send me some Historical Info about real stalkers 
(I didn't know that they really existed so thanks for it)
jaymz 'bishop' heilbronn send me the price of the EXo suit
Ninguable Oftheseveneyes send me the location of the fast shooting AKm 74/2

|Yay! First april, hope none sends me false info about something ;) |

April, 3, 07
Got the info about the location of the 'Thunder 5.14' 
(as Anticitizen 101 called it) from Anticitizen 101 
Added a new ending, making it a total of 7 endings (thanks Ray Barker)
Corrected a minor typo where I wrote Vulletproof Cap instead of Bulletproof 
Cap, seems my fingers were faster than my mind ^^
Added a new Q&A.
Allowed Gamerstemple.com to host my FAQ

April, 5, 07
Changed a question and the answer in the section Frequently asked questions 
a bit.
Added a new Q&A to the FAQ section of the faq.
Added an info part about some special weapons and where they can be found.
Also added three new Armors.
Put the bulldog intot he heavy weapon section.
More explaining of what Stalkers are.
Correct a few Typos that I made in the previous Update. ^^;
Got the stats of the Thunder (Not Tunder as it was previously spelled by me)

April, 8, 07
Anticitizen101 send me a pic of the Tunder (That is now definietly right!) 
and where he got it.
Kwik shot send me the stats of the Bandit jacket. Just what would I do 
without him? ^^
Dusty Cole send me an alternate location fo the Vintar BC.
And Anticitizen 101 strikes again, he send me the location of the Storming 
Derek Lafontaine send me the location of an armor and an alternate spot 
where the Vintar BC can be found.
JOn love send me the corrected stats of the bandit armor ^^;
Jon Wray corrected a minor typo.
Allowed www.ggmania.com to host my FAQ.

April, 10, 07
Some more information about an alternate Location of the Stalker suit in 
Streloks hideout.(V1.0001) 
Anticitizen101 send me info about the Storming Obokan and a special AKM 47/2U
Three more armors and one more question added.
Added one more question about vehicles in the game.
Added an easteregg to the Tip section.

April, 11, 07
Added the location of the silenced AKM 47/2U
Added onre more Location where the Tunder can be found.
Added one more easteregg in the tips section.
Added a new section, however I didn't listed it up as one in the Index, 
which is about me so that people know a bit about me. I do that because some 
people wondered where I come from and such. 
Added a small guide on how to install Mods and what mods are out there.
Added an alternate way on how to get rid of the sniper in Freedom Base.
More info about the insane Stalker (easteregg)
Found a good site with dozens of mods.
Allowed cheathappens.com to host the FAQ.

April, 19, 07
Took some time until I got myself to update the FAQ again. Life was quite
busy, oh well, here is the stuff that has been updated.

A new Stalker Mission.
Correction about an easteregg which was none actually (The insane guy)
More info about the SEVA suit and where it is Located. The info is in the 
Q&A section.
trainerscity.com now is allowed to host my FAQ.

April, 23, 07
More stuff has been added like a new special weapon, (And sorry Ninguable 
Oftheseveneyes must have been my mistake of somehow removing you from the 
credits, I fixed that) The sniper SG1.
Allowed gamesover.com to host my FAQ.
Some more info about the EXO suit. Edited a Q&A answer about locked 

Yeah, i know, first i make these big Version jumps and now these small 
thingies, well, they are just minor updates so :P


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=================================About me====================================

Welcome, my name is Jannis Michael Milan Kirchdorfer, I'm 19 Years old, live 
in Germany and right now am I still attending school to be allowed to Study 
(We got a hard to explain school system). I'm a guy and yes, you read right, 
I'm from Germany, not greece as someone already though since my name sounds 
like I came from Greece. My parents simply chose this name for me, just like 
my sub names. >.< 

=================================On with the FAQ=============================

    Welcome to my FAQ, this is the first time I have ever done anything like 
    that. Secondly, English is not my native language so if I make mistakes 
    (Which all of us do) please do not be angry, they simply happen.
    NOTE: This FAQ still lacks some things, I know that, so please be patient
    while I add them.

Table of COntents:

1. Background
2. Missions
  2a - Trader Missions
  2b - Story Missions
  2c - Stalker Missions
3. Weapon Listing
4. Armor Listing
5. Enemy Listing
 5a - Creatures
 5b - Human Enemies
6. Factions
7. Artifacts
8. Anomalies
9. Tips
10. Endings
11. Frequently Asked Questions
12. Credits
13. How to Install Mods
14. Contact
15. Final Words

To find a specific Section just enter the whole name of it. 
Like, '8. Anomalies' to find the Anomalies section.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a tactical, first-person game of engagement set within the 
irradiated expanses of the Zone. This blighted and dangerous area, emanating
from the ruins the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, is home to twists of nature,
echoes of humanity, a mercenary, a Stalker, who must struggle to uncover a 
troubled past.

========================1. Background========================================


At 1:23am on Saturday, April 26th, a scheduled test of Reactor 4 in the VI.
Lenin Memorial Nuclear Power Station resulted in a nuclear meltdown that would
contaminate a wide area and produce a cloud of radioactive fallout blowing 
across Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as well as parts of eastern and western 
Europe, Scandinavia, the UK and as far a?eld as eastern areas of the US. It 
was the worst accident in the history of nuclear power and the social, 
political and ? nancial costs were unimaginable.

All it took was a simple operating mistake to collide with a routine 
experiment designed to test the emergency cooling system. These two innocuous 
events led to intense over-heating of the reactor core, the creation of 
volatile oxyhydrogen and explosion that scattered radioactive materials over
a wide area, igniting everything its wake.
The areas in the immediate vicinity were subject to rapid evacuation. Such
wasemergency that over 160,000 people – all within 30 km of the accident
– left without thinking they would never see home again. Over the years, 
visitors would remark on the ghostly presence a city abandoned could have,
as though an entire population were merely in the next room, waiting to 
return. In time, the theories of how such an accident could occur would
mutate beyond reason but for that night and for the weeks that followed,
was told the story of the moment; a tragic narrative on East/West relations
and a commentary on nuclear power. The word on the lips of a generation 
was: Chernobyl.

--- Directly from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Manual



The second incident, when it occurred, was perhaps even more surprising than
the first. Of all the internationally renowned scientists involved in the 
cleanup of Chernobyl not one would have expected even the slightest rumbling
to occur within the massive concrete sarcophagus that had tamed Reactor 4.
Not expecting, however, is a far cry from not occuring and the explosion, 
when it shattered the early hours, showed just how shallow Chernobyl’s grave 
of fear was. If the first explosion saw the end of the Soviet Union and the
cold war, the second would see the beginnings of something even more 
terrifying. The immediate effects of the blast were dif? cult to observe, 
evenmore to understand but within years the Zone around Chernobyl was
starting to attract a group of people convinced that prosperity lay in the
ravaged land. These people, a mixed bunch by any standards, came to be
known as Stalkers.


And so it begins...

You are such a stalker, you were found close to a burned out truck that was
struck by a lightning bolt, somehow did you survive it but you have lost
your memory, all that is left is your PDA with a picture of someone called
Strelok and the note that you have to kill him. Why? YOu have no idea.
Neither do you know who you are or who he is, but you have the feeling 
that you have to do it. And so you set out to find this Strelok and carry
out your task.

===========================2. Missions=======================================
Missions in general: You can choose in your PDA which quest shall be active 
and Marked and an arrow appears which guides you, most of the time, towards
the place where you need to go.

2a - Trader Missions:

These Missions are Randomly generated, as far as I can tell, and are mostly 
a) either killing someone or something or 
b) either finding something and bringing it back, or 
c) either defending something or 
d) either killing a creature and then bringing a specific item back that 
   the creature carried. 

They payment is pretty good and these Missions are a good way to rack up
Money since you not only receive money but also items from the Trader after 
finishing the quest and weapons from the enemies, if they are humans that is.


2b - Story Missions

Story Missiosn are pretty straight forward, imaging them to be just like the 
ones in Elderscrolls 4: Oblivion, you can choose when to finish them or take
them on but you need to finish them to proceed with the story. Sometimes you
get Money/Items for finishing these missions.


2c - Stalker Missions

These are missions that are given to you by other Stalkers. However they are
generally the same as the Trader Missions, just that the rewards are a bit

QUEST: 		 Find the Family Rifle.
WHERE TO GET:    In the Bar in, well, the Bar from a Hunter which is drunk.
WHERE TO FINISH: In the wild Territory west of the Bar. If you enter the map
		 then just head west, regulary check your map, and then find 
		 a way that leads down. You can easily find it in the western 
		 corner of the map where there is a broken down burning 
		 Chopper. Furthermore are there anomalies in the area, but 
		 they are easy to dodge since you can climb upon the garbage 
		 that is lying around. The needed rifle is then in a yellow 
		 (or so I remember it) box which you can access from behind.
		 No worries if you don't find it in an instant, the rifle is
		 definietly in the tunnel and in the big box, but it is well
REWARD: 	 The hunter tells you the location of a secret stash inside 
		 of the wild Territory, no worries, it will be marked on the 
		 map. Inside of the stash will you find the SEVA suit.

QUEST:		 Kill the Stalker.
WHERE TO GET:	 In the Bar, in the Bar (No, this is not a typo. You find it 
		 in the Bar in the Area the Bar.) Talk to Snitch there, he 
	 	 will also sell you info's about Streloks Group.
WHERE TO FINISH: Follow the arrow up to the Military guy and kill him.
		 HINT: Use the Knife.
		 Then return to Snitch and collect your Reward.
REWARD:		 Mama's Beads (Artifact)

QUEST:		Find the weapon of the Dutyer
WHERE TO GET:	In the Bar. Just talk with everybody.

WHERE TO FINISH: I didn't do that Quest so far. Thanks Anticitizen101 though
		 for the info

Quest:		Finding the Dutyer's Weapon. 

WHERE TO GET:	in the same bar, talk to the dutyer who seems pretty much 
		drunk. if you persist in talking to him, he will tell u about 
		the gun he lost during a recon mission to the dark valley. 

WHERE TO FINISH: The gun is in the white building - not in 1 of the 
		 extensions, it is in that building itself (i think grnd 
		 floor, near the side door @ the rite side of building). it 
		 is the Obonov or sumthin like dat. uses standard 74/U 
		 bullets. The ammo slot in inv. has the gun name. the quest 
		 item is modified ( green arrow). havent got it bak to him 
		 yet...pretty good gun (sumtimes i dont wana give it). 

Note: I know that there are more Quests out there that are given to you by 
other Stalkers, however I did not complete all of them. So if you know about 
any quest that is not listed here then please send me a brief Description of
it, where to find it, where to complete it and what reward you receive.


===========================3. Weapon Listing=================================
I will list the weapon statistics with Points, like 23/25, that means that 
the weapon has 23 out of 25 Max points in this section. How I can judge 
that? Well, I counted the lines in the in game weapons and found out that 
25 was the max of them. ^^

Damage:		25/25
Accuracy:	Depends upon you.
Handling: 	25/25
Rate of Fire:	12.5/25

Your standard Knife, a very deadly weapon if it is in the right hands. It 
is never listed in your Inventory, but you always have it with you, except 
for the arena where it is actually shown in your inventory.

		Special Pistols:
		Black Kite 
    don't know where i got this, but one of the guys @ 
    freedom hq offers it as a quest reward - he's by the bonfire

Damage: 	8 /25
Accuracy: 	1 /25
Handling: 	14/25
Rate of Fire: 	4 /25

		Big Ben 
-> got this through one of the missions at the bar, i think.

Damage: 	12.5/25
Accuracy: 	1   /25
Handling: 	14.5/25
Rate of Fire: 	4   /25

Note: This one can be found in a metal box in the same underground 
      area where you find the Family Rifle. You have to shoot the metal
      box though.

		Noiseless Kora 

Accuracy: 	3.5/25
Handling: 	23/25
Damage: 	3.5/25
Rate of Fire: 	4.9/25

Weapon of hired assassins. Good old reliable kora, comes with a 
non-replaceble muffler. 

note: got it from a duty soldier in the base when I went
      on a killing spree, don't have a name, alas.

Kwik shot says:  the noiseless kora can be found on a duty soldier named 
		 Bullet, seems he's moving around a lot like the other guys
		 with unique names, which is why some claim they got the gun
		 at the bar -> i met him in yantar after having cleared out
		 the first brain scorcher

Accuracy:	 5  /25
Handling:	 25 /25
Damage: 	 2.5/25
Rate of Fire: 	 5 /25
Ammo Capacity: 15 
Weight: 0.95 kg 
Ammo: 9x18 mm 
Description: "Experimental prototype of the fort gun" 

Retrieved from the corpse of Major Kuznetsov, officer in charge 
of the military checkpoint beneath the collapsed railway bridge 
in Cordon, near the car park. 

Damage:         1 /25
Accuracy: 	3 /25
Handling: 	25/25
Rate of Fire:	3 /25

		Walker P9m
Damage:         1.5/25
Accuracy: 	5  /25
Handling: 	25 /25
Rate of Fire:	5  /25

		Noiseless Pistol (PB1s)
Damage: 	2 /25
Accuracy: 	4 /25
Handling: 	23/25
Rate of Fire:	5 /25

Damage: 	8 /25
Accuracy: 	4 /25
Handling: 	24/25
Rate of Fire:	5 /25

		Kora 919
Damage: 	3 /25
Accuracy: 	3 /25
Handling: 	24/25
Rate of Fire:	4 /25

Damage: 	14/25
Accuracy: 	3 /25
Handling: 	24/25
Rate of Fire:	4 /25

		SIP-t M200
Damage: 	5 /25
Accuracy: 	5 /25
Handling: 	24/25
Rate of Fire:	5 /25

Damage: 	2.5/25
Accuracy: 	5 /25
Handling: 	25/25
Rate of Fire:	5 /25

		UDP Compact
Damage: 	6 /25
Accuracy: 	5 /25
Handling: 	25/25
Rate of Fire:	5 /25

	Special Shotguns:
		Combat Chaser 
Damage: 	14.9/25
Accuracy: 	3.9 /25
Handling: 	5.9 /25
Rate of Fire:	2   /25

Variation of the Chaser. A small fragment of the artifact 
'Gravi' was built into the barrell, positioned in such a way
as to increase the speed of the bullet's flight. 

Kwik Shot says	 the combat chaser belongs to one of the guys standing near 
		 the target stalker in the "kill the traitor" mission you 
		 get from one of the stalkers at the bar


		Sawn-of dbl-Barrel
Damage:      	  /25
Accuracy:     	 4/25
Handling:     	  /25
Rate of Fire: 	  /25

		Chaser 13
Damage:      	 17 /25
Accuracy:    	 3.2/25
Handling:    	 21 /25
Rate of Fire: 	 7  /25

Damage:		 25 /25
Accuracy:        6  /25
Handling:     	 3.5/25
Rate of Fire: 	 7  /25

Damage:		 16.5/25
Accuracy:        1   /25
Handling:     	 3.5 /25
Rate of Fire: 	 3.5 /25

	Special Rifles:

		Lightened IL 86 
Damage: 	4   /25
Accuracy: 	7.5 /25 
Handling: 	6.5 /25
Rate of Fire: 	10.9/25

Kwik Shot says 	the lightened IL 86 can be found on the guy you need to 
		kill in the "kill the master stalker" mission you get from
		the guy that sells information at the bar

		Sniper TRs 301
Damage:		4.9 /25
Accuracy:	9.5 /25
Handling:	11.1/25
Rate of Fire:	3.9 /25

		Balance IL 86 
Damage: 	 4  /25
Accuracy: 	9.6 /25
Handling: 	6.5 /25
Rate of Fire:	10.6/25

		Fast-shooting Akm 74/2 
Damage: 	 3  /25
Acuracy: 	 11 /25
Handling: 	 9.1/25
Rate of Fire:	18.1/25

Location:	Found in Streloks Hideout.
		Akm 74/2U Special (silenced)
Accuracy 	5/25
Damage 		2/25
Handling	20.5/25
Rate of Fire 	11/25

Location:	Found on a stalker named Bes, he's the head honcho of the 
		stalkers you have to help to defend the scrapyard at the 

		Sniper Obokan
Accuracy: 	11.9/25
Damage: 	  4 /25
Handling:	11  /25
Rate of Fire: 	11.9/25
note: a stalker named Oleg "Friend" Gusarov in the duty base dropped it.

		Storming Obokan
Accuracy 	5/25
Damage 		2/25
Handling 	20.5/25
Rate of Fire 	11/25

Anticitizen101 says Finally found it... It was on a bandit stalker named
		    Friar.. I don't think the quest for it, in the Bar is

		Noiseless Viper 
Accuracy: 	6   /25
Damage: 	2.8 /25
Handling: 	22.1/25
Rate of Fire: 	21.1/25

A variation on a basic model. A non-replaceable muffler is added. 

	Found on the stalker named Vampire.  

		Tunder 5.45

Damage:       	 7 /25
Accuracy:     	 5 /25
Handling:     	 14/25
Rate of Fire: 	 14/25

Anticitizen 101  says ' after entering Duty territory from Garbage, go 
			towards the small bridge, but don't cross it. 
			instead, turn left and head towards a tree. you'll 
			find "Tunder"'

Kwik Shot says   The tunder 5.14, as it is named in your faq, can NOT be 
		 found in the bar area - it belongs to one of the stalkers 
		 with a unique name who is moving around at the bar and 
		 randomly moves into the direction of the dogs, the reason
		 why someone claimed he found it in the bar area may be 
		 that the dogs killed him and he looted his corpse

Anticitizen101 says This is it !!!So I went to the Duty territory.. went to 
		    the tree...and there was nothing there ! So I kinda 
		    panicked..but check this out.. I went to the bar to get 
		    somethings done, then I went to the Garbage area, 
		    and right back to Duty territory... there was a Duty 
		    soldier coming towards me... so I said to myself "hey, 
		    what about this guy, he has a "Tunder" on his back..". 
		    So I pulled out my Fast Firing AK and shot him in the 
		    head (fast), and then I think the message about a 
		    traitor in Duty territory appeared, but it dissapeared
		    almost instantaneously...

	His Theory:As far as I know, I didn't kill the dogs&mutants the
		   first time I arrived at the bar, so somewhere between
		   the time I went to the Dark Valley to the time I came
		   back, the stalker must've fought the mutants, and
		   died. That however, doesn't explain the fact that I
		   didn't find his body ( the first time ) .. it must've
		   been a bug or a routine to clean-up bodies from the

Cryax says,	I also found the Tunder 5.45 in the bar area but with a 
		difference as your approaching the bridge turn left and hug 
		the cliff side untill you reach the fence that is supposed 
		to signyify the edge of the map. The fence at this point can 
		be jumped taking you outside the map. If you then follow it 
		round you will come to the outside of the buildings follow 
		them for long enougth and you will come across a Duty stalker
		who is always an enemy no matter what (he is outside the map)
		he has the Tunder 5.54. I think this is probably a bug it's 
		in V10001. be carefull though there are places where you can
		fall out of the map all together leading to you falling 

		Sniper SG1
Damage: 	??/25
Accuracy: 	??/25
Handling: 	??/25
Rate of Fire:	??/25

Ninguable Oftheseveneyes says ' I found the Sniper SG1 on a Freedom Stalker 
				called Leshiy in the Freedom Headquarters at
				the Military Warehouses. I am not sure about 
				quests, i found him dead after the Duty raid.'


		Viper 5
Damage: 	1.4/25
Accuracy: 	3  /25
Handling: 	22 /25
Rate of Fire:	21 /25

Damage: 	3 /25
Accuracy: 	9 /25
Handling: 	11/25
Rate of Fire:	11/25

Damage: 	3 /25
Accuracy: 	6 /25
Handling: 	21/25
Rate of Fire:	11/25

Damage: 	4   /25
Accuracy:     	10.4/25
Handling: 	11  /25
Rate of Fire:	12  /25

		IL 86
Damage: 	5   /25
Accuracy:     	9.8 /25
Handling: 	8   /25
Rate of Fire: 	13.8/25

		Thunder S14
Damage: 	2 /25
Accuracy: 	10/25
Handling: 	19/25
Rate of Fire:	18/25

Damage: 	7 /25
Accuracy: 	14/25
Handling: 	18/25
Rate of Fire:	24/25

		TRs 301
Damage: 	6   /25
Accuracy: 	14  /25
Handling:    	14.9/25
Rate of Fire:	18  /25

Damage:        11/25
Accuracy:      13/25
Handling:      18/25
Rate of Fire:  25/25

		S61 5K
Damage:        6 /25
Accuracy:      12/25
Handling:      2 /25
Rate of Fire:  16/25

		VLA SPeccial Assault Rifle
Damage:         10/25
Accuracy:       12/25
Handling:       18/25
Rate of Fire:   15/25

		Vintar BC
Damage:         11/25
Accuracy:       18/25
Handling:       18/25
Rate of Fire:   11/25

Kwik Shot says	there seems to be a total of 3 vintar bc sniperrifles: 
		one is in the freedom base -> cross the bridge at the base 
		entrance, and turn left at the crossroads, in the last 
		house to the left on that road, near the snipertower, 
		there's a vintar simply lying around on the ground ; the 
		second one is a quest reward for bringing the duty leader 
		one of the bulldog 6s ; the third one can be obtained in 
		yantar, it is located in a stash at the beginning of the 
		laboratory in the elevator shaft (don't know where i got 
		the stash info from, though - i think it was one of the 
		zombie soldiers randomly spawning)

Dusty Cole says:There's another Vintar BC in a stash in Freedom Base.
		I went Duty and when I killed Skinflint I got a stash
		note. The stash is the hatch on the southeast side of
		the base near where you have to kill the sniper for
		the Duty farmstead mission. Vintar BC in there.

Derek Lafontaine says:	Start at the destructable wall inside the base.  
			Turn right and drop down the small cliff.  There is 
			a red and yellow hatch cover.  This stash can be 
			acquired from a Freedom stalker either in the base 
			or at the Freedom checkpoint that borders the 
			monolith territory.  I dont know his exact name or 

NukeRaven says:		There is actually a fourth location of the Vinta BC 
			it can be obtained from from the leader of Monolith 
			group, which is stationed in one of the big houses 
			in Pripyat - it looks like a theatre. The leader is 
			nicknamed "Haron" (sorry if I mistaken - I only have 
			russian version of Stalker at this time).

		Sniper Rifle(SVDm 2)
Damage:         17/25
Accuracy:       11/25
Handling:       1 /25
Rate of Fire:   2 /25

Damage:         17/25
Accuracy:       11/25
Handling:       1 /25
Rate of Fire:   2 /25
Heavy Weapons:

		Bulldog 6
Damage:        16/25
Accuracy:      2 /25
Handling:      22/25
Rate of Fire:  2 /25

Kwik Shot says	one of the bulldog 6 grenade launchers can be found in the
		small village in a cellar (it is pointed out on the map if 
		the mission from the duty leader is accepted)

		the second one is in the weapon room in the freedom base, 
		in a box on the lockers

		Rocket Launcher
Damage: 	25/25
Accuracy: 	1 /25
Handling: 	23/25
Rate of Fire:	7 /25

		Gauss Rifle
Damage: 	25  /25
Accuracy:     	21.5/25
Handling: 	14  /25
Rate of Fire:	1   /25

The weapon list is still incomplete since I also lack the various 
modified special weapons which have an green upwards pointing arrow.

===========================4. Armor Listing==================================

Note: These Values are how much Resistance the Armors give you against these 
      particular Dmage types.

			Leather Armor
Burn:			+10%
Electrical Shock:	+10%
Impact:			+10%
Rupture:		+10%
Radiation:		+10%
Chemical Burn:		+10%
Explosion:		+10%
Bulletproof Cap:	+10%

Where is it Found:	Beginning Clothes.
Price:			-NA-

			Skinner Anomaly (Upgraded Leather Armor)
Burn:			+10%
Electrical Shock:	+10%
Impact:			+10%
Rupture:		+10%
Radiation:		+10%
Chemical Burn:		+10%
Explosion:		+10%
Bulletproof Cap:	+10%

Special Effect:		Improved Health Regeneration.

Where is it Found:	in a stash in the cordon area, near the tunnel under
			the railway embankment/the stalker camp at the other
			side of the railway embankment
			Info can be randomly obtained from various bandits.
Price:			-NA-

			Bandit Armor 

Burn: 			+10%
Impact: 		+10%
Electric Shock: 	+10%
Rupture: 		+15%
Radiation: 		+10%
Chemical Burn: 		+10%
Explosions: 		+10%
Bulletproof Cap:	+15%

Where it is Found:	

	jon love says

one can be found in the buildings to your left when heading down the path 
before the railroad bridge at the beginning of the game underneath some
breakable crates.

			Merc Suit

Burn:			+30%
Electrical Shock:	+30%
Impact:			+20%
Rupture:		+30%
Radiation:		+30%
Chemical Burn:		+20%
Explosion:		+25%
Bulletproof Cap:	+20%

Where is it Found:	First Trader.

	Replaces the Stalker Suit which can be found in the first village 
	in v1.001.
Price:			6000 RU
			Reinforced Suit (Upgraded Merc Suit)

Burn:			+30%
Electrical Shock:	+30%
Impact:			+20%
Rupture:		+60% (Instead of 30%)
Radiation:		+30%
Chemical Burn:		+20%
Explosion:		+25%
Bulletproof Cap:	+20%

Where it is Found:	 
Kwik Shot says		'In a stash in the wild territory area, info can be 
			obtained through killing mercs in the same area, the
			stash is at the top of the crane near the railway 

			Healing Beril 

Burn:			+30% 
Electrical Shock:	+30% 
Impact:			+20% 
Rupture:		+40% 
Radiation:		+30% 
Chemical Burn:		+30% 
Explosion:		+40% 
Bulletproof cap: 	+45% 

Special Effect:		Improved Health Regeneration 

Where is it found:	On one of the zombies in area near the lab. 

Note:			Needed for a quest at freedom base's commander 
			(Bring the bulletproof vest) Rewards is a Guardian 
			of freedom suit Stalker Suit
			PSZ-9d Duty Armor 

Burn: 			+50% 
Electric shock:		+50% 
Impact:			+50% 
Rupture:		+50% 
Radiation:		+50% 
Chemical Burn:		+50% 
Explosion:		+40% 
Bulletproof cap:	+40% 

Where is it found:	In dark Valley's bandit base's (where borov is) room 
			where the are a few stashes around and table and 
			cupboards.the suit is found on a table (or floor). 
			Along with it there is a bandit jacket and ammo etc. 
			Kombez Freedom M2 (upgraded[?] wind of freedom suit) 

Burn:			+90%  (+60) 
Electric shock:		+30%  (-20%) 
Impact:			+30%  (-20%) 
Rupture:		+50%  (+20) 
Radiation:		+30%  (-20%) 
Chemical Burn:		+50% 
Explosion:		+50%  (+25%) 
Bulletproof cap:		+25%  (-5%) 

Where is it found:	At one of the stashes on top of the lockers at the 
			freedom base's armory room. 

Note: 			The stats in the brackets are the one of the Wind of 
			freedom suit.

			Stalker Suit

Burn:			+50%
Electrical Shock:	+50%
Impact:			+50%
Rupture:		+40%
Radiation:		+50%
Chemical Burn:		+50%
Explosion:		+30%
Bulletproof Cap:	+30%

Where is it Found:	Bar.

	In the beginning of the game, the very beginning, after you talk 
	with Wolf, climb the ladder right behind him.  Once you're in the
	farmhouse's second floor, turn around low-crouching, and look to 
	your right.  You should see a ledge bringing you to the edge of
	the house.  Walk along it until you can walk on the roof, then
	run and jump to the house next to you.  Once you are on that
	house's roof, go to the left of the rooftop, find the small
	hole and use your knife/gun to break the box in the corner.
	Low-crouch to get to it.  Once you have it, don't forget to put
	it on.  It REALLY helps for the first part of the game.

		Thanks John B

	Note: You can't enter the top of the house, however you can get 
	      the suit from the outside.

	In v.1001 can you not longer find a Stalker suit but a Merc Suit

Dorchadas says	Upon entering Strelok's Stash, immediately to your right is a
		crate (which is behind some piping), Jump down and smash it 
		for a nice Stalker suit.
			In v1.001

Price:			15000 RU

			Ghost Suit (Upgraded Stalker Suit)

Burn:			+50%
Electrical Shock:	+50%
Impact:			+50%
Rupture:		+40%
Radiation:		+50%
Chemical Burn:		+50%
Explosion:		+30%
Bulletproof Cap:	+30%

Special Effect:		Improved Health Regeneration.

Where is it Found:	found on Ghost's corpse in the Yantar lab (Brain 

			can be traded for the SP99M suit (Professor Zakharov)

			SSP-99 Ecologist

Burn:			+90%
Electrical Shock:	+90%
Impact:			+50%
Rupture:		+15%
Radiation:		+90%
Chemical Burn:		+90%
Explosion:		+40%
Bulletproof Cap:	+20%

Where is it Found:	Yantar.

	Ramiro Brazuna says. 'i wanted to tell you where i found the 
	SSP-99 Ecologist suit: in the Bar area, the suit is very 
	close to the spot that takes you to the Military Warehouse 
	(that point where it asks you if you want to move to the next
	level), theres a small checkpoint with 3 Dutys there, a 
	few meters to the north of that checkpoint behind a house
	is where i got the suit'

Price:			15000 RU

			SEVA suit

Burn:			+80%
Electrical Shock:	+90%
Impact:			+50%
Rupture:		+50%
Radiation:		+90%
Chemical Burn:		+70%
Explosion:		+50%
Bulletproof Cap:	+40%

Where is it Found:	Yantar.

Mojo B. Fantastic says:
	The SEVA suit can be found earlier than Yantar, in the wild 
	territories west of the bar as a matter of fact, in the heavily
	radiated, boarded up house. You need to get the stash information
	off a zombified stalker near the scorcher anomalies, and then get
	into the safe. The stash information seemed to appear when I was
	doing either the Family Rifle quest or the Escort the Professor 
	Quest -- either way, it should show up on one of those zombies.
	Head back to that irradiated house, and you can either shove a 
	box on the western side of the house up under the window, or 
	climb up a ladder to get in. Either way, the SEVA suit is 
	inside a safe, and boy is it nice.
Price:			30000 RU

			PSZ-9Md Universal Protection

Burn:			+80%
Electrical Shock:	+90%
Impact:			+50%
Rupture:		+50%
Radiation:		+90%
Chemical Burn:		+70%
Explosion:		+50%
Bulletproof Cap:	+40%

Where is it Found:	Duty Base. A Quest Reward.

			Guardian of Freedom suit 

Burn: 			+50% 
Impact: 		+60% 
Electric Shock: 	+50% 
Rupture: 		+50% 
Radiation: 		+50% 
Chemical Burn: 		+50% 
Explosion: 		+45% 
Bulletproof Cap:	+40% 

Where it is Found: 	sells from Freedom trader Skinflint for 25000.

			Wind of Freedom suit
Burn: 			+30% 
Impact: 		+50% 
Electric Shock: 	+50% 
Rupture: 		+30% 
Radiation: 		+50% 
Chemical Burn: 	 	+50% 
Explosions: 		+25% 
Bulletproof Cap:	+30%  
Where it is Found: 	sells from Freedom trader Skinflint for 10000. 

Derek Lafontaine says	The Wind of Freedom Suit can be found during the 
			Escort the scientist quest through Merc territory. 
			The very last group of mercs you fight before you 
			get to the tunnel are hiding around an orange(I 
			think its orange) trailer.  Look inside the trailer. 

			Monolith Suit
Burn:			50%
Impact:			50%
Electric Shock:		60%
Rupture:		40%
Radiation:		50%
Chemical Burn:		50%
Explosion:		40%  
Bulletproof Cap:	40%

Where it is Found:	
		Ilsun Sato says

	I found it in Labx18 in dark valley, 1st underground floor in the
	room full of lockers.


Burn:			+90%
Electrical Shock:	+90%
Impact:			+50%
Rupture:		+50%
Radiation:		+90%
Chemical Burn:		+90%
Explosion:		+60%
Bulletproof Cap:	+40%

Where is it Found:	Quest Reward.
Price:			-NA-

			EXO Suit

Burn:			+50%
Electrical Shock:	+50%
Impact:			+90%
Rupture:		+80%
Radiation:		+30%
Chemical Burn:		+50%
Explosion:		+80%
Bulletproof Cap:	+60%

Where is it Found:	

Actually, you can find and wear exoskeleton suit, although it appears at the
underground of Chernobyl, which is the very last mission.

After you got into the power plant, after going into the underground level,
 you'll turn right once and there will be a Monolith soldier with gauss
rifle. Next, after killing him, there're two more of them, and you'll turn
right and turn left again, where is the point a broken wall appears.
At there, if you don't turn left to the broken wall and go straight,
you can use a ladder to lower level, but there's no way but high radiation. 

Right there, you can find a stash near the end of the room, and there is a 
exoskeleton suit with other items. Anyway, it has nothing better than the
green research suit except for bulletproof xD

jaymz 'bishop' heilbronn pointed out that you can buy it from skinflint

Michael St. Pierre says' One nifty detail about the EXO suit that I found out
			today, and thought you might want to mention: while
			the suit is quite heavy at 15kg, and makes it so you
			can't sprint, it also boosts your maximum carrying
			capacity from 60kg to 80kg, and overload from 50kg to
			80kg.  Pretty handy if you're not planning on
			sprinting around much.'

Price:			20000

			Monolith Suit 

Burn: 			+??%
Impact: 		+??%
Electric Shock: 	+??%
Rupture: 		+??%
Radiation: 		+??%
Chemical Burn: 		+??%
Explosions: 		+??%
Bulletproof Cap:	+??%

Where is it Found: 	Locker in Lab 18 

===========================5. Enemy Listing==================================

5a - Creatures


Description: Like most other living creatures in the Zone, the domestic pig 
	     also underwent serious biological changes since the day of the 
	     catastrophe. Mutant Pigs, simply known as Flesh among the 
	     stalkers, are one of the most vivid examples of the zone's 
	     disastrous pervesion of nature.

Tactic:	      Shoot them from the distance or while they charge at you, 
	      however don't stop moving.

		Blind Dog

Description: Several Generations of the dog species have lived since the 
	     catastrophe. Each was more affected by the Zone than the 
	     previous one. The most notable biological change was the loss 
	     of sigh, paired with an uncanny development of smell.

Personal Note: They hunt in groups, so be careful when the pack attacks you.
	       They can tear you to shreds in seconds. Alone they are wimps 
	       however and run away.

Tactic:	      Shoot them from the distance or while they charge at you, 
	      however don't stop moving.


Description: A massive mutated Animal, reaching 1.5 meters at the shoulder.
	     The zone Boards aggressivness and ability to survive surpass
	     by far those of its relatives outside the contaminated area.
	     They charge at the enemy to tear them to shreds.

Tactic:	      Shoot them from the distance or while they charge at you, 
	      however don't stop moving.



Description: The only bird species to have survived in the zone, enduring 
 	     increased radiation levels and effectively avoiding anomalies.

Personal Note: I have never ever seen them in the game, seems they became 
	       invisible by the radiation, or so it seems. ^^;

		William Nemeth pointed out that they were ciclyng in the
		air.. I would actually never have looked there ^^ Too
		busy with things going on down on the ground.

		Randal Barnot pointed the same out.

Screenshot:	http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=2002

Tactic:	      ??


Description: It seems those creatures were human at some point, though it
	     is difficult to imagine what conditions could turn a human
	     into such a disgusting beast. Snorks are insane creatures
	     leading a beasts life. They pounce at their enemy to pin them
	     down and tear them then to shreds.

Tactic:	     When they stand up and growl empty your mag into them, if they 
	     do not die then reload and shoot at them while they charge at 


Description: A Pseudogiant resembles a massive, drop shaped abdomen with a 
	     pair of disproportional large limbs. The limbs are arms and
             legs at the same time. An astonishing feature of this creature
	     is it's ability to create a massive shockwave.

Tactic:	     You don't see them to often, the only time I ever saw them was 
	     in an underground area and there could I shoot them from
	     behind the door.


Description: Experienced stalkers describe this semi-legendary beast as a 
	     tall, henched humanoid with a mess of tentacles where it's 
	     mouth should be. (Reminds me of Cthulhu ^^;) It is said that 
	     it uses these tentacles to grab the throat of it's victim and 
	     suck it then dry (hence the name Bloodsucker) only to leave a 
	     withered corpse behind.

Personal Note: Those bastards can cloak themselves, so if you hear a
	       grunting sound, be careful, it might charge at you in 
	       the next moment.

Tactic:       Move backwards while it charges at you and fire at it.


Description: A rare mutant seen near the center of the zone. Bears a 
	     superficial resembles of a humanoid with a disproportionately 
	     big head. Possess a good perception, and the ability to control 
	     the behavior of lesser species.

Personal Note: These things shoot something at you and the next thing you
	       see is yourself from their eyes, this effect wears of 
	       quickly but they use it so rapidly that you can't aim at
	       them with a gun, at least not properly.

Tactic: 	Charge forward at them with the knife, they won't use their
	        ability anymore and you can easily kill them.

5b - Human Enemies


Description: Your standard humanoid stalker. The weaponry will differ from 
	     pistols up to Gauss rifles, the armory will also differ from
	     simple bandits, who have just minimal defence while Monolith 
	     warriors will be heavily protected.

Tactics:     Take cover behind something and shoot back at them.

Note: 	     They will try to outflank you.

		Zombified Stalker

Description: The brains of thoose poor guys were scorched and now do they
	     only one thing, protect the thing that scorched their brains.
	     They are still armed with weapons and they still aim pretty
	     good for a brainless thing. They still wear the same protective
	     suit as they had before they were zombified, however they can
	     take much more damage and they will not bleed to death. 
	     (It is actually quite amusing to see those 'zombies' twitch on
    	      the ground)

Tactics:     Take your knife out, charge at them and stab then for an instant

===========================6. Factions=======================================


Description: Regulary Army soldiers. They guard all roads in the zone, 
             control perimeters, hunt mutants and shoot looters (Stalkers) 

Joinable Faction: No. And they are ALWAYS hostile to you.
Affiliations:     None.
Attitude:         Hostile.
			Mobile Science Lab (MSL)

Description: A mobile lab that resembles a small heavily armored bunker with 
	     small tainted glass windows. It has it's own life-support and
	     so can work autonomicly for several months.

Joinable Faction: No.
Affiliations:     Duty. If Duty is your enemy will the MSL also be hostile.
Attitude:         Neutral.
			Monolith Faction

Description: This group displays many features of a religious sect. It's 
	     members believe in an complex alien crystal, the Monolith, 
	     somewhere deep in the middle of the zone.

Joinable Faction: No.
Affiliations: 	  None.
Attitude: 	  Hostile.
			Duty Faction

Description: A paramilitary group known for it's discipline, whose Members 
	     live according to a strict code.

Joinable Faction: Yes.
Affiliations:     MSL.
How-To:           Talk with the General in the Bar and do his Missions.
Home Base:        Bar.
Trader:           Yes.
Attitude:         Neutral.
Location of:	  In the Bar.
the Trader:
Kwik Shot says:   Duty actually also has a special trader similar to
		  the Freedom guy, he's located to the right of the
		  entrance to the bunker where the general is. To the 
		  far right, actually, i think he's called sergeant 
		  whatsoever - also sells ammo and weapons like the 
		  freedom guy, only warshaw pact models (obokan, akm,
		  and corresponding ammo)


Description: Members of the Criminal underworld who came to the zone for 
	     various reasons, to make money, to sell Artifacts or to hide 
	     from the law.

Joinable Faction: No.
Affiliations:     None.
Attitude:         Hostile.
			Military Stalkers

Description: Soldiers who underwent a special training in the Zone or 
	     Stalkers who voluntarily signed a contract with the army.

Joinable Faction: No.
Affiliations:     Army (Maybe. They are shown as Military only though)
Attitude:         Hostile.

Description: The most clandestine and secretive faction in the zone, some 
	     don't even believe in it's existance.

Joinable Faction: No.
Affiliations:     None.
Attitude:         Hostile.
			Lone Stalkers

Description: Lone stalkers who expore the zone on their own, they are not
	     part of any faction, neither Duty, nor Freedom. Most Stalkers
	     work this way since being part of a group takes time and more 
	     importantly loot.

Joinable Faction: Yes (You are one from the Beginning of the game)
Affiliations:     None.
Attitude:         Neutral.
			Freedom Faction

Description: Anarchists and daredevils who declare themselves fighters for 
	     free access to the zone and consequently find themself in 
	     constant conflict Army, Military stalkers, and the Duty

Joinable Faction: Yes.
Affiliations:     None.
How-To:           Talk with the Commander and do his Missions.
Home Base:        Army Warehouse.
Trader:           Yes.
Attitude:         Neutral.
Location of:	  There is a trader for the Freedom faction. First floor of 
the Trader:	  the command building (the one with the commander) to the 
		  left as you enter, his name's skinflint as I recall. 
		  I also recall him being mentioned in dialogue with one of 
		  the other Freedom Stalkers, talking about him getting hit
	    	  with flying debris from the last stalker who made an ass
		  of himself in the freedom camp. 

===========================7. Artifacts======================================

Effects:	Radiation -10
		Endurance -18 


Effects:	Radiation -20
		Endurance -18 


Effects:	Radiation -30
		Endurance -18


Effects:	Endurance +38
		Electric Shock -10%


Effects:	Endurance +73
		Electric Shock -10%


Effects:	Endurance +103
		Electric Shock -10%


Effects:	Radiation +5
		Bulletproof Cap +2%

		Stone Flower

Effects:	Radiation +5
		Bulletproof Cap +3%

		Night Star

Effects:	Radiation +5
		Bulletproof Cap +5%

		Mama's Beads

Effects:	Bulletproof cap +5%


Effects:	-133% Bleeding
		-10% Burn
		-10% Chemical Burn


Effects:	-267% Bleeding
		-10% Burn
		-10% Chemical Burn

Effects:	-400% Bleeding
		-10% Burn
		-10% Chemical Burn


Effects:	Radiation +5
		Rupture +2%


Effects:	Radiation +5
		Rupture +3%


Effects:	Radiation +5
		Rupture +5%


Effects:	Rupture +5%

		Stone Blood

Effects:	Health +200%
		Impact -10%
		Rupture -10%
		Bulletproof Cap -10%

		Meat Chunk

Effects:	Health +400%
		Impact -10%
		Rupture -10%
		Bulletproof Cap -10%

Effects:	Health +600%
		Impact -10%
		Rupture -10%
		Bulletproof Cap -10%

Effects:	Radiation -10
		Bleeding +100%

		Crystal Thorn

Effects:	Radiation -20
		Bleeding +100%


Effects:	Radiation -30
		Bleeding +100%



Effects:	+30% Electrical


Effects:	+30%Chemical Burn


Effects:	+30% Burn


Effects:	+30% Impact



Note: This section is still under Construction. Please send me the statistics
      of other artifacts and I will add them here. Thanks.

Artifact Bug: The artifacts that add to the bleeding damage actually work 
	      reverse, they reduce the damage/time while the artifacts 
	     that should reduce the bleeding damage/time are actually
	     increasing it, rendering them completely useless.
		*Based upon the Game v1.00*

		The same happens with the artifacts that should decrease 
		the bleeding time, they will actually increase the bleeding
		time. (I actually knew that but forgot to mention that.*_*)
Artifact Note:  The artifacts which give +XXX% Health do not add that to 
		your health but they increase your regeneration of health.

===========================8. Anomalies======================================


Description: The anomaly snatches it's Victim and spins them around at 
	     breakneck speed. The anomaly can be spotted by a light 
	     whirlwind above the ground.

Found Artifacts: Stone Blood, Meat Chunk, Soul


Description: A gravitation abnormality which inflicts Shock damage. Air 
	     fluctuation are above the abnormality.

Found Artifacts: Jellyfish, Stone FLower, Night Star

		Burnt Fuzz

Description: Looks like a see through sheet hanging from a tree. It reacts 
	     to rapidly moving beings by shooting projectiles at them.

Found Artifacts: Thorn, Crystal Thorn, Urchin.


Description: An anomalie that accumulates static elecricity and discharges 
	     them as soon as someone comes close to them.

Found Artivacts: Sparkler, Flash, Moonlight.

		Source of Radiactivity

Description: Staying to long in these Radiactive zones is not recommend. 
	     Can be spotted by listening to the crackling sound the
 	     detector makes when one comes to close to this abnormality.

Found Artifacts: None.


Description: Another gravitional abnormality. The victim is sucked into the 
	     middle of the Vortex and is then crushed because of the 
	     gravitation before they are released in a powerful outburst of 
	     energy. Can be spotted by the air flickering.

Found Artifacts: Wrenched, Gravi, Goldfish.

		Fruit Punch

Description: A stationary green puddle of stuff that is very similiar to

Found Artifacts: Slime, Slug, Mica.


===========================9. Tips===========================================
-At the beginning can you find a Stalker suit, however in the newest
 patch (V1.001) has it been Repaced with a Merc Suit.

-Unlike in other Shooter games is a wooden wall not recommend to take cover 
 since the bullets will pierce the wood and still hurt you.

-Always take cover behind a wall when fighting with enemies. You are alone 
 and they have many so they can outnumber you very easily.

-Artifacts are not very good at the start of the game because they add rather
 weak statistics to your stats while they have quite big disadvantages. 
 However later are they very useful since you can .

-Money is not an big issue later in the game, you don't have to collect all 
 the weapons and sell them then later, you will get more than enough money.

-The most useful weapon is the weapon which your enemies leave behind. Why? 
 Because they also drop Ammo with it and so you have a constant supply of it 
 and you don't have to return to the traders to buy new ammo.

-The best shop in the whole game is in Yahntar, there you can buy the best 
 weapons that are avaible for money and the according ammo for them.

-If you want to be in good terms with Duty and Freedom at the same time then 
 go to the Military warehouse. There you will meet a group of Duty stalkers
 who want you to take out a sniper of the Freedom faction. Do the mission
 and return. They will offer you a second Mission, however decline that 
 mission. They will move out then. Quickly run now to the commander of the
 Freedom base and tell him about the Duty soldiers, then quickly run to Max
 and report to him. In the meantime should Duty has begun attacking the camp.
 Let Freedom finish the Duty soldiers, later return to the commander and 
 Report to him. Viola. You are now a friend of DUty (because you killed the
 sniper) and a friend of Freedom because you wiped out the duty soldiers.

 This worked for me though, I got an mail where someone had a problem with
 killing the sniper since the whole camped turn hostile afterwards. I 
 will list here what exactly I did.

 After receiving the mission did move to the wall and along it until I 
 came along a box of explosives and a corpse.
 I fired at the sniper from my current position and so got his attention, he 
 however shot better and nearly killed me. I took then cover then and walked
 along the wall towards the entrance of the camp and talked with the guy
 there who told me something, which I just skipped. I thenw alked to the
 tower and sneaked it up and there I saw the sniper aiming at the position
 where he has seen me last. I then backstabbed him with my knife and went
 on my way, the camp didn't turn hostile on me. Maybe it was just a bug?

Mike Nelson says: 	I ran up to the wall, where he couldn't see me. 
			Tilted my head skywards (say at a 85º or 80º angle 
			from the ground) and threw 2-3 grenades at varying 
			angles, while jumping.

			They hit, I wasn't in harms way at all, and I could 
			quickly retreat back to the Duty base. 

			Just an alternate way to achieve the goal with the 
			weaker rifles we have at that point.

- There is an easteregg involving half-life and half-life 2.  In lab x18 you 
  can find a pda on a scientist corpse in the orange research suit that shows
  up as Gordon's pda.  In it, it states how first it was black mesa then 
  some nameless town in russia then the Ukraine. It also says that he had to 
  trade his crowbar for a can of food.  Half-Life fans would recognize this 
  right away.

- Another easteregg (To what it is refereing stays a mystery to me though)
  There is one crazy stalker that can be found at Army Warehouse. He is 
  located near the main gate where the are 2 radioactive lakes and there is 
  a wooden house in the middle.If i am not wrong,he will be mumbling some 
  weird stuff.he is a zombie and if u kill him, you can get his flash drive 
  and in the house there are some stuff. 

   COrrection on my behalf and Michael Kang: It is NO easteregg

Kiwk shot says: about the insane stalker in the army warehouse area: he 
		actually shouts "hello! i'm insane! i belong in a mental 

Michael Kang says: It is actually quest you can get from Max of the Freedom 
===========================10. Endings=======================================

	If you don't want to know about the endings then don't continue 
			   to read further.

So far did I hear out about 6 endings that are possible. I However, only 
managed to find 4 of them. I added all 6 Endings but I can only give 
advice on how to reach the endings I actually found.

Correction on my site, there are a total of _ 7 _ endings in the game (!) 
and they are all listed here.

*			Mankind needs to be Controlled			    *
*	You walk up to the wishmaker and drop your weapons. Slowly you      *
*	approach it and you say 'Mankind.. needs to be controlled'          *
*	Suddenly you feel that your head hurts a bit, like a headache,      *
*	while images flood through your memories of explosions, people      *
*	with knives, the nuclear plant, voices are screaming and monsters   *
*	are walking around. And then it is over, everything fades into      *
*	blackness.							    *

How to Archieve: I just did the missions like I normally did. I don't think 
		 that there are any specific Requirements for this Ending. 
	         Except maybe that you shouldn't have a lot of money.

My Stats: 	 I was a Loner and had a rank of about 1600 and my Reputation 
		 was terrible. Furthermore was my Money under 1000 RU

*			I want to be.. rich			   	    *
*	Walking up to the wishmaker do you say 'I want to be.. rich' A      *
*	small metal nut falls down from above while an earthquake shakes    *
*	the earth, however you do not notice it. When the wire hits the     *
*	ground do you pick it up and it looks like money. THe eartzh is     *
*	shaken more and more rubbish falls down from the ceiling but all    *
*	you can see is the money that falls down around you until you are   *
*	suddenly crushed by tons of steel when a part of the ceiling 	    *
*	collapses.							    *

How to Archieve: This is the ending that probably most of the players did see
		 because they had so much money in the end. You need ,oney, 
		 the first time I got this ending did I have about 300K RU.

My Stats:	 I was a Loner and had a rank of about 1600 and my Reputation 
		 was terrible. Furthermore was my Money over 300.000 RU.

*			I want to be immortal 				    *
*	Walking up to the wishmaker do you speak 'I want to be immorta!'    *
*	First nothing happens but then you shiver in pain while you look at *
*	your hand and at the metal spreading over it, your flesh turning    *
*	into shiny metal. You try to turn away, speak anotehr wish but you  *
*	are silent while your skin changes into the shiny metal until you   *
*	are completely covered by the metal and will be a statue for        *
*	eternity.							    *

How to Archieve: No idea, I didn't get the ending.

My Stats:	-NA-
*			I want to the zone to dissapear		   	    *
*	Slowly you walk to the wishmaker and drop your gun, you look up at  *
*	it and you say 'I want the zone to dissaper'. A blinding light      *
*	blinds you and you close your eyes, the next thing you see is a     *
*	rich lifeful area, plants are everywhere, birds are singing and     *
*	fresh air caresses over your skin. Closing your eyes do you enjoy   *
*	the touch of the sun upon your skin, relaxing since it is over.     *
*	But then you open your eyes and you are blind, you cano't see	    *
*	anything at all anymore.					    *

How to Archieve: I don't know, i didn't managed to get that ending.

		 Michael J. Schwarz says that you need low money and 
		 maybe a good Reputation.

		Michael J. Schwarz confirmed that you need a reputation 
		of Excellent

My Stats:	 As I said before. I didn't managed to get that ending.

*			I want to rule				   	    *
*	As you approach the wishmaker do you look up at it and spread your  *
*	arms. Taking a breath do you say 'I want to rule the world' while   *
*	you wait. But at first does nothing happen, suddenly you feel pain, *
*	your stomach cramps and you feel as if something would be torn apart*
*	inside of you. You look at your hand, something blue eminates from  *
*	it and is drawn to the wishmaker, then you see your other hand where*
*	exactly the same happens. Your body becomes more tense, more pain   *
*	shoots through your body and you are slowly lifted up into the air  *
*	by an unseen force while the blue thing is also emitted by your	    *
*	face. The wishmaker glows brighter and a scream comes from your     *
*	throat while you feel how something is sucked out of you and into   *
*	the wishmaker. Then with a blinding flash falls your body to the    *
*	ground, an empty shell.						    *

How to Archieve: I don't know, I didn't managed to get that ending.

		Michael J. Schwarz says that you need to have killed the 
		leaders of Duty and Freedom to archieve this ending.

My Stats:	 S.A.

*			The C-Consciousness			   	    *
*	After you opened the secret door and destroyed these electric       *
*	thingies around the brain appears a hologram who talks to you.      *
*	You then have the option of chosing to become part of the project   *
*	to prevent the zone from spreading or to decline the offer.	    *

How to Archieve: Find the secret door, listen to the hologram after 
		 destroying the brain and chose the first option.

My Stats: 	 They do not matter here really.

*			The End of the Zone			   	    *
*	After you opened the secret door and destroyed these electric       *
*	thingies around the brain appears a hologram who talks to you.      *
*	You then have the option of chosing to become part of the project   *
*	to prevent the zone from spreading or to decline the offer.	    *

How to Archieve: Find the secret door, listen to the hologram after 
		 destroying the brain and chose the second option.
		 You are then outside of the reactor and you ahve to fight
	 	 your way through the monolith soldiers and use these warp 
		 space thingies that teleport you elsewhere until you reach 
		 the final teleporter where you will be teleported into a 
		 lab where you will destroy the canisters with the scientists
		 inside of them. 

My Stats: 	They do not matter here really.

===========================11. Frequently Asked Questions====================

Q:	Can I run this game?
A:	The minimum Specs are:
Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2) / Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4
Processor type : Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz / AMD XP 2200+
512 MB RAM
10 GB available hard drive space
128 MB DirectX® 8.0 compatible card / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 5700 /
ATI Radeon® 9600
DirectX® 9.0 compatible sound card
Keyboard, Mouse

	Recommend is:
Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2) / Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4
Processor type : Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 / AMD 64 X2 4200+
1.5 GB RAM
10 GB available hard drive space
256 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible card / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 7900 /
ATI Radeon® X1950
DirectX® 9.0 compatible sound card
Keyboard, Mouse

	And the high end system is:
Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2) / Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4
Processor type : Intel Core2 Duo E6700 / AMD 64 X2 5200+
10 GB available hard drive space
512 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible card / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 8800 / ATI Radeon® X2800
DirectX® 9.0 compatible sound card

	and of course for online play:
LAN/Internet connection with low latency Cable/DSL/T1+ speeds

Q:	But will I be able to run this game? I don't meet exactly the 
A:	Neither do I. I only have a 3 Gig Processor, an old GeForce FX 5700
	and 1 GB Ram, still can I play the game on 1024X786 and with high

Q:	My game is running so slow! Help!
A:	Uh.. yes.. ok.

To improve performance, from the main menu, select Options, and then select
the Video tab. Any of the following should result in improved performance.

	—Change Render to Static Lighting
	—Lower the Quality Settings to Medium, Low or Minimum
	—Lower the game resolution to 1024x768 or lower
	—Enable Full Screen
	—Under the Advanced button, lower the settings for Vision Distance;
	 Anisotropic Filtering; Antialiasing; and Shadows Quality

	Background Applications and Performance 
Programs that run in the background while on the Internet, such as ICQ, 
web browsers, voice communication applications, or file sharing programs 
cut into the speed at which S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl plays.
Turning off these Internet-specific applications can also increase your 
game speed. Antivirus and firewall software also commonly contribute to
performance issues. If you experience performance problems with Antivirus
or firewall software try to configure the software to exclude 
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl from security checks. Contact your 
software vendor for details.

System RAM and Performance 
Another method of increasing performance in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of 
Chernobyl is to add RAM to your computer if you are playing on a 512MB 
system. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl can consume a great deal of
memory in very large games causing the system to use virtual memory. 
This process is slower than using RAM directly, and while the speed of 
your processor is a factor in the performance of the game, additional 
memory can greatly enhance your game speed on baseline systems. Please 
ensure that virtual memory is enabled in your operating system.

Dual Core and Performance
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl should utilize your dual and quad
core processor natively and automatically. Running a dual or quad core
processor is one of the best ways to improve performance.

Updated Video Drivers
It is highly recommended that you install the latest drivers for you 
video card. These can be downloaded from your video card manufacturer's
website. Please visit http://www.asus.com/ depending on the type of card
you have.

Updated Sound Drivers
If you are experiencing problems with audio, or general performance 
problems, you should check with your soundcard manufacturer to see if 
there are updated drivers available. These can usually be obtained from
the soundcard manufacturer website.

Motherboard Drivers
Often motherboard drivers are overlooked when updating systems, 
and as a result most computers are running very old versions that
simply do not work properly and may cause very noticeable slow downs
and stability issues. Please check with your motherboard manufacturer
to see if there are updated drivers available.

		--Directly taken from the readme file of the game

Q:	Still is my game lagging! Help!?
A:	Ok, I just read that on the gamesfaqs.com message board RIght click 
	on the shortcut on your desktop and then chose properties. Now add 
	to the target line -noprefatch , it should look now like 
	"C:Program FilesTHQS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobylbin
	XR_3DA.exe" -noprefetch  
	It is supposed to increase the loading times, making it faster, and 
	it also will make the game run smoother.

Q:	You are a God! Thanks for the FAQ!
A:	This is not a real question you know...

Q:	Where can I find ?
A.	If it is a costum weapon will I do my best to list where it can
	be found, when I found it. The rest of the weapons in the game 
	are either bought or found when you kill an enemy.

Q:	How comes that you do not play the latest patch (V 1.001) it rockz!
A:	I don't like the way they changed how the durability of armor 
	decreases now. You loose way to quickly your armor now.

Q:	S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stands for what??
A:	So far did I hear that it stands for 
	Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers
	and Robbers. Which perfectly fits I daresay.

	Greeg irwin pointed this out:

Anyways, I wanted to provide you a little bit of historical info for you to 
add in (perhaps).  While I don't know what S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stands for, I do 
know that there are, in reality, stalkers currently working at ChNPP.  
They were the first responders, the cleanup crews, and those who keep an 
eye on the beast beneath the concrete and steel sarcophagus.  Here's a 
link to an EPA slide showing three stalkers 
And if you click the left arrow underneath the picture (or follow this link)
you can find the photo that Strelok and the Doc talked about after X16.

Just wanted to pass that little tid-bit along.  Thanks, and keep up the 
excellent work!  
(I will do that, no worries. ^^)

	Vladislav Todorov pointed this out:

The publishers have stated that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stands for Scavengers, 
Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killer, Explorers and Robbers.

But the background idea and terms "Stalker" and "The Zone" are taken from 
the novel "Roadside Picnic" written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

P.S.: In the former Soviet Union, the area of the Chernobyl disaster has 
become analogous to the Strugatskys' novel. Humans are not supposed to live 
within 19 miles of the disaster site, giving rise to a 1,400 square mile 
region formally referred to as the Zone of alienation, informally known as 
"The Zone", hence the analogy. The Zone, straddling the Ukraine-Belarus 
border, contains a ghost city, Prypiat, Ukraine and many ghost villages. 
It has unwittingly become a major nature reserve. Like in the novel, the 
Zone attracts some illegal scavenging. Some scientists investigating the 
area nicknamed themselves "Stalkers". 

Q:	How can I contact you?
A:	Uh.. scroll a bit down to the Contact secion, will you? ^^

Q:	You are awsome!
A:	Well, thanks.. but this is not a question either.

Q:	Where can I buy Scopes or Supressors?
A:	You can not buy them but...

Q: 	WHAT? I can't buy then, what is that?!
A:	Let me finish, you can not buy them but some weapons have scopes 
	which you then can remove and attach to other rifles. Tho remove a
	scope from a weapon right click on it and a popup menu will be 
	shown. left click there then upon 'Dismount Scope' to dismount the 

Q:	That doesn't works!
A:	Then has the weapon obviously no detachable scope.

Q:	How can I attach a scope/launcher/supressor
A:	Right click on the scope/launcher/supressor and if it can be 
	attached then an option called 'attach to current weapon (or 
	something like that) should appear. Left click on it and it 
	will be attached to the weapon.

Q:	Where is the secret door you mention in the ending section?
A:	Well, you know the room just before you come to the room where the
	wishmaker is located in (in the very last level of the game, in 
	the power plant).The room I talk about has only two exists, the one
	where you came in and the one leading to the wishmaker. Walk around
	the room and you will see a ladder eventually on the wall, climb 
	that ladder up and go to the ending of the hallway, there should be 
	a door there which is locked. Use it (Standard Key 'E') and you 
	should receive a quest update where you are told that you will 
	decode the door now. Do that and hold of the monolith soldiers for
	30 seconds, violà, you just opened the secret door.
	You need to have the decoder with you (!) and you need to have the 
	quest to actually find the secret door, if you don't have the quest
	then it won't be triggered.

Q:	Where is the secret tunnel exit from Lab 16?
A:	It is right from Ghost's Corpse, you need to destroy a few barrels 
	and there it is, a hole in the ground.

Q:	Where is the SEVA suit you are talking about? The one which can be 
	found in the wild territory?
A:	In addition to what Mojo B. Fantastic says:
	In the the wild Territory, just north of the Duty base is a highly
	radioactive house, when you come close to it will your scanner beep
	like mad. You then either can shove a box under one of the windows 
	or you can climb upon a nearby ladder from a nearyb house and jump
	upon the house then. From there can you jump down and into the 
	house. Quicksave before however since there is an electric anomalie
	inside the house and just right underneath the hole in the roof is
	a deep hole into which you will fall if you are not carefull. 
	However inside of the house is a save where the SEVA suit is 
	located. You need the mark upon your map where it says that there
	is a secret stashed inside of the house, if you don't have it then
	it won't work.

Gunslinger777 pointed this out: 
	I just wanted to add something to your valubale guide (I read it on 
	Gamespot.com) I have found the SEVA Suit just west of the bar area. 
	I mean the wild territory just left of the bar area.(where that 
	family rifle is supposed to be) anyhow if you climb up the ladder 
	where the sniper is you should be able to land on the two pipes and 
	walk on them all the way to another building from that building roof
	also jump on another single pipe this time and you should be able to 
	cross to the house with a big hole as if a meteor had struck it from 
	above walk on the logs to get down as soon as you are in the house it
	will be in a vault in one of the rooms to the right.

Q:	What are scorcher anomalies?
A:	They are these flame pillars that suddenly appear and hurt you.

Q:	The game starts so hard! What can i do to make it easier?
A:	Get the Stalker/Merc suit ASAP and then get a Stone Blood artifact 
	(which can be found in the house of nimble) and since it is bugged 
	will it be helpfull.

Q:	I can't find the Blood Stone you are talking about, where is it?
A:	Artifacts are generated randomly when an anomalie vanishes, in my 
	first walkthrough did I find no artifacts in Streloks Hideout while 
	I found 4 Moonlight's in my second walkthrough.

Q:	How can I throw grenades?
A:	Press 4 (standard button) and you will have selected the grenades. 
	Now press the Fire button as normally and you will throw them.

Q:	What gun should I use?
A:	(based of information from natasha8384 and Omikias of GameFaqs) It 
	seems that its best to use the strongest gun that uses the calibur 
	the enemies you face the most in the area your are questing in.  
	But the guns you get are gradually different. 

Q: 	Why is my gun jamming so much?
A: 	Guns jam more and more as the durability of the weapon deteriorates 
	try to switch to a new gun once 20% of the durability is gone.
	(Info from FlankerDFMax of GameFaqs)

Q:	How can I complete the 'Get Snork's Body Part' Quest?
A:	Well, kill snorkers, they sometimes have the item in their corpse, 
	but more than often not. 

Q: 	How can i open locked doors ,lockers etc.?Do i need a key to it? 
A: 	You can open locked doors by shooting the keyhole (yeah, the one you 
	put the key in) and its open! I dont think there are keys to them 
	but some doors (quests like lab X18) need a code to unlock it. 
	Quick Summary:	
	- Locked lockers - shoot the part where they usually put the lock at 
	  (the thing that is pointed out)
	- Locked doors - shoot the lock 
	- lock cupboards(the ones fitted on to tables) - shoot the keyhole 

Q:	I spent a lot of time trying to find a vehicle but I can't find one. 
	Help?! Where is it?
A:	There are no vehicles int ehg ame, at least none that can be driven.

Q:	But I saw a trailer featuring it!
A:	Well, I didn't see that trailer. maybe they simply decided to remove 
	this feature or it didn't managed to get into the final version, I 
	don't know.

Q:	How can i kill Strelok?
A:	Well, you need to progress through the game as normal and when you 
	have a pair of GRENADEs face the corner of a building. Now select 
	the Grenades and throw them into the corner, unequip you armor before though.
	Coninue that until you are dead, congratulations, you killed Strelok.

Q:	What..?!
A:	*Sigh* YOU are Strelok. Get it now?
===========================12. Credits=======================================

- GSC Game World. Thanks for developing the game.
- Thanks THQ for releasing such a great game.

- Hoo Kim (rusticguy (at) gmail (dot) com) for the Location of the Exosuit.
- UnderLord (at) darkuniverse (dot) net for the Statistics of the Exo Suit.
- Jon B for the location f the Stalker Suit so you an get it very early in
  the game.
- james.rutan (at) adelphia (dot) net for the list of various artifacts.
- huztlaz for making the mod so that the first trader sold every Weapon in
  the game. Without that I would still be searching for guns and rifles. ^^
- Ramiro Brazuna for the alternate location of the SSp-99 Ecologist Suit.
- Mojo B. Fantastic for pointing out where you can find the SEVA suit.
  Also thanks for telling me that in V 1.001 The found stalker suit in 
  the first village is replaced with a Merc suit.
- derblaue for providing info about various modified weapons he found.
- Daniel Lynds for a minor typo correction. (Hey no one can say that I 
  won't add people who help me to the Credits. :) )
- Michael J. Schwarz for pointing out how he thinks it is chosen which of 
  the endings you get.
- Gordon Bennett for remembering me about the bleeding artifact bug.
- Ilsung Sato for sending me the stats of the Monolith Suit.
- Greg Irwin for some Info about real stalkers (Yeah, they are not just 
  made up)
- jaymz 'bishop' heilbronn for sending the price of the EXo suit.
- Doc_M for sending me the info about the Stone Blood artifact which can 
  be found near nimble.
- Ninguable Oftheseveneyes for sending the location of the fast shooting 
  AKm 74/2, The Sniper SG1 and the Storming Obokan.
- Anticitizen 101 for the location of a special weapon.
- Ray Barker for the seventh ending.
- 26 for sending me an additional Q&A
- natasha8384 and Omikias for being part of the info of 26, though I don't 
  know if they do know that they are recorded now in the credit section if 
  my FAQ ^^
- giocare from the gamesfaqs board for writing about a nice tweak for the 
- 26 for sending new Q&A
- FlankerDFMax for being a part of a Q&A 26 provided.
- Kwik Shot for providing info about several special guns. 
- Vladislav Todorov for more Info about Stalkers.
- David M. Pointing a few minor typos out. And no, these were no jokes ;)
- Elvis Dumbledore for sending me the stats of the Thunder 5.45
- jon love for giving information about the location of where the Bandit 
  armor can be found.
- John Wray for correcting a Minor typo.
- Anticitizen, well, for everyhing he has done so far ^^;
- Dorchadas for an alternate location of the Stalker suit in V1.0001
- Necron for Information about three new armors and one more 
  question for the FAQ (Changed his name on his request) 
  He also pointed an easteregg out  and he send more accurate Q&A stuff.
- NukeRave for the fourth location of thge Vintar BC.
- Jon Love for sending me an easteregg regarding half-life and half-life 2
- Cryax for pointing a bug out where the Tunder can be found.
- Mike Nelson for finding an alternate solution on how to get rid of the 
  sniper in Freedom Base
- HRISTIN IVANOV for sending info about a mod.
- Lucifer for sending some info about a mission.
- Michael Kang for pinting out that one easteregg was no easteregg at all.
- Gunslinger777 for sending a more detailed info about the location of the 
  SEVA suit
- Michael St. Pierre for some info regarding the Exo suit.

===========================13. How to Install Mods===========================
First download this little tool and extract it into your game folder of 


Then read the readme file and start the correct executable for your version.
Now, select the file gamedata.db0 and extract it to a folder called 
'gamedata' without the quotes, you have created before, now do that with 
every file called gamedata.db~ (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a). Viola, you just 
extracted all of the resources, scripts, models,a ctors, etc, etc to your 
gamedata folder. Now you need to tell the game however that it is supposed 
to look into the gamedata folder and do not use the normal gamedata.db~ 
files. FOr that do we need to change the fsgame.ltx file. Open it with 
Notepad and change the line 
$game_data$   = false|	true|	$fs_root$| gamedata
$game_data$   = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

In my case did it also work without changing anything at all, dunno why 
though. So, you now did that, what now you might ask? In the folder
can you find a lot of interesting stuff, like the artefacts (Artefacts.ltx)
or the Unique items (nique_items.ltx) or also the various armors and the 
statistics of them (outfit.ltx).
Every *.ltx file can be opened via notepad so that you can cahnge the 
statistics. be warned though that if you change something and the game can 
not read it that it will refuse to load and will crash back to the desktop.
If that happens simply delete the gamedata folder and extract all files into
it again.
Also can you find in the All UsersDocumentsSTALKER-SHOClogs
the logs of the game and why it has crashed.
Generally is this folder on the drive C: where windows is installed, I 
took the adress of where it is located on my computer, so in dire need simply
search for 'STALKER-SHOC' on your computer, without the quotes.

		The mods

The Repairmod. A very very useful thing, especially in v1.0001

Found a great site with Mods.

the Transport mod(1.0)

===========================14. Contact=======================================

If you want to contact me then please send an Email to the following Address

	jannis1001 (AT) hotmail (dot) com

Please put S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl into the subject line so it 
doesn't gets Marked as Spam or so that I don't overread it.

===========================15. Final Words===================================

Thanks for reading this FAQ. I know that there are some things that need to 
be added, so please contact me. But first will I finish the things that are 
not complete by now.

So long, says dark_scourge

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