S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl patch

STALKERTHQ je izbacio novi patch za njihov FPS, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl, koji podiže verziju igre na 1.0003, i donosi ispravke velikog broja bugova (tačnije, 31 bug fix), i razna poboljšanja. Ispravljen je i AI (Artificial Intelligence), a ping tj. latency je smanjen u multiplayer modu. Patch možete preuzeti odavde , a kompletan changelog možete pogledati u nastavku teksta.



The patch addresses the following changes:

* Added some textures of certain objects (for technical purposes).
* Added console command 'sv_listmaps' to view the list of maps queue.
* Added the support for additional mouse buttons (now they can be bound to certain actions).
* Fixed bugs with player's character health bar in Multi-player.
* Fixed the crash upon making the screenshot to a saved game.
* Fixed the bug with standing dead bodies upon connecting to the game.
* Fixed inventory items placing system (Free for all and Team play modes).
* Fixed the enumeration of the game's version.
* Fixed the crash with using Numpad in some localizations.
* Fixed the crash on the level "Military warehouse".
* Fixed the crash while idling on the pause menu
* Fixed the crash in dialog with Professor Sakharov on the Yantar level.
* Fixed the storyline task "Meet with the Guide", now you can get it by searching Ghost's corpse.
* Fixed the bug with NPCs spawning in front of the player.
* Fixed the A-life reaction time. Now A-life spawns new NPCs more seldom. Also NPC movement speed is decreased when NPC are on different level then the player.
* Binary files are now compiled with large address aware flag that supports up to 3GB address space (relevant for Windows VistaT users).
* Added the possibility to record/play the camera fly-around ('demo_record'/'demo_play' commands). Now Stalker is ready for benchmarks.
* Fixed aspect ratio 16/9. Now the owners of the widescreen displays will have the benefit from greater viewing radius.
* Fixed various crashes with dedicated server.
* The network packets have been merged. This will make the ping reduce twice or more.
* The correctness of map name is now verified when changing the map using the console.
* Fixed the dragging of dead bodies by monsters.
* Now dumps will be saved upon the game crashes.
* Fixed the in-game patching system for all localizations.
* Fixed the problem with the exceedingly long players' names.
* Fixed textual problems for 16/9 video format.
* Fixed game freezing upon trying to connect to a different version.
* Fixed binocular Spectator crash.
* Fixed non-existent grenade launcher firing.
* Fixed players turning invisible when reduced to a minimal amount of health.
* Fixed pre-selected skin not allowing for player spawn.

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