Rush for Berlin (walkthrough)

Rush for Berlin

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Please note that this guide is in an early state (version 0.20) and only has
walkthroughs for the first six Russian missions.

0.00)  General Notes

0.10)  Important Controls

1.00)  Walkthrough

     1.10)  Russian Campaign
          1.11)  Lifeline
          1.12)  How Steel Was Tempered
          1.13)  Crossfire
          1.14)  The Sword of Bagration
          1.15)  The Boys of Belgrade
          1.16)  Crimson Tide

3.00)  Cheats

4.00)  Easter Eggs

5.00)  End
    5.01)  Version History
    5.02)  Closing

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|                 |          0.00)  General Notes           |                 |
|                  -----------------------------------------                  |

In this section, I will list some notes about various things you should keep in
mind while playing, in no particular order:

I)  Always make sure the compass is pointing due north.

 - The camera sometimes starts pointing in a stupid direction, so to keep the
walkthrough instructions as simple as possible, you should always turn your
compass so it's facing due north at the start of every mission.  If, for any
reason, I tell you to rotate the map so it faces any other direction, I will
include some reference points to make sure you have it facing the right way.
(The map can rotate by holding down the two mouse buttons and rotating it.)

II)  You can adjust the camera zoom.

 - By rolling the wheel in the middle of your mouse, you can make the camera
zoom in or zoom out.  I tend to keep it zoomed all the way out, since you can
see more of the map on your screen at once.

III)  Resource regeneration rates stack.

 - Or at least I'm fairly sure they do...  Meaning more factories will decrease
the time it takes to regenerate funds.  More on this after I play more of the

IV)  "What to bring"

 - Prior to each mission, you'll note that I've included a section that lists
units to bring along with you from your core.  These are only my personal
suggestions - you might not even have all of the units I list, depending on how
many casualties you've had throughout the missions.  Feel free to follow my
suggestions exactly, modify them, ignore them, or whatever floats your boat.
If there happens to be a certain unit I feel you should definitely bring along,
I'll specifically mention it (as well as specifically mention why you should
bring it).  For the most part though, I'll suggest bringing along the maximum
units you can - you might want to bring less if you're trying for a very high

V)  Ending with a high score (a rating of "excellent").

 - Those of you that're playing the game as it was intended to be played will
be interested in ending every mission with an "excellent" rating.  See the
little bar at the top of the screen?  The slider on that bar is positioned on
the bar to show how well you're doing - green (to the right) is good, and red
(to the left) is bad.  Destroying more enemy units will move the marker to the
right, but you shouldn't panic if you're close to finishing a mission while
you're not in the green yet.  If you're ending a mission in a short amount of
time, you'll get a huge score bonus right at the end that'll usually knock the
marker into the green.

|                     ----------------------------------                      |
|                    |    0.10)  Important Controls     |                     |
|                     ----------------------------------                      |

The default control scheme is fairly standard if you've played many other RTS
games (especially Codename:  Panzers >_>), but if you're used to more
main-stream games, you might find this scheme a little confusing at first.  The
following is a list of some of the most important shortcut keys and so forth.

(NOTE:  I'm not listing all of them, just the ones I find the most useful.)


 - Stops the highlighted units.  Very useful if you just accidentally sent a
group of your units somewhere incredibly stupid.  <_<


 - Makes the highlighted units attack a target.  very useful for destroying
unmanned vehicles and buildings that haven't been identified as a threat.

Changing the direction a unit is facing without actually moving:

 - If you select a unit, then right click and hold it down, you will have an
arrow that you can use to manually turn a unit without actually moving it.
This is great for making sure your units are facing the enemy when they are
lined up for defensive positions.  Similarly, you can also use this feature
when you're telling a unit to move.  For example, if you're moving a unit due
south, but you'd like it to be facing due north when it stops, you can right
click on the destination, then hold it down and rotate the arrow until it's
pointing in the desired direction before you let go.  When the unit reaches
its destination, it will automatically turn itself in the specified direction.


 - Pressing your space bar will pause the game.  This is very beneficial when
you're worried about time.  You can easily form teams without wasting time or
fighting, or you can pause the game and give your units a lot of orders all at
once, and they'll carry out those orders as soon as you unpause the game.

Making Groups:

 - Holding the Control key while you have something selected and then pressing
a number key will form a group.  Groups are invaluable for effective
fast-passed combat.  Once you've made a group, pressing the corresponding
number key without having the group selected will select the group for you.
Pressing the number while the group is already selected will center the screen
on that group.

Selecting every unit of a certain type:

 - If you double-click on a unit, all units of that type will be selected.
This is great for sorting out your forces and quickly making groups.


                              1.00)  Walkthrough
                            1.10)  Russian Campaign

|                                                                             |
|                               1.11)  Lifeline                               |
|                                                                             |
History                                                            January 1944

"Following their hard-earned victory at Kursk, the Russians take the initiative
 and commit their forces to offensive action all along the Eastern Front.

 In the Baltic, their first priority is to break the siege of Leningrad, the
 heroic city cut off by the Germans since September 1941.  With millions of
 civilian lives at stake, there is no turning back...  and no more time to

Unit Information

Received units for the mission:

   3 Standard Infantry

Core Units:

   1 Green Officer Slot
   1 Green Infantry Slot
   1 Red Infantry Slot

(Starting Core:)

   1 Political Officer
   1 Medic
   1 Standard Infantry

Additionally, a maximum of two T34-76 tanks can be added to your core if you
complete the second secret objective.

What to Bring:

   Your choices are a tad limited for this mission.  Time shouldn't be much of
   a factor, so I suggest you bring all three of your units along.

Main Objectives

1)  Neutralize the howitzers that are keeping our supply train from reaching

 - The howitzers are in the north-west corner, slightly above the train depot.
Get your men and/or tanks close enough, and they'll be able to kill the crews
manning the guns.

Optional Objectives

1)  Lead at least one tank through the marshland by setting the wood piles on

 - If you visit the village in the south-west corner first, you'll be shown the
correct path to take through the marshland.  Follow this path, lighting the
wood piles along the way, and the two T34-76 tanks will follow you.  Get them
to the last wood pile in the north-east corner, and they'll be added to your
core.  If you accidentally lead them into part of the marsh by lighting the
fires out of order or lighting an incorrect pile, you'll fail this optional
objective.  (You'll also fail it if both of the T34s are destroyed prior to
being added to your core.)

Secret Objectives

1)  Forester found.

 - This is the gentleman responsible for the wood piles.  You'll find him
standing around in the small group of buildings in the south-west corner of the
map.  Get a unit close to him, and markers will appear on your mini-map to mark
the correct wood piles you'll want to light.

2)  You destroyed all immobilized German tanks in the marshland.

 - There are four German tanks stuck in the marshland.  If you follow the path
of wood piles, you'll find the first one to the north-west as the path starts
to head east.  As you move east, there'll be another one south of the path,
then two close to each other on the north side of the path farther to the east.
Destroy all four of them to complete this secret objective.  (Be careful not to
get your T34s destroyed by them in the process.)


Begin by waiting patiently for the T34-76 tanks to appear to the east.  Once
they arrive, light the wood pile closest to your position by right clicking on
it while you have an infantry unit selected.  The T34s should move towards the

Move west along the road, killing any Germans or wolves you happen to encounter
along the way.  Continue lighting the wood piles you see along the road, but
when you reach the western side of the path, send a unit to the group of
buildings in the south-west.  The gentleman responsible for placing the wood
piles is standing there.  When you get a unit close enough to him, your
mini-map will display the locations of the correct wood piles to use in order
to lead the T34s through the marshland.

Follow these markers north into the marshland and continue lighting the wood
piles, but be careful when the path begins to move east.  There's a German tank
stuck in the marsh north-west of the turn in the path, and it'll fire at you as
you move past.  Destroy it with your infantry units, then continue to the east
and light more wood piles.  In the middle of the map, you'll encounter another
German tank stuck in the marsh on the south side of the path.  Destroy it, then
destroy the two on the north side of the path farther to the east.

Once you've destroyed those four tanks, the second secret objective will be
complete.  Continue lighting wood piles as you follow the path on your map, and
when you reach the last pile in the north-east corner, the T34s will be added
to your core units (assuming they're still intact).

Move west along the road now, stopping to kill anything that threatens you.
Make sure you take out the infantry in the guard tower when you reach the
fenced area, then enter the fenced area through the east side.  Move west along
the northern edge of the map, and you'll find the two howitzers and some
infantry units.  Slaughter the infantry units first to avoid taking any
unnecessary losses, then use your infantry and tanks to kill the crews that're
manning the howitzers to finish the mission.

|                                                                             |
|                        1.12)  How Steel Was Tempered                        |
|                                                                             |
History                                                              March 1944

"Invigorated by their success in the Baltic, the Russians push forward
 across the Ukraine to liberate its people and reclaim its vast natural
 resources for the Motherland.

 At Krivoy Rog, their vanguard is to catch up with the retreating Germans and
 crush them - or witness the wholesale destruction of the strategic mining and
 ore refining facility."

Unit Information

Received units for the mission:

   1 Standard Infantry

Core Units:

   1 Green Officer Slot
   2 Green Infantry Slots
   1 Green Vehicle Slot
   1 Red Infantry Slot

Additionally, Partisan Infantry and a Medic can be added to your core if you
complete the first secret objective.

What To Bring:

   Due to the nature of this mission, vehicles will not be very useful to you.
   I suggest you don't bother bringing a T34 along, and instead, just bring
   the Political Officer and your Standard Infantry units.  Don't even bother
   with the Medic - you'll be supplied with several of them in the mission.

Main Objectives

1)  Contact the leader of the Ukrainian Partisans.

 - You'll find him and a group of Partisans near a building if you head south
down the road.  Get close enough to him, and the Partisans will become under
your command, though the leader will run off to handle the German alarms.

2)  Prevent the German Supply Train from getting away with the Uranium.

 - When the timer hits ten minutes, you'll be told that the German train is
going to escape soon (in three and a half minutes).  You need to reach the
front of the train before the counter reaches zero to complete this objective.

3)  Save at least two Blast Furnaces from destruction.

 - Once the train's been stopped, engineers and German infantry squads will
periodically enter the map from the east and south sides to try to blow up the
blast furnaces.  Place some troops on the south side of the southern furnace
and place some others near the south-east corner of the middle furnace, and you
should be able to stop all of the Germans before they get near any of the
furnaces.  If a group slips past you, don't worry about it - you'll have plenty
of time to chase them down, even if they reach a furnace.

Optional Objectives

1)  Capture the artillery piece before the Germans deploy it.

 - In the hills on the west side of the road to the south of the Partisan
Leader's building, you'll find a tunnel with a miner standing next to it.  Send
your troops through the tunnel, and they'll pop out the other end in the north
east corner of the map.  Take the path that leads north up a hill, and you'll
find a German crew near a gun emplacement.  Kill the crew, then take control of
the gun to complete this objective.

Secret Objectives

1)  Partisan update on German battle plan acquired.

 - At the start of the mission, send your troops through the path in the hills
to the east.  In a small alcove to the north, you'll find some partisans
crouched on the ground.  Get close to them, and a Medic and a unit of Partisan
Infantry will be added to your core.

2)  All three Blast Furnaces saved from destruction.

 - After stopping the train, the Germans will attempt to detonate the three
furnaces.  Guard the southern entrance where the train tracks lead off of the
map and the eastern entrance between the two lower furnaces, and you should be
able to pick off all of the Germans before they can do anything.  If some make
it to a furnace, though, don't panic - you'll have over a minute to stop them
before they detonate anything.


As I mentioned in section 0.00 of this guide, rotating your map so that the red
North indicator is always pointing up will make my notes seem a lot more
sensical.  This is definitely true for this mission, since all of the
directions will be reversed if you fail to rotate the map.

With your map correctly rotated, start moving south down the road.  You'll
notice a small path leading into the hills to the east, where a small German
patrol will fire at you.  Eliminate them, then head into the hills and move to
the small alcove at the northern edge of the map (shortly after you're told
that it looks like someone's passed through the area recently).  Some Partisans
are crouched near some trees here, and if you get close enough to them, a unit
of Partisan Infantry and a Medic will be added to your core.

Add them to your group and return to the road to the west, then continue moving
south towards the building where the Partisan Leader is waiting.  He'll give
you some more troops (precious, precious medics), then scurry away to handle
the German alarm.  Take your new troops and move all the way south until you
see a small alcove to the south-west.  A miner is standing here with a light,
marking the entrance to a tunnel.  Watch out for the tank and guard tower in
the area as you move all of your forces through the tunnel.

You'll appear in the north-east corner of the map.  Take the thin path heading
north up a hill to find some Germans near a gun emplacement.  Slaughter them,
then take control of the gun to complete the optional objective.  Move back
down the hill and head west towards the mine carts, but watch out for Germans
and bunkers.  Send all of your infantry into the mine cart building when you
reach it, then sit back and wait for them to appear at the other end to the

Once all of your troops have exited the mine carts, gather them and head
slightly to the south to find an entry to the compound.  Take out the troops in
the guard tower, then move farther into the compound.  There's another guard
tower to the south as well as some German troops, so deal with them all.  Move
to the front of the train when you're ready, and you'll complete the second
main objective.

Once the train leaves, move your men east towards the German supply pile.
Slaughter the men here, then send half of your men slightly north-east to the
edge of the screen (between the two closest factories) and send the other half
south to the edge of the map (where the train tracks leave the screen).  German
troops and engineers will periodically appear and try to detonate the furnaces,
but your troops will pick most of them off if you position them in the correct

Don't worry if some Germans manage to get past you - you'll have more than a
full minute to eliminate the engineer after it reaches a furnace before it'll
be able to detonate it.  Wipe out all of the engineers without letting any of
the factories get destroyed, and you'll complete the third main objective as
well as the second secret objective.

|                                                                             |
|                              1.13)  Crossfire                               |
|                                                                             |
History                                                                May 1944

"As part of the greater effort to sweep the Crimea of the enemy, the Russians
 have already taken Odessa and are preparing to return to the heroic city of
 Sevastopol with a vengeance.

 Barely held by a mixture of German and Rumanian troops, the historic Black Sea
 port is to be secured at all costs in order to conclude the liberation of the

Unit Information

New Core Units Added:                     Core Units:

   1 Sapper                                  2 Green Officer Slots
   1 Supply Tractor                          4 Green Infantry Slots
   1 Artillery Officer                       2 Green Vehicle Slots
   2 Standard Infantry                       2 Red Infantry Slots
   1 Squad Leader                            1 Red Vehicle Slot

Received units for the mission:           What to Bring:

   3 Standard Infantry                       1 Squad Leader
   1 T34-76E                                 1 Artillery Officer
   1 SU-122                                  2 Medics
   1 Supply Tractor                          1 Partisan Infantry
   2 Sappers                                 2 T34-76Es
                                             3 Standard Infantry
                                             1 Supply Tractor
Additionally, you can add an ISU-152 to your core by finding it south of the
east side of the dock.  You can also add a Supply Tractor to your core by
finding it near the middle of the city inside a ring of buildings.

Production Information

(1000 Resources, .15 Regeneration Rate)


   Unit Type                 Cost     Production Time

   Standard Infantry          22            22
   Medic                      36            36
   Sapper                     27            27
   Sniper                     36            36
   Shock Infantry             36            36
   Penal Infantry             13            13

Factory (Once you've captured it from the Germans)

   Unit Type                 Cost     Production Time

   Bantam Jeep                27            27
   T34-76E                    40            40
   T34-85                     49            49
   Transport                  22            22
   Supply Tractor             54            54

Main Objectives

1)  Destroy at least 50% of the fleeing boats.

 - There are fifty of them, so you'll need to destroy twenty-five to complete
this objective.

2)  Secure the bunkers along the waterfront.

 - You actually only need three of them, not all of them.  Assault them to make
the German crews evacuate them, then put one of your own infantry units inside
to take control of the battery.

Optional Objectives

1)  Capture the German factory.

 - You'll find the factory in the north-west corner of the map.  Once you've
captured it, you'll be able to build vehicles, which will make the rest of the
mission much easier.

2)  Destroy or capture the Rumanian regimental battery atop the hill.

 - This should be your first priority at the start of the mission, since the
two batteries will absolutely devastate your forces if you don't destroy them.
I suggest you simply rush up the hill with your T34s and SU-122, but wait for
the first German tank to assault your starting position first.

3)  Capture the Lighthouse and signal the Black Sea Fleet to begin their

 - This will be messy thanks to the landmines and heavy guns on the approach to
the lighthouse, and the barrages you'll get for doing it aren't even really
worth the effort.  More than likely, the boats will start escaping before you
can take the lighthouse, so I suggest you concentrate on the bunkers first,
then capture the lighthouse while your bunkers are destroying the boats.

Secret Objectives

1)  Find both abandoned Russian vehicles among the ruins.

 - One is in the north-east corner of the map, slightly south-west of the
lighthouse.  The other is near the middle of the city, surrounded by buildings
and quite a few German units.  Since it takes the boats quite a while to get
destroyed, I suggest you wait until you've got the bunkers under control, then
capture the vehicles while you're sinking boats to save time.


Since you start with a barracks, I suggest you build several snipers and a few
medics.  Wait for a German tank to attack you on the west side, and once it's
destroyed, send your T34s and SU-122 west towards the hills.  Move up the
winding road to find the two Rumanian batteries, then slaughter the crews in
them with your tanks.  Don't bother manning them, they won't really help you.
Move your tanks back down to the city, then repair them if necessary.

Move your vehicles and infantry north along the west side of the map.  Your
target is the small German-held supply depot near the middle of the map.  Wipe
out the German forces near it to take control of it, then continue moving
north towards the factory.  The Germans are defending the eastern side of the
factory with some heavy vehicles, so be ready to blast them with your tanks
and/or infantry.

Stay near the flag on the factory long enough to capture it, then start
cranking out about a half dozen T34s.  While you're waiting for them to build,
use your small tank group to clear out some of the Germans to the east near the
harbor.  Be careful, though - if you shoot one of the boats in the water on
accident, you'll start the evacuation.

As you get closer and closer to the bunkers on the east side, keep your eyes
peeled for an abandoned Russian vehicle in the rubble of a destroyed building
slightly south-west of the lighthouse.  It's an ISU-152, and if you occupy it,
it'll be added to your core.  Repair and resupply it, then continue east to the

The entryway is mined and guarded by extremely heavy field guns, so I suggest
you send in your infantry first (especially the snipers).  Pick off the crews
on the field guns, then use your Sappers to remove the mines if possible.  (Or
just ignore the mines, let your tanks get hit, then repair them.)  Clear out
the German vehicles and artillery south of the entryway you came through, then
assault the three northern bunkers and occupy them with an infantry unit.

The bunkers can handle most of the escaping boats by themselves, but not the
bigger ones - you'll need to place some T34s on the eastern shore to help out.
Let them sit there and pulverize the Germans, then gather your infantry and
head north to capture the lighthouse.  Once it's secure, move your infantry
west back into the city, then move south near the middle of the city.  There's
a cluster of crumpled buildings that's housing some German units and an
abandoned Russian Supply Tractor.

Attack the area from the north-west to avoid some of the German defenses
farther to the south.  Make sure you pick off the artillery and mortars first,
or they'll wind up destroying the Supply Tractor on accident before you can
take it.  Once you've got control of the tractor, you'll complete the secret
objective, even if it gets instantly destroyed after you capture it.

Return your attention back to the bunkers on the east side.  Once you've sank
twenty-five of the boats, the mission will be over.

|                                                                             |
|                        1.14)  The Sword of Bagration                        |
|                                                                             |
History                                                               July 1944

"Three years to the day after the Fascist attack on the Soviet Union, a major
 offensive is about to pit 200 Russian divisions with 2 million soldiers and
 6,000 tanks against the German Army Group centre in Belarus.

 Success will restore the Motherland within her 1941 borders and grant access
 for the Red Army to Germany via Poland and East Prussia."

Unit Information

New Core Units Added:                     Core Units:

   1 T34-85                                  1 Green Officer Slot
   1 T34-76E                                 5 Green Infantry Slots
   1 BM-13 Katyusha                          4 Green Vehicle Slots
   1 Artillery Officer                       1 Red Officer Slot
   1 Standard Infantry                       3 Red Infantry Slots
                                             1 Red Vehicle Slot

Received units for the mission:           What to Bring:

   2 T34-85                                  1 Squad Leader
   1 SU-122                                  1 Artillery Officer
   3 Standard Infantry                       1 ISU-152
   1 Medic                                   1 T34-85
   1 Supply Tractor                          1 T34-76E
                                             1 Supply Tractor
                                             1 BM-13 Katyusha
                                             4 Standard Infantry

Additionally, you can add three JS-2 heavy tanks to your core by occupying the
train station and waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

Production Information

(1000 Resources, .15 Regeneration Rate)

Headquarters (Once you've captured it from the Germans)

   Unit Type                 Cost     Production Time

   Recon Car                  99            99
   Bantam Jeep                27            27
   T34-76E                    40            40
   T34-85                     49            49
   Supply Tractor             54            54
   Standard Infantry          22            22
   Sapper                     27            27

Main Objectives

1)  Capture the Field Headquarters at the crossroads.

 - You should have four tanks, two self-propelled artillery pieces, and a
Katyusha if you brought what I told you to bring for this mission.  Gather them
together and send them west towards the headquarters as fast as possible.  Take
down the guard towers and the three tanks inside the compound, then continue
moving west towards the train station once the headquarters is under your

2)  Hold your Headquarters at all costs.

 - As long as you take the train station before German reinforcements arrive,
this shouldn't be a problem.  It's not even necessary to keep a defensive force
nearby - nothing should even attempt to attack it.

3)  Eliminate the German defenders and capture the Bridge.

 - Luckilly, you don't actually need to eliminate the Germans.  Capturing the
bridge will do it, and thanks to some clueless German tank crews, you won't
even need to use your own tanks to do it.  As soon as you capture the
headquarters early in the mission, start cranking out Standard Infantry units.
When you get twelve or so of them ready, rush the bridge right through the
center of the German defenses.  There's a rather large pile of Panzers sitting
empty there, and you can take them with the infantry.  Use them to secure the
immediate area around the bridge.

Optional Objectives

1)  Capture the Railway Station.

 - You'll want to do this as fast as possible to prevent German reinforcements
from arriving on the train.  (Which happens approximately four minutes into the
mission.)  When the mission starts, gather your vehicles and capture the
headquarters, then immediately proceed to the train station.

2)  Assist the Partisans defending the village.

 - They don't really need your help, but you can greatly assist them simply by
sending your infantry to the windmill to the north in the middle of the map.
There's a huge piece of artillery there that will slaughter the Partisans if
you let it fire a few rounds.

Secret Objectives

1)  Neutralize the German armored reserve.

 - As soon as you capture the headquarters early in the mission, start cranking
out Standard Infantry units.  When you get twelve or so of them ready, rush the
bridge right through the center of the German defenses.  There's a rather large
pile of Panzers sitting empty there, and you can take them with the infantry.
Use them to secure the immediate area around the bridge.  You can also use the
Partisan infantry that arrives in the north-west corner, but they won't be able
to move the tanks (though they will be able to fire their weapons).  All you
have to do is kill all of the German tank crews, regardless of whether you do
it before or after they make it to the tanks.


Time is of the essence at the start of this mission, so quickly grab your four
core Standard Infantry units and stick them inside your four core vehicles, and
stick your two officers into two of the vehicles as well.  Begin moving west as
fast as you can, taking out the guard towers on the eastern side of the small
base at the crossroads.  Take out the three vehicles inside the compound, then
finish off the two western guard towers.  With the headquarters now under your
control, continue moving the vehicles west towards the train station.

You need to capture the train station within approximately the first three and
a half minutes to prevent German reinforcements from arriving.  If you're
successful, you'll be given three core JS-2 tanks from the train.  If you're
unsuccessful, three German tanks will come off of the train and make a run for
your headquarters.  Don't worry if that happens - just chase them down and wait
for the next train to arrive with your reinforcements.

Crank out Standard Infantry units from the headquarters while you send the
infantry you started with to the northern part of the middle of the map, where
you'll see a large windmill.  Below the windmill is a rather unpleasant piece
of German artillery that will shred your forces if it gets the chance, so take
care of it before it can.  Send this group east towards the Partisan force in
the village once the artillery is taken care of, and it's probably a good idea
to send the JS-2 tanks back to your headquarters too, just in case the Partisan
group fails to stop the tanks in the village.

Once the German threat towards the village is dealt with, the Partisans will
leave the map for a while and reappear in the north-western corner.  Leave them
there for now.  Send your group of infantry from the village down to your
headquarters to join the rest of the infantry you've been training - you should
have about fifteen or so units before you make your attack.

Position the infantry cluster on the east side of the German defenses near the
middle, almost directly in line with the bridge.  See the concrete square to
the south-east of your Partisans?  There are nine abandoned Panzers on it, and
if you're fast, you can get your Standard Infantry pile in there to capture
them before the German tank crews can respond.  Quickly rush your infantry pile
past the German defenses and into the tanks, using the Partisans to fight off
infantry groups if necessary.

All you have to do is kill the tank crews before they reach the tanks, or
capture or destroy the tanks before they reach them.  Once you've got control
of the Panzers, you can easily use them to capture the bridge.  Send them all
towards it, as well as any surviving infantry units you have.  Mill around on
the bridge for long enough, and you'll capture it, ending the mission.

|                                                                             |
|                         1.15)  The Boys of Belgrade                         |
|                                                                             |
History                                                            October 1944

"With their autumn offensive sweeping through the Balkans, it is time for the
 Russians to lend an Internationalist hand to the local partisans in liberating
 the Yugoslavian capital.

 Having realized the hopelessness of their situation, the Germans are in full
 retreat from Belgrade - carrying loot and intelligence clearly worth

Unit Information

New Core Units Added:                     Core Units:

   None                                      1 Green Officer Slot
                                             2 Green Infantry Slots
                                             1 Red Officer Slot
                                             1 Red Infantry Slot

Received units for the mission:           What to Bring:

   1 Flamethrower                            1 Political Officer
   3 Shock Infantry                          1 Artillery Officer
   2 Mortar Teams                            2 Medics
   3 Standard Infantry                       1 Standard Infantry
   3 Medics
   1 Sapper
   1 Sniper
   1 Recon Car

Additionally, you can add a Partisan Elder to your core by freeing him from the
buildings on the east side of the map.  (Numerous other Partisans will also
join you at the same time, but they won't be core.)

Production Information

You won't be able to produce units during this mission, though you will be able
to add non-core Partisan units to your command in a few places.

Main Objectives

1)  Neutralize the Kingtiger tank!

 - Simple enough - Just use your mortar teams to lob shells at it from a as far
away as possible.

2)  Help the Partisans!  Don't let them be wiped out!

 - They can pretty much handle the town square on their own, but things will go
much faster (and with fewer Partisan casualties) if you help them out.  Focus
on the field guns first - the Partisans will occupy them once the Germans in
them get killed.

3)  Enter the German HQ!

 - It'll be marked for you, just send a guy into it.  Make sure you pick up the
Partisan units on the far right side of the town square first (they're being
pinned down in the buildings by some German units).  Move north along the east
side of the map towards the HQ, and you'll encounter more Partisans.  Fight off
the Germans to add the Partisans to your group.

4)  Capture the Abwehr officer!

 - Approach the stadium from the east along the northern edge of the city.  The
Germans have a few Flak 88s waiting for you as well as several tanks, so be
prepared to crush them all with grenades, mortars, and your shock troops.
Gather your forces around the marked spot outside the stadium before the timer
reaches zero to complete this objective.

Optional Objectives

1)  Take the depot!

 - The depot's on the west side of the town square.  Once the square's secure,
head to its north-west corner and destroy the tank there, then move farther
west to assault the depot.  Don't move too far north of the depot, though - a
large German force is waiting there, and it's a little too strong for you at
the moment.

Secret Objectives

1)  Panzer commander couldn't escape!

 - Destroy the tank in the north-west corner of the town square, then kill the
commander that pops out of it to complete this secret objective.


Your poor Partisan buddies are having a bad day a little to the west of your
starting position, so as soon as your Russian reinforcements show up, pick the
two mortar teams out of the pile and have them crush the Tiger from as far away
as you can.

Meanwhile, the Partisans will be encouraged by your reinforcements and launch
an assault on the town square.  Gather the rest of your troops together and
help them out, concentrating on the field guns first (since the Partisans will
occupy them as soon as the Germans are knocked out).  Make sure you take out
any units that get too close to your troops or the Partisans, too, or they'll
toss a grenade (or several) at you.

Continue sweeping north to break the German defensive line, forcing them to
retreat.  By now the Tiger should be destroyed, and the first two main
objectives should be complete.  Gather your men (including the surviving
Partisans, who'll now be under your control) and move to the north-west corner
of the town square.  Destroy the tank here, then kill the commander that pops
out of it to complete the secret objective.

Continue heading due west towards the small depot.  Take care of the machine
gun nest to the south, then take out the infantry and the pair of tanks around
the depot.  Capture it to complete the optional objective, then move east again
once your units are healed.  On the east side of the town square, you'll find
some Germans around some large buildings.  Slaughter them all to free some
trapped Partisans, including a Partisan Elder that'll be added to your core.

Gather these new units and head north along the east side of the city.  You'll
encounter another group of buildings, and more Partisans will be fighting some
German infantry.  Aid them as quickly as possible to prevent them from being
wiped out, but watch out for the field gun and infantry south-west of the
cluster of buildings.  Once the area's clear, take the new Partisan units under
your control and continue heading north towards the objective symbol near the
headquarters building.

More German infantry will be guarding the entrance, but they're no match for
you now.  Crush them all, then occupy the headquarters with an infantry unit
to complete the third main objective.  Take the unit back out of the building,
then gather all of your forces and head west along the northern edge of the
map - you'll only have a few minutes to track down the Abwehr officer before
he escapes.

Resistance will be light until you reach the stadium.  Several German tanks and
a pair of Flak 88s are waiting for you there, so have your mortar teams, shock
troops, and infantry with mines or grenades ready.  Crush everything around the
objective symbol, then just stand around on it to complete the final main

|                                                                             |
|                             1.16)  Crimson Tide                             |
|                                                                             |
History                                                              April 1945

"Determined to best the Western Allies by reaching Berlin first, Stalin orders
 Marshall Zhukov to launch a frontal assault on the last German defense line
 protecting the German capital.

 The battle for the Seelow Heights will either be the next chapter in Zhukov's
 legend...  or the very last mistake of his impressive military career."

Unit Information

New Core Units Added:                     Core Units:

   1 Recon Car                               2 Green Officer Slots
   1 BM-13 Katyusha                          4 Green Infantry Slots
   1 Shock Infantry                          6 Green Vehicle Slots
   1 Standard Infantry                       2 Red Infantry Slots
                                             2 Red Vehicle Slots

Received units for the mission:           What to Bring:

   Multiple ground troops, artillery,        1 Artillery Officer
   armored units with support                1 Squad Leader
   vehicles plus production and              6 Standard Infantry (for vehicles)
   support facilities.  [In other            3 IS-2s
   words, too much crap to count.]           2 Katyushas
                                             1 ISU-152
                                             1 T34-85
                                             1 Supply Tractor

The tanks and Katyushas aren't really necessary, but they're excellent for
defense on this mission.  You'll start with a group of tanks by your factory
and another group by your headquarters, but your core units can be used to
reinforce them (and gain free experience on their crews in the process).

Production Information

(4000 Resources, .45 Regeneration Rate)


   Unit Type                 Cost     Production Time

   T34-85                     49            49
   JS-2                       99            99
   SU-100                     54            54
   Supply Tractor             54            54
   SU-122                     63            63
   SU-152                    108           108


   Unit Type                 Cost     Production Time

   Recon Car                  99            99
   Supply Tractor             54            54
   Bantam Jeep                27            27
   M17 GMC                    31            31
   Halftrack Transport        31            31


   Unit Type                 Cost     Production Time

   Standard Infantry          22            22
   Medic                      36            36
   Sapper                     27            27
   Mortar Team                36            36
   Flamethrower               27            27
   Sniper                     36            36

Main Objectives

1)  Occupy the enemy HQ.

 - Easier said than done.  I recommend you capture or destroy (preferably
capture) all four of the field mortars before you attempt this, since your
forces will be pulverized by them if you don't.  Before you try a frontal
assault from your base, consider the fact that there're land mines out there,
not to mention a huge hoard of tanks, infantry, and bazooka guys.  It's best
to capture the field mortars first, then take the HQ from the south-west.

2)  Destroy the four howitzers.

 - Try not to destroy them if possible - they're much more useful to you if you
can keep them intact.  You'll have to destroy them to end the mission, though.

Optional Objectives

1)  Capture the enemy Factory.

 - The factory is directly south of the German HQ, but it's covered by the four
field mortars.  You'll want to silence at least two or three of them before you
get anywhere near the factory.  If you can manage to capture the guns intact,
they'll make cleaning out the German vehicles and infantry around the factory
much easier.

Secret Objectives

1)  Both Barracks captured.

 - One is on the south side of the middle of the map, the other is in the far
south-western corner.  Your first target should be the field mortar near the
eastern barracks - once it's eliminated, taking the barracks is simple.  Take
advantage of the shallow water directly west of the first barracks to sneak up
on the second one.  Careful though - as soon as the Germans spot one of your
units, field mortar shells will come raining down.  Make sure you scatter as
fast as possible, and never, ever stand still.


[Just a reminder - take note of the direction the camera starts facing.  I
 suggest you rotate it so that north is facing up, but if you'd prefer to keep
 it how it is, please remember that my directions are real directions.  West
 doesn't mean left, it means west.]

Your first priority should be setting up two defensive lines of tanks.  The
first wave of Germans will hit the northern bridge by your factory, so start
with that group first.  Line the tanks up facing the bridge, then start
building a pair of Supply Tractors from the factory to keep the line of tanks
repaired (position them behind the tanks so you don't have to keep an eye on
them throughout the mission).  You'll also want a medic nearby to prevent the
crews from getting killed.

The northern bridge of the two that're west of your HQ will be the next spot
you'll want to defend (the Germans won't use the southern of the two unless you
provoke them to do so).  Line up your second column of tanks there and stick
another set of Supply Trucks (and a medic) behind them.  It won't hurt to put
one of the non-core Katyushas behind the tanks for support, either.  Or you can
just use your core tanks/build more tanks if you're not comfortable with the
lines yet.

Meanwhile, some weak German forces will be crossing the water on the south side
of the map to harass the area around your barracks.  If you haven't already
used your core vehicles for part of your defensive lines, park them over here.
They can easily handle the weak stuff that comes over the water, especially if
you give them a medic and a supply tractor.

Now that your defensive lines are ready, it's time to start preparing your
first assault.  The target is the south-eastern field mortar (the one closest
to your base), but it won't be as easy to reach as it might look.  I suggest
you prepare a ballanced group of Standard Infantry, Snipers, and Medics, then
edge your way south on the southern bridge.  You'll see some German infantry
and some tanks, but if you use your two remaining Katyushas, you can make short
work of them.  Don't cross the bridge with the Katyushas though  - there're
land mines waiting for you.  Clear them out with a sapper if you'd like, but
it's really not necessary.

With the area directly west of the bridge secured, start moving south towards
the field mortar.  If you're lucky, it'll already be out of shells.  If not...
well, you've probably already had the misfortune of seeing what they can do to
your units.  If the mortar's out of shells, ignore it for now and concentrate
on the German infantry and any vehicles that might be in the area.  Be
especially careful around the tree lines - infantry units can be very well
hidden under the trees.

Capture the barracks and occupy the field mortar as soon as you can, then use
the barracks to reinforce your infantry pile.  This field mortar can be a great
help to you later, so I suggest you send a Supply Tractor over the water to
reload it (remember the mine fields by the bridge...  best just to use the
shallow water).

The next target's going to be the far south-western corner of the map, where
you'll find a second German barracks.  Take your infantry group across the
water and approach the second barracks from the east.  As soon as you see a
German unit, take a quick shot at it and then run back the way you came as fast
as you can (since the two closest field mortars will absolutely shred you if
you stand still).  Continue taking quick runs at the barracks until all of the
Germans are gone, but keep in mind that the barracks can still "see" you, which
means the field mortars will continue to fire while you're trying to take the

Use the barracks to replenish your infantry forces if necessary, then prepare
to assault the next field mortar to the north.  The terrain is rough, and there
are German vehicles and infantry everywhere.  I suggest you approach from the
water to the south-east of the gun, then run like hell up the hill towards it.
If you run into a tank, you're just going to have to ignore it - standing still
to fight it will cost you huge chunks of your infantry.  When you reach the
gun, remember that it'll be a huge help if you can keep it intact, but also
keep in mind that the next closest German infantry unit will occupy the gun if
you just kill the crew and run away.

Remember not to occupy the gun with your own troops until you're sure there
aren't any more German units around, or the other field mortar will completely
decimate it before you get the chance to use it.  If your infantry group needs
some reinforcements, take the time to train some at your barracks right now.
While you're waiting, have your supply tractor carefully cross the water and
reload your second field gun (if you managed to capture it).  If you managed to
capture them, you'll now have two field guns in range of the German factory.
Use a few medics to quickly run out and view the area around the factory using
the little land bridge to the south of it, and the field mortars will
devastate anything you see.  Repeat the process enough times, and the factory
will be yours with little or no actual fight.

The third field mortar won't be quite as hard to capture - simply send your
infantry force north from your second field mortar, slaughter the Germans in
the area, and capture the gun.  Remember that the last field mortar can still
take shots at you, though.  It's got a supply truck sitting right next to it,
so it won't be able to run out of ammo like the other three.

With the factory and three of the field mortars taken care of, you can mount an
assault on the final field mortar.  Gather your infantry just like you've been
doing and make a rush up the hill between the factory and the HQ.  When you
have control of the gun, use a unit to get close enough to the HQ to see what's
around it, and your field mortars will take care of the rest.  Capture it once
there aren't any more Germans nearby (watch out for bazooka guys though - they
can hide extremely well in the trees).

The only thing left to do is to destroy the remaining field mortars to end the
mission.  If you've got some mortar teams, simple select them, press the A key,
and then left-click on a field gun to have them force-fire on it until it's

|                     ----------------------------------                      |
|                    |          3.00)  Cheats           |                     |
|                     ----------------------------------                      |

Stormregion was nice enough to include some fairly standard cheat codes should
you feel the need to use them.

While playing a mission, press the Enter key to open the "Team Chat" box.  Type
one of the following phrases into the box and press Enter again to activate the
cheat.  Entering the code a second time will deactivate it.

chucknorrishim - Your units will destroy almost anything in a single hit,
                 friend or foe.

gimmechucknorris - Adds 4,000 resources to your stockpile.

iamchucknorris - Instantly win the current mission.

lethimbechucknorris - All selected units will gain one level of experience.

openforchucknorris - All missions will be instantly unlocked.

tobechucknorris - Your forces will be completely invincible, even if your hit
                  yourself with the one-hit-kill cheat activated.

|                     ----------------------------------                      |
|                    |        4.00)  Easter Eggs        |                     |
|                     ----------------------------------                      |

What, Stormregion's lame Chuck Norris cheat codes weren't enough for you?  Well
then, perhaps you'd enjoy yet another overly-done internet fad from them:

Rush for Berlin meets Zero Wing

 - The infamous text of Zero Wing gets a nod from the Rush for Berlin staff in
the fifth Russian mission (The Boys of Belgrade).  To see a hidden "set up us
the bomb," occupy the large car in the south-east corner of the map near the
group of German sappers.  To see a hidden "you have no chance to survive make
your time," destroy the German tank in the northern corner of the town square
and kill the commander as he attempts to flee.  To see a hidden "all your base
are belong to us," occupy the German headquarters in the north-east corner of
the map.

Too lazy to try it yourself?  Here:

Know of any other easter eggs in Rush for Berlin?  Please share, and I'll
gladly list them here.

|                         --------------------------                          |
|                        |        5.00)  End        |                         |
|                         --------------------------                          |
                            5.01)  Version History

July 27th, 2006

 - Posted an early version of the guide (version 0.20) containing the controls,
notes, codes, and easter eggs as well as the walkthrough for the first six
Russian missions.  Later updates will probably be slower than usual...  I've
been horribly addicted to Zero Hour again lately.  <_<

                                5.02)  Closing

As always, any comments are more than welcome.  If you need more specific help,
feel free to contact me on The Brink, and I'll see if I can't hook you up with
a quick screenshot or something to help out.


Or if you're not fond of message boards, you can drop me an email at or try me on AIM at "Deuce ex Defcon".  Enjoy the game, and
thanks for taking a look at the guide.

        DEUCE                         EX                         DEFCON

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