Runaway 2 – The dream of the turtle (walkthrough)

Runaway 2 - The dream of the turtle

chapter 1. Trapped in the jungle

After the opening clip, you find yourself in the back of the plane. Look at
 the boxes on the right and get a capote puppy out of it. Walk to the left 
past where cation is written on the wall. Next to where cation is written 
on the wall and below the seat there are item on the floor. Pick them  up 
to get Gina’s hair clip.

Enter the pilot cabin. Then open the central glove compartment. Get the 
bottle of whiskey and the binoculars out of it. In the glove compartment 
on the left hand side their is a magnifying glass find the lever on the 
left hand side and pull it down. Go outside of the plane and look inside 
the hatch on the front of the plane. The hatch will close before you can 
take a look. Head back to the cockpit. Pull the lever down again to open 
the hatch then use Gina’s clip on the lever to keep it open. Go back to 
the outside of the plane. You will find Otto’s pilots licence. Look 
inside the hatch, you will find a tool and a bottle of water. Head right
into the jungle where you will see a lemur and quicksand. Look in the 
quicksand and you will see Otto’s goggles.  Tell Brian to get the goggles
 and will use a nearby stick to get them. Try to climb the big rock on 
the left and Brian will discover that it is to slippery. Head back to 
the plane and check the hatch on the front of the plane again where he
will find anti-slippage spray. Go back into the plane and get the shard
 of glass. Use the shard of glass on the goggle that you collected. 
Head back to 
the rock that Brian tried to climb and use the anti-slippage spray on
it. Climb the rock and the lemur will attack Brian. Fill the capote puppy 
with the water in your inventory. Then put it on the ground in front of 
the rock. The lemur will throw the capote puppy in the quicksand.  Go 
back into the plane to get another capote puppy from the boxes. Then 
head back to the quicksand. This time fill the capote puppy with the 
whiskey. Put the capote puppy on the ground in front of the rock and 
the lemur will pass out after drinking the whiskey. Collect the capote 
puppy and the lemur. Climb the rock. Then keep heading right till you 
see the bridge. Read the sign then head back to the plane. Use the shard 
of glass with the branch. Then combine it with the strap from the 
goggles to make a slingshot. At the top to the screen are the treetops
use the binoculars on the treetops. Then use the slingshot on the treetop
 to get the bag. Open the bag to get a broken key. Use the magnifying 
glass on the ray of light then combine the magnifying glass and the tool 
from your inventory. Then use the lengthened magnifying glass on the 
ray of light. Use the key with the lengthened magnifying glass to repair
 it. Go into the plane. Keep out is written on the compartment. Use the 
key on it. When it fails use the shard of glass on the key then try to 
use the key on the compartment again. Get the stuff out of the 
compartment to find the snow shoes. Head back to the bridge and use 
the snow shoes in the bridge to cross it.

2. surfin’ mala

When Leslie goes to speck to the colonel, look at his notepad. When he 
comes back you get to speck to the colonel. When you finished go to the 
right till you come into town. Brian will go into the bar and talk to 
Lokelani.  After you talk with her grab the cigar holder out of the 
ashtray on the floor. Then get the chalkboard off the bar. Go to the 
surf shack and talk to the guy in the robe.  He can’t talk so give 
him the chalkboard. Then ask him a lot of questions. After ask  
Lokelani about more chalk. Check out the bucking bronco and the 
photo stand. Head down the highway to the hut. Talk to Lokelani friends 
Knife and Kai. Get the rope and talcum powder from under the hut. 
Go down to the left to the miniature dock. Get the toolbox next to the 
motorboat . Go back to luna beach  and next to the visitors center 
building there is a bin next to the basement entrance. Search that 
bin to get the butter then go to the surf shack. Try to get the 
cable. Try to loosen the cable. Grease the cable with the butter. 
Go behind the visitors center to talk to the soldier to find out 
that only professor pignon will can enter the camp with him and that
he has a photo of him. Then how to make chalk. Combine the powder 
with the cigar holder. Look at the big tree right of the hummer then
use it with the cigar holder to make chalk. Give the rope to o’connor. 
While he is climbing the tree get the photo out of his book on the 
hummer. Talk to Lokelani about  the bucking bronco to get the idea 
of how to get the motorboat. Then talk to Lokelani about 
greasepaint® pro. Go to the basement entrance for the visitor’s 
center. Put the cable on the board across the basement the go back 
to o’connor. Get O’connor to climb the tree again then borrow the 
hummer to open the basement doors. Go to the photo stand. Look at 
the plastic photo man then go behind the photostand. You find out 
it is not working so talk to Lokelani about it. Then head back to 
the photo stand. Look under the photo stand. Use little demon(the
 lemur in your inventory) under the photo stand. Go see lokelani to 
get a beer and she will quiz you about her 
boyfriends for a free beer.
·	Milo
·	Lopati
·	Tiroo
·	Haskell
·	Russel
Go to the basement entrance and open the doors and go in. work on the 
circuit-breaker panel.  Turn the visitors center off and the surf pix 
on. Go to the room under the stairs to find the metal detector. Give 
the beer to  little demon under the photo stand in exchange for the 
stand token. Go behind the stand and put the token in the coin slot. 
Then get the photo, then give the 2 photos to Lokelani. Little demon 
scares Aolani away so you will need to find him. Have O’connor get 
the bird out of the tree while you slip the new photo into his book.
Get the bird then give it to Kai at alaula cove. Go to the military 
camp then tell the soldier that you want to see the colonel. While 
Lester is talking to the colonel write in his book to look for the hut.
 When you see the colonel leave then come back to see him to get the 
huts location. Then leave again, to go back to talk to O’connor. Ask 
him about the GPS. Talk to the robed guy at the surf shack after you 
give him the chalk, get him to talk about why he doesn’t talk. Till 
he reveals himself and convince him to fix the bucking bronco. Give 
Joshua the toolbox and then the butter. Go into the basement of the 
visitor’s center then work on the circuit-breaker. Turn off the 
seafood bar and the photo pix. Then turn the bucking bronco on. 
Go back to the bucking bronco to try it out. Go to alaula cove to talk
 to knife. Tell him about your surfing idea in exchange for the 
motorboat. Then go into knifes hut. Look at the video game that 
the kid has. It’s the GPS. Give little demon to the kid the go outside
 to get the gps. Use the coordinates with the GPS. Go tell Kai that you
 found it. Use the metal detector on the sand turtle to find the leg. 
Give the leg to Kai. Talk to Kai about what the grimarium looks like. 
Get a turtle shell and go outside. Go right till you see the grave. Use 
the metal detector on them. Use the turtle shell on the grave to get the  
grimarium, then give it to Kai.

3. Simpler that an ameba

Get a bag off the table on then right side of the room. Get a socket cam 
from the box on the left hand side of the room. Go up the ladder on 
the bottom left hand side get the roll of duck tape on an old mat. Use 
the socket cam with the surveillance camera. GO down the ladder and 
exit the room to the right. Go outside through the door to the right. 
Get the envelope from O’connor then return to the room with the computer 
and the cameras. Open the envelope and use the ring on the suitcase 
on the desk. Go back to O’connor. IF he has not asked you if you are 
testing him yet talk to him about the cia and then end the 
conversation. Then use the neuralizer on him. Then go back to the 
computer room and use the exit to the left. Use the card on the slot.
 Use the marbles in with the bowling ball. Then use the glove on 
the ball. Exit the room and use the computer. Exit to the left 
and use the ball and glove again. Select Alaula cove, Mala 
Island. Then ask Joshua About the A.M.E.B.A. Use the ball and glove
 again to contact Joshua (he will be removing the paddle from little 
demon). Leave the room then come back. Use the ball and glove again 
to contact Joshua. Ask about the little demon. Ask for the dental 
instruments. Exit the room and climb the ladder. Look at the control 
panel at the top end of the walk near the motorized platform. Use 
the probes with the control panel. Climb into the mouth. Pick up the 
hat then Brian will put it down. Get the whip from the guy under the 
bolder. Open the back on the ground. Use the exit on the right side 
of the tunnel. Go back to the hat with the spider and use the bag 
in your inventory on the hat. Then go back to where you saw the 
women in red. Look at the box of gloves. Try to use the spider 
through the gap. Exit to where you found the spider. Climb out the 
mouth, lower the platform and then climb down the ladder. Take the 
exit to the right, use the probes on the stenchazol from the inventory.
 Then use the stenchazol on the middle door. Go back to where you saw 
the woman is red. Use the spider with the slot. Crawl through to get 
the walkie-talkie.  Go back and look out of the mouth. Use the whip 
on the earring of the statue on the left side of the screen.

4. He who knows does not speak

Get knife out of the cabinet with the pots. Get firewood out of box. 
Get oil dispenser from on top of the fireplace.  Go outside and the 
walk up the path to the guy in the bear suit (Ben wazowski). Talk to 
the guy and get a leaf from a tree. Head left then up to the hut in 
the background. Go up into the cabin. Get a bottle of bear pheromones
, the yellow chainsaw, the hocky stick and the sign on the door. 
Play the guitar and then tune it. Go out the door and light the 
lamp and get the tube from the barrel . Go back to Joshua. Tell him the 
right thing to continue
-trantor was destroyed
-nothing has happed to trantor, you need to eat raw fish …
-is their no way to convince you?
-Japanese? So you have Japanese blood in you
-well if your Japanese-whatever, you must love sushi right?

Go outside and get the gas tank. On the right side of the hut their is a 
pickup truck. Use the gas tank on it. Try to use the gas tank 
on the chainsaw, the use the oil with the gas tank, and then use the gas 
tank with the chainsaw. Use the chainsaw on the moose’s head 
on the top of the pickup truck. Go talk to the bear suit guy. Ask him 
about sushi and Archbald. Go back to the cabin where you played 
the guitar and play it again. Talk Archbald into making the sushi by 
giving him $1000 form your wallet. Climb back up to where you 
where hit by the bottle and pick it up. Use the bleach on the moose 
head then use the knife on it. Climb down to the bottom and use 
the firewood with the axe. Go to the ice rive and use the chainsaw on 
it. Give the moose head to the guy in the bear suit. Tell the 
guy in the bear suit to get close to the bear. While is gone switch the 
bear perfume on his bag with the one in your inventory. Go 
to the cabin and come back and tell him to try again. Go down to the ice 
lake where you cut the hole in the ice and use the hockey 
stick to get the glove off the ice. Use the hockey stick with the hole in 
the ice. Combine the glove and the hockey stick and use 
it with the hole in the ice. Brian will pickup the fish he caught. Go back 
to where you used the axe and use the whistle where 
Archabald appears.
-Ask him how long it will take
-	Ask him to leave it upstairs
-	Ask him if you can get it from his place

Try to use the winch on the pickup truck. Get into the pickup truck. Open 
the hood.Use the hockey stick with the hood the hood. Look at the engine. 
Use the knife with the chainsaw and the sparkplug with the engine. 
Get into the truck

5. Shipped to the past

Head to the left and use the elevator(cylindrical tube), Talk to sushi, 
then head down to talk to Rutgar. Take the sang from the gardening 
supplies and the broom then take the elevator down. Enter the Neptune 
suit. Talk to Saturn and convince him to build a neutrino detector. 
Try to get the sketch pad then grab the fork of the Neptune statue. 
Go back to the hallway and head right look ate the code pad next to 
the doe the go get the code from sushi the come back and use the code 
pad to go through the door. Then talk to the French girl (Camille). 
After talking to dean go right to the supply room and get 2 tubes 
from the box. Head back out to the step where you meet Camille. Enter 
the code to enter the room at the top. Go down the stairs. Then use the 
shut-off valve  next top the tank. Go to the right to where there is a 
door with a number 2 above it and use the button on the right hand side.  
Then use the broom with the door. Use the zip ties that you find on the 
tubes. Then head back out to the step where you meet Camille. Try to open 
the glass case with the hose in it. Talk to Camille about where she is from, 
wine and Saturn’s magazine. Next time you meet on the steps she will give 
you some wine. Go get the key for the hose from sushi and talk about the 
fight between Rutger and Saturn. Head back to the step to talk to Camille 
and get some wine. Look at the empty cases where the hose used to be. Go 
get more tubes from the storage room. Talk to dean about the article(you 
will have to wait till they stop filming). Go to just outside the state 
rooms. Use the wine with the state rooms. Put sand in empty wine bottles. 
Use zip ties with bottles. Use hourglass with trident. Give watch-fork to 
Saturn to get the notepad and take a pen from his desk. Give sketch pad 
to Dean. Head back to the step where Camille usually is and us the tubes on 
the hydrant. Talk to Saturn and he will give you a message to tell Rudgar.

Change the messages to the following to get the helmet (must 
have discussed the neutrino detector with Saturn and asked Rudgar 
if you can have the helmet).Saturn will give you the first message 
for rudgar

-Tell Rudgar – That his hat is off to you, not to pout.
-Tell Saturn – he’s sad that your techno are does not get more air time 
on TV.
-Tell Rudgar – When he listens to reggae, that he gets so happy 
he starts to flap his wings like a duck.
-Tell Saturn – he feels like a wacko for not going to the burning man 
festival with you.
-Tell Rudgar – That if Jamaica wins the bobsled meddle, he’ll buy you 
an Olympic-sized bong
Go to the room where you built the neutrino detector. Get a tool out of the 
toolbox and saw the broom. When you go to leave the room you discover the 
code has been changed. Use the intercom the use the button to open the roof.
 Then climb out. Then go talk to sushi and tell her you want to dive. Go to 
the room where you built the neutrino detector. Push the button to open the 
door with number 2 above. Then go get Saturn latest invention the return. 
Open the deck hatch with the button nect to the intercom. The use the 
electro-magnets with the deck.

6. The hidden beacon of avernus

Look at shackles on your feet. Get the dagger and the paperweight.  Look at 
the nail in the post. Try to use dagger on nail. Talk to girl to get to know 
her. Give her the dagger. Use nail with shackles. Go back outside. Search 
through seed on the ground. Look at right window. Use dagger to get loose 
board from window the right window. Go inside and get the bottle on the table.
 Get tongue from jar next to suit of Japanese armour. Use tongue on door on the 
right hand side of the room then use the paperweight with tongue. Give the 
sunflower seeds to the bird. Go out into hallway on the right side of the room. 
Get the paperweight. Go around the corner. Talk to Husky hound. Find out about 
the certificate for pirates with low moral standing. Go back to the room with 
the girl and get a certificate out of the cabinet.  Go out into the hallway and 
use the  door on the right. Use the board with the sword. Get some gold and 
leave the room. Try to put the lemur in the barrel of water. Go back to husky
 hound then look in the box to his left, to get the soap. Put the soap in 
the water and wash the lemur. Talk to husky hound to take his test the 
history of classical ruffianism.

Question 1 – Long John Silver
Question 2 – Doctor
Question 3 – invented turtle surfing
Question 4 –

	Henry and Diego	Diego returned
	Joao and Jean		Henry returned
	Henry and Diego

Give husky hound the gold and the lemur demon dog the give hive the certificate
for pirates with low moral standing. Give the bottle to husky hound to get 
grog. Go back to the treasure hold and get the rest of the treasure and a 
funnel. Go outside to the balcony. Use the board with the right window. 
Use grog with the empty bottle hanging from a rope. Go inside and outside 
again the search the pile of sunflower seeds. Go inside and give the seeds
to the bird. Use the globe to enter to combination give to you by the 
bird. It must click on each on. Click on the left or right side of 
the globe to turn it left and right.

1 move the globe off Spain and come back to it
2 Turn right to Japan
3 Turn left to newfoundland
4 turn right to Greece

The end

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