Robot Rage (šifre)

Robot Rage

Submitted by: Haspa

Hold down CTRL ALT and M for 200 credits.

Automatic super weapons:
If you go to submit pin to super pack1 press 124412 you will 
instantly get it.

Automatic Win:
When you are in battle ask them to press ALT+F4 to shut down robot 
rage on their computer and you will win.

Instant loss:
Press [Ctrl] + W when "Walkover" appears on the screen.

Go to the garage:
Press [Ctrl] + R when in a battle.

Quit battle:
When in battle, press [Alt] + [F4] to quit the screen.

Easy credits:
Click on a weapon to sell, but do not sell it. Instead, go to the paint
menu. Click around where the tower paint screen usually is. When you 
click the correct location a "Sell Now" button will appear. 
Keep clicking it and you will have lots of credits.

Selling items:
When you are selling the item(s) you have to upgrade your robot, you must 
click "Buy Parts", then "Weapons", and read the cost of the unwanted item(s). 
All items are at 90% discount. For example, if you are selling the Dagger, 
it costs 10 credits. The discount of the dagger is 9 credits.

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