Robocop (walkthrough)


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                          ROBOCOP (PC)
                Game Developer & Publisher : Titus
                  Author: Paul Rahme (Mr_Bogus)
                         Version: 1.0
                  Last updated : 25 January 2007

--- LEGAL ---

This guide may not be posted on any websites without my permission (paulrahme 
(a) yahoo (dot) com). Upon grant of my permission, it must be posted 
unmodified. If you find this guide on a site and you think it may have been 
posted without my permission, please contact me.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Original game (c) Titus, Orion 2003.
Uses Renderware, (c) Criterion 1998-2001.


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--- STORY --- [ROBOsto]
--- WEAPONS --- [ROBOwep]
--- ITEMS --- [ROBOitm]


Robocop is a First-person shooter from Titus, published in 2003, consisting 
of 9 missions. It has been hailed on many review sites as one of the worst 
games ever made. Problems pointed out include :
- Uninteresting story
- Almost useless thermo-vision and lock-on mode
- Terrible, terrible voice acting
- Unpolished, buggy end-product
- Almost non-existant enemy AI
- Robocop saying sarcastic things like "Oh yeah!" and "Prepare to meet your 
- Explosions hurting you through walls
- Rescuing hostages through walls
- Enemies in another room sticking their hands through walls to shoot at you
- Lack of quicksaving or checkpoints during missions
- Enemies sometimes just stand there with their torsos madly spinning, as 
though you're watching a movie about a demon possessed child on fast forward
- Lack of variation in enemies' appearance (except the rat, who could forget 
the rat?)
- Sound volume levels are completely random, esp between cutscenes, frontend 
and in-game.

So, what caused me to play it so much as to actually write this FAQ? I had 
read the reviews, saw the "2/10" scores, downloaded the demo, and was 
expecting to last less than 5 minutes before uninstalling it.

But on starting to play it, I got this "Virtua Cop / Time Crisis" feeling, 
moving around and shooting at the targets, and surprisingly it felt like a 
lot of fun. Shortly thereafter, I bought a copy of the full game (one good 
thing the bad reviews had done was made it really cheap in my local games 
shop) and was playing through all the missions.

There are some nice touches, for example : 
- Being able to zoom in
- The targeting system helping point out where objects and enemies are
- The bullet streaks help see where you're being shot from
- The satisfying explosion particle effects

The cringeworthy voice acting? I can't help laughing at it. Hearing Robocop's 
"Schwarzanegger with flu" voice saying cheesy one-liners such as "Citizens 
like you...make my job...worthwhile" just cracks me up.

The long levels without quicksave or checkpoints? Each level feels like a 
game from the Amiga days, which people did not complain about restarting from 
scratch every time they played. Turrican, Xenon 2, various arcade games like 
Bubble Bobble, Black Tiger, Double Dragon - despite some of these games 
lasting up to an hour or more, people still enjoyed playing them from the 
beginning every time. And that's exactly the feeling that each of the big, 
challenging levels in this game gives me.

One way in which the frontend menu amuses me is that, unlike most other 
games, Robocop never asks "Are you sure?" when you choose to Quit. Instead it 
asks if you're sure when you want to load a game. Make of that what you will 

Overall this game has entertained me far more than quite a few more recent, 
supposedly excellent, realistic FPS's. I don't care if I'm the only person in 
the world who has anything positive to say about it, this game is fun. My 
attitude :
Acknowledge the game has bugs and other issues.
Play the game anyway.
Appreciate it for what it is.

--- STORY --- [ROBOsto]

Copied directly from the manual :

In a near future…
Upcoming elections for Mayor of Neo-Detroit are about to take place. The 
directors of Omni Consumer Products (OCP) see this as an opportunity to 
finally take control of the city. They produce their own candidate, Edward 
Demarco, whose links to OCP remain secret. They then create a spin team whose 
job is to discredit Mayor Thomas Croford, the current occupant of Neo-
Detroit’s City Hall. This spin team, headed up by a young and upcoming 
Director of the OCP, Jim Manelli, is to fan the flames of crime and violence 
in the city. In order to do this, Manelli enlists the aid of the most 
powerful crime lord in Detroit, William Nexx. Nexx, however, does not want 
cash in return for his efforts, his goal is to increase his power base and 
cash alone won’t achieve that…

Manelli just happens to be the Director in charge of the BrainDrain project, 
a new drug and secret development project he has been keeping under wraps. He 
now has the chance to profit doubly from the situation. He can use BrainDrain 
to win the cooperation of Nexx in OCP’s plans while earning a cut of the 
BrainDrain distribution for himself. He makes a deal with Nexx where Nexx 
gets exclusive distribution of BrainDrain, in return for which he will incite 
crime in the city and kick back a percentage of the BrainDrain profits to 

But it seems someone (or something?) else also has plans for BrainDrain…

This is all simply conjecture for the moment, but without Robocop, it could 
easily become reality.


Movement : Cursor keys
Aim : Mouse or Numpad '2'/'4'/'6'/'8'
Fire : Left Mouse Button
Reload : Middle Mouse Button
Next Weapon : Right Mouse Button
Zoom in/out : Mouse Wheel
Action : Enter

Target : Numpad '.'
Lock onto enemies (can lock onto up top 3 at a time) : Numpad '9'
Unlock locked targets : Numpad '7'
X-Ray Vision : Numpad '*'

Pause menu : Esc

--- WEAPONS --- [ROBOwep]

Values from the manual, descriptions are my own :

Weapon MGC M93R-AP
Ammo type 9 mm
Clip size 50 rounds
Fire rate 60 rounds/minute
Accuracy 70%

Simple, standard weapon. Fast, accurate, reliable.

Weapon Hunt MK21-4/4
Ammo type 12 mm
Clip size 200 rounds
Fire rate approx. 200 rounds/minute
Accuracy 20%

Shoots quickly but not very accurately. Use short bursts for more accuracy.

Weapon MIL RPG-LM3
Ammo type 62 mm
Clip size N.A.
Fire rate N.A.
Accuracy 90%

Fires a rocket which explodes on impact.

Weapon AT-76 STS-8
Ammo type 76 mm
Clip size 8 grenades
Fire rate N.A.
Accuracy 75%

Shoots out a grenade which bounces around, then explodes after a few seconds.

Weapon SK-71-P20
Output power 0.8 j/s
Power source 20W battery cell
Fire rate 60 shots/minute
Accuracy 80%

Very powerful and accurate gun. Excellent for long distance headshots.

Weapon VK-PIC12 P60
Output power 1.4 j/s
Power source 60W battery cell
Fire rate 20 shots/minute
Accuracy 80%

Shoots a constant stream of electricity, useful on electronics, cyborgs and 

--- ITEMS --- [ROBOitm]

(Values from the manual)

Jar of baby food: Energy +10
Pack of baby food: Energy +25
Wrench: Shield +10
Toolbox: Shield +25
Robocop statue: Shield + energy fill up to 100%

Pistol bullets: (+50)
Machine gun bullets: (+200)
Grenade: Gives (+3)
Missile: Gives (+3)
Blaster battery: (+20)
Ion rifle battery: (+10)

Other objects
Bomb: Plant on an obstacle to access a new area.
Key card: Opens a door to access to a new area.


On the top right of the screen is Robocop's Shield and Power. Shield prevents 
power from decreasing, and when power reaches zero it is Game Over.

Below these is the "Felony bar", which goes up if Robocop shoots a hostage or 
any other non-aggressive character, and down if Robocop arrests, evacuates or 
rescues a non-aggressive character.

Below this is the current weapon selected and the ammo remaining for this 

The targeting box's color is described as follows :
Green : Objects, switches, items, etc.
Blue : Non-aggressive character.
Red : Enemy.
Blinking Red : Locked-on enemy.


If a targeting box around a person is blue, the target is either a 
civilian/hostage, or a gangster who has surrendered. Do not shoot these 
people else you will be violating one of Robocop's Prime Directives! Instead, 
walk up to them and press Action ('Enter' on the PC version by default) and 
Robocop will arrest/rescue/evacuate them.

Shooting them will add onto Robocop's Felony Gauge (the bar below Shield and 
Power on the HUD) and eventually Robocop will begin to take damage. Robocop 
will also say "Soooo-rryyyy!!" in such hideous voice acting that you will 
almost feel the pain of the static inside your own head. You have been 

Arresting Gangsters

There may be something that decides whether a gangster dies, or turns blue 
and surrenders... but to me it seems completely random. Having said that, 
there generally seem to be enough who turn blue to get the arrests needed in 
a mission. To arrest a gangster, when the box around them has turned blue, 
walk up to them and press Action.

Evacuating Civilians / Rescuing Hostages

Walk up to a civilian and press Action to evacuate them.

When a gangster is holding someone hostage with a gun to their head, 2 
effective ways to kill the gangster are :
- Wait for the hostage to duck and shoot the gangster in the head, or
- Shoot the gangster's arm holding the gun.
Then walk up to the hostage who will most likely be crouching somewhere (the 
targeting box around them will be blue) and press Action to rescue them.

BUG NOTE : Thanks to an exploit in the game, you can evacuate civilians 
through walls! If you know there is a hostage on the other side of a wall 
(thermo-vision is useful here), just walk up to the wall and press Action. 
This comes in quite handy on the Junkyard where it's possible to accidentally 
shoot or blow up hostages inside sheds.


Completing the primary and secondary objectives in a mission, as well as any 
secrets, will get an "Excellent" report. Anything less than these will 
receive a "Satisfactory" report.

Once you have completed the game, you have access to "Mission Report" from 
the main menu, which lets you move through the map, replay any mission and 
improve on your performance.


Primary Objectives :
- Restore order in the neighbourhood

Secondary Objectives :
- Evacuate (4) civilians
- Arrest 10 gangsters
- Find the access to the sewers
- Check the cargo of the truck

Secrets :
- Save the barman and use the secret passageway he opens.

Notes :

Area - Street 1

You start off on Colden Street, at a police barricade. Walk to where the road 
turns to the right. There will be some enemies on top of the bridge, a few 
higher up the road and one inside a shop holding the shopkeeper hostage. 
Shooting this gangster will make the hostage run under the bridge into the 
alleyway and crouch in the corner by some crates.

- Civilian 1 evacuated

From under the bridge where you rescued the 1st hostage, continue through the 
alleyway towards an old van. To the right of the van is an open door where 
you can go upstairs onto the roof to take out the gangsters on the other 
roofs. If you walk past the open door, behind the van are some steps leading 
down where you will find another civilian.

- Civilian 2 evacuated

Continue to the end of Colden Street where in front of you is a building with 
pillars, to the left is a van, and to the right is an area (behind a small 
garage) where the garage door opens revealing a few gangsters to shoot 
(walking backwards and then shooting the explosive barrel should kill them 
easily) and a bunch of dynamite. Collect the dynamite, walk over to the van 
and press Action to place the dynamite on the van, and get out the way for 
the explosion. Collect the clue left behind and walk through to the next 

- Clue located

Area - Street 2

After killing a bunch of gangsters, turn left almost immediately after the 
entrance to the area (next to the orange van), and evacuate the next civilian 
from inside this alleyway.

- Civilian 3 evacuated

(Continuing through this alley will find some powerups but it's actually a 
trap - lots of enemies will appear in the windows of the surrounding 
buildings. You can either use your zoom and shoot at them, or just ignore 
them, turn around and leave.)

About 2 doors up the hill from the orange van, on the opposite side of the 
street, is an open door that lets you get up to the rooftops with a bird's 
eye view of the street. Quite useful for taking out some enemies in advance, 
but not important.

Walk up to the cargo truck and press Action on the glowing green rods.

- Success : Cargo checked

There are 2 entrances to the sewers : One just to the left of where you 
checked the cargo through the red door, and another further on behind the 
cargo truck in the back left corner of the street. Both entrances meet up 
inside the sewers, although the red door forces you through a mid-level boss 
fight, where the back door allows you to optionally skip it.

- Success : Sewers located

Area - Sewers

Entering the sewer through the red door leads through a room with a statue of 
a gyroscope, through a pretty linear series of passageways, to the mid-level 
boss fight : a giant sewer rat. (skip the next paragraph and continue to the 
boss fight)

Entering the sewer from the back left corner of the street, you will have 2 
main paths : one on the left which takes you to a mid-level boss fight : a 
giant sewer rat, or one on the right which leads to the mini-bridge allowing 
you to skip the rat.

Sub-level boss : The Giant Sewer Rat

Don't try think of a logical reason why it's even there. It's a rat that 
defies all laws of material physics by walking underwater, spinning faster 
than an agent dodging bullets in The Matrix (and usually ending up stuck 
inside the floor or under the grate), hitting you with its tail from a few 
meters away, etc. Shooting the barrel next to the gate as it enters, then the 
next barrel it walks past to the right, should dispose of it quickly. The 
gates will open and allow you to find your way to the mini-bridge.

The mini-bridge leads to some chains and a pool of water below you, with a 
drainage wheel on the right. Turn the wheel to make the water level go down, 
then fall down and enter the pipe just below where the wheel was.

Follow the mostly linear passage until you enter a room with a round pool of 
sewerage and a drainage wheel next to it. Turn the wheel to lower the water 
level, then go down into the emptying pool (avoid getting submerged in the 
water, you'll take damage) and get the grenade launcher. Get out of the pool 
before it fills up (bug exploit : if you reach the weapon while the water is 
still lowering, it will not start rising again). Continue through the passage 
to exit the sewer, back onto the street past the car barricade.

Area - Street 3

Just after you enter, you can turn left and go upstairs to the roof of a 
building but there is nothing of importance here, just a couple of gangsters 
and powerups. You will receive a message about out of control gang bangers 
(*giggle...snort*). The entrance to the United Transports garage (where the 
mission ends) is just past the car barricade to your right, but continue on 
down the hill to the bottom, shoot the gang bangers (*giggles some more*) and 
evacuate the barman. As a reward, he'll open a secret entrance behind a pair 
of vending machines.

- Civilian 4 evacuated
- Success : Civilians evacuated
- Secret located

You may want to continue on the street toward the police barricade, take out 
the last couple of gangsters on the rooftop of the bar building, and get the 
shield and energy. Then go through the secret passageway from inside the bar.

Area - United Transports Garage

This area is basically just an all out showdown with the gangsters. Use your 
zoom and shoot the barrels and petrol pumps wherever possible. You need to go 
into the office (into the main building and up stairs on the left of where 
you enter, onto the balcony), then go back downstairs to the right hand 
roller door. It will open, kill off the last few gangsters to end the 

- Success : Order Restored


Primary Objectives :
- Find and liberate the chief of police

Secondary Objectives :
- Locate and free the 22 hostages
- Arrest 10 gangsters
- Neutralize gangsters
- Destroy the gang's machines

Secrets :
- Use the switch on the other side of Junkyard Area 1, to open the door near 
the beginning of the level.

Notes :
- Despite being the 2nd mission, this is the longest and most complex one in 
the game. (The Cathedral comes close, especially without a map of the mines.)
- I have not yet managed to find all 22 hostages and the last few gangsters. 
If you find any that aren't listed here, please contact me and you will see 
your name in neon lights at the bottom of this page! At present, 17 of the 22 
hostages are listed here.
- When people are riding machines, use your zoom and shoot the person. Then 
stand back - the machine will most likely explode after a few seconds.
- The "rescue through wall" exploit makes rescuing hostages easier and safer. 
Also use x-ray vision often to see where the hostages and enemies are.

Area - Junkyard 1

Minimap for this area :

|                     |                  |   locked      scrap |
|                     |       garbage    |             mountain|
|  sheds              |       crushers   =gate                 |
|--------.            |shed              |                     |
|  ware- |      sheds |------------------          secret      |
|  house |            |                            switch      |
|--------|            |                                        |
|  yard  |            |                                        |
|        |            |       crates                           |
|--------|        gate=                            crates      |
|building|            |                                        |
|        |    ^       |                      gunner            |

Open the doors, kill any gangsters you can see (use the zoom), then walk past 
the train carriage, to the 2 sheds with cars balancing in the air between 
them. Use your x-ray vision to find 2 hostages here.

- Hostage 1 rescued
- Hostage 2 rescued

Opposite the 2 sheds to the left is a warehouse with a conveyor belt at the 
back. When the roller door opens, someone comes out riding a machine. Shoot 
him and stand back while the machine explodes.

- Machine 1 destroyed

Enter the warehouse room, turn right and go upstairs to find another hostage.

- Hostage 3 rescued

Carry on to the area with 2 sheds (ie at the opposite end to where you began 
the mission) and you will find another hostage. Rescuing this one will open 
the gate near to the train carriage at the beginning of the mission. Be 
careful, inside one of these sheds is an enemy who explodes when you kill 
him. Keep your distance.

- Hostage 4 rescued

Enter the gate next to the train carriage and, despite lots of twists and 
turns to get through the crates (often getting very dark and making it 
difficult to see where you're going), keep walking in the same relative 
direction. At one stage the fence will go around a corner on your left with a 
gate. For now, keep on in the same direction.

Stick to the right hand wall as closely as possible. Eventually you will see 
a gunner in a booth on top of the wall (zoom in and headshot him), then the 
next gangster to the right should drop the keycard to the gate in the fence 
earlier on.

- Success : Object recovered

Continuing around this crate up against the wall, you should find another 2 

- Hostage 5 rescued
- Hostage 6 rescued
Around this area there should be 3 people riding machines.

- Machine 2 destroyed
- Machine 3 destroyed
- Machine 4 destroyed

When you reach the edge of the level (another wall in front of you), turn 
left (ie keep sticking to the right hand wall). Destroy another machine out 
to the other side (opposite the wall you're sticking to). Be careful where 
the last one is when destroying it, as its explosion could break the switch 
mechanism to open the secret door (see below)

- Machine 5 destroyed
- Success : 50% of machines destroyed

When you reach the mountain of junk at the end in the corner, turn left and 
walk out into the open area (you should see another huge set of doors to your 
right, which cannot be opened). Turning left again and looking into the shed 
in the middle of the opening, you will see someone crouched behind a couple 
of barrels, and a green lit up wall behind him with a switch. Be careful not 
to shoot the barrels. Kill him and use the switch. This will open up a secret 
door in the yard just to the left of where you entered the level.

Keep sticking to the right hand wall (you should now be along the opposite 
wall to earlier) until you come back to the fence with the locked gate. Make 
a mental note - you'll be coming back here after the secret area. 

Go back to the beginning of the level, past the train carriage and through 
the fence into the yard on the end. On your left is the secret door that 
opened. Inside is a 100% shield/energy powerup.

- Secret located

Trace your way back to the fence in the middle and enter the gate.

Inside the first garbage crusher, stand on either side, or between, the 2 
crushers, and kill the gangsters that appear above you.

Move through the door that opens, and continue through to the next crusher. 
Inside this one, just let it push you into the middle, then it will open. 
Continue through the door, press the switch to turn off the crushers, and go 
up the steps into the shed where you will find another hostage, who also 
gives you a badge.

- Hostage 7 rescued

Go back to the corridor between the 2 crushers, and use the badge to open the 
door. Go downstairs to the right, to find a hostage in the room with moving 

- Hostage 8 rescued

Go upstairs and continue through to the next area.

Area : Junkyard 2

Turn left, go into the crusher (stay near the first door until the crushers 
open, then pass through), press the button on exiting to stop the crusher, go 
up the steps and into the junkyard.

This area is completely non-linear, you can go around in any order. There's 
lots of gangsters to kill, hostages to rescue, machines to destroy, powerups 
to collect, etc. From the entrance, this is one of many routes you can take :

Turn right and keep moving along the fence surrounding the garbage crusher 
area. You'll go around the first trench, then at the end of the fence on your 
right continue across the next trench, towards the bow of a ship sticking out 
of the ground at an angle. Shoot the barrels in the green acid pool to make 
the bridge fall down, allowing you to cross it.

Shoot the person in the tower on top of the wall, and the people inside the 2 
construction vehicles. The second one will drop dynamite.

Go up to the big rocks near the green acid pool (to the right of the ship, 
from where you're facing, press Action to the dynamite on them and get out of 
the way before it blows. Before walking through where the rocks were, turn to 
the right and go past the wrecked schoolbus to find a few more enemies and a 

- Hostage 9 rescued

Now go through where you used the dynamite on the rocks. When you enter this 
area, a large spider-like machine will begin walking toward you. Ignore it 
and, as quickly as you can, rescue the hostages from the 2 sheds on the left.

- Hostage 10 rescued
- Hostage 11 rescued
- Success : 50% of hostages rescued

Now arm your grenade launcher and keep walking around the spider in circles, 
shooting grenades at it. Don't let it stop and face you else it will shoot 
rockets at you.

After the spider-machine is destroyed, walk through the tunnel behind it (in 
the corner of the open area diagonally opposite where you blew up the rocks 
and entered) and continue through to the next area.

Area : Junkyard 3 + Tunnel 1

After coming out of the tunnel, shoot the gunman on top of the wall up ahead, 
then turn right just before the train carriage and follow the path over the 
mound and down to the right. You'll come to a split in the path with a 
turning windmill up ahead. Kill the 2 gangsters in machines that appear on 
either side of you.

Success : Gang's machines destroyed

Turn left then immediately right (you should be facing the gun booth in the 
wall, just behind the windmill). To your left is a hostage.

- Hostage 12 rescued

Turn around and walk around the windmill on your left. Go into the next 
tunnel (below the airplane wing). There are lots of gangsters to shoot in 
here. From the entrance to the tunnel, stick to the right hand wall to go up 
a slope and enter a room with a hostage.

- Hostage 13 rescued

Turn around, go back down the slope and turn immediately right. Believe it or 
not, there is actually another path leading to 2 more hostages here. It's 
almost impossible to see this entrance, use your x-ray vision to see where 
the hostages are; this makes it a bit easier to find how to reach them.

Backtrack to the entrance to the tunnel and take the very left entrance (up 
the slope toward the arcade machines). Go down the slope past the tables and 
chairs, through the doorway on the right, and open the trapdoor to the lower 

In this tunnel are hostages in cells blocked by planks of wood. You can 
rescue some of them through the wooden barricades, else shoot the wood to get 
to them.

- Hostage 14 rescued
- Hostage 15 rescued
- Hostage 16 rescued

The last wooden barricade on your right leads to the rest of the tunnel. In 
here you will find the chief of police.

- Hostage 17 rescued
- Success : Police chief liberated


Primary Objectives :
- Persue Nexx into the foundry

Secondary Objectives :
- Arrest 10 gangsters
- Evacuate (8) civilians
- Neutralize gangsters

Secrets :

Notes :
- Good luck in getting 10 arrests. I usually only get 3 gangsters 
surrendering. I also cannot seem to neutralize "all" the gangsters.

Boss fight : ED-209

Robocop says he's now authorised to use physical force. Was he not before? 
Ok, whatever. Out comes ED-209, in such a dramatic entrance that you are 
frozen on the spot and cannot walk until the mini-boss fight begins.

Circle around ED-209 and keep shooting at it, eventually it will fall and 
explode. The double doors will open (and a few gangsters will appear on the 
catwalks above you).

Area - Warehouse - Office Side

Go through the double doors that opened, go through the doorway to the right 
and rescue the hostage in that locker room.

- Civilian 1 evacuated

Go back out the locker room, across the hallway, and at the vending machine 
turn right. Walk past the pot plant through the doorway, then turn right into 
the toilets and rescue the hostage.

- Civilian 2 evacuated

Exit the toilet, go across the room and through the doorway on your right. In 
this next room is another hostage.

- Civilian 3 evacuated

Continue from this room through the open doorway into the open plan office. 
In this office are 4 hostages to rescue.

- Civilian 4 evacuated
- Civilian 5 evacuated
- Civilian 6 evacuated

From this open plan office, open the double doors opposite where you entered 
to enter a storage room. Take out all the gangsters in there, then head up 
the stairs onto the catwalk. This leads to above where you began the mission 
with the ED-209 fight. Up here you should find the keycard to open the 
electronic doors downstairs near the vending machine.

- Object recovered

Head downstairs, through the open plan office, past the toilets and out to 
the vending machine. You could also take the double door just to the left of 
the vending machine to get to the next area, but since there's still a 
hostage to rescue, take the next door to the left of this. Head through the 
meeting room (dark room with a bar graph projected on a screen), walk around 
the table to the left, open the double doors into the next room and rescue 
the hostage in here.

- Civilian 7 evacuated

Go back to the dark meeting room with the bar graph slide, and head out the 
doorway to the right of the table (just next to the screen), into the next 
area room. In this room is another hostage to be rescued.

- Civilian 8 evacuated
- Success : Civilians evacuated

Open and head through the double door to the next area.

Area - Warehouse - Sorting Area Side

Find your way through the storage area, up the stairs and onto the catwalk. 
Press the red button on the console at the end to open the grates down below. 
Go back downstairs, head through the passageway which opened, go through the 
doorway to the left past the hydraulic lift, through the smaller doorway and 
immediately right to get to where the sorting machine is.

In the area with the sorting machine, head up 2 levels of stairs/catwalks and 
press the button on the console to enable 3rd floor sorting. Then head back 
down, go across onto the yellow platform and wait for a light silver barrel 
with no flammable sticker to come out. Stand on top of this barrel and ride 
it to the top floor of the catwalk. Open the door on the other side of this 
catwalk and head through to the next area.

Area - Warehouse - Upper Section

Ride the lift across the upper section of the level over the warehouse & 
office you were in earlier, shooting as many of the gangsters as you can. 
When the lift ride ends, you will see a cutscene of Nexx running through (and 
i mean literally through - watch his head!) the opening door into the 
restricted area.

Follow the linear catwalk to the restricted area and open the door.

- Success : Foundry reached


Primary Objectives :
- Arrest Nexx

Secondary Objectives :
- Arrest 5 gangsters
- Neutralize the gangsters

Secrets :

Notes :

Area : Metal plant

The start of this mission is pretty linear : Go through & out the office, 
down the stairs, turn around, shoot the bunch of gangsters and walk towards 
the corner around the lava pouring machines on your left. Go through the door 
into the room with all the machinery and conveyor belts.

In the conveyor/machinery room, turn immediately right and right again. 
Follow this path around the machine towards the end of the room and an ED-209 
will come out.

Here are 2 effective ways to take out ED-209 :
- Strafe left and right, trying to avoid its rockets but making sure they fly 
past you rather than explode nowhere near you (rockets can hurt you through 
walls in this game, if you're close enough - what fun).
- Stay as close as you can to it, and keep moving about to make it turn 
around as much as possible, this makes it shoot as little as possible 
(usually no rockets either).

Once ED-209 is dead (remember to stand back when it explodes), go into the 
nook where it came out to get a 100% powerup, then exit the nook, turn right, 
continue to the other side of the room and head up the stairs onto the 
catwalk. Make one lap around the catwalk to get any objects, make any arrests 
(hopefully the surrendered gangsters haven't disappeared while you were 
distracted, they sometimes do this). Then head back to the door where you 
entered the room.

From where you entered the room, turn left and left again, go through the 
doorway, up the stairs, up onto the catwalk over the molten metal pool, and 
get the keycard. Go back down the stairs through the doorway and to where you 
entered the machinery/conveyor room.

Once again from the entrance to this room, go straight through the middle 
between the conveyor machines, and turn left to face a door. Continue through 
this double door to the next area.

Area : Warehouse

Enter the warehouse, and you'll see a cutscene of Nexx closing a door. Stick 
to the right wall, go into the machinery garage area, up the steps onto the 
platform and get the rocket launcher.

Go back into the main warehouse area, Shoot all the gangsters on the catwalks 
above you and you'll see a cutscene of Nexx releasing a walking robot that's 
"now authorised to use destructive force", to quote its own words.

Boss fight : walking robot

Stay in the main large warehouse area, and circle around the robot shooting 
rockets, and when they run out, grenades. Keep away from walls, as its 
rockets explosions can damage you. Eventually it will fall down and start 
arcing out lightning, so stand back for the explosion.

Kenneth tells you to follow Nexx. Go upstairs onto the catwalk, look for Nexx 
running about, shoot him, he'll surrender, then walk up to him and arrest 

- Success : Suspect Apprehended


Primary Objectives :
- Destroy the 10 cases of BrainDrain
- Leave the maze

Secondary Objectives :
- Neutralize the gang members

Secrets :
- Blow up the minecart and collect the powerup behind it.

Notes :
- Probably the second largest level after the City Dump, although the mines
will probably take a long time to find your way around and find the 10 cases
of BrainDrain to destroy.
- A graphically nice looking level, but with quite a bit of backtracking,
which gets frustrating when you move at the speed Robocop does.
- Once you get underground, you'll most likely hear a "schwing" noise and die.
Introducing the most annoying enemy in the game - they wield ion guns which
have a large explosive range (which, like a rocket, taking out anything nearby
...and yes that includes through walls. These enemies look a bit like the robot
from Metropolis, or the Cybermen from Dr Who. They also do cartwheels. They
are the worst enemies in the game. They need to be shot continuously until
they drop dead, before they have a chance to shoot at you, else you are likely
to be killed very quickly by the electrical explosions they shoot.

Area - Above ground

Open either door to your left or right, turn and walk towards the other side
of the level where the angel statue is facing you, shooting all the enemies as
you go along. Before reaching the steps leading up to the angel statue, turn
left, then left again, enter a doorway between 2 torches, and go up the narrow
spiral staircase.

Upon exiting the spiral staircase, continue in the direction you're facing and
then to the right (watch out for the piece of ground giving way beneath you),
until you're almost directly above where you started the mission. Jump down
onto the roof above where you started the mission. Pull the lever.

Jump down from the lever above the start of the mission, once again walk
towards the angel and turn left and go up the spiral staircase. This time
when you exit the top of the spiral staircase, turn left and walk along the
ledge, keep walking until you're almost directly above the angel statue. Pull
the lever, then either go back down the spiral staircase, or jump down (if
you jump down, try land on the angel's head to avoid losing energy).

From the angel statue, go down the steps, keep to the left and go through the
now open doorway. Head down the stairs, around the statue and step on the
pressure plate. This will make the tombstone next to the angel statue slide

Head back outside to the angel statue and head down the now open tomb into the
next area.

Area - Catacombs
Stay exactly where you are, and if the screen flashes full of static blue
particles before you've located and started shooting the enemy responsible
for them, back out into the previous area. Check the notes at the beginning of
this mission for more information on these enemies.

After the first room, there's steps leading into what looks like a Roman Bath,
with 2 rooms to your right. Careful on descending the steps as there are 2
more of the nasty ion enemies on the first room to the right.

Make your way through the bath and up the steps into the second room on your
right (the steps on the left lead to the arched passageway above, in case you
need to arrest any gangsters or collect dropped items from here). From this
room, head down the slope and continue following the linear path to the next

Area - Mines
You will need to explore the area, destroying all 10 cases of BrainDrain as
you come across them (there's one immediately in front of where you enter the
area, so you know what to look for). This area is extremely complex. You will
get lost. A lot. I have tried to draw a map of the area but there are too many
passageways in random directions that seem to magically link up with others,
and as yet haven't come up with a usable map. I may try again in the future,
but until then my only advice is to stick to 1 wall, and shoot out the lights
as you go along so that you'll recognise where you've already been.

From the crate of BrainDrain just in front of where you begin, turn right and
shoot open the crate for dynamite. Continue sticking to the right hand wall,
through to the end of the next room, where you will see a minecart. Plant the
dynamite on the cart, move out the way for the explosion and collect the
powerup behind it.

- Secret located

Upon destroying the 10th case of BrainDrain, it will drop an electronic

- Success : BrainDrain destroyed

Use this keycard on the door which says it's been electronically locked to
exit the level.

- Success : Maze exited


Primary Objectives :
- Chase the runaways

Secondary Objectives :
- Arrest 6 gang members
- Neutralize the gang members
- Find the boat keys

Secrets :

Notes :

Area - Offices
From where you begin, pick up the ion gun, head down the stairs into the
office, turn right and continue past the fire extinguisher to the door.
Immediately start shooting at the explosive ion gun gangster with your ion gun
and don't stop until they're dead. Head down the stairs, turn right and go
through the door.

Enter the room with the pipes. Around the corner ahead of you is another ion
gun gangster, and to your right on the opposite end of the room will be
another running back and forth. Turn right, go down the steps, continue to the
opposite end of the room, then turn left and go through the open doorway.

You will find yourself in a laboratory with giant rats in giant test tubes.
Whoa, the plot thickens. Perhaps that rat in the sewer in the first level
wasn't just a random oddity after all? Down inside the lab there are 2 doors
leading to the other lab. Open the right hand one, shoot the ion gun gangster
standing opposite you, then walk slightly into the lab and shoot the other one
down below. Now walk to the diagonally opposite end, shoot the scientist
inside the office and get the card to the electronically locked door in the
room earlier (with the pipes).

- Object recovered

Hit the switch in this office to turn off the force field down below. Now drop
or ride the lift down, then look upward and shoot the laser gun above you
until it explodes, and collect the powerup.

Head back through the rat lab, through the open doorway into the room with the
pipes, turn right and go to the opposite end, then right again (with
your back facing where you first entered this room from the mini-stairway).
Go up the steps and through the door.

Shoot the ion gun gangster first, then any others. Go into the 4 doors along
this corridor, then turn right, watch out for another ion gun gangster at the
bottom of the stairs, once at the bottom turn left and keep going down the
stairs, watching out for another ion gun gangster at the bottom. Head through
the doorway into the elevator.

Area - Warehouse section

Turn the corner to where there's 4 doors, enter the first door on the right.
Head down the stairs, turn and go through the doorway, then turn right and
right again through 2 more doorways (you can detour up the stairs after the
2nd of the 3 doorways to pick up shield). Watch out for the ion gangster, then
head through the doorway into the warehouse area.

After the boat cutscene, go up the stairs and if you can shoot the ion
gangster on the opposite landing diagonally across it'll save you some hassle
later. Go back down the stairs, head towards where the boat area is, but turn
left where the yellow line on the ground split, start heading towards the
green crates and turn right. You should find an elevator just around that
corner which takes you up to the landing where the ion gangster you shot had
been running back & forth.

After travelling up the elevator, use the terminal to unlock all 3 doors.
First use the rightmost door (the one next to the fire extinguisher) which
leads to shield. Then head down the slope through the middle door, then into
the other door and take out the gangsters in the mine area from above. Then
jump down and head to the end toward the 3 powerups...but beware - the evil
yellow machine of death will come at you. Quickly collect the powerups and
hide in 1 of the nooks on the side, the machine will pass you and rocks will
fall out of the wall opening the path to a key. Collect the key.

- Object recovered

Now head out to the boat (the one on the right that gets a green target over
it), the other boat will leave, jump in the boat and press Action on the
steering wheel.

- Success : Chase Engaged

What chase? Surely you'd expect an exciting boat chase around now? Apparently
not, the mission just ends.


Primary Objectives :
- Destroy the platform

Secondary Objectives :
- Evacuate ( <= 7) civilians
- Neutralize gangsters

Secrets :

Notes :
- In the first area, use rockets to kill the 2 gangsters on the bridge high
above you. These gangsters form an electric blue shield when shot, and only
rockets or the ion gun can kill them.

Area - Platform Top

Walk straight ahead onto the platform, pass the shed on your left, and
continue walking past the downward ramps. There should be a gangster with a
mounted gun to your left. stick to this left wall and enter the corridor that
bends left, left again, right, left, and leads to the inside of the shed which
you passed earlier.

Inside the shed, use action on the red button, and the door behind you will
slide open (and spawn more gangsters), as well as unlocking the doors at the
bottom of the 3 ramps just outside the shed. Enter the middle one.

Area - Platform Interior

From the first room with gangsters hiding behind 4 pillars, enter the door on
your right (with a WARNING sign above it). Shoot the gangster or the barrels,
rescue the hostage and collect the keycard.

- Hostage 1 rescued
- Object recovered

Now go back into the room with the 4 pillars, and open the door labelled
"CONTROL ROOM". Shoot the gangsters, rescue the hostage and press the red
button in the corner.

- Hostage 2 rescued
- Security system disarmed

From the control room, go back into the 4 pillar room, turn left and go
through the middle door. This room is circular, with a wall near the edge.
There are 3 ion gangsters in there - first turn left and one will come around
the corner, then turn back and go to the right and you should see the other
running back and forth on the opposite side of the room to where you entered,
and the 3rd is just in front of where you entered, behind the other door.

Once this circular room is clean of gangsters, from where you entered, turn
left and follow the path until you enter a door, which has another door to
your left and another ahead of you. Enter the door on your left and rescue the

- Hostage 3 rescued

You can either go straight into the other door in this room, or for
completeness you can go back out to where you have the choice of 3 doors, turn
left, continue through the door, continue clockwise around the circular room,
up the steps, down the steps to your left, and follow the path and go through
either of the 2 doors it leads to. Either way you'll end up in the final room
for this area.

First, head next door into the locker/shower room and rescue the hostage.

- Hostage 4 rescued

Now head back into the room with the round green glass case in the middle,
head down the steps and through the sliding doors.

Area - Platform Underground

When you come out the door, first turn right and take out the 2 ion gangsters
around the corner (a rocket is your friend here). Continue past where they
were through the round door, another ion gangster will probably blow themself
up above you to the right. Turn left and use the lift to go up, then the
stairs to go higher up. Speak to the dying professor and get the microfilm.

- Object recovered
- Clue located

Pull the switch on the other end of the office where the professor is.

- Security system disarmed

Head down and out back towards where you entered the area. Go up the stairs
and rescue the hostage in the next room.

- Hostage 5 rescued

Go through the door on the right and rescue another hostage.

- Hostage 6 rescued

Continue through the bigger sliding doors, first go to the right and get the
ion gun, then go back to the left, shoot out the fan and walk through the air
pipe. Shoot out the other fan, turn right and head down the slope, watching
out for the ion gangster waiting for you in the next room. Inside this room,
turn right and go down either of the stairs and rescue the last hostage.

- Hostage 7 rescued
Success : Civilians evacuated

Enter the door to the round room with a machine and all wires sticking out of
a hole in the ground. Shoot the gangsters and collect the keycard.

- Object recovered

Head through the door into the small room, then through the next door and
beware of 3 ion gangsters who will be very difficult to shoot because of the
small door leading into the big room. I'd recommend walking in and out until
they come into sight through the door. Once inside the room, multiple
gangsters will appear inside the pods. Make your way up the lift on the
opposite end of the room, enter the corridor between pods 2 and 3 and use the

- Success : Autodestruct activated


Primary Objectives :
- Get into the chamber of MIND

Secondary Objectives :
- Help the police officers in the parking lot
- Destroy the 3 relays
- Destroy all the robots
- Get to the elevator in the main lobby

Secrets :

Notes :
- This is a fairly difficult mission, but is linear and not too long.

Area : Sewer & Car Park

Follow the linear tunnel, which opens up into a larger pipe with an ED-209
patrolling. Turn left, follow the pipe and get a new message, at the end turn
right through the grate, picking up the grenade launcher. Turn right and
follow the ramp upward into the car park. Take out all the gangsters (use your
zoom to get headshots on the ones using mounted guns).

- Success : Police safety restored

From the other side of the car park, head through the sliding doors to the
next area. You can optionally follow the ramp up to where it's blocked off for
some powerups first.

Area : OCP Lobby

Turn right, beware of the ED-209 around the corner. In the diagonally opposite
corner of the room is an ion gun.

Head up the escalator and take out the big robot on top.

- Success : Robots destroyed

Along the back wall, enter the leftmost door and use Action on the console.
Then head out and into the 2nd sliding door on the left into the lift, to the
next area.

- Success : Elevator located

Area : OCP Upstairs

Use Action on the sliding doors. Kill all the gangsters and pick up the

- Object recovered

Destroy the relay (computer facing you when you entered) in this room. Then
proceed to the large double doors to the left of where you entered. Use the
terminal to open the doors but watch out for the ion cartwheeling gangster
among others. Just before you go through the sliding doors, look up and
destroy the turret mounted on the ceiling.

In the 2nd chamber, grab the ion gun and keycard.

- Object recovered

Shoot the turret on the ceiling above the opposite door, then use the terminal
to open the next set of sliding doors. Zoom in on the catwalk opposite you
to see a cartwheel ion gangster running back and forth along the platform, who
you can kill (along with other gangsters) before entering.

In the 3rd chamber, collect the 100% powerup from on top of the platform (use
the lifts on the sides to get up), then shoot out the computer relay, and pick
up the keycard.

- Object recovered

Use the terminal to open the sliding doors, and use your ion gun to take out
the shielded ion wielding gangster.

In the 4th chamber is a cartwheeling ion gangster and 3 mounted wall turrets.
Once they are all disposed of, use the terminal to open the sliding doors. In
the next room are 2 cartwheeling ion gangsters, along with a few others, some
of which you will need to use your ion gun to kill. Shoot the 3rd and final
computer relay.

- Success : The computers have been destroyed!

Boss : Robot

There is a robot boss on the bottom section of this chamber which shoots
explosive ion shots, like the cartwheeling gangsters, but lots of them and
quickly. If you stand on the platform above it, it can't see you through the
railings but you can shoot it with your ion gun. If you prefer to fight it
close up by heading down the stairs, prepare for a big battle with lots of
explosions and destroyed pillars.

Either way, once the robot boss is destroyed, collect the keycard it leaves

- Object recovered

Head back into the previous chamber and use the terminal to open the door in
the middle of the room, below where the wall mounted turret was.

- Success : Chamber of MIND located


Primary Objectives :
- Disarm the bomb

Secondary Objectives :

Secrets :

Notes :

Area : M.I.N.D. Chamber

Collect all the weapons in the corridor, then enter the main room. Robocop's
legs will freeze and you will only be able to stand and stare in wonder at the
sheer awesomeness that is the M.I.N.D. computer as it opens up, a robot comes
out and get picked up by what appears to be a giant electronic spine.

Stand in the middle of the room and keep turning around until you see which
wall the spine comes out of. If you get too close to it, it will shoot at you
with an ion explosion. Keep shooting at the tip holding the robot.

After a while the red lights on the underside of the spine will start to turn
on and shoot at you. Keep shooting at the lit ones.

Eventually it will fall to the floor and die, and a self-destruct countdown
will begin.

You need to figure out, by trial and error, which code diarms which terminal.
Pick a terminal to begin with, go down the list until you find the correct
code, remember it, and move onto the next terminal. The trick here is if you
get 3 incorrect codes, all the terminals will reset. Don't go back to previous
terminals when this happens, but keep on figuring out the codes for the next
ones. Only when you know all the codes, make 1 final round of all 6 terminals
entering the correct codes.

- Success : Bomb disarmed

Congratulations, you have endured and completed Robocop! "Mission Report" mode
will now be unlocked from the main menu, allowing you to replay any mission
from the city map.


Guide written by Paul Rahme (Mr. Bogus) (paulrahme (a) yahoo (dot) com). Any 
feedback etc, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks to the developers at Titus for making such enjoyable game.

No thanks to the terrible voice actors who degraded the quality of the game, 
and the QA department and testers who appear to never actually have played 
the game.

Original game (c) Titus, Orion 2003.
Uses Renderware, (c) Criterion 2001.

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