Railroad Tycoon 2 (šifre)

Railroad Tycoon 2

While playing a game, press TAB key and a  
green curser should appear at the bottom 
of the screen. When it does type in the 
following codes:

Code                 Result 
Viagra             - this will make your cities grow. 
Powerball          - Adds 100k to your money
Slush Fund         - Adds 1 million to your money
Show me the Trains - Gives you all the trains
BigfootGold        - Victory for a Scenarios
Bigfoot            - Victory for a Scenario again
BigfootSilver      - win with silver victory.
BigfootBronze      - win with bronze victory.
BoBo               - lose scenario.
King of the hill   - gives your character $100,000.
Let me in          - gives access to all denied territories.
Speed Racer        - doubles maximum train speeds.
AMD103             - converts all engines to AMD-103's 
Casey Jones        - Competitor's train's crash
Overtime           - Doubles industrial center output 
Cattle futures     - $1 million for player c
Powerball          - gives company $100 million.

Submitted by: Colin Hunter
In Railroad Tycoon 2 you can "electrify" Existing track 
for free by doing it one Grid square at a time. Single 
track can be made double more cheaply the same way. 
A bit laborious, but it works. 

Submitted by: Jim Laughead

When you own a railroad, hold half of shares, and raise the dividen as 
high as you can. The shares of stock will go up, milking the company, 
then sellout. The board of directors will fire you, then start another 
railroad, do the same thing. Never really start a railroad system, 
just raise the dividen, and then sell at the top. Bankrupt the company, 
and start another. You will always win!


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