Priston Tale (walkthrough)

Priston Tale

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i. ---Table of Contents

I. General Information/Disclaimer
II. Getting Started
III. Character Creation
IV. Morion Classes
V. Tempskron Classes
VI. HUD, Controls, and More
VII. The Early Levels
VIII. The Different Pets
IX. Sheltoms/Aging
X. Sheltoms/Mixing (Coming soon)
XI. Important Information
XI1. The Party System
XI2. The Stat Sytem
XI3. The Quest System

I. ---General Information/Disclaimer

This guide is Copyright 2007 Tyler Anderson. It may be redistributed without
permission, but it may not be altered and credit must be given to me.

Priston Tale is an MMORPG made by Triglow Pictures several years ago. It is
free to play until level 39. When you pass level 39, your account will be
frozen unless you pay fourteen dollars a month to play.

The game can be downloaded at (, to be

II. ---Getting Started

After downloading and installing the game, you should be prompted to run it.
Do so, and you'll see a menu screen with four options: Start Game, Register,
Settings, and Quit.

Register is what you want to press. Click it, and a browser should open and
take you to the registration page, where you'll create the account you'll use
to sign on with.

After registering, you might want to take a minute to check the Settings menu.
There, you can set chat macros, the quality of the graphics, resolution, and
several other things such as those.

When you're satisfied, click Start Game to get to the server select menu. There
are currently five servers: Mardanos, Midranda, Galantia, Awell, and Migal.
Each server is further split into Alpha and Beta. Every character you create
will exist only on the server it was created on, but you will be able to switch
between that server's Alpha and Beta servers. 

If you're going to be playing with friends, be sure to decide which server to
use prior to character creation.

Anyway, after choosing your server, the game will load. (Take this time to
note the irony of putting a picture of a scantily-clad Priestess next to the
message "Priston Tale is a game all ages can enjoy".

After loading, you'll be brought to the screen where you enter in your account
information, username and password and what not. If it's correct, you'll get
to pick between to Alpha and Beta servers. When you're connected to the server,
you'll finally arrive at the character creation menu, where you can continue
games, delete characters, create new characters, or just exit the program.

The next section will tell you some details on the different classes...

III. ---Character Creation

When you create a new character, you'll have to make three choices:
1. What tribe should they be in? (Each tribe has four classes)
2. Which class should they be? (Definitely the hardest decision to make)
3. What kind of hair/face should they have?! (This one is VITAL)

Whether you choose Tempskron or Morion depends on the class and starting city
you want. Below I've detailed the different tribes and their classes.

IV. ---Morion Classes

I really hope Triglow didn't intend for their name to be a joke. I mean, it
sounds like "moron" and they're not the most technologically advanced race,
relying more on their arcane skills...

But anyway, Morions have the only real magic-users in the game, possessing both
Priestesses (White Mages) and Magicians(Black Mages). Its remaining two classes
are the Atalantas and the Knights, the latter of which is awesome against the
undead and the former is just awesome-looking.

Morions reside in the Northern-most town of Pillai, where there are two weapon
shops, an item shop, a magic shop, a warehouse, and three ways to teleport.

Starting Stats:
15 STR
28 SPI
21 TAL
15 AGI

Description: They are pure and the holy people, and they do sacred work all the
time. They always help other people and have strong faith. Their main armour
consists of robes, and their weapons are mainly Staves or Wands. 
They are usually both slender and agile.

Priestesses are the ONLY class than can heal without potions, and are a good
addition to any party. If you choose this class, it'll be very hard to solo,
but it won't be hard to find a party.

Class Change Tree


Priestess Skills:

Healing: Restores HP to a single target.
Holy Bolt: Fires a bolt of holy lighting at a single target.
Multi-Spark: Sends out multiple damage-inflicting sparks.
Holy Mind: Reduces the attack strength of foes.

Saintess Skills:

Meditation: Raises your MP recovery rate.
Divine Lightning: Lighting hits many enemies. Does 50% more damage VS undead.
Holy Reflection: Creates a shield that protects you from undead attacks.
Grand Healing: Restores HP to multiple party members.

Bishop Skills:

Vigor Ball: Sends two spheres of energy to assault a single target.
Ressurection: Revives a fallen party member.
Extinction: Quickly drains the life(Unlife?) of undead monsters.
Virtual Life: Temporary boost to an ally's maximum HP.

Celestial Skills:

Glacial Spike: Creates icicles that damage all enemies within range.
Regeneration Field: An area with sped-up MP/HP regen is created. Cannot move.
Chain Lighting: Creates a chain of lighting capable of hitting multiple foes.
Summon Muspell: Muspell helps you fight nearby enemies.

Starting Stats:
16 STR
29 SPI
19 TAl
14 AGI

Description: Their spiritual abilites are very powerful and their powerful
spells prove it. They prefer using destructive magic over any other type. 
They use robes as armour and wands as weapons.

Magicians are a great addition to parties because of their spells that cause
spread damage. However, it's difficult to solo with them and they usually need
someone to tank, or take the damage, while they hide along the sidelongs
casting magic.

They aren't nearly as high in demand as Priestesses, but are still a solid and
powerful class.

Class Change Tree

Magician-->Wizard-->Royal Wizard-->Archmage

Magician Skills:

Agony: Reduces your HP and increases your MP.
Fire Bolt: Flings lava at a single target.
Zenith: Temporary resistance to elemental attacks and spells.
Fireball: Sends a giant ball of fire at enemies.

Wizard Skills:

Mental Mastery: Permanently increases you maximum MP.
Watornado: Sends a tornado of water to devistate foes.
Enchant Weapon: Temporary elemental boost of a weapon. Ice reduces enemy speed.
Death Ray: Generates a powerful beam to damage one target.

Royal Wizard Skills:

Energy Shield: Creates a shield of energy. MP is lost instead of HP.
Diastrophism: Makes a giant explosion, damaging all enemies within range.
Spirit Elemental: Temporary increase to magical attack strength.
Dancing Sword: Summon a sword to attack nearby opponents.

Archmage Skills:

FireElemental: A fire monster comes to attack your foes. Size depends on level.
Flame Wave: A wave of fire destroys all within its path.
Distortion: Temporarily reduces opponents' attributes.
Meteorite: Meteors rain down from the heavens upon you enemies.

Starting Stats:
26 STR
13 SPI
17 TAL
19 AGI

Description: They think about the body of oneself as pure, and train hard. 
When they use a sword, their holy powers are at their strongest. They can put 
on medium-weight armour and tend to use one-handed weapons, making them one
of the few fighting classes that uses a shield at high levels.

Knights are the closest thing their is to a Red Mage. They're durable, strong,
can cast some protective spells against the undead, have several attacks good
for causing spread damage, etc. They level up quickly and are a good choice
for beginners.

In addition, Knights can easily defeat almost any undead monster thanks to
their myriad holy spells.

Class Change Tree

Knight-->Paladin-->Holy Knight-->Saint Knight

Knight Skills:

Sword Blast: Unleashes a burst of holy energy that may hurt multilple foes.
Holy Body: Raises resistance to the attacks of the undead.
Physical Training: Permanent increase to Stamina.
Double Crash: A powerful attack with a high chance for a critical hit.

Paladin Skills:

Holy Valor: Boosts attack strength against the undead.
Brandish: Inflicts damage upon multiple enemies.
Piercing: Thrusts forward and pierces your target.
Drastic Spirit: Increases defense for a short while.

Holy Knight Skills:

Sword Mastery: Permanent increase to damage done by swords.
Divine Shield: Absorbs the attacks of undead creatures and restores your HP.
Holy Incantation: Enslaves undead monsters, making them your minions.
Grand Cross: A holy attack that deals great damage against the undead.

Saint Knight Skills:

Sword of Justice: Smashes the ground and causes area damage.
Godly Shield: Increases the Knight's absorb. Requires a shield.
God's Blessing: Temporary increase to attack strength.
Divine Piercing: Launches seven powerful slashes against a single target.

Starting Stats:
23 STR
15 SPI
19 TAL
19 AGI

Description: Javelin-throwing women. They are rumoured to, in fact, be
descended from Tempskrons because of their combat prowess. They are extremely 

Atalantas are one of the more useless classes.  They throw their javelins at
foes from a short distance, making easy work of any single enemy. However, the
only way they're able to survive against large groups is by utilizing their
ability to stun monsters.

Class Change Tree


Atalanta Skills:

Shield Strike: Stuns and wounds foes by smashing them with a shield.
Farina: Accurately throws a javelin at one target.
Throwing Mastery: Permanent increase to the Atalanta's javelin skills.
Vigor Spear: Attack and opponent with immense boosts to strength.

Valkyrie Skills:

Windy: Temporary increase to the attack strength of Javelins.
Twist Javelin: Throws a javelin hard. 30% bonus against demons.
Soul Sucker: Absorbs enemy HP to increase your own.
Fire Javelin: Throwns a javelin of fire. 50% more damage against mutants.

Brynhild Skills:

Split Javelin: Throws a javelin that splits in mid-air and lands on one foe.
Triumph of Valhalla: Temporary increase to maximum power of party members.
Lightning Javelin: Launch a javelin with 50% more strength against undead.
Storm Javelin: Throws two javelins that destroy all in their path.

Valhalla Skills:

Hall of Valhalla: Temporary increase to evasion. Activates Triumph of Valhalla.
Extreme Rage: Leaps and throws three javelins that cause area damage.
Frost Javelin: Throws a javelin that reduces the speed of foes it hits.
Vengeance: Throws two javelins at a single target with massive power.

And that's it for the Morions. I would like to take this time to note that the
first class-change quest for the Morion tribe is EXTREMELY annoying.

V. ---Tempskron Classes

Originally the only tribe in PristonTale, the Tempskrons are all seasoned
warriors. They hail from the city of Ricarten, an industrial paradise compared 
to Pillai. The classes of the Tempskron tribe are the Pikemen, the Fighters, 
the Mechanicians, and the Archers.

Ricarten is home to the warpgate inventor, and if you bring him what he wants,
he'll give you a "wing" that allows you to warp to more than just Pillai and

Starting Stats:
28 STR
06 SPI
21 TAL
17 AGI

Description: They exist only to fight, and they like their fights up close and
personal. Their highly trained bodies can withstand the harshest of 
environments, and can survive under the worst odds. Fighters tend not to wear 
protective armor or shields, preferring to travel light. Their rigorous 
training is obvious from their strong muscles, and they are always on a lookout
for a good fight.

Fighters are an excellent beginner's class. Most good Fighters use two-handed
axes, eliminating the need for shields, and some Fighters even fight without
much body armour. They are the ultimate tanking class, making them good to
solo with and to party with.

Class Change Tree
Fighter-->Warrior-->Champion-->Immortal Warrior

Fighter Skills:

Melee Mastery: Increases damage of melee weapons forever.
Fire Attribute: Permanently increase your fire resistance.
Raving: Go berserk, increasing your damage and decreasing your HP.
Impact: Delivers two mighty swings on one foe.

Warrior Skills:

Triple Impact: Delivers a powerful combination of attacks.
Brutal Swing: Unleashes a strong attack with better odds of getting a critical.
Roar: Stuns enemies with a deafening sound.
Rage of Zecram: Jumps into the air and lands--unleashing an eruption of fire.

Champion Skills:

Concentration: Temporary boost to attack rating.
Avenging Crash: Inflicts high damage.
Swift Axe: Boosts your speed with axes.
Bone Crash: Jumps into the air and smashes your opponent.

Immortal Warrior:

Destroyer: Delivers a comba with increased odds of critical.
Berserker: Decreases absorb for an increased attack.
Cyclone Strike: Rotates and forms a cyclone, harming multiple enemies.
Boost Health: Permant boost to HP.

Starting Stats:
26 STR
09 SPI
20 TAL
19 AGI

Description: A master of pole-arms, these warriors strike terror deep into 
the hearts of prospective enemies. Their gift of far sight and intimate 
knowledge of terrain gives them access to the most inaccessible of places. In
fact, ESPECIALLY the ones that are impossible to access.

Pikemen are generally thought to be the most ownage class ever. That is to say,
almost everyone agrees that Pikemen are the ultimate melee class. They have
powerful equipment, good stats, and, quite honestly, some of the most awesome-
looking skills.

But they take damage like mages.

Class Change Tree


Pikeman Skills:

Pike Wind: Creates a whirlwind that knocks your foe back.
Ice Attribute: Permanent increase in ice defense.
Critical Hit: Targets foes twice on their weak spots, causing critical damage.
Jumping Crash: Leaps into the air to attack with hightened accuracy and power.

Combatant Skills:

Ground Pike: Thrusts spear into ground, freezing and slowing enemies.
Tornado: Creates a tornado that damages enemies within range.
Weapon Defense Mastery: Permanent increase to block with 2-handed weapons.
Expansion: Leaps into air to attack with increases might and accuracy.

Lancer Skills:

Venom Spear: Causes poisoned spears to consume surrounding foes.
Vanish: Makes you invisible for a short amount of time.
Critical Master: Permanent increase to odds of landing a critical hit.
Chain Lance: Jumps into air, attacking a single foe.

Lancelot Skills:

Assasin's Eye: Makes an enemy vulnerable to attacks.
Charging Strike: Charges a foe, delivering three mighty strikes.
Vague: Increases evasion if you're using spear-type weapons.
Shadow Master: Strikes a single target with five piercing blows.

Starting Stats:
17 STR
11 SPI
21 TAL
27 AGI

Description: These female warriors are unmatched in their skills in projectile
weapons. Preferring to take enemies out from a distance, their favorite weapon
is the bow. Archers are the essential ranged supporters of any battle, and they
tend to blend into the environment, out of sight.

Archers are an alright supporting class for parties. It might be a little hard
to solo as an archer, as their defenses and HP both aren't as high as they
could be. Still, any lone foe will fall before an archer.

Class Change Tree


Archer Skills:

Scout Hawk: Summons a hawk that raises attack and accuracy.
Shooting Mastery: Permanent increase to attack with bows.
Wind Arrow: Fires an arrow that always hits. Hits normal monsters hardest.
Perfect Aim: Fires a powerful arrow that does extra damage against Demons.

HuntressMaster Skills:

Dion's Eye: A hawk appears and increases attack and accuracy.
Falcon: Summons a mighty falcon, hurting all enemies you hit.
Arrow of Rage: Several arrows are fired that cause splash damage to many foes.
Avalanche: Multiple arrows converge upon a single target.

Dion'sDisciple Skills:

Elemental Shot: Fires fire and lightning arrows, causing splash damage.
Golden Falcon: Summons a golden falcon that heals and fights.
Bomb Shot: Fires two explosive arrows that damage anything within range.
Perforation: Fires an arrow that pierces anything and causes splash damage.

Sagittarian Skills:

Recall Wolverine: Summons a wolf to attack your enemies.
Evasion Mastery: Permanent increase to your evasion.
Phoenix Shot: Fires a firey arrow with boosted speed and strength.
Force of Nature: Increases the power of your Falcon.

Starting Stats:
24 STR
08 SPI
25 TAL
18 AGI

Description: One of the most unique classes on the continent of Priston, a
mechanician is a master of mechanical objects. . Endlessly researching about
mechanics, they have developed a set of skills like no other. Mechanicians tend
to have heavy built suits and are not very aggressive.

Mechanicians have skin as thick as the skull of whoever named them, so they
tend to have high absorb ratings, making them alright tanks for parties,
especially when they can use Physical Absorption at level 17.

However, they have some trouble dealing high amounts of damage, so they're more
suited to fighting in parties.

Class Change Tree

Mechanician-->Mechanic Master-->Metal Leader-->Heavy Metal

Mechanician Skills:

Extreme Shield: Temporary increase to block rating with shields.
Mechanic Bomb: Thows a bomb that causes damage to all foes within range.
Poison Attribute: Permanent increase to poison defenses.
Physical Absorption: Increases your absorption temporarily.

Mechanic Master Skills:

Great Smash: Delivers a mighty smash with hightened accuracy.
Maximize: Temporary increase do your maximum damage.
Automation: Temporary increase to accuracy and speed with bows and javelins.
Spark: Creates a spark that damages multiple enemies.

Metal Leader Skills:

Metal Armor: Temporary increase to defense rating when use Mech Spec armor.
Grand Smash: Unleashes two mighty blows upon a single foe.
Mechanic Weapon Mastery: Permanent increase to attack of Mech Spec weapons.
Spark Shield: Increases defense of shields and damage against machine monsters.

Heavy Metal Skills:

Impulsion: Creates a spark that damages multiple monsters.
Compulsion: Creates a field that pulls in monsters and boosts absorb.
Magnetic Sphere: Creates three spheres that attack nearby enemies.
Metal Golem: Summons a gigantic golem wrought from metal to destroy your foes.

VI. ---HUD and Controls and More

Okay, so you've chosen your tribe and your class. Before the game starts, you
should take some time to familiarize yourself with the Heads-Up Display and the


The HUD is pretty simple. A red bar shows your HP, a large blue bar your MP, a
green bar you Stamina, and a thin blue bar your percentage of EXP. (100 minus
that number is the percentage of EXP you need to level up)

Right in the middle of all that is two circles, which show you what skills you
have set to your right and left mouse buttons. That's about it for HUD...

Quick Keys

ESC: Brings up the quit game menu.

TAB: Turns the Map on and off.

1: Uses the potion set to the "1" shortcut, if one is.

2: Same as 1, but with potion shortcut 2.

3: Same as 1, but with potion shortcut 3.

Enter: Brings up the chat menu. Note that pressing 1, 2, or 3 will not make
you use a potion while the chat menu is open.

Left Click: Allows you to talk, attack, use the skill set to the left mouse
button, pick up items, etc, etc. Your main method of interacting with PT.

Right Click: Use the skill assigned to the right mouse button.

Mouse Wheel: Adjusts the camera, unless it's locked.

Z: Changes the type of camera. The options are Manual, Auto, and Lock. Manual
gives you full control, Auto gives you some control, and Lock fixes its

X: Opens up the Quit/Help menu.

C: Brings up the character sheet.

S: Brings up the Skill sheet.

W: Switches between your two sets of equipment.

V: Brings up the inventory.

E: Switches to inventory 2.

R: Toggles between run and walk.

D: Toggles party screen.

F1-F8: Select skills.

Space: Closes current window.

--There are also several chat commands, listed below.--

/:: Checks if the player is online.

/: : Sends that message to that player.

//party : Invites that player to your party.

@: Sends that message to your party.

/CLAN>: Send a message to your clan.

"Yes!" or "yahoo": Your character does a victory dance.

There, now you know how to interact with the world of Priston Tale. With this
knowledge in tow, it's finally time to begin the game.

VII. ---The Early Levels

When you begin the game in your Tribe's town, either Ricarten or Pillai, you'll
start what can only be described as a very basic tutorial. Occasionally, a
message will appear in the top left of the screen in broken English. In
addition, a small flying "pet" will help you fight from levels 1-10, all the
while spouting inane nonsense.

All in all, this tutorial is nigh on pointless, only really serving to tell
you where to find the most basic enemies, and probably the only things you can

What you should do now is equip the items that were just given to you, find
the monsters you were told to go fight, and then procede to kill them until
you get a bit of gold. Be careful, though, as you have no potions to heal you.

Anyway, odds are you will have gotten a fair amount of gold and maybe some
items to sell at a shop. Buy a few potions, heal, place the extras in your
potion shortcuts(Which are in the middle of the screen, at the bottom), and go
repeat the process until you level up a bit.

Now go back to town and do what you did last time, only this time check for
better equipment. See my item guide if you're confused about the advantages of
different pieces of equipment.

And that's pretty much it until level 20. You should find a different place
to fight monsters every few levels, to get better experience points and drops.
A good place for low level players to train is the Forest of Twilight. To get
there, head straight South from Pillai--don't worry about getting more potions,
there's a shop near the forest. The Shop NPC is shown as a green dot on your

VIII. ---The Different Pets

Name: Terry
Ability: Inflicts Flame damage to monsters.

Name: Napsys
Ability: Inflicts Ice damage to monsters.

Name: Eor
Ability: Inflicts Electric damage to monsters.

Name: Mut
Ability: Heals you.

IX. ---Sheltoms/Aging

Sheltoms are used in Mixing and Aging, which can boost the power of you
equipment. You can get things Aged in Pillai and things Mixed in Ricarten.

Items can be Aged up to ten times, but each time there is a risk of losing your
money, the Sheltoms, and the item. Note that every two Aging levels, your item
will require one more normal level to wield/wear. 

There are a few different types of Sheltoms:


Each Aging requires different Sheltoms.

+1: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 1 Raident
+2: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents
+3: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 1 Transparo
+4: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 2 Transparos
+5: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 2 Transparos, 1 Murky
+6: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 2 Transparos, 2 Murkies
+7: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 2 Transparos, 2 Murkies, 1 Devine
+8: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 2 Transparos, 2 Murkies, 2 Devines
+9: 2 Fadeos, 2 Sparkies, 2 Raidents, 2 Transparos, 2 Murkies, 2 Devines, 1
+10: Two of every Sheltom.

After being Aged, an item will have a bar underneath it, which is essentially
an experience bar. When it fills, the item "levels up", and it gets stronger.
Different items get EXP different ways:

Axes, Maces, Wands/Staves:               Normal hit on monster  
Scythes, Swords, Claws, Javelins, Bows:  Critical hit on monster  
Armors, Robes, Orbs/Beads:               Get hit by monster  
Shields:                                 Block a monsters' hit  

In addition, the effects Aging has on an item changes with each Aging:


+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+10 Attack Rating  

+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+0.5 Critical
+5 Attack Rating  

+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+0.5 Critical
+5 Attack Rating

+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+0.5 Critical
+5 Attack Rating

+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+0.5 Critical 

Wands & Staves:
+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+10 Add Mana 
+10 Attack Rating

+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+10 Attack Rating

+1 Minimum Attack Power
+1 Maximum Attack Power
+0.5 Critical 

+0.5% Block
+0.2 Absorb  

Armors & Robes:
+5% Defense
+0.5 Absorb  

Orbs & Beads:
+0.5 Absorb
+5% Defense  

Note that the effects stack, so if X is the Aging bonus after the first Aging,
then X*2 is the bonus after two Agings, then X*3 after three, and so on.

X. ---Sheltoms/Mixing

XI1. ---The Party System

In the land of Priston, you will find countless people out to steal every kill
you attempt to make. At points I've seen the highest-level players killing the
weakest monsters just to annoy the newbs. When Priston Tale gets boring, you'll
probably be one of the many (myself included) just playing to piss people off.

Until that time comes, the only way for you to get any real EXP is by having a
large party backing you up. Unfortunately, you can only party with half a dozen
people, and though the monsters give more EXP if there is a party killing them,
it's not going to make leveling any easier; in fact, it gets harder unless each
person in the party can pull their own weight, and there are a lot of people
that join parties then just walk away so they don't get attacked but still get
EXP. After many months of playing, I've concluded that this is probably the
best way to get EXP without going insane, but I still don't endorse it.

Oh, and people in the party can see the other members on the map, no matter
where they are. Handy for friends.

XI2. ---The Stat System

Strength:  Adds Attack Power and Stamina, and increases the Stamina Recovery 
Rate and the Carry Weight.
Having a high Strength will also let a character run faster.

STR should be high for most characters, except Magic-users, who get most of
their bonuses from Spirit.

Spirit: Increases the character’s stamina, mana, and mana recovery rate.

SPI is crucial to all magic-users, and important for characters that use a
lot of mana-heavy skills. It also allows your character to wear more useful
accessories, but for non-magic characters it should still only be raised to the
level required for the best equipment for your character, then ignored.

Talent: Increases accuracy, attack, defense, stamina and speed.

TAL is required for many melee weapons.

Agility: Increases accuracy, projectile damage and defense.  

AGI is one of the main stats Archers should focus on.

Health: Increases stamina, carry weight, speed, HP, HP regeneration rate and 
mana recovery rate.

XI2. ---The Quest System

The majority of quests in Priston Tale are unbelievably simple. Did I say
majority? Sorry, I meant EVERY SINGLE ONE. A guide outlining every subtle
nuance of each quest would be completely pointless, at the same exact formula
is used for all the non-class-changing quests.

There are two people that hand out quests; one in Pillai and one in Ricarten.
They give essentially the same quests, except they tell you to kill different
monsters. Oh, by the way, that's all you do. Kill monsters and go back and talk
to the woman that gave you the quest for a reward. (Usually useless, like some

Eventually, though, better quests do open up. At level twenty, you finally get
to change your class. Tempskrons, unfortunately, get another generic
kill-quest. They must find and kill three wolves, a bronze, silver, and gold,
which only appear at night in certain areas. (The forests/swamps to the West
of Ricarten.)

Since Morions got added about a year after the initial release, Triglow was
more than ready to abandon their tried and true quest system, and made the
giant leap...into fetch-quests. Fetch-quests where are you do is kill until
you get a certain item.

As a bonus, Morions get TWO different first-level class-up quests. In one,
your goal is to get ten pieces of bark from a demon-tree monster. I never got
this quest personally, but from what I gather it can take days, or even weeks.
After gathering them all, you Mix them with a special quest item and present
that as proof of passing the quest.

In the second, you must go to the same area as in the first, the Forest of
Spirits, and this time you're hunting bee dogs. You need nine things of their
honey. The first time I did this, it literally took me a month; being in a 
party makes it less likely to get the honey drop, but without one Kill-Stealers
make it nearly impossible to actually kill anything yourself.

Anyway, with the honey collected, one merely goes to Ricarten and Ages the
honey (In a special jar given to you at the start of the quest) and you get
Royal Jelly! Present this to the man that gave you the quest, and you class-up!

Each tribe gets four class-up quests, each about as straight-forward as these.
The only other quest-like event in the game, besides the several quests which
require you to be over level 80 to start, is the fetch-quest of getting Wings.
No, not wings on your character, that would be too awesome. What you do is
just collect a few items, go to Ricarten, and give them and some gold to a
scientist by the Warp; he'll reward you with a Wing, a small orb, that allows
you to use the gate to warp to other areas. (For a token fee.)

--Metal Wing--
Requires: 3,000 Gold, Hopy Crystal, HobGoblin Crystal
Areas: Bamboo Forest, Land of Dusk
Cost to use: 100 Gold

--Silver Wing--
Requires: Metal Wing, HobGoblin Crystal, Decoy Crystal, 5,000 Gold
Areas: Ruinen
Cost to use: 200 Gold

--Gold Wing--
Requires: Silver Wing, Decoy Crystal, Bargon Crystal, 10,000 Gold
Areas: Navisko
Cost to use: 500 Gold

--Diamond Wing--
Requires: Gold Wing, Headcutter Crystal, Figon Crystal, 20,000 Gold
Areas: Forbidden Land
Cost to use: 1,000 Gold
Level Required: 55

--Chaos Wing--
Requires: Diamond Wing, Figon Crystal, King Hopy Crystal, 20,000 Gold
Areas: Eura Village
Cost to use: 2,000 Gold
Level Required: 90

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