Prisoner of Ice (walkthrough)

Prisoner of Ice

Complete Walkthru:
Please keep in mind that talk to everyone you can until you 
covered all the topics.

1. Submarine Victoria
Talk to Captain Lloyd. After the animation, Ryan will follow Lloyd
to the hold. After Captain captured by the monster., get the
extinguisher. Use it to the fire. Back to the bridge. Look at the
drawer at the left. Take all the things inside. Then go to the
sleeping quarters. Pick up the hatchet beside the door, and the St.
Christopher's medal on the table. Then talk to Wayne. After Wayne
left, use medal on Hamsun. You will hypnosis him. Then use
tape-recorder on him. Before go back to the bridge, pick up the
life-jacket and crampons from the other bunk. When you back the
bridge, the monster will appear use the tape-recorder on Ryan, the
monster will be destroyed.

Talk to Driscoll, he will give you a walkie-talkie. Use the code
book on the radio. Then go to the engine room for the frequency.

When entering the engine room. You find Stanley is lie on the
floor. Use the switch, use the walkie-talkie on Ryan. Stanley will
be freed. Talk to Stanley until Ryan get the frequency. Before Ryan
go back to the bridge, pick up a adjustable spanner under the
engine. Use the radio, Ryan can send SOS now.

Go to the hold. Use Crampons on Ryan. Use key on the chest beside
the cell door. Ryan will get a flare pistol. Back to the bridge,
use spanner on the metal wheel at the broken door, Ryan will get a
draining wheel. Use hatchet on electrical box. The cables are
broken. Use the switches to re-direct the electricity to unbroken
cable. It is easy. After Ryan finished, go to torpedo room.

In torpedo rom, pick up a distress flare. Use the draining wheel on
the hole at he right hand side. Then use the metal wheel. The water
will go away. Open the torpedo launcher tube, and then open the
torpedo tube No. 26. Use walkie-talkie on Ryan. Driscoll will send
Ryan to the surface.

2. Edward Base at Falkland Islands
After the animation, pick up cigarettes and the ID file on the
table beside the door. Open the left drawer. There is a sheet of
paper contains the safe code (write it down!). wait until Quincy
get Ryan duty roster. Go out. After the guard left, pick up the
film from the table. Go to the briefing room. Talk to Mc Lagen.
Then give him the cigarettes, he will willing to screen the film to
for Ryan. Give him the film. Watch the film. Before Ryan leave the
room, search the central bookshelf carefully, Ryan will find an
individual white book, the second part of safe number is inside the
book. Write it down. Then go to the communication room. Talk to
Shaw, Ryan will get a message. Then use Ryan's file on the kettle,
Ryan will get a photo. Then go to Sears' office.use the painting
behind Sear's table. Use the two set of number to open the safe.
Pick up all the things inside. Now look at the table. Use photo and
rubber stamp on the paper, Ryan get a pass.

Use the lift to go to the Basement. First go to the central room.
Pick up a tin from the shelf. Then go to the door at the right.
Talk to Miss Trend to make a appointment. Go to see doctor. Tell
him Ryan have stomach problem, show him the tin. (I never try the
other two, you can try it.) When the doctor go out for drugs, pick
up the assembling manual from doctor's table.

Now go to the door at the left. Give The manual to Finnlayson, then
enter the room.

Finnlayson won't let you go to the file room. Pick up the
extinguisher, and then pick up the cigarette. Use the cigarette on
the bin, then go to the dark corner beside the wooden shelf. After
the guards left, use extinguisher on the burning bin. Then go to
the file room. Only one drawer can be open, look at it and then

Sears will request Ryan back to Victoria. On Victoria, pick up the
cable. Use it on the bar. Then walk to the right. Open the floor
chest, pick up all the things inside. Combine two pieces of metal,
Ryan will get a marine key. Use it to open the bridge.

Go to sleeping quarters. Pick up the paper in the wardrobe. Go back
the bridge. (Note: There is a time limit, so do it fast!) The
prisoner will appear. Use the key on the button beside the
periscope. Use the key on the lock. Then use the ladder to leave
the bridge.

After a long animation, Quincy is eaten by the prisoner. Now go to
doctor's surgery. Pick up a needle on the table. Then go to Sears'
office. Use the needle on the south-pole map. a hiding place
appear. Get everything inside. Go back to the infirmary. Use the
stone on Ryan. The prisoner will be killed. Pick up the file on the

3. Library at Buenos Aires
Talk to Diane, then talk to Hernandez. Then is a long animation.
After it, follow Diane to the library. Pick up the books beside the
door, and stick at the corner. Now search the bookshelf very
carefully. Ryan can find there is "a book" at the central. Use that
book, a secret passage will appear.

At the second level, use the stick on the ladder, Ryan can go to
next level.

Third level. There is an empty space on the second-left bookshelf. 
Look at it. Put the books in following order: (left)Sophocles, 
(central)Shakespeare, (right)Goethe. After placed the books, a
stair will appear.

Forth level. Walk to the right, there is a stair going to the top 

Fifth level. Use the right-most status, a hiding box will appear.
get the key from the box. Use the key on the door and then go out.

Walk to the right, click on the disc in the third status's hand.
Then walk to the status of Jupiter, click on the disc again.

4. Nazi base
Get the spoon from the table. Use it on the wall. Listen to Parker.
Wait until the Nazi officer give you pen, paper and go out. (quick
move! there is a time limit) Pick up the stool. Use paper on the
water basin. When the soldier open the door, use stool on him.
Search him and get the key. Use the key on the door. Use the table.
Use stool on the table. Then use spoon to open ventilation grill.
Climb to the right. Although there are two ways, but the outcome is
the same!!

Use the stalagmite. It opens the stone gate. Pick up the objects.
Then walk to the right. Use the Amethyst on the right eye, the Ruby
on the left eye.

An alter open, go inside.

(Remember, time is passing FAST!) Walk to the right Look at the
mine cart. pick up the miner's bar. Use the bar on the stone. The
stone break off and lava flow out. Use the bar on the lava. The bar
will become hot. Use it on the cart's wheel. Use the mine cart to
open the door. (One prisoner's ice is melting) Exit the mine. Use
the bar on the propeller. Get out from there through the propeller.

The Nazi officer will summon a prisoner. Click on the grill, use
the page on Ryan. Ryan will transmit to the future.

5. Future
Pick up all objects on the floor. Use the computer terminal to see 
Ryan's father's message. Pick up the battery from the table. Use
the scanner. Put the battery into the slit. Press the red button.
The screen begins to show something. Then use Barrel, Butt and the
Middle section on the screen. Ryan will get the weapon(F.N.D.). Use
the F.N.D. on the rock in front of the cupboard. Open the cupboard,
get everything inside. Use the solar disc on Ryan. Ryan will go
back the Nazi base.

6. Last Chapter
Use the page on Ryan again. Then talk to Diane. They will go away.
Then Ryan will go back to the library. As soon as Ryan appear, use
the F.N.D. on the gunner.

Then Ryan will go to the Hall of the Sorcerer Norackmous. Pull the
pull-ring. A stele appear. Ryan needs re-arrange the stone. The
order is:

Air          water      fire            ice
cthulhu      dragon     Nyarlathotcp    the prisoner

After that a book will appear. Use the stone on the hollow.

Use the sword on the two images. Pick up the book and then go out.

Get on the boat. Sears will appear. Keep talking to him until the 
"Great old ones" appear. Choose that topic. After the animation,
use sword on the rope behind Ryan. The lamp will fall and Ryan get

Use sword on the right-most mask. Then search for the flagstone. It
is located at the bottom of the screen (with some stones exposed).
Then go into the head.

There will have a long the animation. When the bad guys shaking
their hands, use sword on Ryan. Repeat until the Nazi officer knees
down. Throw the book to the centre stone.

There are two endings, but their almost the same.

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