Playing Field 2 (šifre)

Playing Field 2

Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Result                                                       Code 
More simplistic background                                 - simple  
Squarish background                                        - rumble  
Slow down all enemies                                      - quicksand  
speed up all enemies                                       - speedo  
Return enemy speed to normal                               - normalfy  
Special background from Mooglefighter                      - moogle  
Random background combination                              - glitch  
Add smiley face on a converted Segway enemy                - smiley 
Add beach ball enemy                                       - Beach  
Envelop all enemies in flaming wrath                       - consume  
50,000 points and all attacks, enemies, locations unlocked - crazymonkey

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