Planetside (walkthrough)


Section 1: Copyright Info and Introduction

Copyright 2003 Anthony Ventura

Terms of Use: Anyone has the consent of the creator of this guide to distribute
this guide by any means they see fit on the sole condition that you do not
charge any money for access to this guide. If anyone has charged you money to
access this guide then contact the creator immediately via email at

Version History:

Version 1.1 Date: 26/09/2003
Copyright information has been corrected. Certification Points on
certifications are now easier to comprehend, and errors with CP costs have been
corrected. Some minor grammatical errors were also corrected.

Version 1.0 Date: 22/09/2003

Contact Information: Email me at with any questions,
comments, complaints, or information pertinent to this guide.

Introduction: I originally wrote this guide when a friend new to PlanetSide
asked me for a few pointers on what to do with his character. Before I realized
it I had a full blown 7Page FAQ on my hands and I decided to post it here on
GameFAQ's when I noticed there wasn

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