Phantasy Star Universe (šifre)

Phantasy Star Universe

Submitted by: conner54

Extra mode:
Complete Chapter 4 in Story mode offline. 

More photon points (multi-weapon): 
Go to the shop and buy a lot of the same weapon that you use. Then, add them all 
to your palette. Equip all of them with skills, if desired. This trick does not 
require multiple skill items. 
This saves lots of Meseta because you will not need to buy Photon Charges. 
This trick is also very effective for forces because they will not run out of 
photons nearly as often.

Extra mode cast voices:
Successfully complete the game by defeating all forms of the final Boss to unlock 
new voice options when creating a new cast character. 

Chapter preview:
Successfully complete the timed missions in a chapter with an "S" rank. You will 
hear an audio preview of the next chapter when the current chapter ends. 

Extra mode: Easy experience:
The more missions you have completed in Story mode, the more that become available 
in Extra mode. From level 1, you may level up your character to level 10 or so by 
simply repeating the first mission from the Flyer Base on Parum, "Creature Discomfort".
This will also give you a chance to build up a supply of Synthesis items, Star 
Atomizers, and Scape Dolls if you break open the correct boxes. After reaching level 
10, go to the shops on the various planets and look for the best items and discs. 
If you have already completed the first six missions 
of Story mode, you will be in good shape. For Rangers, two Blasters, two Compadri, and two 
Ortotore/Bastara Combinations are recommended. As for the Photon Arts, Ice Elements are 
recommended, as they are widely effective and Freezing is a useful status, and to switch 
the elements for your second weapon according to the situation at hand. 
Continue fighting until you reach level 15, then do the mission from the Parum Flyer Base 
"Ruler of the Plains" for experience. Have half of your weapons set to Ice and the other 
half for Grav if you are a Ranger. All Koltovas and Flying enemies here are weak to Ice, 
and the Vahras are weak to Grav. The De Ragan is also weak to Ice. To take him down easily, 
Aim for the base of his neck of his head with your weapons. However if you are a Ranger, 
an Ice-equpped Blaster or Compadri works best. If you get an "S" rank on this mission, 
you will get 1,500 Meseta, 60 Mission Points, and a De Ragan Room Decoration that sells 
for 5,000 Meseta. For defeating the De Ragan, you ill receive 1,440 experience points. 
Because there are twenty five total enemies in the mission each giving about 40 experience 
points, you will end up with about 2,440 experience each trip. Continue this until you 
are about level 25. After reaching level 25, upgrade your weapons (either buy new ones 
or use Grinder C+3s that sell for 1,500 Meseta from the Items shop on them) for extra 
power. With a C+3, there is no chance of upgrade failure for the first two times. 
You can safely upgrade all your weapons twice. After this, go back to Parum again. This 
time go to the Linear Train Platform in the G.R.M. Shop area. Make sure to Photon Charge 
and Save, then take the Cargo Train Rescue mission. This mission is difficult to get 
an "S" in, but is also worth it. All enemies are either weak to Ice or have no weakness. 
Enemies here give more experience points, and if you successfully find all thirty two 
enemies and finish in under seven minutes, you will get an "S" rank. If you get an "S" 
rank on this mission, you will get even more Meseta, mission points, and another room 
decoration item that sells for 5,000 Meseta, as well as an Extra Slot item for an Armor. 

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