Onimusha 3 – Demon Siege (šifre)

Onimusha 3 - Demon Siege

Submitted by: conner54
Ultimate mode:
Complete the Oni shooting mini game. The game will start with Sam having the 
Bishamon sword; Jacques having his best Oni Musou; unlimited arrows, bullets, 
unlimited Oni power, thirty Medicines, and ten Talismans.

Unlimited Genma Souls:
This trick only works for Samanosuke. Once you obtain the Ten-Point Slash 
Training Scroll, play under the beginner difficulty setting multiple times. 
Each time you finish, you should come away with one bar, or close to it. 
Do this until you have the desired amount of souls, or until you max all 
your equipment.

Use less magic during magic attacks:
This trick requires the gauntlet for Sam/Jacques to be at least level 2. 
Charge up the gauntlet to at least two and unleash a magic attack. With the 
purple vest on Ako you can do about five magic attacks in a row instead of four.

Bypass Dark Realms:
Any of the three Dark Realms can be easily bypassed. This requires some skill, 
Ako's Purple Vest, all weapons for the character, and all weapons been completely 
enhanced. Whether or not the gauntlet is completely enhanced is irrelevant. 
Before entering the Dark Realm, equip either Chigo (for Samanosuke) or Hyosai 
(for Jacques). The enemies that attack will appear in multiple waves. Just wait 
for all enemies to appear, then execute one magic attack. Absorb all the souls 
that appear. Ako's Purple Vest should allow you to do this as many times as necessary. 
However, if you are fighting large demons, you may need to get up close with either 
the Tenso (for Samanosuke) or the Enja (for Jacques). Note: A crucial part of this 
strategy is absorbing the souls. If you feel that you need Ako's Blue Vest as well, 
make sure to switch back and forth as appropriate. Also, it is much easier to go 
straight for the bottom part of the Dark Realm that you are in, as the tougher 
enemies are down there first. By doing this, you can use your magic efficiently 
on the tougher enemies and not have to worry about the weaker ones.

Critical (Issen) mode:
Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. In this mode, only critical 
hits can kill opponents.

Defeating Guard Dog:
This was done under the normal difficulty setting. First, stock up on magic for 
all your weapons. Then, stock up on all the Purple Souls. At the beginning, jump 
behind him after he attacks. Then, just waste the magic on him. Use every weapons 
magic until you do not have any more. After that, use regular attacks. Watch out 
for the ice attack. Most of the time the thunder magic from him is off target. 
After a few regular attacks, transform into the Onimusha and attack him hard. 
However, do not use the mega attack yet. After a few attacks, just before your 
magic runs out use the mega magic attack on him. If he is not defeated, then just 
attack him a few more times.

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