NVidia Forceware 91.31 WHQL drajveri

NVidiaNVidia je izbalica nove forceware WHQL drajvere za grafičke kartice sa svojim čipom. Drajveri nose oznaku 91.31, listu promena možete videti klikom na ovaj link , a link za skidanje je ispod.

NVidia Forceware 91.31 WHQL drajveri

Single-GPU Issues Resolved
– NVIDIA Control Panel: SLI Antialiasing option is erroneously visible at the 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings page. SLI AA settings are now available in the Antialiasing Settings control. Selecting SLI AA will override the predefined SLI rendering mode for applications with a profile.
– NVIDIA Control Panel: The 3D preview image in the Adjust Image Settings with Preview page does not update when Balanced isselected on the slider.
– NVIDIA Control Panel: The Red/Green/Blue Color settings are not saved when closing and then re-opening the panel.
– Improved mouse performance on Oblivion.
– GeForce 7950 GX2, NVIDIA Control Panel: 8x and 16xS antialiasing settings on application profiles are not saved when closing and reopening the control panel.
– GeForce 7950 GX2, Windows XP Professional x64, NVIDIA Control Panel: An error message appears when opening the Adjust Image Setting with Preview page.
– GeForce 7950 GX2, NVIDIA Control Panel: After selecting 'Alternate frame 2' from the Multi-GPU performance mode list box, the setting reverts to 'Alternate frame rendering' when reopening the panel.
– GeForce 7900 GTX: WMV content is corrupted when played in overlay mode.
– GeForce 7900 GT/GS: Model position graph editor response is slow in the Lightwave 8.5 Layout workbench..
– GeForce 7800, NVIDIA Control Panel: 'Always run fan at highest speed' option in the Adjust Overclock Settings page is not accessible.
– GeForce 7300 LE/GS: The HD file 'PBS – Omaha Zoo RR.mpg' shows corruption when played after playing an inverse telecine clip.
– GeForce 6600 GT: 'Cannot play file' error occurs when attempting to play an MPEG file with Full-screen Video Mirror enabled under nView Clone mode.
– GeForce 5200 FX: 709 colorspace not properly displayed on highdefinition content.

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