Novi dodatak za Oblivion

OblivionBethesda je izdala novi dodatak za Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, nazvan Spell Tomes. Kao što i sam naziv kaže, sa dodatkom dobijate pregršt novih spellova i tomova, kao što su:

# Blink: A low-level invisibility spell to get you out of trouble.
# Baltham's Insight: : a short duration but long range detect life spell.
# Shield Wall: : Fortify Heavy Armor and Shield effect.
# Night Form: : Powerful Invisibility and Fortify Sneak, and take Sun damage, which reduces Magicka cost to cast.
# Pride of Hirstaang: : Fortify Strength, Resist Frost, and Summon a Bear
# Orum's Aquatic Escape: Invisibility, Night-Eye, and Water-breathing.
# Elemental Blast: A powerful offensive spell with: Fire damage, Frost damage, and Shock damage.
# Magicka Vortex: Absorb Magicka, Weakness to Magic 25% and Stunted Magicka.

Dodatak ćete moći preuzeti sa , a cena će biti $0.99 za PC i 80 Microsoft Poena ($1) za Xbox 360.

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