Nosferatu (walkthrough)

Nosferatu - The Wrath of Malachi

FAQ / Walkthrough

Last Updated: January 1, 2007
by Alan Chan (

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Version History:

1.0: Initial Release
1.1: Corrected Typos
     COntributions by Intirawolf359 and Bumpwheel
1.2: Reformatting for easier reading
     Divided damage and health stats to a lower, easier to read number.
The latest version of this FAQ can be found at

Intirawolf359 - How to destroy portals, and secret revolver location
Bumpwheel - Reported a bug in the 2nd boss fight


- Combat Tips and Gameplay Notes
- The Weapons
- The Items
- The Special Items
- The Enemies
- The Bosses
- The Relatives
- The Walkthrough
- Level Maps
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Known Bugs

*Combat Tips and Gameplay Notes:*

-  The absolute BEST way to eliminate single enemies is to run right up
   to them and pummel them with your fists. Hit them with multiple
   rapid punches, and they'll be constantly stunned and unable to fight
   back. This tactic works against almost any enemy except for the
   very toughest monsters. However, it doesn't work against multiple
   enemies since some can hit you while you're busy concentrating on
   a single monster.

-  Sound plays a very important role in the game. The appearance of an enemy
   will always be signaled by a brief burst of "jump" music, often before
   you even spot it. Pay attention to the sound so you'll be warned whenever
   you're about to be attacked. Enemies often appear behind you when you 
   enter a room (they're hiding on the side of the doorway), so be sure
   you spin around and check if you hear the "jump" music even though
   nothing's in front of you.

-  You can heal yourself normally up to 100 health. If you pick up any 
   health kits while at 100 health, your health will temporarily be 
   increased beyond 100. However, your added health will quickly 
   decrease until it falls back down to 100. The extra health boost 
   doesn't really last long enough to be of much help, so you're generally 
   better off just leaving health kits unused and picking them up later 
   when your health falls below 100.

-  Your stamina bar can be seen as a red bar just above your character 
   portrait.Physical exertion will cause the stamina bar to increase. 
   Simply walking around causes the stamina bar to level out at 50%. 
   Jumping, running, or swinging a melee weapon causes it to increase 
   even further, up to 100%. When your stamina reaches 100%, your 
   vision will begin to sway uncontrollably, and your movement will slow 
   down significantly. Basically, maxing out your stamina will make you 
   move slow as molasses, but you'll still be able to use weapons 
   normally. Standing still will cause your stamina bar to fall. Try to keep 
   your stamina bar at 50% by not running or jumping unless absolutely 
   necessary. A good way to extend your stamina bar's usage is to run in 
   short bursts rather than continously. This allows you to move quicker 
   than you would if you simply walked, but doesn't cause the stamina 
   bar to increase rapidly.  

-  You cannot reload your weapons while running. You'll need to drop to 
   walking speed before being able to reload. Once you start reloading, 
   however, you can start running again without waiting for the reloading 
   animation to finish. It's important to remember this while you're being 
   chased around by several enemies and being forced to reload your 
   flintlock pistol after each shot. 

-  When you reload a weapon, any bullets still in the clip will be 
   discarded. To avoid wasting bullets, don't reload while there are still 
   bullets inside the clip, unless you anticipate major combat ahead. This 
   is especially important for the machine gun, because it has a large 
   clip size and the ammo for it is somewhat rarer that normal.

-  Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi does not have region-specific 
   damage. When you shoot an enemy, it does the same amount of 
   damage regardless of whether you hit them in the head or in the foot.

-  You'll still be able to pick up health and ammo even if you're already 
   carrying the maximum amount. This just wastes health and ammo 
   pickups. Always be aware of how much health and ammo you're 
   carrying around, and don't grab pickups if you already have all you 
   can carry.

UPDATE: Destroying Monster-Spawning Portals
Intirawolf359 writes:

	Second - The portals that spawn the creatures, may be destroyed by
	attacking them with whatever weapon you happen to be holding. Obviously
	some taking longer than others. I got the first two creatures to come
	out of one killed and then got the portal destroyed before any more
	could make it out. This was very handy on all of the following portals.

-  As Intirawolf359 states, you can destroy the portals by hitting the
   black swirly energy thingy with your weapon. Your fists don't work,
   but bullets or the cane sword do. Two hits should destroy a normal
   portal, five hits will destroy the portals in the main castle,
   and ten hits will destroy the large portal in the boss fight
   with the Draija Succubus.


Cane Sword:
Damage: 13.33


Since you character is a famous fencer, this silver cane sword is your 
own personal special item. You acquire your silver cane sword almost 
as soon as your start the game. It's inside your own family trunk, 
which is just in front of where you begin. The cane sword has a longer 
reach and does more damage than your bare fists. You can also 
swing it fairly fast, although not nearly as rapidly as you can swing 
your fists. Because you cannot swing it as quickly as your fists, some 
enemies (such as Ghouls or Desmodiij) will not be constantly stunned 
by it and will be able to strike you between hits.


The best way to use the cane sword is to take advantage of its 
increased range. Instead of running right up to an enemy's face and 
whacking them, you should instead stay as far away as possible from 
the enemy and strike them with the very tip of the sword. This should 
keep them at bay and prevent them from hitting you between swings. 

Whether you decide to use the cane sword or your fists as your 
default melee weapon is pretty much a personal choice. While the 
fists strike quickly and almost always prevent an enemy from 
attacking you, the cane sword kills more quickly and lets you stay a bit 
further away from the enemy while fighting them. The cane sword 
also has a wider arc than your fists, which makes it more useful when 
you're attacked by multiple enemies at the same time. 


The cane sword has a secondary fire mode. By holding down the 
secondary fire button, you'll hold the sword horizontally in front of you. 
Releasing the fire button causes you to swing the sword at an odd 
angle towards you. As far as I can tell, this secondary fire mode is 
useless. It has less range and a much lower rate of fire than the 
regular swing, and does the same amount of damage.

Each time you swing the cane sword, you increase your stamina bar 
by 5%. When you max out your stamina bar, you'll still be able to 
swing the sword, but the speed at which you move will drop 

Damage: 50
Causes Cowering Against: Desmodiij, Ghouls, Shadow Vampires, 
Zombies, Feral Zombies, Lesser Vampires
Causes Damage Against: Shadow Vampires, Lesser Vampires, 
Lesser Vampiresses, Desmodaui, Succubus Moraie, Foul Beast 
Vampire, Succubus Draija


The Crucifix is unique in that it functions more as a tool with multiple 
uses rather than a weapon you'll constantly be fighting with. Holding 
down the fire button with the crucifix equipped will cause you to 
brandish the crucifix. A brandished crucifix will cause certain enemies 
(such as vampires, ghouls, and zombies) to cower away from you for 
several seconds. After several seconds they will recover and charge 
you, but start cowering again if you're still brandishing the crucifix at 
them. Be careful to keep your distance, though, because enemies that 
are close enough to hit you won't be as affected by the crucifix and 
may not cower until they've already hit you several times. You also 
have to be facing the enemy to cause them to cower away from you. 

Releasing the fire button after you've brandished the crucifix for a 
second will cause it to emit a blast of holy energy. Only pure vampires 
(Lesser Vampires, Vampiresses, Shadow Vampires, and the game's 
bosses) can actually be harmed by the crucifix's blast. It's got a 
decent range of several feet, allowing you to hit such enemies while 
still staying just outside the reach of their claws. You'll mainly use the 
crucifix to defeat Shadow Vampires, who are immune to practically 
everything else you have. The crucifix blast also emits a great deal of 
light and will light up in the entire room for a brief second, making it 
somewhat useful as a portable light source. The crucifix can also be 
used to turn troughs of water into troughs of holy water, which you 
can refill your Chalice with. 


The crucifix makes a decent weapon to use as your default. You can 
use it to light up dark rooms, and running around with it brandished 
will cause most of the more common enemies to cower as soon as 
they spot you, allowing you to switch to a firearm or melee weapon to 
finish them off while they're still repelled. Certain enemies (such as 
Devil Dogs, Gypsy Henchmen, and Demons) aren't affected by it, 
though, so you may want to equip a more physical weapon if you run 
into lots of such enemies. 

Clip Size: 5
Max Ammo: 200 + 5 in clip
Shot Damage: 34
Melee Damage: 20

The revolver belongs to the Kingstones, and you'll receive it as a 
rescue reward when you lead either one of them back to the 
Sanctuary. Since both Kingstones are located in the East Wing, the 
first section of the game you explore, it's possible to retrieve the 
revolver fairly early on. 

The revolver holds 5 shots, so unlike the flintlock pistol you can fire it 
multiple times before needing to reload. It also has a pretty quick rate 
of fire. Unfortunately, the revolver doesn't do nearly as much damage 
as the flintlock, and it will take a few revolver bullets to kill an enemy. 
Particularly weak enemies such as Zombies or Devil Dogs only take 2 
bullets to kill, thus you can kill 2 such enemies with a single revolver 
clip. Most enemies, however, require at least 3 or 4 bullets to kill, so 
you'll only be able to kill one with a single clip. On the plus side, the 
revolver reloads more quickly than the flintlock or musket, so you'll be 
able to keep up a much more steady rate of fire. The revolver is also
very accurate, so you can use it in the rare occasions when you'll
be fighting at long range.

Ammo-wise, revolver ammo pickups are reasonably common, and 
they appear with almost the same frequency as flintlock ammo 
pickups. Unfortunately, each box of revolver ammo only increases 
your ammo amount by 5 bullets, which means it will take 40 boxes of 
ammo to raise your revolver ammo to the maximum amount of 200 
bullets. Additionally, since it takes 3 or 4 bullets to kill most of the 
game's enemies (and several bullets to kill the tougher foes that 
appear later on), you can use up ammo pretty quickly. It's best to 
conserve revolver ammo until you've managed to gather a decent 


The revolver has a secondary fire function, which causes you to flip 
the weapon in your hand and hit anyone in front of you with the butt of 
the gun. This attack does somewhat more damage than a hit from the 
cane sword, but it is extremely slow and therefore practically useless 
as a melee weapon.

Intirawolf359 Writes that:

	One; you can come up with the revolver almost right at the start of the
	game ! At the East Wing, you go up the stairs to the door there and not
	down the first one where the green light is. Follow the short hallway
	to a door and enter a rather large room, being careful of the nasty
	behind the door. This room has a door in a cage to the left, a door
	in the opposite wall, and a huge shelving set up to the right. It only
	took me about 5 mins. of trying to get up these shelves, where on the
	top at the far end you will find the revolversitting there all nice and
	shiny just waiting for you to pick it up and this is before doing
	anything ! I still had ample time to save the Dr.

As Intirawolf359 states, there's a secret, hidden revolver right at the
beginning of the game. When you enter the East Wing, the first room you
go in is a large, open area. On the right-hand side of this area
is some construction shelving, which you can actually climb. On the
left-hand side of the shelving, a part of the wall sticks out you
can jump on. From there, there's a gap behind the shelving and the wall
that you can squeeze through by jumping over it. This gets you inside
the shelving itself, which you can climb by jumping on the debris. At
the top is a hidden revolver you can pick up.

Flintlock Pistol:
Clip Size: 1
Max Ammo: 30 + 1 in clip
Damage: 140


Some of the Count's Gypsy minions carry these old-fashioned 
firearms, and will drop their weapon for you to pick up after you kill 
them. The flintlock pistol can only hold one round at a time, and needs 
to be reloaded after each shot. The reload time is also somewhat 
slow, taking a couple seconds. This is more than compensated for by 
the fact that the flintlock is extremely powerful, and can kill most of the 
game's enemies with a single shot (there are only 3 non-boss 
enemies that require more than 1 flintlock shot to kill, and they do not 
show up frequently until near the end of the game). Great against any 
single foe, but the reload time does make it less useful against 
multiple enemies (unless you're good at running around dodging 
enemy attacks while reloading).

Unfortunately, the flintlock pistol is also very inaccurate at anything 
past medium range. Because of the flintlock's slow rate of fire and the 
relatively small amount of ammo you can carry with it, it's a good idea 
to wait until an enemy is right in front of you before firing, to ensure 
you get a clean hit. Don't shoot if you don't have a straight shot (i.e. if 
you're circle-strafing or turning quickly to face an enemy coming at 
you from the side), or else you may miss and end up getting whacked 
upside the head while reloading.

Remember, you cannot reload and run at the same time. If you need 
to reload your flintlock, you need to drop to walking speed first. You 
CAN run in the middle of reloading, however. 

You can also carry multiple flintlock pistols at the same time, and can 
cycle between them by pressing the "#4" key. Cycling from an empty 
flintlock to one that's already loaded is slightly faster than reloading 
the empty one, and be helpful when dealing with multiple enemies. 

You can pick up your first Flintlock from one of the Gypsy henchmen 
guarding Buster's cage. This enemy is non-random and always 
spawns at the same place (the door just to the right of the East Wing 
door). Additional pistols can be acquired from Gypsy henchmen that 
randomly appear within the castle, and flintlock ammo appears 
randomly in chests and rooms throughout the game. It's reasonably 
common, and it only takes 10 pickups to raise your ammo count to the 
maximum amount of 30, but you can run out if you over-use the 
flintlock and waste it on weak enemies such as Devil Dogs or scythe-
wielding Gypsies. 

NOTE: The Flintlock is slightly less useful on Nightmare difficulty,
as certain enemies (notably Ghouls) require more than a single shot
to kill, unlike on Normal difficulty. 

Clip Size: 1
Max Ammo: 30 + 1 in clip
Damage: 168


3 Gypsy snipers armed with muskets guard the path to the game's 1st 
boss, and a 4th Gypsy musketeer will shoot at you during the fight 
with the game's 2nd boss. You can take their weapons from them 
after you kill them. 

The musket behaves almost exactly like the flintlock pistol. The two 
use the same type of ammo, both can only hold 1 bullet at a time, and 
both require the same amount of time to reload between shots. The 
musket does somewhat more damage than the flintlock pistol, but the 
additional damage really isn't that significant. Any enemy that can 
survive a single shot from the flintlock pistol isn't going to be killed by 
a single shot from the musket. This makes the flintlock pistol and the 
musket more or less interchangeable, although the musket is 
considerably more accurate at long range (although you'll almost 
never find yourself fighting anything at long range in this game).

The only enemy in the game that the musket really makes a 
difference for is the Demon. A Demon can survive 3 flintlock pistol 
shots, but dies after only 2 musket shots.  


Like the flintlock pistol, you can carry multiple muskets at the same 
time, and cycle through them with the #5 key rather than reloading an 
empty musket. However, as far as I can tell, only 4 Gypsy musketeers 
appear in the game, and you can't always get their muskets from 
them after killing them, because their bodies will be thrown by your 
shots and fall down into a pit. 

Ancient Chalice:
Clip Size: 1
Max Ammo: 4 + 1 in clip
Damage: more than 1300

The Ancient Chalice is easily the most powerful weapon in the game. 
A single hit from the holy water it carries will kill any non-boss enemy, 
and even the game's toughest bosses fall after only 2 to 3 hits. To fill 
the chalice, use the crucifix blast on any water trough to turn the water 
inside into glowing blue holy water. Then fire the chalice into the holy 
water to fill it. When you fire the chalice, you'll toss out a spray of holy 
water in front of you. The holy water spray has a pretty short range, 
but covers a very wide arc and completely destroys any enemies that 
are caught in it. The spray's wide arc also makes it possible to kill 
several enemies at once with it if they're close together. The chalice 
can only hold 5 shots at a time, so it's a good idea to refill it whenever 
you happen by a water trough in the castle. There's a water trough in 
the main courtyard, to the right of the Main Castle's front door. 

The chalice's holy water is deadly only to supernatural foes. The 
Count's Gypsy henchmen are immune to it, as are the Devil Dogs. 
Likewise, your family members are also unaffected by it. It is quite 
deadly against every other enemy in the game, though. 

Damage: 4

You start the game armed only with your bare hands. They might not 
seem like much when you're pitted against the sharp claws of undead 
monsters, but don't under-estimate them. Your fists do the least 
damage and have the shortest range out of all your weapons, but they 
also have an extremely high rate of fire since the rate at which you 
punch is only limited by how fast you can tap the fire button. If you 
can tap the fire button fast enough, it's quite easy to run up to an 
enemy and pummel them so quickly that the rapid hits keep them 
stunned and prevent them from hitting back. This makes your fists 
great for beating up single enemies, although it's not very effective 
when you're faced with multiple foes. Like the cane sword, using your 
fists will cause your stamina gauge to increase. When you reach 
100% stamina, you'll still be able to fight with your fists just as 
effectively, but you won't be able to run for several seconds while your 
stamina recovers. 

Although your fists can stun most of the game's enemies, some 
enemies, such as the Demodus or Demon, are fast enough to slash 
you between punches.

Wooden Stakes: 
Damage: 66 (approx. 440 against bosses)


You'll find wooden stakes scattered throughout the castle, and can 
stokepile them in your inventory. When using a stake as a weapon, 
pressing the fire button will cause you to raise it over your head, and 
releasing the fire button will cause you to stab the stake downward 
and drive it into any creature that's right in front of you. Stakes have 
an extremely short range, but they do lots of damage when they hit. 

You can stab anybody with a wooden stake, and it does a decent 
amount of damage (as a physical weapon, stakes are second only to 
the flintlock or musket in terms of stopping power). However, stakes 
are mainly for use against vampires. A single stake driven into a 
vampire while it's still in its coffin will prevent the vampire from rising 
up and attacking you. You'll also need to stake the game's bosses 
while they're in their coffins to permenantly kill them. Stakes are also 
one of the few weapons that are effective against the game's boss 
enemies during combat, and it only takes a few stake hits to defeat 

Stabbing someone with a stake causes you to use up that stake. Also, 
somewhat inconveniently, once you stab someone with a stake you'll 
automatically switch to your bare fists, and will need to switch back to 
the stakes in your weapon menu before being able to stab again. 
Since the stakes are right next to your fists in the weapon menu, 
however, this isn't too bad.


The wooden stake has a secondary fire, which thrusts the blunt end of 
the stake out in front of you. This causes blood to spray from anybody 
you hit with it, but doesn't seem to do any actual damage. Instead, the 
secondary fire is meant to light the stake on fire if you do it near a 
torch on the wall. Burning a stake will convert it into a portable torch, 
lasting for a few minutes and creating a few extra feet worth of light 
around you. This portable torch is carried in your inventory, leaving 
your hands free to use other weapons. 

By the end of the game, I'd managed to collect about 70 stakes. 
That's about how many you'll have to work with. They're not exactly 
scarce, but there's not an infinite supply of them either, so use them 

Machine Gun:
Clip Size: 31 
Max Ammo: 300 + 31 in clip
Damage: 20

Grandpa Patterson, aka Inspector Frank, will give his World War I era 
machine gun to you after you rescue him. Since Grandpa is located in 
the West Wing, this makes the machine gun the last weapon you can 
receive. This high-tech, fully-automatic weapon is perfect for making 
mincemeat out of the castle's primitive undead screw-heads. 

The machine gun does almost as much damage as the revolver, and 
you can kill the game's more common enemies with just a few bullets. 
In fact, it's very easy to get carried away with the machine gun and 
keep firing bullets into an enemy's body even while they're already in 
the process of dying. Since machine gun ammo is a bit rarer than the 
other ammo types, you don't want to waste bullets. That's why it's 
usually best to tap the fire button instead of holding it down, and fire 
individual bullets instead of long continous bursts. Each bullet will 
briefly stun an enemy, just like the revolver, so you don't have to 
worry about killing them quickly to prevent them from getting to you. 
Only fire the machine gun in bursts against really tough enemies (i.e. 
Demons), or when you're being swarmed by multiple enemies at 
once. The machine gun is a powerful weapon, but you need to use it 
with caution, because you can burn through its ammo supply 
surprisingly quickly. Keep calm, stay zen, and don't be panicked into 
spraying and praying when enemies jump you. 

Like the revolver, reloading the machine gun will waste any bullets 
that are still in the clip, so you should only reload when you're almost 
empty and you anticipate major combat ahead. Also like the revolver, 
the machine gun reloads very quickly, so you don't have to worry 
about the reload delay that you might be accustomed to from the 
flintlock pistol.

*Normal Items:* 

Small Health Kit: 

Small health kits can be found scattered around the castle, and they 
also appear randomly inside chests. Each small health kit restores 10 
points of health. 

Medium Health Kit: 

Medium health kits appear in similar places as small health kits. Each 
one restores 20 health. 

Large Health Kit: 

A large health kit restores 30 health. They're a bit rarer than small or 
medium kits, but are still found in the same places (lying inside a 
room or randomly placed inside a chest).

Gunpowder and Bullets: 

This is the ammo for your flintlock pistol and musket. Probably the 
most common ammo type, found inside rooms, inside chests, and 
dropped by Gypsy henchmen armed with firearms. Each one 
increases your flintlock/musket ammo by 3, so it only takes 10 
pickups to fully fill up your flintlock/musket ammo. Although somewhat 
common, it's still quite possible to run out, so try not to waste your 

Ammunition for Revolver: 

Boxes of revolver ammo occur almost as frequently as flintlock 
gunpowder and bullets. However, each box only increases your 
revolver ammo by 5 bullets, so it will take a total of 41 boxes to fill 
your revolver ammo up to the maximum amount. This means that, 
early on, you should try to conserve your ammo and wait until you've 
got a decent amount before using it a lot.  

Ammunition for Machine Gun:

Machine gun ammo is a bit rarer than revolver or flintlock ammo. 
Fortunately, each clip of machine gun ammo increases your ammo 
amount by 40 bullets, so it will only take a total of 9 pickups to reach 
your maximum ammo count for that weapon. Because of it's scarcity, 
try to save your use of the machine gun for special occasions until 
you've managed to fill up your ammo counter.

Wooden Stake:

You'll find wooden stakes lying around the castle and randomly 
placed inside chests (usually in groups of 2 or 3). Each one adds a 
single wooden stake to your inventory. I don't know if there's a 
maximum number of wooden stakes you can carry, I managed to find 
and carry a total of 70 throughout the entire game. 

*Special Items:*

Given By: Mrs. Patterson or Dr. Gerald Patterson, and Sister Angelica

Garlic acts much like a brandished crucifix, causing certain enemy 
creatures like vampires or ghouls to cower away from you. The 
advantage of garlic over the crucifix is that it is always active, and 
leaves your hands free to use other weapons. Garlic only affects 
those enemies that are affected by the crucifix (so dogs, gypsies, 
vampiresses, demons, bosses, and other such enemies will not be 
affected by it). Also, like a crucifix, garlic does not repel enemies very 
well if they're close enough to hit you. There are two bushels of garlic 
in the game, one will be given to you by your sister Angelica, the other 
can be given to you by either your father or your mother. Garlic lasts 
for 6 minutes. Once you use up a bushel of garlic, it will be gone 
forever, so wait until you need it before picking one up.

Stamina Potion: 
Given By: Gregory Bidwell

The stamina potion increases your stamina. It resets your stamina to 
0, and causes your stamina gauge to increase much more slowly 
when you're engaging in activity such as running around or swinging a 
weapon. Your stamina will still balance out at 50% if you keep 
walking, however. It lasts for 6 minutes. You can only use it once, so I 
suggest you save it, and only pick it up when you're ready for the 
game's final battle. 

Speed Potion: 
Given By: Wilfred Patterson

The speed potion increases the speed at which you move. Your 
walking speed will become close to your running speed, and your 
running speed will be faster than any enemy in the game. It lasts for 6 
minutes.You can only use it once, so I suggest you save it, and only 
pick it up when you're ready for the game's final battle. Of the 3 
potions in the game, the speed potion is probably the most useful 
since it helps you outrun enemies and evade their attacks. 

Regeneration Potion:
Given By: Melissa Ethelridge

The regeneration potion restores 1 unit of health every second 
whenever your health drops below 100. It lasts for 6 minutes. You can 
only use it once, so I suggest you save it, and only pick it up when 
you're ready for the game's final battle. 
NOTE: Melissa is probably the most difficult family member to save, 
but don't be too bummed out if she dies on you. Just before the final 
battle, you'll have the opportunity to get a Master Key that unlocks her 
trunk and gives you access to her special item. 

Protective Vest:
Given By: Uncle Mortimer

While wearing this armored chestplate, all damage to you will be 
reduced to around 60% of normal, which really improves your odds of 
survival. The protective vest is permanent, so feel free to pick it up as 
soon as you unlock it. It's a particularly good item, so you should 
invest some effort into saving Uncle Mortimer. 

Skeleton Key:
Given By: Wilfred Patterson 

The Skeleton Key allows you to unlock some, but not all, of your 
family members' trunks. It allows you to access some of the more 
basic special items of family members you haven't rescued, but many 
of the special items cannot be accessed by it. I've found that it 
unlocks the regeneration potion, but can't access the Garlic, 
Protective Vest, Machine Gun, or Master Key. I don't know if it can 
open the Chalice, Revolver, or stamina potion, because I always 
unlock them before saving Wilfred. 

Don't worry if some of your family members are dead and the 
Skeleton Key won't unlock their trunks, you'll have the opportunity 
later on to receive a Master Key that unlocks all the family trunks.

Master Key:
Given By: Lord Belmore

The Master Key allows you to unlock all of your family's trunks and 
retrieve the special items of any family members you failed to save. 
Since Lord Belmore can only be saved just before the final battle, this 
is essentially a last chance the game gives you to retrieve the family 
special items and prepare for the final battle even if you failed to save 
many of the family members.


- The stats here are for Normal difficulty. 

  On Easy difficulty, enemies do about 20% less damage and
  have only about 1/3 as much health.

  On Nightmare difficulty, enemies do about 50% more damage,
  weapon effects appear to be altered (i.e. female vampiresses
  are no longer knocked down by the crucifix, and ghouls require
  2 flintlock shots to kill), and bosses have slightly more health.
  On the plus side, many enemies appear to have only 50% as much
  health as they do on Normal difficulty, at least with regard
  to melee weapons.

- Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi does not have region-specific 
  damage. When you shoot an enemy, it does the same amount of 
  damage regardless of whether you hit them in the head or in the foot.

Devil Dog: 
Appearance: Evil-looking doberman, with black fur and sharp teeth.
Attack Damage: 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12
Speed: Fast 
Health: 52
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 4
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 2
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: IMMUNE
              Punch: 13
              Stake: 1 
              Machine Gun: 3

Devil Dogs are some of the first enemies you'll encounter. They're 
arguably the weakest enemy type, but can still give you trouble early 
on in the game. Their relatively small size and black fur makes them 
tough to spot in the darkness of the castle until they're right on top of 
you. They're also reasonably quick and hit for decent damage. They 
also seem to do more damage if you run away from them instead of 
attacking them. Fortunately, they can't survive much punishment, and 
can easily be dispatched either by rapid fist blows or a few whacks 
with the cane sword. You really shouldn't waste your ammo on Devil 
Dogs. Instead, save it for more difficult foes. Annoying, Devil Dogs are 
unaffected by the crucifix, so if they catch you by surprise you can't 
drive them away while switching to another weapon. It's possible to 
dodge their intial leaping bite, though, and this should give you time to 
back away and switch to a melee weapon to kill them.  

Gypsy with Scythe: 
Appearance: Hunched peasant with white shirt, wide-brimmed hat, 
leathery skin, and large scythe.
Attack Damage: 30 - 60
Speed: Average
Health: 100
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 8
              Cross: IMMUNE 
              Revolver: 3
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: IMMUNE
              Punch: 25
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 5

These human henchmen of the Count are some of the easiest 
enemies in the game. Their scythe attacks are extremely damaging, 
but also fairly slow and very easy to avoid. They've got a decent 
running speed, but they're not agile and can't dodge around or leap at 
you from several feet away like many undead enemies can. It also 
takes them slightly longer to recover from a hit than an undead enemy 
would. This means you can run up to them and pummel them with 
your fists or your cane sword, and it becomes impossible for them to 
hit back because they're being stunned by your constant attacks. 

Because of their easiness, Gypsy henchmen are somewhat uncommon, and 
you're much more likely to encounter Ghouls, Desmodiij, or Devil 
Dogs as random enemies. Gypsy henchmen are unaffected by holy 
weapons such as the crucifix or chalice, but that hardly matters since 
it's so easy to pummel them the old fashioned way. 
The only danger these guys pose is if you face them grouped
together with other enemies, as they can blitz you from the side
and kill you with 1 or 2 hits while you're busy fighting the
other guys. For this reason, you should always target them
first when fighting them in a group.

Gypsy with Flintlock pistol:
Appearance: Hunched peasant with white shirt, wide-brimmed hat, 
leathery skin, and flintlock pistol.
Attack Damage: 15 - 30
Speed: Average
Health: 100
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 8
              Cross: IMMUNE 
              Revolver: 3
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: IMMUNE
              Punch: 25
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 5

Some of the count's henchmen are armed with antique firearms. 
These guys are fairly uncommon, but you will bump into them 
occasionally throughout the castle. Just like you, they'll need to spend 
a couple seconds reloading their weapon after every shot. They also 
have below average accuracy, although they can still hit you. Their 
attack is also pretty damaging if it manages to hit you. 

Not particularly mobile, these guys mostly stand in one place and shoot
at you (although they can occasionally follow you if you run into another 
room). Melee attacks won't always stun them, and since they do a decent bit 
of damage you really should finish them off quickly with your own 
flintlock pistol. Your best strategy is to duck behind cover when you 
first spot them, wait for them to take a shot, then come back out and 
pop em' while they're still reloading. They drop their flintlock pistol as 
well as some flintlock ammo when killed, which can be useful.

Gypsy Musketeer:
Appearance: Hunched peasant wearing brown leather vest, with 
leathery skin and musket rifle.
Attack Damage: 40
Speed: Average
Health: 100
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 8
              Cross: IMMUNE 
              Revolver: 3
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: IMMUNE
              Punch: 25
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 5

These particularly nasty Gypsy henchmen are armed with muskets. 
Extremely rare, I've only ever found a total of 4 of these guys 
throughout the entire game. You'll find them acting as the personal 
bodyguards of the East Wing bosses. 3 of them guard the East Tower 
stairway that leads to the fight with Desmodaui, and 1 of them will 
snipe at you during the fight with Succubus Moraie. 

They don't move around at all, just lying in one place and sniping at you.
Their muskets do LOTS of damage and are more accurate than flintlocks, but
they still have the same low rate of fire. These henchmen also still have 
below average accuracy, and will tend to miss more than 50% of the 
time (although they'll certainly hit you if you get too close). Dispatch 
them with your flintlock or pistol, then be sure to grab the musket they 

NOTE: There's a bug in the game where, if you're standing directly in 
front of them, their bullets won't do any damage to you even though 
they'll still hit you and cause your head to spin. 

Appearance: Thin humanoid with blackened skin, white eyes, and bat-
like features.
Attack Damage: 10 - 11 - 15 - 20
Speed: Fast
Health: 80
Repelled By Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 7
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 3
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 20
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 4

These guys are probably the most common enemy type in the game, 
and you'll encounter many of them in all 3 main areas of the castle. 
They randomly appear when you enter a room, can smash their way 
in through the windows or floorboards, and spawn from summoning 
portals that are randomly located throughout the castle. 

Desmodiij are fast: they run real quick, can lunge at you from several
feet away, and can even leap around the room to try and avoid your shots.
Their attacks also do decent damage, and they can survive a good amount 
of hits. 

Still, they're easy enough to dispatch as long as they don't catch you by
surprise. Either blast them with your flintlock just before they get
within striking distance, or run up to them and quickly pummel them with
your fists or cane sword. Your fists stun them almost perfectly, but they
are fast enough to get a couple strikes in between your cane sword hits,
so try to hit them at the maximum range of the cane sword if you attack
them with that weapon. 

Desmodiij are repelled by the crucifix, so if you carry that as your 
default weapon you can stun them briefly as soon as they appear, 
giving you time to switch to another weapon to finish them. Because 
of their speed, multiple Desmodiij can overwhelm and kill you quickly, 
so if you find yourself surrounded (such as when you enter a portal 
room) it's best to kill them all off with a spray from the chalice. 

Appearance: Burly, hairless, muscular humanoid. 
Attack Damage: 8 - 12 - 18
Speed: Fast
Health: 112
Repelled By Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 9
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 4
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 28
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 6

Ghouls are probably the toughest of the enemies you initially 
encounter. Ghouls appear in all 3 main areas of the castle, and 
they're fairly common as well. Similar to Desmodiij, Ghouls are fast 
and vicious, able to run and leap at you very quickly and striking at 
you with powerful slashing attacks. They're also tougher than 
Desmodiij, and can survive more damage (although a single flintlock 
shot will still bring them down). Ghouls are fast enough to get in a 
couple lucky shots if you try to kill them with the cane sword, but you 
can still punch them to death without getting hit. 

Ghouls also spawn in most of the same ways as the Desmodiij. Besides
appearing in a room as soon as you enter it, Ghouls can also suddenly
appear inside an empty room by diving in through windows or smashing
through the floor or ceiling. In fact, Ghouls and Desmodiij are usually 
interchangable in terms of spawning, and whether you encounter one 
or the other in a particular area is determined by random chance (the 
only difference is Ghouls don't spawn from summoning portals). 

On Nightmare difficulty, Ghouls require 2 flintlock shots to kill,
making the flintlock less useful against them since it is no
longer an instant-kill weapon. You can still punch them to death
relatively easily, however.

Appearance: Hunched, hooded man with green skin and green robes.
Attack Damage: 4 - 5 - 6
Speed: Fast
Health: 66
Repelled By Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 5
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 2
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 17
              Stake: 1 
              Machine Gun: 4
The first time you encounter these guys will probably be when you 
enter the East Wing Crypt, which is crawling with them. They also 
begin appearing randomly inside the West Wing and Main Castle, 
which means you'll be encountering them with reasonable frequency 
during the last 2/3 of the game. 

Zombies often appear by pulling themselves out of the floor, allowing
them to silently appear anywhere at any time (frequently behind your
back). They can't survive much damage (2 revolver shots or a single
stake will kill them), but they're pretty fast and can leap across a
room like a Ghoul or Desmodiij can. 

Zombies apparently have a longer reach than Ghouls or Desmodiij, 
and they can still strike you even if you're several feet away and 
outside the range of their fists. This makes melee combat with them a 
bit more problematic, but you can still pummel them with your fists or 
cane sword without getting hit if you're fast enough. 

Using the flintlock on them is a bit of overkill. Since it only takes 2
revolver shots to kill a zombie, you're best off of using the revolver
against them to save on flintlock ammo. The fact that you can kill 2
zombies without needing to reload the revolver is certainly convenient.

Decayed Zombie:
Appearance: Shriveled, skeletal, mummified corpse.
Attack Damage: 10 - 15 - 20
Speed: Slow
Health: 80
Repelled By Crucifix:No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 7
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 3
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 20
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 4

In various parts of the castle, you may see shriveled, grey, mummified 
bodies lying on the ground. Take note of them, because there's a 
good chance that when you return to that room (perhaps after 
rescuing a relative) these corpses will suddenly get up and start 
attacking you. 

Decayed Zombies are pretty slow (moving with the standard movie zombie
shambling shuffle), but they can catch you by surprise, especially if you
ignored them as harmless (if one is moving towards you from the front, be
sure to look back to make sure none have reanimated behind you). 

One or two hits are sufficient to knock a Decayed Zombie to the ground,
but don't be fooled into thinking they're defeated. After a few seconds
they get back up again, and you'll just have to knock them back down.
Decayed Zombies will die for real after they've taken enough damage. 

A single shot from the flintlock pistol will kill them instantly, otherwise 
you'll just have to smack them down until they stop getting back up. 
Decayed Zombies are pretty slow, but they've got a pretty long reach 
with their arms, so be sure to sprint in and out with each attack if 
you're going to melee them. Also be careful that they don't end up 
surrounding you. They're fairly uncommon in the East and West 
Wings, although you'll find quite a few of them lying inside the Main 
Castle's various rooms. 

Shadow Vampire: 
Appearance: Floating cloud of shadows.
Attack Damage: 8 - 9 - 10 - 11
Speed: Fast
Health: 50
Repelled By Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: IMMUNE
              Cross: 1
              Revolver: IMMUNE
              Flintlock: IMMUNE
              Musket: IMMUNE
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: IMMUNE
              Stake: IMMUNE 
              Machine Gun: IMMUNE

These floating shadows are VERY common throughout all three parts 
of the castle, and you'll find yourself facing them quite often. Because 
they are made of nothing but shadows, they can be difficult to spot in 
the dark. You'll just have to get accustomed to the tell-tale wraith-like 
sound they make when they attack. 

The most noticeable thing about Shadow Vampires is that they are immune
to all physical attacks, which will simply pass through them harmlessly.
They are vulnerable only to holy relics and thus only two weapons can
damage them, the Crucifix and the Ancient Chalice. On the plus side,
they're extremely weak, and a single hit from either the Crucifix or the
Chalice will kill them. You'll know you've successfully hit them when they
emit an electrical sound and blue sparks. 

On their own, Shadow Vampires shouldn't be too tough, since you 
can easily dispatch them by flooding a room with crucifix blasts. When 
they attack together with other enemies, however, they can be rather 
annoying since you'll have to switch to the Crucifix to destroy them, 
then switch back to a physical weapon to defeat the remaining 
enemies. Shadow Vampires can actually move pretty fast, so if one 
jumps you when you open the door to the next room, you'll have to 
RUN backwards to avoid getting hit. They recoil from the crucifix, 
though, so holding it out can help stop their advancing.

Lesser Vampire: 
Appearance: Bald, chalk-skinned man in skin-tight black leather suit. 
Looks like a cross between Nosferatu and Pinhead.
Attack Damage: 4 - 8 - 10 - 12
Speed: Fast
Health: 228
Repelled By Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 18
              Cross: 5
              Revolver: 7
              Flintlock: 2
              Musket: 2
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 57
              Stake: 4 
              Machine Gun: 12

The classic vampire. Surprisingly, they're relatively rare throughout 
the game. Unlike other enemies, Vampires don't spawn randomly. 
Instead, they start out resting inside their wood coffins. When you 
enter the same room as them, they will emerge from their coffins after 
several seconds, and begin attacking you. They're fast and can 
survive lots of damage, but every couple of hits will knock them down 
onto the ground for a few seconds. You can tell if a vampire is dead or 
merely stunned by the way their body is positioned. 

Vampires have two big weaknesses: 1) You can stab them with a 
wooden stake when they're still in their coffin for an instant kill. 2) 
They take damage from the crucifix blast, which also knocks them to 
the ground. The crucifix is an excellent weapon against vampires: not 
only does it damage them, but they will also cower away from it when 
it is brandished, keeping them from attacking you. Because of their 
high health, it's generally a bad idea to fight them with any weapons 
other than the crucifix. 

Vampires are more cautious fighters than most enemies. Instead of 
blindly charging at you, they like to hang back a couple feet away 
from you, move in to strike, than back away again to assess the 
situation. This can actually work in your favor, as it allows you to rush 
in, strike them, then dodge back to avoid their counterattack. 

They actually aren't that tough if you're prepared. If you must fight one,
just keep knocking him down with your crucifix until he stops getting back 
up. You can make sure a vampire is dead by walking over his corpse. 
If you walk through the body, he's dead, but if you push the body 
along the floor when you move against it, he's still alive. You can 
avoid a fight with a vampire entirely by simply staking them in their 
coffin before they rise up and attack you. 

Lesser Vampiress:
Appearance: Young, vampirized peasant woman wearing tan hide 
corset and leggings
Attack Damage: 4 - 10 - 11 - 12
Speed: Very Fast
Health: 108
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 9
              Cross: 3
              Revolver: 4
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 27
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 6

Lesser Vampiresses are similar to Lesser Vampires. You'll always 
encounter them intially lying inside a wooden coffin, and it takes 
several seconds for them to awaken and begin attacking you. Every 
couple of hits will knock them down, but they'll keep getting back up 
until you do enough damage to kill them. Despite the similarities, 
vampiress behavior is significantly different from that of the male 

Vampiresses are incredibly fast and aggressive, much more so than 
their Lesser Vampire counterparts. While a Lesser Vampire usually 
hangs back a little and fights cautiously, a Lesser Vampiress will 
pounce at you with reckless abandon and rapidly slash you with her 
claws. This makes them much more annoying enemies than Lesser 
Vampires, but fortunately they can survive less damage and die more 
quickly. For some reason, Vampiresses also do not fear the crucifix or 
garlic, although they are still damaged by the holy blast from the 

Like the Lesser Vampire, the best way to dispatch a Lesser 
Vampiress is to stake her in her coffin before she can rise and attack. 
Failing that, keep knocking her down with the crucifix until she no 
longer gets back up. Try to avoid letting her get too close, because it 
can be tough to get her off you. Lesser Vampiresses have the fastest 
ground speed of any monster in the game, and they can run faster 
than you can, so trying to run away from them doesn't do you much 

On Nightmare difficulty, Vampiresses are no longer knocked down by
the Crucifix, which makes them significantly more dangerous, and
makes staking them in their coffins before they rise much more

Feral Zombie: 
Appearance: Rotting corpse with reddish skin, wearing black clothes, 
usually hunched on all fours.
Attack Damage: 4
Speed: Above Average
Health: 100
Repelled By Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 8
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 3
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 25
              Stake: 2 
              Machine Gun: 5

These guys are one of the game's tougher enemies, and begin to 
show up once you enter the West Wing. The Feral Zombie is fast, but 
not in the quick-sprinter way the Desmodiij or Ghouls are fast. 
Instead, the Feral Zombie is acrobatic, leaping and cartwheeling 
around to avoid your shots. They can also leap and slash at you from 
several feet away. 

Unlike most enemies, the Feral Zombie isn't constantly charging at 
you. Instead, they like to spend much of their time crouching on hands 
and legs, waiting for an opportunity to pounce on you. Feral Zombies 
often lay crouched on the floor for a couple seconds observing you 
before attacking. When they do attack, they charge at you on all fours 
like an animal would.

Every couple of hits will knock a Feral Zombie down for a couple of 
seconds. Unfortunately, this means you can't pin them with melee 
attacks. Additionally, they're pretty good at slashing you when you try 
to approach them, so getting close to them isn't a good idea anyway. 
Just kill them with your firearms.

Feral Zombies don't make any sort of distinctive noise, and their black 
clothes and low profile crouching on the ground can let them sneak up 
on your without you noticing. Keep your eyes peeled.

Appearance: Man-sized bat creature with demonic face.
Attack Damage: 9 - 12
Speed: Fast
Health: 200
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 16
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 6
              Flintlock: 2
              Musket: 2
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 50
              Stake: 4 
              Machine Gun: 10

Demodus are advanced monsters, like the Feral Zombie and Demon, 
that only begin to appear after you reach the West Wing. These large 
bat-like creatures hover just above head level. They fly through the air 
at average speed, and claw at you with their wing tips when they get 
close enough. 

The annoying thing about Demodus is that you can't corner them with 
melee attacks, because they can just fly sideways to strafe your next 
hit. This means you pretty much have to kill them with your firearms. 
They can survive slightly more damage than previous enemies (it 
takes 2 flintlock or musket shots to bring one down), so be prepared 
for a slightly tougher fight. 

Since you can't instant-kill them with a shot from the flintlock or 
musket, and since melee attacks aren't effective at stunning them, the 
best weapon to use against the Demodus is the machine gun. 10 
shots should be sufficient to bring one down. Although they fly, they 
really aren't too fast, and hitting them shouldn't be much of a problem.

Appearance: Pitch black, gargoyle-like creature, with red eyes and 
large black bat wings.
Attack Damage: 5 - 6 
Speed: Fast
Health: 296
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 23
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 9
              Flintlock: 3
              Musket: 2
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: 74
              Stake: 5 
              Machine Gun: 15

The Demon is probably the nastiest enemy in the game, especially 
when you're inside the Main Castle, which is crawling with them. 
These creatures can survive the most damage out of all the game's 
non-boss enemies, and require 3 flintlock shots or 2 musket shots to 
destroy. They're also very fast, have speedy attacks, and their pitch-
black skin and low profile allows them to blend into the darkness and 
makes them difficult to spot until they're almost on top of you. 

Their individual hits don't do that much damage, but they strike very
rapidly and can hit you several times in a few seconds. Their rapid rate
of attack even allows them to get hits in on your even if you pummel 
them rapidly with your fists. Plus, they ignore the crucifix and garlic, 
so there's no way to keep them at bay. Extremely annoying, there's 
not much you can do against them. 

The best weapon to beat them with is the machine gun, since the 
rapid hits can stun them and keep them away from you. Since they 
can survive so many machine gun hits, you can use long bursts to kill 
them more quickly, but don't over-do it or else you'll run out of ammo. 
If you don't have the machine gun, your next best option is to shoot 
them with a flintlock or musket, then rapidly switch to another flintlock 
or musket to shoot them against instead of wasting time reloading 
your empty one.

Vampire Bat:
Appearance: A bat.
Attack Damage: 5 - 10 - 20
Speed: Very Fast
Health: 4
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 1
              Cross: IMMUNE
              Revolver: 1
              Flintlock: 1
              Musket: 1
              Chalice: IMMUNE
              Punch: 1
              Stake: 1 
              Machine Gun: 1

Bats. Mammals of the order Chiroptera. Winged mice. These guys 
appear twice in the game, during the two East Wing boss fights. 
They'll basically fly around the battle, and occasionally swoop in and 
bite you while you're busy fighting the boss. 

A hit from an individual bat doesn't do much damage, but bats travel in
swarms and several of them can hit you at the same time, adding up to lots of
damage. Additionally, a hit from a bat has a chance of knocking away your 
weapon, which can be a bother when you're otherwise occupied 
fighting a boss. 

A single hit from any weapon will kill a bat, but they're small and fast
and very difficult to hit. You're best off ignoring them, keep moving to
avoid their attacks, and try to kill the boss as quickly as possible so you
won't have to deal with them anymore. 


-  Boss Vampires are immune to physical weapons such as the revolver, flintlock,
   musket, fists, and machine gun. Thus the only weapons that can harm them are
   the chalice, crucifix, stakes, and cane sword.

-  Killing a boss vampire in combat doesn't destroy them, it merely forces them
   to flee back to their coffin to regenerate. To get rid of them permanently,
   you need to locate their coffin and drive a stake into their heart. If you
   fail to do this, the boss vampire will regenerate and fight you again inside
   their coffin room.

Location: East Wing, East Tower
Appearance: Pale fellow wearing a black cassock, looks a lot like 
Edgar Allen Poe
Attack Damage: 25 - 50
Speed: Above Average
Health: 1000
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 75
              Cross: 20
              Revolver: IMMUNE
              Flintlock: IMMUNE
              Musket: IMMUNE
              Chalice: 1 to 2
              Punch: IMMUNE
              Stake: 3 
              Machine Gun: IMMUNE


Desmodaui is the first vampire boss you'll face in the game. He's 
holding your Aunt Sophie hostage on top of the East Wing's East 
Tower, and will attack you as soon as you manage to climb up to the 
roof of the East Tower. Desmodaui isn't all that tough once you figure 
out his pattern of attack, although he is immune to several weapons 
and thus requires specific attacks to bring down.


Desmodaui runs slightly slower than you do, so it's not too tough to 
keep out of his reach, especially if you use short sprints. He also does 
an occasional cartwheel, but this is just a show-off move and it really 
doesn't help him in the fight. His punching attacks do lots of damage, 
but they're also fairly slow and it's pretty easy to avoid them by 
dodging in and out of his reach. Desmodaui can occasionally leap at 
you from several feet away, but this leap does no damage. Be sure to 
dodge away from him if he gets too close with his leap, however, 
because he'll immedietely try to land a punch on you as soon as he 
lands. There's plenty of room to manuever on the roof arena where 
you fight him, so keeping out of his reach shouldn't be much of a 

Although this is mostly a one-on-one fight, a swarm of vampire bats 
are circling the area and they will occasionally swoop in and attack 
you. Although each individual bat doesn't do all that much damage, it 
is possible for all the bats in the swarm to hit you at once, causing 
significant harm. Additionally, the bats have a chance of knocking 
your weapon out of your hand. Since the bats move really quickly and 
are hard to kill, you really should just ignore them and try to defeat the 
boss as quickly as possible.


Boss Vampires like Desmodaui are immune to physical weapons 
such as the revolver, flintlock, musket, fists, and machine gun. Thus 
the only weapons that can harm him are the chalice, crucifix, stakes, 
and cane sword.
If you managed to rescue Father Aville and retrieve his Chalice, this 
fight will be over in a couple of seconds. Just toss some holy water on 
Desmodaui, one or two hits and he's finished. 

If you don't have the Chalice, you can still kill Desmodaui pretty 
quickly with stakes. Just rush forward and stab him, sprint backwards 
to avoid his punch, rush forward and stab him again, etc. On medium 
difficulty, it only takes 3 stakes to defeat him.

The crucifix can also be used to defeat Desmodaui. It takes 20 hits 
from the crucifix to beat him, but the crucifix blasts have a decent 
range of several feet, so it's possible to hit him without having to get 
close enough for him to punch you. Each crucifix blast will also stun 
Desmodaui for a second and interrupt his attacks, which helps 
prevent him from striking you. Just be sure to dodge back quickly if he 
manages to get within striking distance by running or leaping at you. 

Desmodaui can't climb or jump, so if he gives you problems you can 
just jump up onto a higher piece of rubble, and blast him with your 
crucifix from the safety of your elevated position. You'll still take the 
occasional hit from the circling vampire bats, however. 

Finally, it is possible to harm Desmodaui with the silver cane sword, 
but the damage done is so negligible it's really not a good idea. It 
takes about 75 hits from the cane sword to defeat him, and the 
sword's short range means you'll be vulnerable to his punches the 
whole time. 


Like the fights with the other Vampire Bosses, defeating Desmodaui 
won't permanently kill him. You need to locate his coffin and stake him 
while he rests in it, before he can regenerate his health. If you don't 
stake Desmodaui in his coffin, after a couple dozen seconds he'll rise 
up and you'll have to fight him again inside his coffin room. He 
behaves exactly the same as he did on the roof, except you'll have 2 
big advantages: 1) lots of crates to climb onto where he can't get at 
you, and 2) no vampire bats to bother you while you're fighting him. 
Just be sure to stake him eventually, or else he'll regenerate infinitely.

Succubus Moraie:
Location: East Wing, Garrison II Roof
Appearance: Ghostly, thin, pale girl with long black hair and long 
black robes. Looks like a girl from the old film Nosferatu. 
Attack Damage: 23 - 52 - 53 - 61 - 63
Speed: Average
Health: 1000
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 75
              Cross: 20
              Revolver: IMMUNE
              Flintlock: IMMUNE
              Musket: IMMUNE
              Chalice: 1
              Punch: IMMUNE
              Stake: 3 
              Machine Gun: IMMUNE


The second Vampire Boss of the East Wing, Moraie guards your 
friend Greg on a series of platforms near the Garrison Roof. The area 
where you fight Moraie consists of a lower platform with four chests 
on it, and a wooden staircase leading up to a small circular platform 
where Greg is tied up. Moraie will appear and attack you as soon as 
you step onto this small platform.


Moraie walks EXTREMELY slowly (she's got very dainty feet I guess), 
so it's pretty easy to avoid her biting and slashing attacks. However, if 
you get too far away from her, Moraie can lift her arms forward and 
start floating like a ghost towards you. When she's floating, Moraie 
moves really quickly, but cannot attack. Just sprint away from her as 
soon as she lands, and you should avoid getting hit. On the whole, 
this fight is even easier than the one with Desmodaui. 


A single splash of holy water from the Chalice will end this fight. As with
Desmodaui earlier, if you don't have the Chalice, 3 stakes to the heart or 20
blasts from the crucifix will do the job. 

Moraie herself isn't all that dangerous, but in the fight she'll be 
assisted by a swarm of vampire bats, a couple of Shadow Vampires, 
and a Gypsy Musketeer sniper on the roof, all of whom will appear 
behind you as soon as the cutscene introducing her ends. As soon as 
this happens, you should turn around, run down the steps, and blast 
the two Shadow Vampires coming up the steps with your crucifix. 
Then, remain on the lower platform with all the chests, and let Moraie 
come down the steps to you. This area gives you more room to fight 
her, and keeps you out of the line of sight of the sniper. Additionally, 
the vampire bats stick to circling the raised platform, so staying on the 
lower platform keeps them out of the fight too. 

Foul Beast Vampire:
Location: West Wing, Monster Pit (1st Floor)
Appearance: Huge, fat, 12-foot tall troll, with stitched-together body 
parts and a monsterous face.
Attack Damage: 15 - 25 - 37 - 38
Speed: Above Average
Health: 3000
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 225
              Cross: 60
              Revolver: IMMUNE
              Flintlock: 22
              Musket: 18
              Chalice: 2
              Punch: IMMUNE
              Stake: 7 
              Machine Gun: IMMUNE


This huge hulking brute will attack you as soon as you drop down the 
hole in the center of the West Wing Monster Pit room. The pit you 
fight him in is fairly small, and he's fairly big, so there really isn't much 
room to maneuver in this battle. You've got enough space to keep just 
out of his reach by constantly moving, but you'll never be able to get 
more than a few meters away from him. This pretty much cancels out 
the slight speed advantage you have over him. You can't get very far 
away from him, so you'll constantly have to run around a lot to stay 
out of his grasp. 

Fortunately, on the sides of the pit are small openings that you can 
run into, which the Foul Beast Vampire is too big to follow you 
through. These openings lead to a side tunnel around the monster pit 
that contains stakes and health kits. You can run here to replenish 
your health and supplies. You can also hide in here to avoid the Foul 
Beast Vampire's attacks, run out to strike him, then run back inside to 
hide from his counter-attack. If you're using a ranged weapon such as 
the crucifix, flintlock pistol, or musket, then you can just stay in the 
tunnel out of the boss' reach and shoot him until he dies. 


Unlike the other Vampire Bosses, the Foul Beast Vampire is 
vulnerable to some physical weapons. Small caliber weapons such as 
the revolver, machine gun, and fists don't harm him, but he CAN be 
hurt by the flintlock pistol or musket. It takes a LOT of shots from 
either to bring him down, though. 

Like the other bosses, the Foul Beast Vampire can also be killed with
the chalice, stakes, crucifix, or silver cane sword. However, he can
survive much more damage than the previous two bosses you faced in the
East Tower. It takes 60 blasts from the crucifix to kill him, which can
be tedious and impractical. It's virtually impossible to kill him with
the cane sword, because you would have to get up close and hit him about
225 times, and there's no way to avoid getting smacked by him if you fight at 
close range. 

The chalice or stakes are your best bet. If you have the chalice, this fight
will be over quickly, as it still only takes about 2 splashes of holy water
to bring the boss down. It takes a bit more time to beat him with wooden
stakes, and you'll have to stab him 7 times to kill him. If you use stakes,
the same rush in, stab him, then dodge back tactic you used against the
previous 2 bosses works fine here. 

Unlike the other Vampire Bosses, you won't need to hunt down and 
stake the Foul Beast Vampire after you beat him. Instead, he'll just 
kneel over dead after you deliver the final blow. Take the key he 
drops to open the door leading out of the pit. 

Succubus Draija:
Location: West Wing, Main Portal Room (5th Floor)
Appearance: Curvy vampiress dressed in black leather dominatrix 
Attack Damage: 4
Speed: Very Fast
Health: 3000
Repelled By Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill:
              Cane: 225
              Cross: 60
              Revolver: IMMUNE
              Flintlock: IMMUNE
              Musket: IMMUNE
              Chalice: 2
              Punch: IMMUNE
              Stake: 7 
              Machine Gun: IMMUNE


You wanted a kung-fu fighting vampire dominatrix? You've got a 
kung-fu fighting vampire dominatrix. Draija flips and sommersaults 
across the room, and attacks with a variety of leaps, slashes, and spin 
kicks. She's extremely fast, so the only way to keep away from her is 
to run. Be sure to run in short bursts rather than continously to avoid 
maxing out your stamina meter. On the plus side, Draija's individual 
attacks do very little damage, although she can hit you pretty quickly if 
you don't stay out of her reach.  Draija can also survive a ton of 
damage, like the Foul Beast Vampire, so your best options to kill her 
are either the chalice or stakes.

The low level of damage that Draija does to you means that, on her 
own, she's not too dangerous despite the difficulty you'll have 
avoiding her. Unfortunately, while you're fighting or fleeing from 
Draija, several groups of Desmodiij will emerge from the huge portal 
in the center of the room and attack you. The Desmodiij are actually 
more of a threat than Draija, since they're almost as fast, hit pretty 
hard, and can surround you from several sides. Most of the time, 
you'll be dying from the attacks of the Desmodiij rather than from 
Draija herself. 

KILL STRATEGY (The Proper Way):

There are two ways to do this fight. You can either kill Draija as
quickly as possible, then handle the Desmodiij, or you can destroy
the portal first, then deal with Draija. Killing Draija first is 
really only an option if you've got the chalice, one or two 
splashes will defeat her in a couple of seconds. You can then use the 
key she drops to run over to Wilfred and free him so he can help you 
fight the Desmodiij. The chalice works well against groups of 
Desmodiij, and if you run out of holy water, the machine gun is also 
pretty effective against several of them at once.  

If you don't have the chalice, you're better off destroying the portal
first, since your other weapons take too long to kill Draija and if you 
focus too much on her you'll end up getting swarmed by Desmodiij. 
The portal is too high up in the ceiling for you to hit with your cane
sword, so you'll have to shoot it with your machine gun or revolver. It
takes 10 shots to destroy the portal, after which you'll have to deal
with any Desmodiij that spawned. The machine gun is probably your weapon
of choice here, as you can fire bullets rapidly to deal with multiple
attacking enemies. 

If you don't have the machine gun, your task is that much tougher. Try
killing the Desmodiij one by one with the flintlock and musket, switching to
a fresh gun instead of reloading the empty gunafter each kill. Don't worry too
much about Draija while you're running around killing Desmodiij, her attacks are
nothing compared to theirs. 

Once the portal is closed and the Desmodiij are dead, deal with Draija by
stabbing her with 7 stakes. Draija's quick so you'll probably take a few hits
in the process, but if you dodge in and out and act quickly, she should 
fall before you do. It is possible to beat her with the crucifix, but she 
can survive so many hits from that weapon that fighting her with it 
becomes tedious. Don't even try to fight her with the cane sword, 
she'll kill you before you land enough blows to defeat her. 

One cheap trick you can use against Draija is to put the central portal between
you and her. You can attack her through the portal, but she can't move through
it and thus cannot hit you. 

KILL STRATEGY (The Slopper Way):

There is a an even cheaper way to make this battle much, much 
easier. As soon as the cutscene introducing the boss ends, run 
backwards before the door can lock behind you. You should retreat 
into the previous room, and Draija will follow you. This allows you to 
face her one-on-one inside a room you've already cleared, rather than 
have to fight her in the boss room where you'd also have to deal with 
all the Desmodiij coming out of the giant portal. You'll have a bit less 
room to manuever, but the fact you only have to worry about a single 
opponent makes it much easier to avoid her attacks.

The Count: 
Location: Main Castle, Cathedral
Appearance: Huge, bald vampire lord with flowing black cape for a 
body. Looks exactly like the classic Nosferatu.
Attack Damage: 25 -37 - 38
Speed: Very Fast
Health: Special
Repelled By Crucifix: No 
Hits to Kill: Special


As the game's penultimate boss, the Count is pretty tough. The Count 
flies through the air very quickly, and he hits pretty hard too. If you 
don't have the speed potion, you're going to have to do a lot of 
running to stay out of his grasp. Even with the speed potion, you need 
to be constantly moving to avoid him. 

Avoiding the Count is made more difficult by the fact that you can't 
stun him by shooting him. This is because the Count is totally immune 
to all your weapons. Nothing you have will phase him. His only 
weakness is sunlight, but the weak rays that are streaming through 
the Cathedral window aren't enough to do the job. To beat him, you'll 
have to utilize the machinery in the Cathedral to make some 
concentrated sunlight.

There are three switches in the room that you need to flip to kill him. 
One switch is on the side of a pillar at the South end of the room, near 
the entry door. One switch is on the side of a pillar at the North end of 
the room, near the alter with your sister Rebecca. Flipping these two 
switches will open up lens in the ceiling and cause two beams of light 
to enter the large orb at the center of the room. Only after you've 
flipped these two switches can you flip the third switch on the side of a 
pillar at the East end of the room. This switch opens the orb and 
creates a beam of concentrated sunlight running from the ceiling 
down to the floor.

While running around flipping the switches, don't bother turning 
around to look at the Count. This will only slow you down. Just keep 
running away from the Count and moving in a circle around the room 
until you've managed to flip all three switches and activate the beam 
of light. Then, just position the beam between yourself and the Count, 
and he'll eventually run right into. Be sure not to step into the beam 
yourself, it is fatal to you as well. Once you get the hang of it, you 
should be able to beat him fairly quickly and without much hassle. But 
the game isn't over yet. Step into the hole in the floor left created by 
the Count's demise for the final battle with Malachi.

There's a large health kit behind the alter with your sister Rebecca if 
you need healing anytime during or after the fight. 

Lord Malachi:
Location: Malachi's Arena
Appearance: Giant, bull-like skeleton the size of a small elephant
Attack Damage: 10
Speed: Fast
Health: Special
Repelled By Crucifix: No 
Hits to Kill: Special


The underground arena you face Malachi in is pretty big, so you have 
lots of room to manuever. It's also pretty dark, but this really isn't a 
problem since Malachi is on fire and emits so much light it's very easy 
to see him. Health kits and ammo are scattered around the arena, but 
you really should go into this battle with as much as possible. Also, if 
at any point in the fight Malachi gets you below about 40 or 50 health, 
you should disengage and run around trying to find health kits to 
replenish yourself. 

When you first land in Malachi's chamber, you'll notice him standing in 
a pillar of light in the middle of a circular device. The 16 gems in this 
device represent your 16 relatives (not including Buster, your dog). 
The white gems represent relatives you saved, and the red ones 
represent relatives who have died. Malachi himself is your basic 9-
foot-tall demonic-looking humanoid. Don't bother attacking him at this 
point. You can't hurt him, and he won't do anything. Just run around 
collecting any health and ammo you need.

After several seconds, a cutscene will play in which Malachi will actually
UNFOLD (cool! he's a Transformer!) into a large, flaming, skeleton beast
about the size of a small elephant (there's actually a picture of him on the
inside cover of the game box, minus the flames). As soon as the cutscene ends,
the fight will be on.


Malachi is limited to melee attacks with his huge claws. He can stand 
still and swipe at you with his right or left claw, or he can lunge 
forward at you with both claws and the front half of his body. If he 
lunges forward, he'll stand still for half a second afterwards. Unlike 
most of the game's other bosses, Malachi's hits don't do an extreme 
amount of damage, but he's able to knock your weapon out of your 
hand with his swipes if you're unlucky. He's also reasonably fast, and 
you'll need to run a lot to stay out of his grasp. 

Malachi's weak spot is his yellow glowing crystal heart, located in his 
rib cage just behind his huge skull. To damage Malachi, you'll need to 
hit him directly in the heart (Malachi will flinch and emit a burst of blue 
electrical energy whenever you score a successful hit). Unfortunately, 
it can be tough to hit the heart accurately because Malachi's skull is in 
the way, and since he constantly turns to faces you head-on it's 
difficult to shoot him from the sides.


If you've got the Chalice, you've got no worries. Just run up to Malachi 
and toss holy water on him when you're standing right in front of his 
face. The spray should go right through his skull and hit his heart. A 
few hits will kill him if you've managed to save all your relatives, and 
will severely weaken him even if he's been fed by several of their 
If you don't have the Chalice or if you run out of holy water, you'll just 
have to do things the hard way and try to shoot the heart. There are 
several ways to do this. You can try firing at him when he runs toward 
you, and with luck you'll be able to hit his heart by shooting him 
through his open mouth (aim at the center of his skull for best results). 

You can also wait for Malachi to lunge forward at you, then sidestep 
his attack and fire at him from the side during the split second he 
stands still after lunging. Alternatively, you can wait for Malachi to take 
a swipe at you, and when he does this his head will turn slightly, 
allowing you to hit his heart if you fire just behind where his ears 
would be. 

Finally, you can get really close to Malachi such that you "clip" through
his skull and can shoot at his heart, but this isn't really effective since
Malachi will constantly be hitting you and throwing your aim off.

The easiest way to hit Malachi's heart is to use the machine gun. With 
all the lead you'll be throwing out, you're bound to score at least a few 
hits per clip. If you don't have the machine gun (very, very bad), the 
revolver will do in a pinch, but it will be tough since it's difficult to hit 
the heart even if you're very accurate. Don't even think about trying it 
with the flintlock pistol or musket, the rate of fire is simply too slow. If 
all else fails, run under Malachi's skull and whack at him with your 
cane sword. With luck he'll die before you do. 


Malachi gets his life energy from the stolen souls of your sacrificed 
relatives. If all of your relatives are alive (except for Rebecca), then it 
will only take about 4 or 5 shots to the heart to kill Malachi. The more 
relatives you failed to save, the more hits it will take to destroy him. If 
6 of your relatives are dead (the maximum amount that can die 
without automatically ending the game) then Malachi can survive 
about 8 to 9 shots. If many of your relatives are dead AND you failed 
to save Lord Belmore and get his Master Key, you might not even be 
able to win this fight because you'll probably lack some of the special 
items (such as the Machine Gun, Chalice, or Speed Potion) that really 
help against Malachi.  

However, if you've managed to save most of your relatives and/or 
have acquired all the special items, Malachi isn't all that tough. Just 
blast him with the Chalice, and if he's still standing finish him off with 
the Machine Gun.

*Friends and Relatives (In relative order of meeting):*

The relatives are scheduled to be sacrificed at a fixed time. For 
example, Father Aville will die around 11:00, and Melissa will die 
around 11:50. To prevent this, you need to find and rescue the 
relative before their sacrifice deadline passes. Even after you rescue 
a relative, they can still be killed by monsters while following you 
around, so you'll need to deposit them in the Sanctuary for them to be 
totally safe. If you leave a rescued relative by themselves in the 
castle, they will die after several minutes. 

There are a total of 15 relatives to rescue. 3 random and 2 fixed in the 
East Wing, 6 random and 1 fixed in the West Wing, and 2 random in 
the Main Castle. Your dog Buster does not count as a relative. 

Once 7 of your relatives die (not including Rebecca), the game will 
automatically end as Malachi has absorbed enough souls to become 
Once you rescue 14 relatives, the game will automatically skip ahead 
to 6:00 a.m. for the final confrontation. Of course, this means the 15th 
relative will die automatically as his or her sacrifice deadline rolls by. 
The only way to save all 15 relatives is to rescue the 14th and 15th 
relatives (by bringing both of them to the Sanctuary) at the same time. 

Father Aville:
Location: At the beginning of the game, in the main courtyard.
Rescue Reward: The Ancient Chalice
From the Manual: Father Aville is the Patterson’s family priest, and 
has with time gotten very close to the family. He has learnt a lot of the 
occult and other esoteric topics through his specialized work within 
the Church. He’s been asked to wed the couple.  

Father Aville is the first character you encounter in the game. Shortly 
after you step into the castle courtyard, you'll see him being rather 
rudely thrown thrown out of one of the East Wing's top floor windows. 
He'll give you the Crucifix as soon as you meet him, but he's seriously 
injured and will require medical healing before you can bring him back 
to the Sanctuary. 

In order to save Father Aville, you must rescue Dr. Amersfield and bring him
to the inured priest before 30 minutes goes by. If you take too long, the good
Father dies from his wounds. Save Aville and bring him back to the Sanctuary,
and he'll reward you with a chalice that you can fill with holy water and use
as a powerful weapon. The chalice is the most powerful weapon in the game, and 
rescuing Father Aville really isn't all that hard, so you really should do 
your best to help him. Whether or not you save him, you can find 
pages of Aville's diary throughout the castle that describe some of the 
enemies you face and exactly what's going on.

NOTE: Unlike most of your relatives, Father Aville doesn't have a 
recoil animation. So if he gets hit, there's no indication that he's taking 
damage until he kneels over and dies. Since Aville is located in the 
Main Courtyard which is devoid of enemies, this isn't really an issue. 

Dr. Amersfield:
Location: East Wing, randomized
Rescue Reward: Free healing
From the Manual: Dr. Amersfield is your grandfather’s physician. He 
has been asked to join the family to Romania to take care of your 
grandfather should anything unexpected occur.

Dr. Amersfield is one of the first relatives you can rescue. He's 
randomly located in one of the rooms of the Castle's East Wing. You'll 
need to find him and bring him back to the Main Courtyard if you want 
to help Father Aville.

The Doctor will also be able to offer you free healing for the rest of
the game if you bring him back to the Sanctuary. Just drop by the Sanctuary
at any time and press the "use" key on him, and he'll restore your health
to 100. This is a big help since there's only a limited number of health kits
lying around the castle, while the Doc can fix you up an unlimited number of
times. You get a lot of benefits from the good Doctor, so you should try to go 
out of your way to find and rescue him. 

Emelie Kingstone:
Location: East Wing, randomized
Rescue Reward: The Revolver (if you haven't already rescued Sir 
From the Manual: Your father’s sister is happily married with Sir 
Andrew Kingstone. The only thing she has ever lacked in life is 
children, and you and your siblings have become her substitute for 
that. She wouldn’t miss Rebecca’s marriage for the world.

Aunt Emelie is randomly located inside the East Wing. She'll reward 
you with her husband's revolver if you rescue her and bring her back 
to the Sanctuary.If you fail to rescue her, you can still obtain the 
revolver by rescuing her husband Andrew Kingstone. If you've already 
rescued Andrew, you get nothing from Emelie other than the 
satisfaction of a job well done. 

Sir Andrew Kingstone:
Location: East Wing, randomized
Rescue Reward: The Revolver (if you haven't already rescued Aunt 
From the Manual: Sir Andrew Kingstone has provided for your father’s 
sister for more than thirty years and still stands faithful by her side, in 
sickness and health, for better for worse.

Uncle Andrew is randomly located inside the East Wing. He'll reward 
you with his revolver if you rescue him and bring him back to the 
Sanctuary. If you fail to rescue him, you can still obtain the revolver by 
rescuing his wife Emelie Kingstone. If you've already rescued Emelie, 
you get nothing from Andrew other than the satisfaction of a job well 

Aunt Sophie:
Location: East Wing, East Tower (Guarded by Desmondaui)
Rescue Reward: Buster's Cage key
From the Manual: Your mother’s sister used to be a lion of the London 
high society, but has lived an easy life after the death of her husband 
a couple of years ago. She has been invited by Rebecca to keep a 
watchful eye on Buster until your arrival.

Unlike most of your relatives, Aunt Sophie isn't randomly placed in 
one of the Castle's rooms. Instead, she's dangling from a chain at the 
top of the East Wing Tower. You'll find her when you enter the Tower 
and take the elevator up to the top. To free her, you'll have to climb up 
to the Tower's roof and win the boss fight with Desmodaui. 

After you defeat the boss vampire and stake him in his coffin, just use
the key you got from him on the roof's winch mechanism to lower Sophie to 
the safety of the elevator. Once you bring Sophie back to the Sanctuary,
she'll reward you with the key to Buster's cage, allowing you to finally
go and free your dog Buster. 

Gregory Bidwell:
Location: East Wing, Garrison Roof
Rescue Reward: Box of 50 revolver bullets, stamina potion
From the Manual: The journalist Gregory Bidwell has been a close 
friend of the family since childhood, and has ever since covered your 
feats as a sportsman in the London papers. He has had a secret 
relationship with Rebecca in the past and has developed a close 
friendship with her since then. He has joined the family on the journey 
by her invitation.

Like Aunt Sophie, Greg's location isn't random. He's a hostage of the 
game's second boss, the Succubus Moraie, on the ruined roof the of 
the East Wing Garrison. You'll need to defeat Moraie and take her key 
to untie him. 

Unlike most of your relatives, Greg can actually fight and will help you
by attacking any enemies that he sees. Greg has a VERY powerful punch that
kills enemies like Desmodiij or Ghouls in just 2 or 3 hits. Enemies will
also tend to ignore him and concentrate on attacking you, so you don't have
to worry too much about Greg getting himself killed. 

Still, you will eventually have to bring him back to the Sanctuary, because
like all relatives he'll automatically die after several minutes if you leave
him alone inside the Caste to go exploring on your own.

Greg's trunk contains a stamina potion as well as a box of 50 revolver bullets.
Take the bullets if you need them, but I suggest you save the stamina potion
for the game's final battle, since it only lasts for 6 minutes and cannot be
re-used after it runs out. 

Mrs. Patterson:
Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Garlic (If you haven't already rescued Mr. Patterson)
From the Manual: Your mother hasn’t really been herself since the 
death of her mother. She hopes that the marriage will make her 
change focus, even though she is still in touch with your grandmother 
through the medium Melissa.

Unlike the hostages in the East Wing, the location of the hostages in 
the West Wing are only partially random. Their location is randomly 
determined when you create a new game, but within that game they 
will always appear in the same room even if you reload from a 
previously saved game. Your mother is one of these hostages. If 
rescued, she'll reward you with a bushel of garlic. The garlic acts like 
a crucifix and repels vampiric enemies, but only lasts for 6 minutes 
and cannot be reused after it runs out. 

Chief Inspector Frank Patterson (Grandpa): 
Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Machine Gun
From the Manual: Your grandfather Frank Benjamin Patterson was a 
great forensic specialist at Scotland Yard. He is the eldest of the 
Patterson family and has spent a great deal of his off-duty time safari 

Like the other West Wing hostages, Grandpa's location is randomly 
determined when you begin a new game, but he will always appear in 
the same room even if you reload from a previous save game. An 
avid hunter and macho cop, Grandpa's a bit too old to help you fight 
monsters, be he brought along a handy machine gun in his trunk and 
will give it to you as soon as you bring him back to the Sanctuary. The 
machine gun is a powerful weapon that allows you to kill multiple 
enemies and makes the final boss fight much easier, so you should 
try to invest as much effort into rescuing Grandpa as possible.

Manfred the Acolyte:
Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: The Ancient Chalice (if you haven't already rescued 
Father Aville)
From the Manual: Manfred is the acolyte of Father Aville and has 
joined the trip to assist Father Aville with the marriage and take the 
opportunity to document Romanian occultism. 

Like the other West Wing hostages, Manfred the Acolyte's location is 
randomly determined when you begin a new game, but he will always 
appear in the same room even if you reload from a previous save 
game. Rescuing Manfred will reward you with the Chalice, if you failed 
to save Father Aville earlier. If you already have the Chalice, saving 
Manfred doesn't get you anything, although you probably should still 
help him out if you want to be a competist and to make the final boss 
fight easier.

NOTE: Like Father Aville, Manfred doesn't have a recoil animation, so 
if he gets attacked, he won't show it until he eventually drops dead.  

Mortimer Patterson: 
Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Protective Vest
From the Manual: Your father’s brother used to be a prominent 
London banker, but is now bankrupt. He plans to take advantage of 
his niece’s introduction into the Romanian nobility for his own financial 

Like the other West Wing hostages, Uncle Mortimer's location is 
randomly determined when you begin a new game, but he will always 
appear in the same room even if you reload from a previous save 
game. Uncle Mortimer's rescue reward is a very handy steel 
breastplate that lasts for the rest of the game and reduces all the 
damage you take to about 60%. Try to rescue him.

Melissa Ethelridge:
Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: regeneration potion
From the Manual: Melissa is a London medium and adviser to your 
mother since your grandmother died. During this time Melissa has 
become a close friend, and has been asked to join the family to 
Germany to support your mother.

Like the other West Wing hostages, Melissa's location is randomly 
determined when you begin a new game, but she will always appear 
in the same room even if you reload from a previous save game. 
Melissa is probably the most difficult relative to rescue, because she's 
the first West Wing hostage to die. She'll be sacrificed around 11:50. 
Since you'll probably be entering the West Wing around 11:30, that 
doesn't give you much time to find and help her. Because of the 
game's random placement, it's entirely possible she'll be placed on 
the 4th floor, the very last floor you will be able to access in the West 

If you're a completist and want to rescue all your relatives, make a hard
save just before entering the West Wing for the first time. If she ends up
dying before you can rescue her, reload from that save and rush through the
West Wing only doing the essential tasks until you manage to locate her. If
you're not anal about rescuing all 15 family members, don't let her death
upset you. The 6 minute regeneration potion she rewards you with is nice
and helps in the final battle, but it's not absolutely vital. Besides, you
can unlock her trunk on your own using either Wilfred's skeleton key or Lord
Belmore's master key.

Angelica Patterson:
Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Garlic
From the Manual: Your sister Angelica is the youngest of your 
siblings, and a successful dancer with the Royal Ballet. 

Like the other West Wing hostages, your younger sister Angelica's 
location is randomly determined when you begin a new game, but she 
will always appear in the same room even if you reload from a 
previous save game. Angelica will reward you with garlic for saving 
her. This bushel of garlic is seperate from the garlic you get from your 
Mother and/or Father, so you'll get it even if you've already rescued 
your Mother or Father. Angelica's cute and attractive, but she really 
doesn't contribute much to your expedition. 

NOTE: Like Father Aville and Manfred the Acolyte, Angelica doesn't 
have a recoil animation, so she won't show she's taking damage until 
she actually dies.

Wilfred Patterson:
Location: West Wing, 5th Floor Portal Room
Rescue Reward: Skeleton key, Speed potion
From the Manual: Your brother Wilfred has notorious moon lighting 
skills as a London burglar. Your family is completely unaware of his 
occupation and you are the only one who knows of his skills.

Your brother Wilfred is being held hostage by the Succubus Draija in 
the Main Portal Room on the West Wing's 5th floor. You'll need to 
defeat the Succubus and retrieve her key to unlock the chains that 
bind Wilfred. Like Greg, Wilfred will help you fight and has a powerful 
punch that kills most of the game's enemies in just 2 or 3 hits. Also 
like Greg, you will eventually need to leave him at the Sanctuary, 
because he'll die if left alone inside the castle.

Bringing him back to the Sanctuary will reward you with two special items,
a skeleton key that unlocks some of the family trunks, and a speed potion.
The speed potion should be saved for the final battle, since it only lasts 6 
minutes and can't be re-used. The skeleton key can be useful to retrieve a
few special items if you failed to save all your relatives, but there are
many trunks it doesn't unlock. 

Dr. Gerald Patterson:
Location: Main Castle, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Garlic (if you haven't already rescued Mrs. 
From the Manual: Your father is retired from his trade, but still holds 
significant respect among his peers back in England. His main 
concerns nowadays are his financials, the primary reason for giving 
his blessing to this distant marriage proposal. 

Although your relatives tell you that only Lord Belmore and Rebecca 
are being held inside the Main Castle, your Father is also a hostage 
inside there. He usually inside one of the large, open dining-hall type 
rooms. Rescuing him can be difficult, especially with all the dangerous 
enemies that appear inside the Main Castle. Additionally, he doesn't 
reward you with anything special if you bring him back to the 
Sanctuary, just a bushel of Garlic that you will already have if you 
saved Mrs. Patterson previously. Only go out of your way to rescue 
him if you're a completist. 

BE CAREFUL! As soon as the 14th family member is saved or dead, 
the game will automatically skip to 6:00 a.m. for the final battle. The 
15th family member will automatically die when this happens. Since 
your Father and Lord Belmore are normally the last two relatives, 
rescuing one will usually kill the other. The only way to save them 
both is to locate both of them inside the Main Castle and bring them to 
the Sanctuary at the same time. The best way to do this is to find your 
father, then go to one of the rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor where Lord 
Belmore may appear, quicksave outside, go in, and keep reloading 
your quicksave until Belmore appears inside. 

Lord Belmore:
Location: Main Castle, randomized
Rescue Reward: Master key
From the Manual: Lord Belmore is a London barrister and legal 
council to your father for years. He has been asked to join the family 
to Romania to witness and take care of the legal aspects of the 

This guy is hilarious. While most of your relatives greet you with 
expressions of thanks and encouragement, this fellow threatens to 
sue you if you don't save his ass pronto. When faced with danger, he 
nervously screams out "A dead lawyer is a bad lawyer! A dead lawyer 
is a bad lawyer! Nyah!".

Lord Belmore appears randomly inside one of the small dead-end rooms in
the corners of the Main Castle. You can recognize these rooms as they
usually contain a lesser vampire coffin, and if Lord Belmore doesn't appear
in them, a Demon will appear in his place. Saving this guy will reward you
with a Master Key that opens all your family trunks, letting you get at all
the special items even if you let a few of your relatives die. 

TIP: Because the Main Castle is such a pain, you probably don't want 
to search all 5 floors for this guy. Instead, find one of the rooms he 
may appear in, save outside, and keep going in and reloading the 
save until he actually does appear. 
BE CAREFUL! As soon as the 14th family member is saved or dead, 
the game will automatically skip to 6:00 a.m. for the final battle. The 
15th family member will automatically die when this happens. Since 
your Father and Lord Belmore are normally the last two relatives, 
rescuing one will usually kill the other. The only way to save them 
both is to locate both of them inside the Main Castle and bring them to 
the Sanctuary at the same time. The best way to do this is to find your 
father, then go to one of the rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor where Lord 
Belmore may appear, quicksave outside, go in, and keep reloading 
your quicksave until Belmore appears inside. 

Location: In the main courtyard, behind the door just to the right of the 
East Wing entrance
Rescue Reward: A faithful helper who will follow you anywhere
From the Manual: Buster is the family dog and your faithful 
companion since childhood.

Buster always appears in the same location, in a basement room 
adjacent to the Main Courtyard which can be reached from a door 
immedietely to the right of the East Wing entrance door. Buster will be 
in a cage guarded by two gyspy henchmen with scythes and one with 
a flintlock pistol (who seem to be preparing to cook him). Although 
you can reach Buster as soon as the game begins, you won't be able 
to free him until you find the key to his cage. You'll receive Buster's 
cage key after rescuing Aunt Sophie from the East Wing's 1st boss. 
Unlike your relatives, there is no time limit on freeing Buster, since 
he's not a scheduled sacrifice. 

After you free him, Buster will follow you where-ever you go, just like 
one of your relatives. Unlike your relatives, Buster is actually pretty 
handy in a fight and will attack any enemies that appear while he's 
traveling with you. Also, since enemies tend to concentrate on 
attacking you and will usually ignore Buster, you don't have to worry 
too much about him getting killed. He's got the same amount of health 
as any other relative, so he can survive a decent amount of damage. 
Buster's biting attacks aren't quite as powerful as the punching 
attacks of Greg or Wilfred, but they still do a lot of damage and kill 
most enemies in 3 to 5 hits. Buster's attacks can also stun an enemy 
for a second or two. 

Buster's more powerful than most enemies in the game, so he should be
able to handle himself if you accidentally leave him alone in a room
with a couple monsters. Just don't make a habit of it, because he CAN die.

Buster's reasonably quick, but it can slow you down a little to 
constantly be checking if Buster is following you. You may want to 
drop him off in the Main Courtyard whenever you don't need his help. 
Unlike your relatives, Buster won't die if you just leave him in
the Main Courtyard. Instead, he'll simply appear near his dog-house
in the Main Courtyard, where you can pick him up again. Just don't leave
him alone inside the castle itself, because he can die that way.

Rebecca Patterson:
Location: In the Cathedral
Rescue Reward: N/A
From the Manual: Your sister Rebecca is the oldest of your siblings 
and has had a hard time marrying someone of her social level in 
England, despite her looks, intelligence and social skills.

Your sister Rebecca doesn't appear until the game's final battle. 
You're actions do not affect her fate, so don't worry about her.

*The Walkthrough:*

=The Main Courtyard:=

This is where you begin your adventure. The Main Courtyard is a 
large, open area that serves as the central hub from which you can 
access the castle's 3 major areas as well as the Sanctuary where you 
can deposit any rescued family members. The Courtyard itself is 
mostly safe. Enemies don't spawn in the main area, although 
sometimes a monster may appear if you approach the shadowy area 
in the far Southeast corner near the Main Castle entrance (there's no 
reason to go there, however, so dont' worry about it). Here's a list of 
the major points of interest in the courtyard (remember, when you first 
appear you'll be facing South).

The Sanctuary:

Directly behind you, to the North, is the entrance to the Sanctuary. 
Inside, you'll find the abandoned trunks of all your kidnapped 
relatives. The Sanctuary is also where you're supposed to take your 
relatives after you find and free them inside the castle. After being 
deposited in the Sanctuary, your relatives will remain there for the rest 
of the game. They will also reward you by opening up their individual 
trunk and allowing you to pick up the special item inside. The 
Sanctuary is the only safe place for your relatives, they will die if left 
alone anywhere else in the castle. 

You can also restore your health at the Sanctuary if you rescue Dr. 
Amersfield, so drop by anytime you need healing.

The East Wing:

To your left is the East Wing entrance, attached to the courtyard by a 
small drawbridge. The large, locked double doors lead to the East 
Wing. Also nearby are three small wooden doors. The north-most 
door nearest to the small bridge leads to a small room with a couple 
random items, the next door leads to a basement area with a Ghoul, a 
Lesser Vampire, and some random items, and the final door (to the 
right of the East Wing entrance) leads to a basement area where your 
dog Buster is locked in a cage guarded by 3 Gypsy henchmen. 

To enter the East Wing, you'll need to find the East Wing key. This 
key is randomly located somewhere in the main courtyard. It usually 
appears in one of the 6 side rooms near the East Wing and West 
Wing entrances. Be sure to search carefully for the key, it can 
sometimes appear in an out-of-the-way corner of one of the side-
rooms, hidden in the shadows. 

The West Wing:

To your right is the West Wing entrance. The drawbridge to the West 
Wing area hasn't been extended yet, so you'll have to walk across a 
small piece of wood and jump over the pillar to get across the gap. 
Once on the other side, just pull the level to lower the bridge. Like the 
East Wing entrance, the West Wing entrance also has 3 small 
wooden doors nearby. The north-most door nearest to the bridge 
leads to a small room with a couple random items, the other two 
doors lead to basement areas, each one containing a Ghoul and a 
Lesser Vampiress. 

The West Wing can only be accessed after you complete the East 
Wing by staking the Succubus Moraie in her coffin and taking the 
West Wing key from her.

The Main Castle:

The Main Castle looms large in front of you, to the South. To the left 
and right of the Main Castle entrance are stairs that lead down into 
small mini-courtyards seperated from the main courtyard. The right 
(Western) courtyard contains a trough of water that can be turned into 
holy water for refilling your chalice. The left (Eastern) courtyard 
contains the exit from the Crypt, which you'll be escaping from at the 
end of the East Wing. An enemy can somtimes spawn in the shadowy 
area near the left (Eastern) courtyard stairs, so don't go there too 

The Main Castle can only be accessed after you complete the West 
Wing by staking the Succubus Draija in her coffin and taking the Main 
Castle key from her.

=The East Wing:=
The East Wing is the first area of the game you'll be exploring. It is 
also the least symmetrical and least linear of the Castle's 3 main 
areas, which makes it probably the most difficult to navigate. 
Fortunately, Father Aville has helpfully marked the path you need to 
take with a green glow. When you come across a door with a glowing 
green light around it, you'll know that door is the correct path to your 
next destination. The green lights will lead you to the keys and the 
bosses, but won't point out the location of your randomly placed 
relatives. So you will have to search the various side rooms to find 
them, as well as to stock up on items and ammo. 

The Garrison I: The Garrison I consists largely of a path of stairs that 
lead up several floors, each floor containing a room with random 
enemies and item chests. Inside a room on the top floor is the East 
Tower key. Have your crucifix out, because a few Shadow Vampires 
will spawn inside the room as soon as you pick up the key.  

The East Tower: The East Tower door on the 2nd floor leads to an 
elevator that will take you all the way to the top of the East Tower. 
Here's you'll find your Aunt Sophie dangling from a chain attached to 
the ceiling. Follow the staircase up, killing the 3 gypsy musketeers 
that snipe at you along the path. When you're almost at the top, a 
section of the staircase will crumble. You can either jump across, or 
carefully walk across the single remaining wooden beam that spans 
the gap. At the top of the East Tower are 3 large health kits and a final 
staircase that leads to the roof of the Tower and a boss fight with 
Desmodaui. As soon as Desmodaui appears, the staircase will lock 
behind you, trapping you on the Tower. After beating Desmodaui, you 
should notice a greenish glow coming from behind a pile of wooden 
beams. Jump over the beams to find a staircase leading you to an 
adjacent rooftop. Jump down the hole in this roof to reach a large 
storage chamber filled with crates and items. A large black metal 
coffin in this chamber is where Desmodaui regenerates from combat. 
Stake him before he can rise to kill him and take his Desmodaui key. 
This key unlocks the staircase back down to the East Tower, the 
chain mechanism on the roof holding Aunt Sophie, and a trapdoor in 
Desmodaui's coffin chamber that leads to the next area of the East 
Wing. This new area eventually leads you to the Garrison key.

The Officer's Quarters: The Officer's Quarters are a pair of long 
hallways, each containing several doors that lead to small bedrooms. 
Your goal here is to find the Major's Quarters, inside of which is the 
Garrison key you've been searching for. As always, go through the 
doors with the green glow around them to get there. The side rooms 
don't contain anything except random items and enemies, so only 
search them if you're still looking for missing relatives. 

The Garrison II: When you finally retrieve the Garrison key, you can 
access the Garrison II through any Garrison II door. Going down to 
the bottom of the Garrison II brings you back to the 1st Floor of the 
East Wing, close to the exit back to the Main Courtyard (go here if 
you're dragging any relatives that need dropping off). If you're ready 
to fight Succubus Moraie and rescue Greg, climb upwards through the 
Garrison's several floors. At the top you'll find an elevator that will take 
you up to the Garrison roof. From the ladder that takes you onto the 
roof, turn left and follow the roof to see a cutscene showing your 
brother tied up on top of a nearby tower. Continue forward until you 
see a large hole in the roof. Slide down to the edge of the roof until 
you're close enough to the ground to drop through the hole without 
taking damage. Here you'll find a few chests as well as a wooden 
staircase that takes you up to the tower. Once you reach the tower, 
Succubus Moraie will appear. Kill her and use the key she drops to 
free Greg. Search the chest next to Greg for Father Aville's Heavenly 
Scroll that unlocks the path to the Crypt and Moraie's tomb. Backtrack 
all the way back down Garrison II until you hit the bottom to reach... 

The Crypt: Since Moraie's coffin is located in the Crypt, you'll need to 
go there to finish her off permenantly. The entrance to the Crypt is 
located behind the huge boulder with a glowing glyph on it, located at 
the bottom of the Garrison II staircase. To move the boulder, you'll 
need the Heavenly Scroll, which is inside a chest guarded by the 
Succubus Moraie. Behind the boulder is a trap door. Drop down it for 
several feet and you'll land right on top of Moraie's coffin (you'll take 
some fall damage, but there's a couple health kits lying around 
Moraie's chamber to help you out). Stake her and claim the West 
Wing key she carries. Unfortunately, you can't climb back up through 
the trapdoor, since it's a few dozen feet above you, so you'll have to 
make your way through the rest of the Crypts looking for an exit. 

As you move through the Crypts, zombies will emerge from the floor 
behind you and attack (zombies are the only enemy you'll face in the 
Crypt, but there's a lot of them). Instead of rushing forward and 
causing several zombies to appearing, try to move forward slowly, 
stopping every several feet to see if a zombie is starting to pull its way 
out of the ground. Eventually, you'll reach an elevator that takes you 
up into the Castle's Graveyard. The Graveyard is also, of course, 
crawling with zombies. Make your way to the Southeast corner of the 
Graveyard's outer wall, and you should see a pair of stone double 
doors on the outer wall. These doors will (finally) take you back to the 
Main Courtyard. Hopefully, you've managed to rescue all 5 East Wing 
hostages and can now proceed to the West Wing.

NOTE: Be sure to drop any relatives following you off at the sanctuary 
before going to the Crypt. It can be difficult to get any relatives who go 
into the Crypt with you to come back out, because they usually get 
stuck trying to get on the elevator.

=The West Wing:= 

The West Wing is a circular tower with 5 floors. From the entrance to 
the West Wing, go through the door to your right (North) and you 
should find the main stairwell, which allows you to access all 5 floors 
of the West Wing. When you first enter the West Wing, you can go 
from the bottom to the top immedietely, but the doors to the 2nd, 4th, 
and 5th floor hallways will be locked, and you'll have to find the 
corrisponding keys  to unlock those floors. With the exceptions of the 
3rd and 4th floors, the floors in the West Wing curve around in a 
circle. Therefore, if you enter the left/South hallway door from the 
main stairwell and go all the way around, you'll eventually make your 
way back to the right/West hallway door in the main stairwell. This 
makes the West Wing much easier to navigate than the East Wing, 
but by the time you get here you'll probably be on a time limit as your 
relatives will start dying if you don't act quickly.

The West Wing also introduces you to some tougher enemies. 
Shadow Vampires, Desmodiij, and Ghouls still dominate (and 
Zombies start to be pretty common as well), but you'll also begin to 
encounter Feral Zombies, Demodus, and Demons.

1st Floor: Main entrance. On the opposite side of the tower from the 
main entrance is the Monster Pit (take either the left or right path and 
go about halfway around the tower to reach it). The Monster Pit is a 
large room with a wire-mesh floor that contains several water troughs 
and two large health kits. If you drop into the hole in the middle of the 
room, you'll receive the West Wing 5th Floor Key and enter into a 
boss fight with the Foul Beast Vampire. The Foul Beast Vampire Key 
you receive from beating him will allow you to escape the pit and 
return to the 1st Floor.

3rd Floor: The 3rd floor is unlocked from the beginning. Unlike most of 
the other floors, the 3rd floor does not curve all the way around. The 
left and right hallways from the main stairwell are seperate and need 
to be explored seperately. Usually at least a couple of your relatives 
can be found here. 

5th Floor: The 5th and highest floor of the West Wing is only 
accessible after you get the West Wing 5th Floor Key from the 
Monster Pit and defeat the Foul Beast Vampire boss. On the far side 
of the 5th floor (in the same position as the Monster Pit on the 1st 
floor) is a large temple-like Main Portal Room containing a HUGE 
dimensional portal, your brother Wilfred chained to a rack, and the 
Succubus Draija boss. You'll find the West Wing 2nd Floor Key lying 
on the floor inside the Main Portal Room. You'll also receive the 
Succubus Draija key you after the Succubus is defeated, and you can 
use this key to free your brother. 

2nd Floor: The 2nd Floor can be unlocked with the key you picked up 
in the 5th Floor Main Portal Room during the Succubus Draija boss 
fight. Somewhere on this floor is the West Wing 4th Floor Key that 
allows you to access the 4th floor and find the Succubus' tomb. Odds 
are you'll find a relative near the key as well.

4th Floor: The 4th floor is the last floor you access in the West Wing. 
Initially locked, you'll have to find the West Wing 4th Floor Key from 
the 2nd floor to enter. Like the 3rd floor, the 4th floor does not curve 
all the way around, and the left and right hallways will need to be 
explored seperately. At the end of one of these hallways (usually the 
right/West path), located directly beneath the Main Portal Room, will 
be Succubus Draija's tomb. Stake Draija to retrieve the Main Castle 

=The Main Castle:=

The Main Castle the final area of the game, and quite fittingly is also 
the most difficult area. Demons, the game's most difficult enemies, 
often appear throughout the castle. There are also plenty of 
Demodus, Feral Zombies, Decayed Zombies, and Lesser 
Vampires/Vampiresses to attack you, as well as the usual Ghouls, 
Zombies, and Desmodiij. Much of the Main Castle consists of large, 
open rooms where enemies can appear and attack you from all 
directions. Because the castle is completely dark except for the small 
pool of light around your body, these wide open areas will leave you 
feeling vulnerable as you won't know if an enemy is there until it's 
almost on top of you. Health and ammo are less common here than 
they were in the East and West Wings, so you'll want to go in well 
stocked and may need to retreat back to the Sanctuary for healing.  

You'll begin in the 1st floor Entryhall, a large open area with a huge 
central staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. You'll find lots of ammo 
and health lying on the floor here. You'll also find the 2nd floor Key 
somewhere on the 1st floor, which you'll need to unlock the 2nd floor 
doors. Behind the central staircase there is also a set of stairs leading 
to the basement. Down in the basement there's a red portal that lets 
you skip straight to the roof of the Castle and the final battle after 
you've rescued all your relatives.

The 2nd to 4th floors are roughly identical. Each floor contains a key 
to the next floor, which you'll have to find before being able to proceed 
further. The staircase to the next floor can be found in one of the 4 
corners of the floor. 

The 5th floor contains no key, nor is there a staircase to the next 
level. Instead, in the very Southmost room, there is an elevator that 
will take you to the 6th floor.

The 6th floor is the roof of the castle, and the cathedral where the 
game's final battles take place. The cathedral is locked until dawn, so 
you won't be able to open the cathedral doors until 6:00 a.m (the 
game will automatically skip ahead to 6:00 a.m. when all your 
relatives have either been rescued or slain). At dawn, simply activate 
the 2 sun levers on the cathedral roof to create a beam of light that 
penetrates the cathedral doors and allows them to unlock. 

NOTE: There is no reason to explore all 5 floors of the castle. The 
only reason to explore the castle is to find and rescue Mr. Patterson 
and Lord Belmore. Once you've done that, you should skip straight to 
the roof using the portal in the basement. 

IMPORTANT HINT: Once you rescue all your relatives, there is a way 
to skip straight to the final battle without having to climb through all 
five floors of the castle. Behind the main staircase on the first floor, 
you should find a small set of stairs leading into a basement chamber. 
Here, you'll find a large red portal guarded by a Shadow Vampire and 
a pair of Demons. Additional Demons will spawn from out of the portal 
when you try to approach it. Jump through this portal, and you'll be 
taken straight to the roof of the castle and the final battles with the 
Count and Malachi (see the corrisponding entries in the Boss section of 
the FAQ for tips on beating them). 

*Level Maps:*

Although the individual rooms are randomized for each game, the actual layout
of the castle remains the same from game to game. Here are some maps showing
the general path you take from beginning to end.

East Wing 1st Floor:

     *ET *
     *  +    +     +       *
    1+  +    +  *  *     * *
     ****    **+*  *  G2 + *
     *  + R  **X*  *     * *
                         * *
                      *X+ > *

East Wing 2nd Floor:

     *ET *
     *  +          +       *
     * *     *     *     * *
     * +  G1 *     *  G2 + *
     * *     *     *     * *
     * *                 * *
     * ***            ****+**
     * +X*            *X+ < *
     *****            *******

East Wing 5th Floor:

     *ET *
     *  +          +       *
             *     *     * *
             *     *  G2 + *
             *     *     * *
     ***     * BR  ******* *
     *X*     *     *     * *
     *+*******     *******+**
     *<+     +     +      ML*

East Wing 4th Floor:

     *       +     +  +  +<*
     *+*******     *******+*
     * *     *     *     * *
     * *  G1 *     *  G2 *+*
     * +     *     *     + *
     * ******* MH  ******* *
     * *     *     *     * *
     *+*******     *     *+*
     *>+     +     *     *X*
     ***************     ***
East Wing 3rd Floor:

      *** *** ***
      * * * * * *
     *         OQ+       +>*
             *** ***     * *
             * + + *  G2 * *
             *** ***     + *
             *** ********* *
             * + + *     * *
         ******* ***     *+*
         *MQ + + + *     *X*
         ***********     ***

* = Wall
+ = Door
> = Stairway up
< = Stairway down
X = Possible Relative Location

1 = Entrance to East Wing
R = Secret: Hidden Revolver
G1= Garrison I
G2= Garrison II
ET= East Tower
ML= Main Library (books and possible relative here)
BR= Briefing Room
MH= Dining Room
OQ= Officer's Quarters
MQ= Major's Quarters

West Wing (1st to 5th Floors):

     *              +     +MS*
     * **************OOOOO**+*
     *+***                *  *
     *   *                * **
     * ! *                *  +1
     *   *                * **
     *+***                *  *
     * *********************+*
     *                    +  *

* = Wall
+ = Door
> = Stairway up
< = Stairway down

1 = Entrance to the West Wing (1st floor only)
MS = Main Stairwell
O = Indicates outdoor path (outside right/West door from main
                            stairwell on all floors). 
! = Important Location
    1st Floor: Monster Pit (Foul Beast Boss Fight)
    4th Floor: Succubus Draija's Coffin Room
    5th Floor: Main Portal Room (Succubus Boss Fight)

Main Castle 1st Floor:

     *                       *
     *   ******     ******   *
     *   *   P+     *    *   *
     *   *****************   *
     *   * *  *=====*  * *   *
     *   ***  *=====*  ***   *
     *        *==M==*        *
     *                       *
     *                       *

* = Wall

1 = Entrance to the Main Castle
M = Grand Stairwell to 2nd Floor
P = Portal to Roof

Main Castle 2nd to 5th Floor (General Layout)

     *           E           *
     *S                     S*
     *                       *
     *                       *
     *                       *
     *                       *
     *                       *
     *S                     S*
     *                       *

S = Possible location of stairs to next floor
E = Elevator to Roof (5th floor only)

*Frequently Asked Questions:*

Q: I found one of the relatives, but I got killed. When I reloaded the 
game from my last save and went to the place I found the relative, 
they are no longer there.

A: The placement of relatives in the East Wing and the Main Castle is 
semi-randomized. There are specific set rooms which may or may not 
contain a certain relative, and whether or not the relative is actually 
there isn't determined until you actually enter the room for the first 
time (these rooms are dead-ends that usually contain 2 or 3 items 
and, if the relative isn't there, a shadow vampire). If you know a 
relative can appear in one of the rooms, you can keep reloading from 
a previous save and keep going into that room until they finally 

Q. After rescuing one of the relatives, I left him/her behind in an empty 
room so I could explore ahead and clear out the monsters without 
having to worry about them. After several minutes, I got a message 
telling me the relative had died! What happened? I thought I left them 
in a safe area.

A: The monster-infested castle is not a safe place for your mostly-
defenseless relatives. If a relative is not in the same room with you for 
more than several minutes, the game automatically kills them. This 
occurs even if you leave a relative in an area where monsters never 
appear, such as the Main Courtyard. The only safe place for your 
relatives is the sanctuary. (Your dog Buster is an exception to this, if 
left behind he will eventually make his way back to the doghouse in 
the main courtyard, where you can pick him up again). 

Q: How do I stop the Desmodiij monsters from coming out of the 
spawning portals? 
Intirawolf359 writes:

	Second - The portals that spawn the creatures, may be destroyed by
	attacking them with whatever weapon you happen to be holding. Obviously
	some taking longer than others. I got the first two creatures to come
	out of one killed and then got the portal destroyed before any more
	could make it out. This was very handy on all of the following portals.

As Intirawolf359 states, you can destroy the portals by hitting the
black swirly energy thingy with your weapon. Your fists don't work,
but bullets or the cane sword do. Two hits should destroy a normal
portal, and ten hits will destroy the large portal in the boss fight
with the Draija Succubus.

You can also just keep killing monsters until they stop coming. Each portal
has a set number of monsters, and after several kills the monsters will
stop appearing (1 or 2 may pop out if you re-vist the portal room after 
several minutes, though). Alternatively, you can simply run past the 
portal room and only kill the 1 or 2 monsters that follow you into the 
next room. You can also try to take an alternate path through the 
castle that bypasses the portal room entirely, most of the time you 
should be able to find a different route that gets you past the portal 
room without needing to go in.

Q: I just rescued or killed the last relative, and the game skipped 
ahead to 6:00 a.m. However, after the movie showing the sun rising, 
the game crashes! What happened?

A: This seems to occur if you rescue or kill the last relative and trigger 
the cutscene while a 6-minute special item (i.e. Speed Potion, Garlic, 
etc.) is still in your inventory. To avoid it, don't pick up any of the 
temporary special items until after the cutscene showing the sun 
rising plays. 

Q: I can hear an enemy making grunting sounds and something 
keeps hitting me, but there's nothing there!

A: There's a rare bug in the game that may cause an enemy to 
become invisible. I've only encountered it a couple times, mainly in 
the Main Castle after dawn arrives. Look for the moving shadow on 
the floor to find the enemy, then shoot them dead.

*Known Bugs:*

- The game doesn't save the invert mouse or mouse sensitivity data, 
so you'll have to set it again to your preference every time you start 
the game from windows. 

- If you reload your weapon, you lose all bullets left in the clip, even if 
the clip is still full. So, if you press reload several times in succession, 
you'll lose all your bullets without firing a single shot. 

- If you kill an enemy in mid-air, their corpse will remain standing for a 
couple of seconds before dropping to the ground.

- These aren't really bugs, but you'll find several inconsistencies in the 
game's text. For example, Greg Bidwell is referred to as a friend of the 
family in the manual, but as your brother in the game. Relatives tell 
you he's being held on the roof of the East Wing Clock Tower, but 
he's really being held on the roof of the Garrison.

- The game may crash if you're carrying a temporary item (i.e. speed 
potion, garlic) when the cutscene that skips the clock ahead to dawn 

- When you rescue the 14th relative, the game will say all your 
relatives have been saved, and will skip ahead to dawn, causing the 
15th relative to die because of the sudden passage of time skipping 
past their sacrifice deadline. The only way to save all 15 relatives is to 
save the 14th and 15th relatives at the same time. 

- Sometimes, an enemy may become invisible for no good reason. 
You can still see their shadow, however, so shoot at that to kill them.

- If you try to bring Buster with you into Malachi's chamber, you 
automatically lose for no apparent reason, and are sent back to the 
main menu. 

- BumpWheel writes that:

	- At the East Wing Tower

	Your Walkthrough:
	Succubus Moraie will appear. Kill her and use the key she drops to 
	free Greg. Search the chest next to Greg for Father Aville's Heavenly 
	Scroll that unlocks the path to the Crypt and Moraie's tomb.

	There is a bug here. After picking up the key, it disappears for the
	item list after quick save. Because of this, if someone did not save
	before they picked up the key, they will have to start the game over.
	Unless cheats are used.	The last time I played this game I had know
	problems. I guess, get the word out.

Copyright 2005 Alan Chan 

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