NFL Quarterback Club (šifre)

NFL Quarterback Club 

The following codes are entered at the team 
select screen inpreseason mode.

F1,F1,F2,F2,F1,F2 - constant turbo.
F1,F1,F1,F4,F1,F1 - fumble mode.
F1,F1,F1,F3,F1,F1 - landmine mode.
F4,F2,F5,F3,F4,F5 - 47 historic teams.
F4,F2,F5,F4,F4,F5 - 47 more historic teams.
F1,F1,F3,F5,F1,F3 - long range throw/ kick mode.
F1,F1,F3,F4,F1,F3 - shadow player mode.
F1,F1,F1,F2,F1,F1 - NFC/ AFC preseason mode.
F1,F1,F5,F3,F1,F5 - super slippery mode.
F1,F1,F5,F2,F1,F5 - super team mode.
F1,F1,F4,F4,F1,F4 - super fast team mode.

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