Nezvanicni 1.6 patch za Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines


Izasao je jos jedan nezvanicni patch za, inace dosta bagovitu, Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines. Kako autori zakrpe tvrde trudili su se da isprave sto je vise moguce gresaka koji se javljaju u ovoj izuzetno zamisljenoj igri Troika Gamesa. Patch se instalira nakon zvanicno 1.2 patcha.

Patch ispravlja:

  • All dialogues were spellchecked for typos and more by Paul Moloney.
  • Several mistyped variables found could provide additional dialogues.
  • Fixed variables in texts of Ash, Bertram, Boris, Venus and Mitnick.
  • Corrected still not working Hitman quest fix and other related bugs.
  • Adjusted damage values of Steyr Aug, SWAT rifle and Ithaca shotgun.
  • Lowered lockpicking skill needed for chemical substances door to 10.
  • Prevented triggering the building scene before getting Muddy quest.
  • Made Model Citizen quest show failure directly after leaving Tawni.
  • Cleared up the log texts of the Muddy quest and Pishas occult quest.
  • Reconstructed lip-synchro for the misplaced Isaac text moved by Dan.
  • Re-branded Uzi, Mac 10, Glock 17c, Ithaca and both Remingtons guns.
  • Fixed double option with wrong link in the dialogue file of LaCroix.
  • Renamed Purge to Blood Purge and spellchecked all other text files

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