Neverwinter Nights 2 (šifre)

Neverwinter Nights 2

Submitted by: By: BigDawwg
Note: This procedure involves editing the nwn.ini file located in 
"My DocumentsNeverwinter Nights 2" folder. Use a text editor to open nwn.ini 
and add the following 2 lines:

[Game Options]

Debug Mode=1

Save the file and run NWN2. During gameplay press ~ and type 'DebugMode 1' (case sensitive) 
to enable cheat mode. Type 'commands' for a list of available command options 
(there are 180 supported console commands). Many of the commands are the same as the 
original NWN game. Some of the codes are:

Code         Result
dm_god     - God Mode
givexp x   - Gives Experience points (replace x with amount of XP you want awarded)
giveitem x - gives item to active character (replace x with item code from item 
             list " see below)
SetCON x   - Set Constitution to x
SetWIS x   - Set Wisdom to x
SetINT x   - Set Intelligence to x
SetSTR x   - Set Strength to x
SetCHA x   - Set Charisma to x
SetDEX x   - Set Dexterity to x

Cheat mode:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type DebugMode 1 (case-sensitive) to 
enable cheat mode. Then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the console window 
to activate the cheat function. 
Note: For some international versions, hold [Shift] then quickly press ~ followed by ? to 
display the console window.

Result                      Code	
irolltwenties             - 20 in all stats, new sword, cannot level
dm_givegold       - Gain indicated amount of gold1
givespell         - Get indicated spell
givexp            - Change indicated amount of experience points
                            use negative number to remove experience points
givefeat <2-500>          - Add indicated feat to selected character		
giveitem       - Spawn indicated item
dm_god                    - God mode2
SetCHA            - Set Charisma to indicated number on selected character
SetCON            - Set Constitution to indicated number on selected character
SetDEX            - Set Dexterity to indicated number on selected character
SetSTR            - Set Strength to indicated number on selected character
SetINT            - Set Intelligence to indicated number on selected character
SetWIS            - Set Wisdom to indicated number on selected character
dm_unlockcamera           - Use the camera with better scrolling
polymorph         - Polymorph controlled character into different creature
removefeat        - Remove the indicated feat
resetlevels               - De-level character if experience points is near 0
rs ga_alignment(-1,0)     - Move one point towards evil
rs ga_alignment(-1,1)     - Move one point towards chaos
rs ga_alignment(1,0)      - Move one point towards good
rs ga_alignment(1,1)      - Move one point towards law
rs ga_influence ()   - Raise influence level for that companion
rs kr_influence           - Simple influence editor in the form of a dialogue
Unpolymorph               - Return polymorphed controlled character to normal

Item Code list:

nw_wamar001:30 Normalx30
NW_WAMMAR009:30 Arrow+1 
NW_WAMMAR010:20 Arrow+2 
NW_WAMMAR003:5 Acid Arrow 
NW_WAMMAR002:5 Fire Arrow 
NW_WAMMAR005:5 Ice Arrow
NW_WAMMAR004:2 Piercing Arrow
NW_WAMBO001:50 Boltx50
NW_WAMMBO008:10 Bolt+1
NW_WAMMBO009:20 Bolt+2 
NW_WAMMBO005:5 Bolt Fire 
NW_WAMMBO001:5 Bolt Frost 
NW_WAMMBO002:5 Bolt Lightning
NW_WAMMBO004:3 Bolt Pierce
NW_WAMBU001:50 Bulletx50 
NW_WAMMBU008:5 Bullet+1 
NW_WTHDT001:20 Dart 
NW_WTHMDT002:10 Dart+1 
NW_WTHMDT008:6 Dart+2 
NW_WTHMDT009:3 Dart+3 
NW_WTHSH001:25 Shuriken
NW_WTHMSH002:10 Shuriken+1 
NW_WTHMSH008:6 Shuriken+2 
NW_WTHMSH009:3 Shuriken+3 
NW_WTHAX001:10 Throwing Axe 
NW_WTHMAX002:5 Throwing Axe +1 

NW_IT_MPOTION016 Potion Aid
NW_IT_MPOTION005 Potion Bark skin 
NW_IT_MPOTION009 Potion Bless
NW_IT_MPOTION015 Potion Bull strength 
NW_IT_MPOTION014 Potion Cats Grace 
NW_IT_MPOTION001 Potion Cure Light
NW_IT_MPOTION020 Potion Cure Moderate 
NW_IT_MPOTION010 Potion Eagle 
NW_IT_MPOTION013 Potion Endurance 
NW_IT_MPOTION017 Potion Fox 
NW_IT_MPOTION008 Invisibility Potion
NW_IT_MPOTION019 Potion Lore 
NW_IT_MPOTION018 Potion Owl
NW_IT_MPOTION022 Spirits

X1_WMGRENADE002 Alchemists Fire
X1_WMGRENADE004 Choking Powder
X1_WMGRENADE001 Acid Flask
X1_WMGRENADE005 Holy Water
X1_WMGRENADE007 Thunderstone
X1_WMGRENADE006 Tanglefoot Bag

Healing kits and Lockpicks:
nw_it_medkit001 HealKit+1
nw_it_medkit002 HealKit+3
NW_IT_MEDKIT003 Healing+6
NW_IT_MEDKIT004 Healing+10
NW_IT_PICKS001 Lockpicks+1
NW_IT_PICKS002 Lockpicks+3
NW_IT_PICKS003 Lockpicks+6
NW_IT_PICKS004 Lockpicks+10

NW_WMGWN003 Wand Fear 
NW_WMGWN002 Wand Fire 
NW_WMGWN013 Wand Lesser Summon
NW_WMGWN007 Wand Lightning 
nw_wmgwn012 Wand Sleep 
NW_WMGWN004 Wand Missiles 
NW_WMGWN008 Wand Summoning 
NW_WMGWN011 Wand Arcane Disj

NW_MAARCL044 LeatherArmor+1
NW_MAARCL071 LeatherArmor+2
NW_MAARCL083 LeatherArmor+3 
NW_MAARCL043 PaddedArmor+1
NW_MAARCL072 PaddedArmor+2
NW_MAARCL084 PaddedArmor+3
NW_MAARCL047 HideArmor+1
NW_MAARCL070 HideArmor+2
NW_MAARCL082 HideArmor+3 
X0_MAARCL007 HideArmor+4 
NW_MAARCL045 StuddedLeatherArmor+1
NW_MAARCL075 StuddedLeatherArmor+2
NW_MAARCL087 StuddedLeatherArmor+3
NW_MAARCL048 ScaleMail+1
NW_MAARCL073 ScaleMail+2 
NW_MAARCL085 ScaleMail+3 
NW_MAARCL035 Chainmail+1
NW_MAARCL066 Chainmail+2
NW_MAARCL078 Chainmail+3 
NW_MAARCL046 ChainShirt+1
NW_MAARCL067 ChainShirt+2
nw_maarcl079 ChainShirt+3
NW_MAARCL051 BandedMail+1 
NW_MAARCL064 BandedMail+2 
NW_MAARCL076 BandedMail+3
NW_MAARCL049 Breastplate+1
NW_MAARCL065 Breastplate+2
nw_maarcl077 Breastplate+3
NW_MAARCL052 HalfPlate+1 
NW_MAARCL069 HalfPlate+2
NW_MAARCL053 FullPlate+1 
NW_MAARCL068 FullPlate+2 

NW_ASHMSW002 Small Shield+1
NW_ASHMSW009 Small Shield+3
X0_ASHMSW001 Small Shield+4
NW_ASHLW002 Large Shield+1
NW_ASHLW008 Large Shield+2
NW_ASHLW009 Large Shield+3 
NW_ASHMTO002 Tower Shield+1
NW_ASHMTO008 Tower Shield+2
nw_ashmto009 Tower Shield+3 

nw_it_mboots010 Boots of Reflexes+1
nw_it_mboots011 Boots of Reflexes+2 
nw_it_mboots012 Boots of Reflexes+3
nw_it_mboots013 Boots of Reflexes+4 
NW_IT_MBOOTS001 Boots of Striding+1
NW_IT_MBOOTS006 Boots of Striding+2 
NW_IT_MBOOTS007 Boots of Striding+3 
NW_IT_MBOOTS008 Boots of Striding+4 

Helmets and hats:
X0_ARMHE009 Headband of Intellect+2 
X0_ARMHE010 Headband of Intellect+4 

nw_it_mbelt018 Belt of Agility+1 
nw_it_mbelt020 Belt of Agility+3 
nw_it_mbelt019 Belt of Agility+2 
nw_it_mbelt021 Belt of Agility+4 

NW_IT_MBRACER002 Bracers of Armor+1 
NW_IT_MBRACER007 Bracers of Armor+2 
NW_IT_MBRACER008 Bracers of Armor+3 
NW_IT_MBRACER009 Bracers of Armor+4 
NW_IT_MBRACER010 Bracers of Armor+5 
NW_IT_MBRACER001 Bracers of Dexterity+1
NW_IT_MBRACER003 Bracers of Dexterity+2
NW_IT_MBRACER004 Bracers of Dexterity+3 
NW_IT_MBRACER005 Bracers of Dexterity+4

NW_MAARCL104 Cloak of Fortification+1 
NW_MAARCL105 Cloak of Fortification+2 
NW_MAARCL055 Cloak of Protection+1 
NW_MAARCL088 Cloak of Protection+2
NW_MAARCL089 Cloak of Protection+3
X0_MAARCL025 Cloak of Resistance+1
X0_MAARCL026 Cloak of Resistance+2 
X0_MAARCL027 Cloak of Resistance+3 
NW_MAARCL031 Nymph Cloak+1
NW_MAARCL092 Nymph Cloak+2
NW_MAARCL093 Nymph Cloak+3 
NW_MAARCL094 Nymph Cloak+4

Amulets (Neck):
NW_IT_MNECK001 AmuletofNaturalArmor+1 
NW_IT_MNECK012 AmuletofNaturalArmor+2 
NW_IT_MNECK013 AmuletofNaturalArmor+3
X2_IT_MNECK001 AmuletofVitality+2
X2_IT_MNECK002 AmuletofVitality+4
nw_it_mneck024 AmuletofWill+1
nw_it_mneck025 AmuletofWill+2
nw_it_mneck027 AmuletofWill+4
nw_it_mneck028 AmuletofWill+5 
X2_IT_MNECK016 AmuletofWill+6
NW_IT_MNECK006 ScarabofProtection+1
NW_IT_MNECK007 PeriaptofWisdom+1
NW_IT_MNECK008 PeriaptofWisdom+2 
NW_IT_MNECK009 PeriaptofWisdom+3 
NW_IT_MNECK010 PeriaptofWisdom+4 
NW_IT_MNECK016 ScarabofProtection+2 
NW_IT_MNECK017 ScarabofProtection+3

NW_IT_MRING006 RingofClearThought+1 
nw_it_mring024 RingofFortitude+1 
NW_IT_MRING001 RingofProtection+1
NW_IT_MRING015 RingofClearThought+3 
NW_IT_MRING014 RingofClearThought+2 
nw_it_mring027 RingofFortitude+4 
nw_it_mring025 RingofFortitude+2 
NW_IT_MRING018 RingofProtection+3 
NW_IT_MRING008 RingofProtection+2
NW_IT_MRING033 RingofResistance+3 
NW_IT_MRING032 RingofResistance+2
nw_it_mring028 RingofFortitude+5 
NW_IT_MRING008 RingofProtection+2 
X2_IT_MRING025 RingofFortitude+6 
NW_IT_MRING018 RingofProtection+3 
NW_IT_MRING033 RingofResistance+3
NW_IT_MRING016 RingofClearThought+4 

NW_WBWMXH002 HeavyCrossbow+1 
NW_WBWMXH008 HeavyCrossbow+2 
NW_WBWMXH009 HeavyCrossbow+3 
nw_wbwmxl002 LightCrossbow+1
nw_wbwmxl008 LightCrossbow+2 
NW_WBWMXL009 LightCrossbow+3 
NW_WBWMLN002 Longbow+1 
NW_WBWMLN008 Longbow+2
NW_WBWMLN009 Longbow+3
NW_WBWMSH002 Shortbow+1
NW_WBWMSH008 Shortbow+2 
NW_WBWMSH009 Shortbow+3 
NW_WBWMSL001 Sling+1
NW_WBWMSL009 Sling+2 
NW_WBWMSL010 Sling+3 
X0_WBWMSL001 Sling+4

Melee Weapons:
NW_WSWMBS002 BastardSword+1 
NW_WSWMBS009 BastardSword+2
NW_WSWMBS010 BastardSword+3
NW_WAXMBT002 Battleaxe+1
NW_WAXMBT010 Battleaxe+2
NW_WAXMBT011 Battleaxe+3 
NW_WBLMCL002 Club+1
NW_WBLMCL010 Club+2
NW_WBLMCL011 Club+3
X0_WBLMCL001 Club+4
NW_WSWMDG002 Dagger+1
NW_WSWMDG008 Dagger+2
NW_WSWMDG009 Dagger+3 
X2_WMDWRAXE002 DwarvenWaraxe+1
x2_wmdwraxe003 DwarvenWaraxe+2 
x2_wmdwraxe004 DwarvenWaraxe+3
n2_wswmfl001 Falchion+1
n2_wswmfl002 Falchion+2
n2_wswmfl003 Falchion+3 
NW_WAXMGR002 Greataxe+1
NW_WAXMGR009 Greataxe+2 
NW_WAXMGR011 Greataxe+3 
NW_WSWMGS002 Greatsword+1
NW_WSWMGS011 Greatsword+2
NW_WSWMGS012 Greatsword+3
NW_WPLMHB002 Halberd+1
NW_WPLMHB010 Halberd+2 
NW_WPLMHB011 Halberd+3
NW_WAXMHN002 Handaxe+1
NW_WAXMHN010 Handaxe+2 
NW_WAXMHN011 Handaxe+3
nw_wspmka002 Kama+1
NW_WSPMKA008 Kama+2
NW_WSPMKA009 Kama+3
nw_wswmka002 Katana+1
NW_WSWMKA010 Katana+2 
nw_wswmka011 Katana+3
NW_WSPMKU008 Kukri+1 
nw_wspmku009 Kukri+3
NW_WBLMHL002 LightHammer+1
NW_WBLMHL010 LightHammer+2
NW_WBLMHL011 LightHammer+3
NW_WSWMLS002 Longsword+1 
NW_WSWMLS010 Longsword+2 
NW_WSWMLS012 Longsword+3 
NW_WBLMML002 Mace+1
NW_WBLMML011 Mace+2
NW_WBLMML012 Mace+3
NW_WBLMMS002 Morningstar+1
NW_WBLMMS010 Morningstar+2
NW_WBLMMS011 Morningstar+3 
nw_wdbmqs002 Quarterstaff+1
NW_WDBMQS008 Quarterstaff+2
NW_WDBMQS009 Quarterstaff+3 
NW_WSWMRP002 Rapier+1
NW_WSWMRP010 Rapier+2 
NW_WSWMRP011 Rapier+3
NW_WSWMSC002 Scimitar+1 
NW_WSWMSC010 Scimitar+2
NW_WSWMSC011 Scimitar+3
NW_WPLMSC002 Scythe+1
nw_wplmsc010 Scythe+2
NW_WPLMSC011 Scythe+3
NW_WSWMSS002 ShortSword+1 
NW_WSWMSS009 ShortSword+2 
NW_WSWMSS011 ShortSword+3
NW_WSPMSC002 Sickle+1
NW_WSPMSC010 Sickle+2
nw_wspmsc011 Sickle+3 
NW_WPLMSS002 Spear+1
nw_wplmss010 Spear+2
NW_WPLMSS011 Spear+3 
X0_WPLMSS001 Spear+4
NW_WBLMHW002 Warhammer+1
NW_WBLMHW011 Warhammer+2 
NW_WBLMHW012 Warhammer+3 
nw_wdbmma002 Warmace+1 
nw_wdbmma010 Warmace+2 
nw_wdbmma011 Warmace+3

Gems and gold:
NW_IT_GEM013 Alexandrite
NW_IT_GEM003 Amethyst
NW_IT_GEM014 Aventurine
cft_gem_14 Beljuril
cft_gem_01 Bloodstone
cft_gem_12 Blue Diamond
cft_gem_09 Canary Diamond
NW_IT_GEM005 Diamond
nw_it_gem012 Emerald
NW_IT_GEM002 Fire Agate
NW_IT_GEM015 Fluorspar
NW_IT_GEM011 Garnet
NW_IT_GEM001 Greenstone 
cft_gem_11 Jacinth
cft_gem_15 Kings Tear 
nw_it_gem007 Malachite
cft_gem_03:4 Obsidian
NW_IT_GEM004 Phenalope
cft_gem_13 Rogue Stone 
NW_IT_GEM006 Ruby 
NW_IT_GEM008 Sapphire 
cft_gem_10 Star Sapphire 
NW_IT_GEM010 Topaz 
nw_it_gold001:7500 7500 Gold 

Crafting Material: 
x2_it_cmat_leath leather hide
x2_it_cmat_elmw elm wood 
x2_it_cmat_oakw oak wood 
x2_it_cmat_ironw ironwood
x2_it_cmat_bone bone 
x2_it_cmat_iron iron 
x2_it_cmat_steel steel
x2_it_cmat_adam adamantine
x2_it_cmat_mith Mithral
x2_it_cmat_cloth Cloth

Unique Items:

X0_CLOTH002 Lesser Robe of Eyes 
X0_CLOTH005 Greater Robe of Eyes 
NW_MCLOTH007 Robe of Acid Resistance 
X0_CLOTH003 Robe of Scintillating Colors
X1_MCLOTH001 Robe of Energy

NW_MAARCL062 Scales of Truth +3 
NW_MAARCL063 Silver bone Armor +2
NW_MAARCL005 Shadow Legion Armor
NW_MAARCL021 Armor of Comfort
NW_MAARCL022 Elven Ceremonial Armor 
X0_MAARCL037 Storm Armor of the Earth's Children
NW_MAARCL002 Mirrored Armor
NW_MAARCL001 Armor of the Wolf 
NW_MAARCL037 Elven Chainmail 
NW_MAARCL013 Armor of Thorns10
NW_MAARCL032 Benzo's Luck
NW_MAARCL007 The Great Oak
X1_MAARCL001 Skin of the Forest
mwa_mdcm_ada Adamantine Chainmail

X0_MAARCL030 Cloak of Arachnida
X0_MAARCL032 Cloak of Displacement 
X2_IT_DROWCL001 Drow Piwafi Cloak 
nw_maarcl098 Cloak of Protection vs. Chaos
nw_maarcl096 Cloak of Protection vs. Good
nw_maarcl099 Cloak of Protection vs. Law
X0_MAARCL039 Cape of Winter
nw_maarcl100 Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Good
nw_maarcl103 Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Law
x2_nash_cloak Nasher's Cloak of Protection 
X1_IT_MCLOAK001 Skin of the Manticore

NW_ASHMLW003 Shield of the Holy
NW_ASHMLW005 Mirror Shield
NW_ASHMSW006 Shield of the Wisp Hunter
NW_ASHMTO005 Goblin Shield of Nulbish 
X0_MAARCL041 Hair Shirt of Ilmater
x2_it_ironwshlds Ironwood Small Shield 
X2_IT_IWOODSHLDL Ironwood Large Shield
x2_it_ironwshldt Ironwood Tower Shield

X0_ARMHE003 Eyes of Charming 
X0_ARMHE016 Headband of the Binder
X0_ARMHE013 Mask of Death
X0_ARMHE014 Beholder Crown
NW_ARMHE010 Golden Circlet 
NW_ARMHE012 Greater Mask of Persuasion

Gloves and Bracers:
NW_IT_MGLOVE025 Gloves of the Long Death+5
X0_IT_MGLOVE002 Greater Gloves of Appraisal
X0_IT_MGLOVE001 Gloves of Appraisal
nw_it_mglove004 Gloves of Concentration
NW_IT_MGLOVE016 Gloves of the Hin Fist+1
NW_IT_MGLOVE019 Gloves of the Hin Fist+4
NW_IT_MGLOVE020 Gloves of the Hin Fist+5
nw_it_mglove015 Greater Gloves of Swordplay 
X0_IT_MGLOVE004 Greater Gloves of the Artificer
NW_IT_MBRACER012 Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power
x2_nash_glove Nasher's Gloves of Combat
X1_IT_MGLOVE001 Flaming Gloves+2
NW_IT_MGLOVE027 Gloves of the Yellow Rose+2

Instruments and Misc: 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC04 Chime of Opening 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC15 Fochluchan Bandore
X0_IT_MTHNMISC16 Mac-Fuirmidh Cithern
X0_IT_MTHNMISC13 Elixir of Horus-Re
X0_IT_MTHNMISC17 Doss Lute 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC18 Canaith Mandolin 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC11 Lens of Detection 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC21 Censer of Controlling Air Elementals
X0_IT_MSMLMISC03 Gem of Brightness 
X0_IT_MSMLMISC01 Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals 
X0_IT_MSMLMISC05 Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals

X2_IT_MRING001 Ring of Major Acid Resistance 
X2_IT_MRING005 Ring of Major Sonic Resistance 
X0_IT_MRING009 Commander's Ring 
x2_ring_pet Stone eater's Ring
X0_IT_MRING002 Ring of Hiding
X0_IT_MRING012 Ring of Nine Lives 
NW_IT_NOVEL001 Ring of the Wood Elves 
X0_IT_MRING006 Ring of Freedom of Movement 
X2_IT_MRING006 Ring of the Ram
X0_IT_MRING014 Ring of Spell Battle
X0_IT_MRING013 Purple Dragon Ring
NW_IT_MRING005 Ring of Magic Defenses 

X0_IT_MBELT002 Belt of Lions 
X0_IT_MBELT003 Shar's Belt of Priestly Might 
nw_it_mbelt014 Greater Archer's Belt 
nw_it_mbelt015 Lesser Belt of Guiding Light 
NW_IT_MBELT005 Sash of Shimmering
x2_armor_001 Spell Chain 

NW_IT_MBOOTS018 Boots of the Sun Soul +1
NW_IT_MBOOTS004 Gargoyle Boots

nw_it_mneck032 Amulet of Acid Resistance
X2_IT_MNECK004 Amulet of Divine Resistance 
NW_IT_MNECK033 Lesser Amulet of the Master 
X0_IT_MNECK007 Lesser Ice Necklace of the Ulutium

Wands, Staves, and Rods:
NW_WMGMRD003 Rod of Terror 
NW_WMGWN003 Wand of Fear 
NW_WMGWN013 Wand of Lesser Summoning
NW_WMGMRD004 Rod of Beguiling 
NW_WMGWN005 Wand of Paralyzation 
NW_WMGWN008 Wand of Summoning 
NW_IT_NOVEL008 Staff of Valmaxian 
NW_WDBMQS005 Staff of Curing

Melee Weapons:
NW_WDBMQS003 Aiedo Wither-Stick
NW_WSWMKA007 Blade of the Elements
NW_WAXMHN005 Blood Rust Axe
NW_WBLMCL012 Club of Smiting 
NW_WSWMLS007 Cold Iron Blade
NW_WSWMDG003 Courtesan Blade
N2_WPLMHB001 Cruel Halberd 
NW_WSPMKU005 Cutting Star
NW_IT_NOVEL009 The Dagger of Chaos
NW_WAXMBT006 Deepstone Progeny
NW_WSWMBS007 Discord
NW_WSWMKA004 Divine Fury 
NW_WSPMKA006 Empty Fields
NW_WSWMSS010 Feyduster+2 
NW_WPLMSS008 FeySpear+1 
NW_WBLMHL005 Hammer of the Beast
NW_WBLMHW004 Hammer of Thunderbolts 
NW_WBLMHW003 Hammer of the Wisp
NW_WPLMSS004 Heartwood Spear 
NW_WBLMML004 Kiss of Sune
NW_WSPMKU003 Ladymist Talon
NW_WSWMRP008 Namarra (Neversleep)+1 
NW_WDBMQS004 Nega staff
X1_WSWMDG001 The Night thief's Nimble knife
NW_WBLMMS007 One of Many
NW_WBLMML007 Petty's Tempest
NW_WPLMHB008 Ravager+1
NW_WBLMHW005 Rift Hammer
NW_WPLMSC009 Sea Reaver+2 
NW_WAXMGR003 Netherese Axe
NW_WAXMGR005 Re's Redemption 
NW_WAXMBT008 Sentinel+1
NW_WSWMGS005 Shining Light of Lathander
N2_WSWMLS001 The Sly Blade 
N2_WPLMSC001 The Sowing Fields 
NW_WSWMKA008 Sword Saint Legacy+1
x2_it_venomhb Venom Halberd
NW_WSWMGS006 Vermin's Bane
NW_WAXMHN004 Woodcutter's Axe 

Projectile Weapons:
NW_WBWMLN007 North Wind Bow 
NW_WBWMXH004 Crossbow of Enchantment 
NW_WBWMSH003 Eaglebow 

nw_it_sparscr603 Acid Fog
x1_it_sparscr002 Acid Splash
x2_it_spdvscr201 Aid
x1_it_sparscr102 Amplify
nw_it_sparscr509 Animate Dead
n2_it_sparscr001 Assay Resistance
x1_it_spdvscr204 Aura Of Glory
x1_it_spdvscr701 Aura Of Vitality
x2_it_spdvscr804 Aura Versus Alignment 
x2_it_spdvscr508 Awaken 
x1_it_sparscr201 Balagarn's Iron Horn
x1_it_spdvscr101 Bane 
x1_it_spdvscr601 Banishment 
x2_it_spdvscr202 Bark skin
x2_it_spdvscr501 Battle tide 
n2_it_sparscr002 Bears Endurance
nw_it_sparscr414 Bestow Curse
x1_it_sparscr801 Bigby's Clenched Fist 
x1_it_sparscr901 Bigby's Crushing Hand 
x1_it_sparscr602 Bigby's Forceful Hand 
x1_it_sparscr701 Bigby's Grasping Hand 
x1_it_sparscr502 Bigby's Interposing Hand 
x2_it_sparscr801 Black staff 
x2_it_spdvscr603 Blade Barrier
x2_it_spdvscr103 Bless 
x2_it_spdvscr102 Bless Weapon
nw_it_sparscr211 Blindness And Deafness 
nw_it_sparscr807 Blindness And Deafness Mass
n2_it_sparscr003 Blind sight 
x1_it_spdvscr803 Bombardment 
nw_it_sparscr212 Bulls Strength 
nw_it_sparscr112 Burning Hands
x2_it_spdvscr307 Call Lightning
x1_it_spdvscr107 Camouflage 
x1_it_spdvscr402 Camouflage Mass
nw_it_sparscr213 Cats Grace
n2_it_sparscr004 Cause Fear
nw_it_sparscr607 Chain Lightning
nw_it_sparscr405 Charm Monster
nw_it_sparscr806 Charm Monster Mass
nw_it_sparscr107 Charm Person
nw_it_sparscr610 Circle Of Death
nw_it_sparscr307 Clairaudience And Clairvoyance
x2_it_sparscr206 Cloud Of Bewilderment
nw_it_sparscr502 Cloud kill
nw_it_sparscr110 Color Spray
x2_it_sparscr201 Combust 
nw_it_sparscr406 Confusion
nw_it_sparscr411 Contagion 
nw_it_sparscr707 Control Undead
x1_it_spdvscr804 Create Greater Undead
x1_it_spdvscr605 Create Undead 
x1_it_spdvscr702 Creeping Doom
x2_it_spdvscr601 Crumble
n2_it_sparscr006 Crushing Despair
x2_it_spdvscr402 Cure Critical Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr001 Cure Critical Wounds Mass
x2_it_spdvscr308 Cure Serious Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr003 Cure Serious Wounds Mass
x2_it_spdvscr505 Cure Light Wounds Mass
x2_it_spdvscr104 Cure Light Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr203 Cure Moderate Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr002 Cure Moderate Wounds Mass
nw_it_spdvscr206 Darkness 
x2_it_sparscr202 Death Armor 
n2_it_spdvscr004 Death Knell 
x2_it_spdvscr403 Death Ward 
n2_it_sparscr007 Deep Slumber
nw_it_sparscr704 Delayed Blast Fireball
n2_it_spdvscr006 Detect Undead
x1_it_sparscr601 Dirge 
nw_it_sparscr301 Dispel Magic
x1_it_sparscr301 Displacement
n2_it_sparscr008 Disintegrate
nw_it_sparscr501 Dismissal
nw_it_sparscr602 Dispel Magic Greater
nw_it_sparscr218 Dispel Magic Lesser
x1_it_spdvscr102 Divine Favor
x2_it_spdvscr404 Divine Power
x2_it_spdvscr309 Dominate Animal
nw_it_sparscr905 Dominate Monster
nw_it_sparscr503 Dominate Person
x1_it_spdvscr703 Destruction 
x2_it_spdvscr105 Doom 
x1_it_spdvscr604 Drown 
nw_it_sparscr219 Eagles Splendor
x1_it_spdvscr801 Earthquake 
nw_it_sparscr416 Elemental Shield
x2_it_spdvscr901 Elemental Swarm
nw_it_sparscr101 Endure Elements
nw_it_sparscr908 Energy Drain
n2_it_spdvscr007 Energy Immunity
nw_it_sparscr412 Enervation 
n2_it_sparscr009 Enlarge Person
x2_it_spdvscr106 Entangle
x1_it_spdvscr103 Entropic Shield
n2_it_sparscr036 Etherealness
n2_it_spdvscr008 Ethereal Jaunt
nw_it_sparscr608 Ethereal Visage
nw_it_sparscr418 Evard's Black Tentacles
x1_it_sparscr101 Expeditious Retreat
n2_it_sparscr010 False Life
nw_it_sparscr413 Fear 
nw_it_sparscr504 Feeble mind
x2_it_sparscr305 Find Traps
nw_it_sparscr708 Finger Of Death
nw_it_sparscr309 Fireball
x1_it_sparscr501 Firebrand
n2_it_sparscr011 Fireburst
n2_it_sparscr012 Fireburst Greater
x1_it_spdvscr704 Firestorm
nw_it_sparscr304 Flame Arrow
x1_it_spdvscr403 Flame Strike
x2_it_sparscr205 Flame Weapon
x1_it_sparscr605 Flesh To Stone
nw_it_sparscr220 Fox Cunning 
x2_it_spdvscr405 Freedom Of Movement
nw_it_sparscr902 Gate
x2_it_sparscr203 Gedlees Electric Loop
nw_it_sparscr208 Ghostly Visage
nw_it_sparscr209 Ghoul Touch
nw_it_sparscr601 Globe Of Invulnerability
x2_it_spdvscr306 Glyph Of Warding
n2_it_sparscr013 Globe Of Invulnerability Lesser
nw_it_sparscr103 Grease
x1_it_sparscr303 Gusto Wind 
x2_it_spdvscr406 Hammer Of The Gods
x2_it_spdvscr604 Harm
nw_it_sparscr312 Haste 
x2_it_spdvscr605 Heal
x2_it_spdvscr801 Heal Mass 
n2_it_sparscr014 Heroism
n2_it_sparscr015 Heroism Greater
x2_it_spdvscr204 Hold Animal 
nw_it_sparscr505 Hold Monster
n2_it_sparscr016 Hold Monster Mass 
nw_it_sparscr308 Hold Person
n2_it_sparscr017 Hold Person Mass
x2_it_spdvscr401 Holy Sword 
nw_it_sparscr809 Horrid Wilting
x2_it_sparscr401 Ice Storm
nw_it_sparscr804 Incendiary Cloud
nw_it_sparscr106 Identify
x2_it_spdvscr902 Implosion 
x1_it_spdvscr501 Inferno
x2_it_spdvscr301 Infestation Of Maggots
x1_it_spdvscr401 Inflict Critical Wounds 
n2_it_spdvscr009 Inflict Critical Wounds Mass
x1_it_spdvscr104 Inflict Light Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr504 Inflict Light Wounds Mass
x1_it_spdvscr201 Inflict Moderate Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr010 Inflict Moderate Wounds Mass
x1_it_spdvscr302 Inflict Serious Wounds 
n2_it_spdvscr011 Inflict Serious Wounds Mass
nw_it_sparscr207 Invisibility
nw_it_sparscr408 Invisibility Greater
x2_it_spdvscr310 Invisibility Purge
nw_it_sparscr314 Invisibility Sphere
n2_it_sparscr018 Iron Body
x1_it_sparscr401 Isaacs Lesser Missile Storm
x1_it_sparscr603 Isaacs Greater Missile Storm
n2_it_sparscr019 Joyful Noise
x2_it_sparscr303 Keen Edge
nw_it_sparscr216 Knock 
x2_it_sparscr602 Legend Lore
n2_it_sparscr020 Least Spell Mantle
nw_it_sparscr310 Lightning Bolt
n2_it_sparscr021 Low-Light Vision 
nw_it_sparscr104 Mage Armor
n2_it_sparscr022 Mage Armor Improved
nw_it_sparscr302 Magic Circle Against Alignment 
x1_it_spdvscr106 Magic Fang
x1_it_spdvscr303 Magic Fang Greater
nw_it_sparscr109 Magic Missile
x2_it_spdvscr304 Magic Vestment
x2_it_sparscr105 Magic Weapon
x2_it_sparscr304 Magic Weapon Greater
nw_it_sparscr202 Melfs Acid Arrow
x2_it_sparscr301 Mestils Acid Breath
nw_it_sparscr906 Meteor Swarm
nw_it_sparscr801 Mind Blank
nw_it_sparscr511 Mind Blank Lesser 
nw_it_sparscr506 Mind Fog
n2_it_sparscr023 Mirror Image
nw_it_sparscr901 Mordenkainens Disjunction
nw_it_sparscr705 Mordenkainens Sword
nw_it_spdvscr402 Neutralize Poison
x1_it_spdvscr502 Owls Insight 
nw_it_sparscr221 Owls Wisdom 
nw_it_sparscr409 Phantasmal Killer 
x1_it_spdvscr603 Planar Ally 
nw_it_sparscr604 Planar Binding
nw_it_sparscr512 Planar Binding Lesser
nw_it_sparscr803 Planar Binding Greater 
x2_it_spdvscr407 Poison
n2_it_sparscr024 Polar Ray
nw_it_sparscr415 Polymorph Self
nw_it_sparscr903 Power Word Kill
nw_it_sparscr702 Power Word Stun
x2_it_spdvscr312 Prayer
nw_it_sparscr808 Premonition 
nw_it_sparscr706 Prismatic Spray
nw_it_sparscr102 Protection From Alignment
n2_it_sparscr025 Protection From Arrows
nw_it_sparscr303 Protection From Energy
nw_it_sparscr802 Protection From Spells 
x1_it_spdvscr305 Quill fire
n2_it_sparscr026 Rage
nw_it_spdvscr501 Raise Dead
nw_it_sparscr111 Ray Of Enfeeblement
x2_it_spdvscr702 Regenerate 
nw_it_spdvscr301 Remove Blindness And Deafness
nw_it_sparscr402 Remove Curse
nw_it_spdvscr302 Remove Disease
x2_it_spdvscr107 Remove Fear 
x2_it_spdvscr205 Remove Paralysis
n2_it_sparscr027 Repulsion
nw_it_sparscr001 Resistance
nw_it_sparscr201 Resist Energy 
nw_it_sparscr401 Restoration
nw_it_spdvscr201 Restoration Lesser
nw_it_spdvscr701 Restoration Greater
nw_it_spdvscr702 Resurrection
n2_it_spdvscr012 Righteous Might
x2_it_spdvscr108 Sanctuary 
nw_it_sparscr210 Scare 
x2_it_sparscr302 Scintillating Sphere
x2_it_spdvscr313 Searing Light
nw_it_sparscr205 See Invisibility
nw_it_sparscr609 Shades
nw_it_sparscr410 Shadow Conjuration
nw_it_sparscr508 Shadow Conjuration Greater
x2_it_sparscr703 Shadow Shield
nw_it_sparscr910 Shape change
x1_it_sparscr103 Shield
x1_it_spdvscr105 Shield Of Faith
n2_it_spdvscr013 Shield Other
n2_it_sparscr028 Shocking Grasp
n2_it_sparscr029 Shroud Of Flame
nw_it_spdvscr203 Silence 
x2_it_spdvscr506 Slay Living 
nw_it_sparscr313 Slow 
n2_it_sparscr030 Song Of Discord
nw_it_spdvscr204 Sound Burst 
nw_it_sparscr417 Spell Breach Lesser
nw_it_sparscr612 Spell Breach Greater 
nw_it_sparscr513 Spell Mantle Lesser
nw_it_sparscr701 Spell Mantle
nw_it_sparscr912 Spell Mantle Greater
x2_it_spdvscr507 Spell Resistance
n2_it_sparscr031 Spiderskin 
x1_it_spdvscr304 Spike Growth
nw_it_sparscr305 Stinking Cloud
n2_it_sparscr032 Stone Body 
x2_it_spdvscr602 Stonehold
nw_it_sparscr403 Stone skin 
nw_it_sparscr613 Stone skin Greater
x1_it_sparscr604 Stone To Flesh
x2_it_spdvscr903 Storm Of Vengeance
nw_it_sparscr105 Summon Creature I
nw_it_sparscr203 Summon Creature II
nw_it_sparscr306 Summon Creature III 
nw_it_sparscr404 Summon Creature IV
nw_it_sparscr510 Summon Creature V 
nw_it_sparscr605 Summon Creature VI
nw_it_sparscr703 Summon Creature VII
nw_it_sparscr805 Summon Creature VIII
nw_it_sparscr904 Summon Creature IX
x2_it_spdvscr803 Sunbeam
x1_it_spdvscr802 Sunburst
x1_it_sparscr202 Tashas Hideous Laughter 
nw_it_sparscr614 Tenser Transformation 
nw_it_sparscr606 True Seeing 
x1_it_sparscr104 True Strike 
x1_it_spdvscr901 Undeaths Eternal Foe
x2_it_sparscr601 Undeath To Death
nw_it_sparscr311 Vampiric Touch
x2_it_spdvscr503 Vine Mine
x2_it_spdvscr002 Virtue 
n2_it_sparscr033 Vitriolic Sphere 
nw_it_sparscr909 Wail Of The Banshee 
nw_it_sparscr407 Wall Of Fire 
n2_it_sparscr034 War Cry
n2_it_sparscr035 Weapon Of Impact
nw_it_sparscr204 Web
nw_it_sparscr907 Weird 
x2_it_spdvscr701 Word Of Faith

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