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Neverwinter Nights 2Stigao nam je novi update za Neverwinter Nights 2. Patch koji podiže verziju igre na 1.22 možete skinuti odavde, a kompletnu listu ispravki koje donosi možete pročitati u nastavku teksta. Neverwinter Nights 2 Game Update 1.22
English BETA Patch Notes – December 19, 2008
Bug Fixes
• Spell focus feats are no longer available for Warlocks during character creation or level-up
• The class description of Stormlord has been changed to reflect the skills available.
• Weapon switching has been enabled for enemies, but not party members.
• Fixed an issue that allowed players to get the dinosaur companion for free.
• The item "Stone of Alarm" will now work as intended.
• Yuan-ti Purebloods now gain Alertness and Blind-Fight instead of Snakeblood, per PnP rules. Race description has been altered accordingly.
• The Flurry of Blows feat description has been altered to more accurately reflect which weapons can be used to gain the benefit of this feat.
• The Default Swashbuckler package will no longer choose Luck of Heroes at level 1.
• Familiars will always follow their masters, unless told to stand their ground.
• Fixed an issue that caused the 2d/3d bias option setting to not save.
• "Alchemist's Fire" will now add a damage bonus when applied to a weapon
• The Eldritch Lore feat description has been revised to reflect that its use is automatic, not selected.
• The Favored Soul and Spirit Shaman classes now work properly for Storm of Zehir owners that do not have the Mask of the Betrayer expansion installed.

Toolset & Custom Content
• Fixed an issue that was causing conversations to abort when no speaker is designated (the PC was designated as the speaker by default).
• A single TLK file is now required for custom content and module building. It must have a TLK extension to be seen by the toolset and the game.
• Two new module properties are available to designate a module as needing NX1 (Mast of the Betrayer), or NX2 (Storm of Zehir).
• The Ooze class has been enabled in the toolset.
• DespawnRosterMember() will no longer cause a crash when used.
• Action queues will no longer be cleared when a player toggles hostile/friendly in the player list. (In process).
• Adjustments have been made to WASD to decrease network traffic.

• Animate Dead now randomly summons a 5 HD skeleton or zombie warrior.
• Create Undead now randomly summons an 11 HD mummy, wraith, or ghast.
• Create Greater Undead now randomly summons a 15 HD vampire fighter or warlock, but only for 1 round/level to prevent it from being too powerful.
• The druid elemental wildshape form will now properly categorize the druid as an elemental.
• The Polymorph spell's gargoyle form will now properly categorize the caster as a monstrous humanoid.
• The Shapechange spell's nightwalker form will now properly categorize the caster as undead.
• Aura of Glory will no longer apply Charisma bonus to party members
• Cacophonic Burst: damage applied to first target won't be used when calculating damage to other targets (will roll damage separately for each target)
• Cacophonic Burst: will be properly maximized if having caster level below 15 (will not do full 90 points of damage anymore)
• Made adjustments to the number of enemies that Chain Lighting will affect.
• Made adjustments to the number of enemies that Wail of the Banshee will affect.
• Fixed Cloud of Bewilderment, so the Empower and Maximize metamagic abilities properly increase duration of effects on the target.
• The constitution damage of the Cloudkill spell now stacks properly and can no longer be dispelled.
• Color Spray: Blindness will no longer affect creatures immune to mind affecting spells.
• Color Spray: Will no longer trigger a spell resistance check on caster in some situations.
• Fixed Curse of Impending Blades (including Mass version), so it will check for spell resistance properly.
• Fixed Delayed Blast Fireball, so only enemies can trigger explosion.
• Fixed Doom, so saving throw isn't rolled if spell is blocked by spell resistance or immunity.
• Fixed Extract Water Elemental, so only non-living creatures are immune to it (Constructs and Undead), and not everyone who has immunity to Death magic (just like Horrid Wilting).
• Fire Storm is now capped properly at 20d6 damage.
• Fixed Flame Weapon, so it doesn't cancel out spells or abilities that add non-fire elemental damage to the weapons.
• Glyph of Warding spell will now check for spell resistance.
• Glyph of Warding spell will now allow a Reflex save for half damage.
• Glyph of Warding spell will now be properly affected by Empower or Maximize metamagic abilities.
• Glyph of Warding spell will no longer affect creatures outside its area of effect (vfx_persistent.2da change).
• Fixed Haste (including Warpriest version), so it can affect proper number of allies (enemies won't be counted anymore).
• The Jagged Tooth spell will now work when used on magical beasts or dragons (Dragon Companion and Druid epic wildshape forms included). (Work in progress – does not affect dragon companions).
• The Magic Fang spell will now work when used on magical beasts or dragons (Dragon Companion and Druid epic wildshape forms included).
• The Greater Magic Fang spell, will now work when used on magical beasts or dragons (Dragon Companion and Druid epic wildshape forms included).
• Critical hits from the Meteor Swarm spell will now double fire damage, not just blunt damage.
• Creatures immune to critical hits will no longer receive doubled damage on critical hits from a Meteor Swarm spell.
• Mind Fog will now properly check for spell resistance.
• Remove Fear now properly removes shaken effects caused by fear auras.
• Fixed Shades (Self), so that depleting damage reduction won't end its other effects.
• Critical hits caused by the Shocking Grasp spell will now be calculated properly.
• The Solipsism spell will now bypass paralysis immunity.
• The Solipsism spell will no longer be removed by spells that cancel paralysis.
• The Solipsism spell will be removed by Greater Restoration or the Mind Blank line of spells.
• The visual effects of the Solipsism spell have been changed.
• Stone Body, will no longer add electricity immunity, if same is already applied by the Stormlord class (prevents a bug with getting no immunity at all).
• The Storm of Vengeance spell will now calculate damage for each affected creature.
• The stun effect of the Storm of Vengeance spell is now removed properly if a target successfully saves.
• The effects of the Swamp Lung spell will no longer stack.
• The Tortoise Shell spell is now properly capped at 20th level (+9 bonus to AC).

Creature Abilities
• Fixed the Angel Protective Aura used by Planetars and Solars, so it affects all his allies. Also, it will give proper +4 bonus to saves and AC.
• Fixed Blindness/Deafness spell-like ability of Deep Gnome, so it has consistent save DC (always Cha based, with +4 racial modifier).
• Fixed Dragon Breath for all Dragons (including companions), so that damage is rolled for each target, instead applying the same value to all targets.
• Fixed Dragon Breath for Black Dragons, so it won't affect targets outside the "line of effect."
• The visual effect for the dragon companion's breath weapon will now display properly.
• The dragon companion's breath weapon will now have a proper save DC.
• The dragon companion's breath weapon damage output has been adjusted.
• The damage caused by the fire genasi's Reach to the Blaze ability has been adjusted.
• The water genasi Shroud of Fog ability will now affect creatures with spell immunities.

Class Abilities
• Fixed Dragon Breath ability of Red Dragon Disciples, so that damage is rolled for each target, instead applying same value to all targets.
• Fixed Favored Soul and Warpriest Haste ability, so it affects multiple targets correctly if targeted on caster himself.
• Fixed the Warpriest Implacable Foe ability, so it will not trigger attacks from companions if allied NPCs get affected by it.

Campaign Fixes (Spoilers beyond this point)
Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign Fixes
• Fixed an issue that was causing a crash when exiting the Sunken Flagon.
• Fixed various conversation issues in the Skymirror area.
Storm of Zehir Campaign Fixes
• Reduced the spawn rate and maximum number of encounters on the overland map.
• The NPC Redfeyer will no longer simply sing in combat.
• The difficulty of the Priory of the Depths puzzle has been adjusted.
• Losing the deed to Parrum's Rock will no longer block quests.
• Resolved an issue where the Team Rush feat would cause the game to crash on module transition.
• Fixed an issue that caused Adreum to repeat his conversation.
• Fixed various text and misspelling issues in conversations and quests.
• Fixed a sequence issue with the "Wrath of Umberlee" quest.
• Fixed an issue that was causing the quantity of trade bars being carried to be misreported.
• Fixed an issue that was causing the players' demise to be reported prematurely.
• Fixed various issues with the Priory of the Depths puzzle.
• Septimund has been made unkillable in Port Llast.
• Fixed an issue that caused the undead to remain in Port Llast after you raise the army of the dead.
• Fixed an issue that was causing certain conversations to be presented as cutscenes.
• Players can now access rare resources stored in the warehouses.
• Septimund should now have the proper level.
• Fixed an issue with unlimited loot in some areas.
• Fixed an issue that allowed the scrying orb to give unlimited XP.
• Creature parts are no longer forced into the bounty bag and must be manually placed. This only applies to any new creature parts the player picks up. Existing parts in inventory still suffer under the old blueprints.
• Fixed issues related to customizing a character's package in the party editor.
• Fixed a sequence issue with the "Price of a Song" quest. The quest will now update properly.
• Chir's familiar will no longer be nameless.
• The NPC Soraevora has been improved.
• The "Shipwreck Survivor" epithet feat is now granted to all player-made characters.

SoZ Crafting
• Sound effects have been added to crafting

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