Neverwinter Nights 1.67 patch

Neverwinter NightsDa BioWare nije zaboravio na verne igrače svog Neverwinter Nightsa (sa expanzijama – Shadows of Undrentide i Hordes of the Underdark) govori i izbacivanje novog patcha i novih verzija servera. Ovaj patch ispravlja uočene greske, tvikuje balanse, ali i dodaje nove objekte i skripte. 70mb veliki patch možete preuzeti odavde , dok kompletan spisak promena možete pronaći u nastavku texta
Neverwinter Nights & add-ons retail patches, servers & Linux clients v1.67

1.67 Patch Details



Neverwinter Nights Game

– Official Campaign: Chapter 2e – Fixed an issue with attacking Tolan Losen causing all commoners to become hostile.
– Official Campaign: Chapter 3 – One of the pedestals in Layenne’s Tomb can no longer be accidentally destroyed.
– Added 13 varieties of new creatures to the game from Pirates of the Sword Coast: Sharks (Goblin, Mako, Hammerhead), Gray Ooze, Ochre Jelly (Large, Medium, Small), Sahuagin (regular, Cleric, Leader), Parrot, Seagull (flying, walking).
– Added 79 new placeable objects to game resources:
o Arrow (Penants & Signs) – 8 variety of colors
o Flag (Penants & Signs) – Pirate and Umberlee
o X (Penants & Signs) – Pirate X mark
o Bubbles (Visual Effects) – 3 different heights
o Candle (Misc. Interior) – 2 types of 2 versions – 1 set with ambient light, 1 without
o Chest (Containers & Switches) – 1 buried, 1 sunken – sunken one has a bubbles effect when opened
o Driftwood (Parks & Nature) – 4 types
o Bed & Bench & Table & Chair, Dwarven (Misc. Interior)
o School of Fish (Parks & Nature) – 3 types
o Footprints (Misc.) – left and right
o Fungus (Parks & Nature)
o Hanging Dwarf Skeleton (Misc. Interior)
o Kelp (Parks & Nature) – 3 sizes of 3 types
o Mushrooms (Parks & Nature) – 4 types
o Net (Misc.)
o Palm Tree (Parks & Nature) – 2 types
o Parrot (Misc.)
o Portal (Visual Effects)
o Puddle (Misc.) – 2 types
o Raft (Misc.) – 1 normal, 1 broken
o Rocks (Parks & Nature) – 5 types
o Rope Coils (Misc.) – 2 types
o Sea Chair (Misc. Interior)
o Sea Idol (Misc.)
o Sea Obelisk (Misc.)
o Sea Table (Misc. Interior)
o Seashell (Parks & Nature) – 3 types
o Shrine of Umberlee (Misc. Interior) – 1 with ambient light, 1 without
o Starfish (Parks & Nature)
o Trog Bed (Misc. Interior)
o Trog Egg (Misc. Interior)
o Trog Nest (Misc. Interior)
o Trog Shrine (Misc. Interior)
o Trog Throne (Misc. Interior)
– Added a new option to the nwnplayer.ini file under [Game Options] "Client CPU Affinity" (for Windows only). If you have more than one CPU on your PC, then you can use this setting to make the game run on only one of the CPUs by specifying the number of the CPU (0-31). Setting "Client CPU Affinity=-1" will turn off CPU affinity.
– Added a new setting to the nwnplayer.ini file under [Server Options] "Examine Effects On Creatures=1". If this option turned off then any magical effects on a creature will not appear in the creature description when you examine a creature in the game (Note: DMs will still see the effects on the creature).
– Added a new setting to the nwnplayer.ini file under [Server Options] "Examine CR On Creatures=1". If this option turned off then the challenge rating of a creature will not appear in the creature description when you examine a creature in the game.
– Added strings to bow models.
– Expanded the number of color choices available for Armor, Cloth, Leather, Skin, Hair, Tattoos (affects both character generation and the toolset).
– Fixed a crash that could happen going to the character select screen if you had a character in the list that was using a specific community made custom class that the current module does not support.
– Fixed an issue with using an item on another item causing the player to run to the corner of the area. The player will now run to get within range of the targetted item instead.
– Fixed a number of FeatIndex errors in the following 2das: PackFTShad.2DA, PackFTRog1.2DA, PackFTRog2.2DA, PackFTRog3.2DA, PackFTRog5.2DA, PackFTRog6.2DA, PackFTRog7.2DA
– Fixed an issue with being able to pick pocket empty containers that were not flagged as being "pickpocketable".
– Fixed an issue with custom tokens not getting cleared/cleaned-up properly when quitting a module.
– Fixed a crash related to large creatures having weapons equipped that were too small for them to use.
– Fixed Defensive Casting to work properly with sub-radial spells.
– Fixed the innate spell level for the spell "War Cry" in the spells.2da
– Fixed the ‘Category’ setting for the "Animate Dead" spell in the spells.2a.
– Fixed a crash that could occur if a store was destroyed through scripting while it had customers buying/selling stuff.
– Fixed typo in the SoundImpact column of the VisualEffects.2da for VFX_IMP_HEAD_ODD.
– Weapon Finesse now works with creature weapons.
– Long item names now get truncated in the store gui panel, so that you can see the buy/sell price of the item.
– Fixed immunity to damage type Magical/Divine item properties.
– When attempting to examining a trap, you no longer get all the trap’s information when you fail to examine it.
– The area behind a door that was bashed down will now become properly explored.
– Fixed the displayed TAG name when using the console command "dm_dumplocals" on an item or creature object.
– Fixed an issue where the text window feedback message that states that "Your journal has been updated." wasn’t properly replacing custom tokens.
– Fixed a few memory leaks.
– Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publicly discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game.

DM Client

– Added the ability for DMs to spawn in traps on doors/placeables through the creator (and quickbar slots dragged from the creator menu).
– Made custom triggers and traps from the DM creator menu spawn in correctly (rather than spawn in as a default trap).
– The DM instant kill key (default ‘Y’) now also works on non-plot items that are on the ground.
– Added a new "Give Alignment Shift" sub radial to the DM’s Give/Take creature radial menu.
– Added an "Examine" option to the DM’s Examine Creature sub-radial menu.
– When a DM ‘Examines’ a PC, it will now display their Experience and GP totals as well.
– When a DM ‘Examines’ an item, it will now also display the value of the item in GP.
– Made a change to try and reduce game lag that has been reported to occur when a DM possesses a creature that is part of a very large faction.

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

– Added a boat-load of new scripting commands (check the Toolset for more information):
o GetCreatureWingType()
o SetCreatureWingType()
o GetCreatureTailType()
o SetCreatureTailType()
o GetCreatureBodyPart()
o SetCreatureBodyPart()
o GetHardness()
o SetHardness()
o SetLockKeyRequired()
o SetLockKeyTag()
o SetLockLockable()
o SetLockLockDC()
o SetLockUnlockDC()
o SetTrapDisarmable()
o SetTrapDetectable()
o SetTrapOneShot()
o SetTrapKeyTag()
o SetTrapDisarmDC()
o SetTrapDetectDC()
o CreateTrapAtLocation()
o CreateTrapOnObject()
o SetWillSavingThrow()
o SetReflexSavingThrow()
o SetFortitudeSavingThrow()
o GetTilesetResRef()
o GetTrapRecoverable()
o SetTrapRecoverable()
o GetModuleXPScale()
o SetModuleXPScale()
o GetKeyRequiredFeedback()
o SetKeyRequiredFeedback()
o GetTrapActive()
o SetTrapActive()
o GetInfiniteFlag()
o SetInfiniteFlag()
o LockCameraPitch()
o LockCameraDistance()
o LockCameraDirection()
o GetPlaceableLastClickedBy()
o GetAreaSize()
o SetName() – Sets the name of an Object (a creature, placeable, item, or door) – does NOT work on player objects.
o GetPortraitId()
o SetPortraitId()
o GetPortraitResRef()
o SetPortraitResRef()
– As if the above wasn’t enough, we also added new parameters to the following scripting commands:
o GetAbilityScore(object oCreature, int nAbilityType, int nBaseAbilityScore=FALSE)
o GetSkillRank(int nSkill, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nBaseSkillRank=FALSE)
o SetTrapDetectedBy(object oTrap, object oDetector, int bDetected=TRUE)
o ExploreAreaForPlayer(object oArea, object oPlayer, int bExplored=TRUE)
o SetCutsceneMode(object oCreature, int nInCutscene=TRUE, int nLeftClickingEnabled=FALSE)
o GetPCPublicCDKey(object oPlayer, int nSinglePlayerCDKey=FALSE)
o CreateItemOnObject(string sItemTemplate, object oTarget=OBJECT_SELF, int nStackSize=1, string sNewTag="")
o GetName(object oObject, int bOriginalName=FALSE)
o ActionRest(int bCreatureToEnemyLineOfSightCheck=FALSE)
o RandomName(int nNameType=NAME_FIRST_GENERIC_MALE)
– Added a new OnClick event type for placeables. This event fires immediately when a PC left clicks on a placeable (regardless of how far away they are from the placeable, or whether or not they can reach the placeable for whatever reason). To obtain the player that left clicked on the placeable object, call GetPlaceableLastClickedBy() in the placeable’s OnClick script.
– Added 53 new VFX_DUR_AURA_* visual effects (VisualEffects.2da) for use with the scripting command EffectVisualEffect().
– Added 80 new visual effect constants (VisualEffects.2da) for use with the scripting command EffectVisualEffect(). These use the new constants VFX_DUR_AURA_*, VFX_EYES_* and VFX_DUR_BUBBLES.
– Added new FOOTSTEP_TYPE_* constants to nwscript.nss (FootstepSounds.2da)
– Added the ability to force a placeable to be non-static (grey out the static checkbox) for any placeable using skin mesh. This is toggleable in the placeables.2da in a "Static" column. Defaults to allow if column missing.
– Added Hook Hands and Peg Leg armor appearance variations to the toolset.
– Added new Trident weapon models to the toolset under Polearms (x2_inc_itemprop.nss, x0_i0_match.nss). There are no new Trident specific weapon feats associated with Tridents at this time (BaseItems.2da).
– Added a new Shipwreck group to the desert tileset.
– Added 4 new groups to the city exterior tileset (Merchant Ship and Weather Ship variations).
– Added option to skip multiple hak pak warning message to the nwtoolset.ini file "Display Hak Warning=1"
– The scripting command GetResRef() now works on areas.
– The scripting command PlayAnimation() now works on doors (use the new animation constants ANIMATION_DOOR_*).
– The scripting command GetClassByPosition() will now work with community made custom classes.
– Made the scripting command CopyItemAndModify() work with arrows and bolts using the constants ITEM_APPR_TYPE_WEAPON_*
– Added random facing button to the toolset. This button allows you to select one or more things and change their facing to a random direction.
– Added option to skip multiple hak pak warning message.
– Fixed crashes caused by passing in invalid area/module objects to the scripting commands SetListenPattern() and GetMatchedSubstring() (or running these from an area/module event).
– Fixed scripting command ItemPropertyImmunityToSpellLevel(), it was creating a spell immunity property that was one level lower than what it should have been creating.
– Fixed a typo in the constant name IP_CONST_FEAT_USE_POISON. If you recompile a script that uses the old name, you will need to update your script to use the new fixed name.
– Fixed a typo in the constant name FOOTSTEP_TYPE_SOFT. If you recompile a script that uses the old name, you will need to update your script to use the new fixed name.
– Fixed an issue with the incorrect door type showing up for the "Turfhouse Interior 2×2" in the Ruins tileset (tdr01.set).
– Fixed an issue with no door showing up for the "Cloak Tower 2×2" in the Rural Winter tileset (tts01.set).
– Fixed an issue with the door being rotated for the "Turf House 2" in the Rural Winter tileset (tts01.set).
– Fixed the Rural Tileset – Wall 2 Gate w/Road model for people that have HotU installed.
– Fixed a visual issue with the campfire placeable (plc_i06.mdl).
– Fixed the level up wizard duplicating Special Abilities from the Creature Properties window.


– Added new TileMagic functions in x2_inc_toollib.nss that make use of GetAreaSize:
void TLResetAreaGroundTilesEx(object oArea);
void TLChangeAreaGroundTilesEx(object oArea, int nGroundTileConst, float fZOffset = -0.4f );
– Added a new Creature name randomization feature to the default OnSpawn script ("nw_c2_default9.nss")
By setting a new variable int X2_NAME_RANDOM to 1 on a creature template in the toolset, the module creature can now tell creatures to randomize their name on Spawn. By default this will cause the creature to change it’s name to a name generated by the RandomName command. For module builders not satisfied with the name selection provided by the RandomName command, the ability to override this behavior with a random name generation script of their choice has been included: If a script called "x3_name_gen.nss" exists in a module, it will be executed on spawn of any creature template that has random name generation activated. The builder can then specify a return value for that custom name generation script by setting a string variable named "X3_S_RANDOM_NAME" on OBJECT_SELF (the creature spawning), which will then be used instead of RandomName().
– Made Web Bolt attacks respect the Woodland stride feat (nw_s1_bltweb.nss).
– Fixed a typo in the impact script name for "Greater Fox’s Cunning" in the spells.2da that was causing the spell to not work.
– Changed implosion so that it no longer affects the caster (nw_s0_implosion.nss).
– Changed the way the damage was being calculated for the shifter’s various wyrmling and dragon breath attacks to make it more random (x2_s1_wyrmbreath.nss, x2_s2_edragbrth.nss).
– Fixed an issue with the way the reflex saving throw was being done in DoMissileStorm() (x0_i0_spells.nss).
– Fixed an issue with Cloud of Bewilderment not respecting poison immunity (x2_s0_cldbewlda.nss, x2_s0_cldbewldc.nss).
– Finger of Death now properly respects immunity to death magic on a failed save (NW_S0_FingDeath.NSS).
– Fixed a bug with MatchSingleHandedWeapon and MatchDoubleHandedWeapon returning the incorrect value for some weapon types (x0_i0_match.nss)
– Mass Blindness/Deafness now only affects enemies even on the harder difficulty settings (nw_s0_massbldf.nss).

Custom Content

– Change to allow plt texture support on custom created part based creature races. Part based creatures (past row 481 in the appearance.2da) will now use a plt texture name based on the "RACE" letter specified in the appearance.2da (rather than always using the pfh0_ prefix). If your custom part based creature is past row 481 in the appearance.2da and you haven’t specified the race specific PLT texture the game will use the human PLT texture by default.
– Fixed an issue with how the caster level was being calculated for classes that used the ArcSpellLvlMod and DivSpellLvlMod values in the classes.2da (for values other than 2).
– Added custom grass texture support to the tileset set file. The new grass texture entry is "GrassTextureName". For example specifying the following in the set file: [GRASS]
Will cause "my_grass.tga" (maximum of 16 characters) to be used as the grass texture for the tileset. The game will default to the usual "grass.tga" if "GrassTextureName" is not specified.
– Fixed an issue where new names added to the SavingThrowTable column in the classes.2da were causing the toolset to behave erratically.
– Added support for prestige class prerequisite type "SAVE" (used in the CLS_PRES_*.2da files).
ReqParam1 ReqParam2
1 = Fort Save Minimum Base Save Required
2 = Ref Save Minimum Base Save Required
3 = Will Save Minimum Base Save Required
– Note to custom tilelset makers: When creating custom tilsets, don’t forget to create a corresponding entry for the new tileset in the areag.ini file. The "Interior" flag must match that from the .set file created.
– Updated the DefaultIcon column of the BaseItems.2da to have new entries. This fixes an issue with taking hak pak specific items into a non-hak pak module which in turn was causing your inventory to start behaving erratically.
– Changed the behavior of in game Robe inventory icons. The icon will now also display non-hidden body parts as specified in the parts_robe.2da (the icon will only display the robe, pelvis, belt, torso and shoulders).
– Added a new "DefaultPhenoType" column to the phenotype.2da. The number specified in this column will be the phenotype that will be used in the case where the model does not exist for the desired phenotype (e.g. when using the SetPhenoType() scripting command).
– Made Head models use the same "DefaultPhenoType" system as above (rather than your head just disappearing if the model didn’t exist for the desired phenotype).
– Wings/Tails will now use PLT textures if they exist (defaulting to using the creature’s skin color), if a PLT texture does not exist for the model then the texture will default to using the TGA instead.

2DA Files Changed in this Update

– ambientmusic.2da
– appearance.2da
– baseitems.2da
– classes.2da
– feat.2da
– footstepsounds.2da
– iprp_spellcost.2da
– parts_foot.2da
– parts_hand.2da
– parts_shin.2da
– phenotype.2da
– placeables.2da
– portraits.2da
– skyboxes.2da
– soundset.2da
– visualeffects.2da
– weaponsounds.2da

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