Need for Speed Carbon (šifre)

Need for Speed Carbon

Win Speedtrap Races        Whenever you get a speedtrap race use Neville to block   
your opponents before the speedtrap because this will stop the cars, causing them 
to have a lower total than you. But it has to be done right! 

Bonus Cars                 Complete career mode with any car class to unlock 5 
bonus cars, including the Audi Quattro Le Mans Racing car 

Muscle Car Flip            When you are driving an old muscle car, go as fast as     
you can in reverse, turn the steering wheel to one side full lock while giving the 
car full throttle in 1st gear. The car will flip over sideways and land on its 
tires perfectly. This is a cool trick to show off with. Kinda pointless though. 

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  • neca

    neznam sifru za bonus cars

  • neca

    igrica je dobra

  • david

    kakve su ovo sifre vaso

  • vaso

    igrica je vrx

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