NCAA Football 1999 (šifre)

NCAA Football 1999

On the kickoff, start the kick with the triangle button. 
Place the kick about half way between the sideline and 
the middle of the field. After you have started the kick
there is no reason to hit the triangle button again. 
Just let it reach the bottom of the power meter. 
I would suggest putting your fastest people on the side 
you are kicking to. You need them there to get the ball. 
It works best if you jump for the ball when you get near 
it which is done by hitting the triangle button. 
This works for me every time. You won't ever have to 
play defense again unless you get bored scoring hundreds
of points.
At the conrol select screen type "elah" before 
selecting your controller, then select controller 
then click play game. If entered correctly you will 
here the Seminole War chant. This code makes the home 
team tiny and the away team huge.

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