Nations – WWII Fighter Command (šifre)

Nations - WWII Fighter Command

Shooting down bombers is never easy. Oftentimes, the best 
tactic is to climb high above the bomber formation while
keeping your airspeed up. When you're in position, swoop 
down on a bomber using a high angle of attack. After you've 
completed your initial dive and attack, use your airspeed to 
climb back up to the bomber's altitude, then destroy the 
stricken bomber as quickly as possible. 

Keep in mind that slower aircraft usually win in a scissor 
attack. If you're jockeying for position with a nimble enemy 
fighter, try dropping your flaps and reducing your airspeed 
for a couple of seconds to get on his tail. After you get in 
a few shots, increase power, raise and extend your flaps, then 
maneuver into your next firing position to finish him off.

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