Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower (šifre)

Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower

The game is reliant on certain time blocks (to be
able to find certain characters or to search rooms
when certain characters are not there), the player
must wait for those time blocks or the clock may
have to be adjusted to a specific time frame.

Be sure to take Nancy's Electronic Room Card before
leaving the room. Remember, Nancy is staying in Room 205.

Dealing with Professor Hotchkiss:
You can find a copy of the hotel menu in your room.

There are 5 possible questions that the professor can
ask you. If she asks, "Not counting the towers, how
many windows are there on the faces of the castle?"
Ask the Professor for another, as this is a trick question.

Be sure to charge the battery on the video camera when
it dies the first time. There may be more to be seen

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