Nancy Drew – Danger On Deception Island (šifre)

Nancy Drew - Danger On Deception Island

Submitted by: RM

Riding the bike:
When you ride the bike, always wear you helmet.

Holt's quiz:
When Holt gives you a quiz, the last question is "Bring me a male 
Dungeness crab". First, go to the map and click on the lighthouse. 
Follow the path without making any turns. Before you climb the stairs, 
go to the right. You will see rocks on the sand. There will also be a 
white board sticking out of the rocks. You may have to click on the 
board more than once to get a crab. When Nancy flips it over, make 
sure the abdomen is not wide. You can see the difference in a book at 
the "Hot Kettle Cafe". If the crab's abdomen is normal, you have a male 
crab. If the crab's abdomen is wide, click on the board a few more times 
until you get a male. When you get the male, go back to Holt and give 
it to him.

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