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                   For DOS / Windows 95 +

              Nam / Napalm FAQ and walkthrough.
          This work Copyright (c) 2001 PyroVulcanus.

This FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted by United States and Allied countries,
including the UK and Canada.

Music: I listened to the following Mp3 files to finish the end of the

Godzilla, by Blue Oyster Cult;
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Higher, by Creed;
But MOST of all, I Want to Get Away, by Lenny Kravitz.

Version 1.0: 12 March, 2001
I count my dates from when I send them in, not when I write them.

Thank you for deciding to read this. :)

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( All copyrights and trademarks not specifically
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Nam / Napalm is copyright (c) GT Interactive.
Duke Nukem 3D is copyright (c) 3D Realms.
Doom is copyright (c) Id Software.
Unreal Tournement is copyright (c) Epic Games.
GT Interactive is not affilited with 3D Realms, Id Software or Epic Games.


Version 1.1.
I added legal info, copyright info etc, and put some more contact info at the
bottom. I also moved this very update info, and made the ToC more legible.

Nam / Napalm Explanation:

Nam. Napalm. Hmmm.
I live in Athens, Tennessee. Tennessee is awful, but there are good parts.
Knoxville te north, and Chattanooga to the south. In fact, I lived on the
highway between them, right in the middle.
This highlight of every drive was a visit to the 'McKays Used Books and CD's'.

Each one had a game department, and each one had a copy of Nam/Napalm.
Problem was, one had Napalm, and one had Nam! Everything on the boxes was the
same except minor changes to accomodate the names.
I thought I was either dreaming or crazy. You can see how this would be dreamy
and deja-vu like. Oh well, since they were both in boxes I could have pressed
my parents to buy me both- then I would have had SOME coffee table conversation
starter! I did buy the 'Napalm' game however, and this is important to the

Anyway, GT decided to name their game 'Nam', but later changed it to 'Napalm'.
You can see this when you open the CD of the 'Napalm' game- the icon is 'Nam'.
The name change does carry over into the game and the manual, however. If I had
a choice, I'd get 'Napalm', because it qwould be a later version than 'Nam'.

For my purposes, 'Napalm' will be the name I sue from now on.

Napalm claims to be,
"The first all-action, 3D shooter to realistically bring the true experience of
war to life."
Note that they make no mention of bringing,
'The true experience of the Vietnam war to life', this is probably to avoid

Example: you can fire a M-60 machinegun for hundreds of rounds continously,
with no need to change your barrel. Overall, the 'experience' of war is rather

Nam claims to be made with the assistance of the official Doom conversion for
the Marine Corps. If this is true, our marines are in trouble, or at least were
until Unreal Tournement showed up :).

    T  o  C
Table of Contents:


b.Thank you's / Credits
c.Contact me


b.Sound options

3.Weapons and inventory items

a.Standard weapons
b.Stationary weapons
c.Inventory items
d.Special inventory items

4.Enemies and hazards.

5.Walkthrough (currently just summaries)



The game is rather dumb. I liked it becuase I can play with an M-16A2 and
claymores. The claymores are probably the best part of the game.
The game is made using the aging Duke Nukem 3D engine, licensed by 3D Realms.
It can use crosshairs and mouse aiming to some degree.
The detail is very poor, so I suggest playing the game on a very small size to
get the right look. Screen size is sizeable but as you go to the last biggest
sizes, the first removes all but your health and ammo, and the second makes for
a screen with no info at all, but it is certainly still playable.
There are lots of buildings with doors, but apparently to save level space the
doors (most of them anyway) are inoperable.
You run around shooting people, getting to helicopters and APCs, and picking up
health serum. Speaking of which, if the health serum is so secret, why is it
scattered around VC hideouts? You also will be required to solve minor 'get
from here to here' puzzles. it is a standard FPS that is mostly like a bad Duke
Nukem 3D user-created mod.

APC = Armored Personnel Carrier.
Serum = Replacement for health pick-ups.
VC = Vietcong guerillas, the standard enemies in Vietnam.
Huey = Helicopter type.

Thank you's / Credits / Sources:
I played the game for the walkthroughs, and I read the little booklet manual in
the CD box door for key info and weapons. Cheats are courtesy GameSages.

Kao Megura, for the Legal Layout.
CAG1226 and Michael Halwey,for the cheats on GameSages.
CJayC for hosting this on GameFAQs.

Contact me:
My e-mail is E-mail me if you have anything to say,
hints, expansions to guides etc, you will get credit. I also want you to tell
me if you see this anywhere else but GameFAQs or the specified allowed sites.

Here is my paraphrasing, and below is the actual quote:

You are Sgt. Alan 'the Bear' Mason, and it is 1966, and the center of the
Vietnam War.
You are the 'toughest, most deadly' guy the US has, mainly becuse the CIA has
experimented with a new experimental drug on you, one that can heal you,
stimulate you (snicker) and kill your pain.
Your 'mission' is to perform standard operations alone or with stupid AI
grunts, always against awful odds. You must survive two tours of duty- War

Actual Quote:
NAPALM places you in the center of the Veitnam War in 1966. Sgt. Alan 'the
Bear' Mason is the most deadly weapon in the US arsenal. He is a Marine
Sergeant that the CIA has 'taken under it's wing'. The Bear is the toughest,
most deadly one-man wrecking crew in Vietnam. His secret lies in an
experimental serum that is a healing agent, apin killer, and stimulant all
rolled into one bad-ass cocktail. His mission is to perform standard military
operations, acting alone or in small teams, but always against overwhelming
odds. He is the test case for a new type of stealth (HAH!!!) infantryman. His
mission (didn't they just say that?) is to survive a couple of tours of duty...
(my teacher would freak over this grammer!) just to see if he can live through
the side-effects of the drug. War is Hell.

The serum crap is to explain how you make health pick-ups.
For a game that REALLY does a good job of explaining health and armor pick-ups,
see Nuclear Strike.

The controls are similar ot Duke Nukem 3D.


Arrows: Move
Shift: Run
CapsLock : RunLock
1 to 0 : Weapons
; and ' : Next / Last weapon
Scroll Lock : Holster Weapon. When you holster the M-16, it loads a new clip
A : Jump
Tab : Map
Z : Duck
Ctrl : Fire
[ and ] : Inventory seclect
- and = : Shrink and grow screen size
Alt : Strafe
Spacebar : Open / Use
Enter : Use inventory item
Backspace : 180 degree turn (so you face where you were facing away from)
U : Turn on mouse aiming
I : Turn on crosshair
Keypad 5: Center view
Home / End : Aim up / down
(Note: Aiming up / down stays that way until you move it back, but look up /
down bounces back when released)
PgUp / PgDn : Look up / down
Ins / Del : Peek left / right
Pause : Pauses the game, holding shift when you pause will avoid the massage.
Esc : Back to main menu
F1 : Help
F2 : Save Game
F3 : Load Game
F4 : Sound / music settings
F5 : JukeBox
F6 : Quick Save
F7 : Chase View
F8 : Toggle messages on / off
F9 : Quick load
F10 : Quit to DOS
F11 : Brightness
F12 : Make a PCX screen-shot
M : Medikit
N : Night-vision Googles

From the Main Menu select Options.

Detail, high or low (or awfully low / low)
Shadows, on or off
Screen when you die, on /off
Screen size, slider
Brightness, slider
Mouse sensitivity, slider
Mouse aiming flip, on or off
Record, on or off, use this to make demos


Easy / Boot
Medium /  Grunt
Hard / Salty
Nightmare / Locked On

Sound Options:
Sound, on or off
Sound volume, slider
Flip Stereo, on or off
Music, on or off
Music volume, slider

Weapons and inventory items:

Standard Weapons:

My only beef is that I can't get an AK-47, like all the REAL soldiers in
Vietnam did, and why my M-16 doesn't jam up like crazy, like real ones in
Vietnam did.

1. Ka-bar combat knife. Useless for stealth attacks as the goobers turn to see
you  whatever direction you come from.
2. M-16A1 5.56mm Assualt Rifle. Fires hundreds of rounds with out over-heating
(HAH!!!). An OK weapon, and the reason I bought the game. (I'm not kidding)
Clip: 20 rounds, Max Ammo: 180 rounds.
3. Remington 870 Assualt Shotgun. A one shot kill. Handy. Ammo Pack: 10 shells,
Max Ammo: 40 shells.
4. M-60 7.62MM General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). The best gun in the game.
It's barrel doesn't melt and it's accurate as hell. (GT Boss: 'To PHOOIE with
realism!') Belt: 150 Rounds. Max ammo, 150 rounds.
5. M72 66mm Light Anti-tank weapon. Of all the times to be realistic, they
chose this. These are one-shot disposables.
6. M26A1 Fragmentation Grenade. Did I mention this game has no grenade throwing
physics at ALL? Crate: 3 grenades, Max Ammo: 6 grenades.
7a. M79 'Blooper' 40mm grenade launcher. Ammo Pack: 3 grenades, Max Ammo: 6
7b. M14 Sniper Rifle with telescopic sight. It narrows your view by over half
but you can't zoom as far as I know. Ammo Pack: 20 Rounds, Max Ammo: 20 Rounds.
8. Rocket Launcher. Multiplayer only, in either Tank or Helicopter modes.
9. M18A1 APERS (Anti-personnel) "Claymore" mine. Mounted on walls etc. and
sends a tripwire out. If you have a clear line of sight you can send a trip
wire along the entire map! When the trip wire is tripped it doesnt just explode
at the mine- it explodes down the entire wire!
Ammo Pack: 1 Mine, Max Ammo: 4 Mines.
0. Flamethrower. Dangerous. Ammo Pack: single unit (50 units of napalm), Max
Ammo: 50 units of napalm.

Stationary weapons
Stationary weapons have unlimited ammo, but when you walk away, you need to get
another box of ammo.

M2 Browning .50 cal Heavy Machinegun, this is always in a turret position,
usually on M113 APC's. You will need the ammo in your special items inventory,
then just press open / use to fire. You can also fire any other weapon at the
same time, and they will both fire at the same point.

M-60 GPMG. This doesn't need your normal M-60 ammo. It is sometimes on
helicopters, but not anywhere ELSE. This one doesn't require a box of ammo.

60mm Mortar, this is found in certain firing positions. You must have the 60mm
mortar shells in your special items inventory, and then you must walk up to it
and press open / use. To select the range you must press duck and press open /
use multiple times to adjust the angle of the mortar tube.

Inventory items:

Medikit, This is an inventory item that will provide a maximum of 100% health
units. When your health is low, select this to bring it back up to 100%.
Shortcut: M.

Night-vision Goggles, These do a color shift and amplify the enemy troops
sprites. The goggles batteries hold 100%, but they slowly tick down as you use
them. On some missions you will be given goggles with 450% battery life. For a
really good night vision illusion, check out Terminator: Future Shock, and use
the icantsee cheat.

Special inventory items:

You can hold only one of these at a time, and picking up one deletes the other.
Go figure.

All of these items appear as a green crate in yuor inventory, so you will need
to remember what you are carrying. the manual says that the 'percentage numbers
beside the crates are for classified military use only'.
(in other words, these items don't work off a percentage system, but it's coded
to put a percentage there, so we made it so you need to know the percentage
numbers to identify the items)
Here is a helpful key I made, but later I found a similar one in the booklet.

Trip Flares 10% - 15%
APERS Mines 20% - 25%
M2 Ammo : 60% - 61%
Mortar Ammo : 63% - 65%
Mine Detector : 50%
C-4 : 30%

These you have to activate to use.

Trip Flare, activated on contact when it is walked over, it shoots a flare
straight up which then hovers for a while before going out. Useful only in

APERS Mines, activated on contact when walked over. You will hear a click, and
you can try to disarm them by pressing open / use. Useful only in multiplayer.

C-4 Explosive
Obtainable ONLY from the AI Demolition Man Marine. Get him to place C-4, then
pick it up before it explodes.

These are used automaticaly.

Mine Detector
This prevents all mines you walk on from exlploding, except for trip-wire

12.7mm ammo for M2 Heavy Machinegun, just walk up to the machinehun and press
open / use.

60mm shells for Mortar, just walk up to the mortar and press open / use.

Enemies and Hazards:

AK-47 Soldier:
Black pajamas and fair firepower. The ammo saving design keeps him form firing
sustained full-auto at you, unless he wants a burnt hand.

RPD Light Machinegun Soldier:
Deadly. They have a very high rate of fire and can kill you in under 15

Satchel Bomber:
Recognizable by the yellow oriental had. They will walk up to yuo and commit
suicide, detonating their crude bomb. Kill them and they blow up. Useful when
they are near other VC.

B-10 82mm Recoilless rifle:
Deadly but slow firing. Appears as a big gun on 2 wheels with a VC crouching
behind it. Blows up when killed.

VC Sniper:
Usually in trees. Very annoying and painful. Night vision goggles are always
useful for getting rid of these mothers.

DShK Heavy Machinegun:
Same basic silhouette as the B-10, but no wheels and a thinner, longer barrel.

MiG-21 Aircraft:
These fly over and are supposedly linked to the explosions that appear secodns

T-34 Tank:
Big and hard to kill. It can crush you.

Barbed Wire:
This is fairly obvious, and it hurts at a slow rate.

Going too deep can drown you. You have about 12 seconds of air.

Step on one and you will hear a click. Press the space bar quickly and you may
disarm it. If you carry a minesweeper all mines will be prevented from going
off when you step on them, except for above.

Chemical Mines:
Same as above except there is no exlosion, just a cloud of VX gas that seeps
out and makes the immediate area dangerous for about 5 minutes. Same
minesweeper rules as above apply.

If you fall from too high you will injure yourself, and if you fall from *very*
high you explode into bloody gibs as you hit the ground.

Fire can hurt you at a faster rate than barbed wire, and it is a good idea to
get out of it or off of it as soon as possible.

Helicopter Blades:
When you are near a helicoper, do NOT walk into the blades on the back or jump
up into the main rotors on top! It is hilaarious but frustrating to get to an
escape helicopter at the end of a mission and gib yourself on the blades.

I will work on this soon.
For now, here are mission summaries, and I am tired of paraphrasing so I'm
using their descriptions:

Tour of Duty 1:

Base Camp:
You have been inserted into firebase Delta 6 near the DMZ. The base has been
attacked by the 4th NVA regiment, but now their pulling back to the north. Get
to the M113 APC in the jungle. It will take you 30 klicks north, where we will
stage a counter attack.

Search and destroy. Find enemy units and initiate contact.

Hill 104:
Your chopper has crashed and night is approaching. Get to the new extraction
point on Hill 104 and find the chopper. Defend the landing zone until the pilot
is ready to take off.

Contact Lost:
At 0330 hours, radio contact to company D was lost. Go to the command post of
company D and check their situation. If the CP is destroyed, follow the nearby
river to the extraction point.

Huey Down:
You've crash-landed again (inventive, aren't they!). Get back to safety.

Search and Destroy:
Find the ammo crates that ahve been transported to the harbor by three NVA ammo
trucks. Activate the charges on all three ammo stocks and get back to the M113

Tour of Duty 2:

Good Morning:
You must reach the village located about five miles from the LZ. We sent a
patrol in that sector yesterday,but lost contact with them. Intelligence
indicates high VC activity.

Village Sweep:
There's a chopper waiting for you at the LZ across the river. But be very
careful- about 50 VC are between you and the chopper, and they're not playing
games. (ironic huh?)

Night Hunters:
Your patrol boat is hit by enemy rockets in an ambush. It's getting dark and
time is not on your side. The enemy is hiding in the jungle; (big surprise!)
find them quickly or they will notify their friends. break through the jungle
and use position Alpha-Lima-3-4-0-9-9 as the extraction point.

Payback Time:
One of our choppers went down this morning. It was flying over Cambodian
territory. Sweep the area for any survivors. Intelligence on this area is
minimal and unreliable. Expect the worst. We cannot extract yuo from the nearby
clearings becuase our activities in the area must remain absolutely secret. You
will have to use the valley to the north to get to the first acceptable LZ.

Casual Ties:
You and a small team will disrupt the enemy transports coming into South
Vietnam. This morning, we intercepted the position of an incoming convoy. We
will intercept on one of the bridges. your team is ordered to assist in the
ambush by hunting down fleeing VC's. Because it is a muntiions convoy, expect
heavy resistance. C company has been decimated by an NVA regiment. Find them
and get the survivors out of there.

(eh? first its stopping a convoy, then someone else will stop the convoy wheile
we help mop up survivors, then we are told that ehavy resistance is expected
even though we aren't attacking right away- or are we? then we are told about
something that looks like something they left out of another mission...)

Bloody River:
Our positions are under heavy fire- use maximum force to drive the VC back. Two
artillery fire bases will support your counter-attack. Drive them (the
artillery??? ;-) ) back and waste everthing in sight. B extra careful, the
enemy has serious firepower and a lot of snipers.

We recieved a report that a local VC commander is located in a village nearby.
Take him out. Nothing else matters... It looks like the experiment is working.
This mission has been given to you and not the SEALS. Impressive.

Showdown in Saigon:
A group of VCs have stormed the US Embassy and taken hostages. Our
counter-attacks have failed, so it's up to you. This is your ticket out. If you
succeed it will be the last mission of your tour. Good Luck.


Soon I will have descriptions of the maps and game types.

Courtesy GameSages,

Type the cheats in during the game. If you are succesful you will see a

All weapons and accesories:

Debug mode:

Full map:

God mode:

Level skip:
NVALEVEL***, where Tour of duty 1, Level 3 is NVALEVEL103

Lock toggle:

Jump-clipping mode: (you bounce over everything instead of clipping)

So long!

              Nam / Napalm FAQ and walkthrough.
          This work Copyright (c) 2001 PyroVulcanus.

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