Myst (walkthrough)



Myst Island - Start
You start at the dock. There, and in 7 other places are Marker Switches.
Familiarize yourself with the island, flip the 7 Switches you can reach, then
return to the dock and enter the fore-chamber. Press the button on the paper
hanging on the wall, enter the number 8, press that button, then the one on the
imager. Go out and enter the Library. Put the Red and Blue Pages in their
books. Clicking the picture left of the bookshelf opens a secret passage. The
one to the right opens the door out. Look at the map. Clicking and holding on
the flashing white circle should make a line rotate, and pause at 4 places. If
it doesn't, flip the Switches you missed, then come back.

Enter Mechanical
Rotate the map until it stops on the gears, then enter the secret passage (see
Start). Go up the elevator, and note the key behind it (2:40 and 2,2,1). Leave
and go to the Clock Tower. Spin the wheels (small- hours, large- minutes) until
the Clock says 2:40. Press the red button, flip the Marker Switch, and enter
the Clock Tower. Pull the middle lever twice, then hold the left one until the
middle number reads 2. If you need to reset the puzzle, pull the right lever.
When the gear opens up, go to the large gear, and enter the Mechanical Age.

Mechanical Age
Go to the Fortress. Take the right path, and face the throne. Click on the
recessed panel to the left. Inside is a Blue Page. Go back and take the left
path. Face the throne and press the panel to the right for the Red Page. Go to
the back of the Fortress, press the button, and go down the stairs. Pull the
lever so that the openings on the circles face you, then go up, close the
stairs, and enter the elevator. Press the top arrow, then the middle button and
quickly exit the elevator. When it lowers, go to the controls. Move the left
lever up, then the right for a short time. Pull the left lever back down. Do
this until you hear a spring (1 of 4 sounds). Press the orange button, and
return to the Fortress entrance. Go down the path, and note the symbols. Return
to the elevator and the controls. This time, rotate the Fortress until you hear
a ping. Return to the entrance, and note more symbols. Go back to the controls
above the elevator, and rotate until you hear a dong. Return to the start of
the level, and enter these symbols in the pillar:
1: Circle with hole at bottom
2: Two triangles and a rectangle between
3: Three triangles with a circle above
4: Half a circle
Have one of the two Pages before you leave. Put it in its book, then return and
get the other page. Leave and put it in its book to finish.

Enter Stoneship
Rotate the map until it stops at the dock, then enter the secret passage (see
Start). Go up the elevator, and note the dates behind it. Leave and go to the
Planetarium. Turn off the light and look up in the chair. Note the stars shown
after entering each date: Oct. 11, 1984 10:04AM, Jan. 17, 1207 5:46AM, and Nov.
23, 9791 6:57PM. Return to the Library and open the second book from the right
on the top shelf. Find the shapes that match the stars, then go outside to the
pillars by the model ship. Press, the Leaf, Snake, and Beetle; only they should
turn green when hovered on. When you hear the ship, go to the dock, enter the
ship, then the book.

Stoneship Age
Turn left, go to the umbrella, and press the right button. Turn around and go
to the lighthouse. At the bottom, open and close the lever on the left of the
chest. Go to the umbrella, press the middle button, and return to the
lighthouse. Click the key to open the chest, then use the key inside it above.
Go up and turn the generator crank until it is fully charged. You may need to
repeat this later. Go to the second part of the boat, climb up the platforms,
and note 135 in the telescope. Go down, then into the corridor to Achenar's
room. Record the note in the second from bottom shelf in the dresser, and see
the Blue Page on the bed. Return to the starting part of the boat, and enter
the corridor to Sirrus's room. The Red Page is in the bottom shelf of the
dresser. Exit the room, and go up exactly one level. Press the secret door at
the side, and go to the compass rose. Press the button by the bottom-right
orange arrow. Exit, take a Page, and return to the umbrella. Press the left
button, return to the boat, and go down the passage to the right. Click on the
table to leave. Insert the Page, then return to the Age. Go to the umbrella,
press the middle button, recharge the generator, and get the second Page. Enter
the secret passage again to press the bottom-right orange button. Return to the
umbrella, press the left button, go down the corridor, and leave the Age. Put
the Page into its book.

Enter Channelwood
Rotate the map until it stops at the hexagon at the bottom-left, and enter the
secret passage (see Start). Go up the elevator, and note the key behind it.
Leave and go to the Cabin. Face the safe, enter "724", and open the door. Take
out, and strike, a match. Turn and go to the boiler, then click on the square
at the bottom-left with a lit match. Turn and hold the wheel so it moves all of
the way right. When the banging sounds stop, move the wheel left for 20 turns,
then quickly exit, turn around, and go down the path to the right of the Cabin.
Enter the tree when it is moving down. If you miss the tree, turn the wheel
again. If it takes you up, press the white button to go back. Enter Channelwood
at the bottom.

Turn around and go to the windmill. Turn the handle at the bottom, then leave.
If you don't hear water, go back and turn the handle again. Go down to the
first junction. Look down at the switch, and turn the handle to the right. Go
to the left, set the handle right, go left, set left, go right. Pull the handle
at the end of the path, then continue to the end, turn around, and go left.
Extend the pipe, then go all the way back to the second junction. While facing
the bottom, set it left, go right, set left, go right, set left, go right.
Enter the elevator, close the door, and pull the handle to go up. Exit the
elevator, then go straight to the round hut, right to the square hut, turn
right and go to the square hut, then go right through two round huts. Pull the
handle and a door will open. Turn around and go straight to the square hut,
right to the round hut, right to square, straight to square, and right to the
stairs. Go down the stairs, to the first junction, and switch it so water flows
to the stairs. Go back up, turn, and enter the elevator. Exit and go straight
to the square hut at the end. Take the Page, then return to ground level.
Facing the bottom of the first switch, flip it right, go left, flip left, go
right, flip left, go right, flip right. Go back 1 junction, turn to face the
bottom of the switch, and go left, left, then straight to the elevator. Ride up
and leave the Age. Insert the Page then reenter Channelwood. Flip the first
switch left, then go up the stairs and elevator. Follow the path to the side of
the elevator. Enter the room. On the right drawer of the bed is the second half
of a note. Write it down, then get the Red Page from the drawer by the window.
Go back down to face the first switch, flip it, and exit the same way as

Enter Selenitic
Rotate the map until it faces the Spaceship at the top, and enter the secret
passage (see start). Ride the elevator, and note "59 volts" behind it. Exit,
then raise the bookshelf. Look at the tilted blue book on the middle shelf.
Turn to the piano near the end, and note the positions of the numbered keys
(below). Leave, and go to the brick Generator Room. Go to the control panel,
and press the 4th button from the top on the left, and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
buttons on the right. If you go above 59, lower the power, and reset the
circuit breakers behind the Generator Room, and left of the stone path to the
Spaceship. When the power is set correctly, enter the Spaceship. Use the
diagram from the journal and press key 1. Listen to its tone and move the 1st
slider behind it to match. Repeat for the other 4. Or, you can count how many
keys from the top or bottom a note is, and move its slider by that amount. They
should be in this position (number of notes from the bottom [counting the
bottom as 1]):
Slider 1: Position 8
Slider 2: Position 20
Slider 3: Position 23
Slider 4: Position 13
Slider 5: Position 6

Selenitic Age
Go forward, just past a door on the right, then follow the stairs to the left.
By the water at the end, note the Blue Page and press the red button. Return to
the main path and go to the next set of stairs. Press the button by the fire,
return, go to the clock tower, and press its button. Go to the next junction,
and head right. Press the button in the crystal forest, and note the Red Page
above. Go back to the junction and take the right path to a well. Press the
button, then go down, to the other end, and up again. Open the control panel
and set the buttons, left to right, to this angle: 1 to 153.4, 2 to 130.3, 3
to 55.6, 4 to 15.0, 5 to 212.2. Press the red button and note the order of the
sounds. Go back and retrieve a Page. Then return to the doorway near the
beginning, and look at the control panel. Move the sliders to: crystal, wind,
water, fire, clock, and press the button. Go through the door to the end of the
path. Press the blue button, enter the Mazerunner, and press forward. Use the
sounds to find the direction to go: North- Ping, East- Spring, South- Dong,
West- Chirp. 2 sounds means to go between their directions. Go: N,W,N,E,E,S,S,
W,SW,W,NW,NE,E,SE. Exit, return to Myst, insert the Page, then return for the
other Page. Leave through the same way, and insert the last Page.

End Game
Listen to both brothers, then go to the last book on the middle shelf. Turn to
page 158, and note the diagram. Go into the fireplace, press the red button,
and enter the same combination (shown here):

Press the red button again, then open the green book. Listen to Atrus, then,
from the two half notes that you found earlier, make sure all of the Marker
Switches are up, and lower the one by the dock. Take the Page, enter the Green
Book, and give it to Atrus. Watch the ending.

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