Myst IV: Revelation (Walkthrough)

  Myst IV: Revelation 

- Version 1.1

--- A. Table of Contents ---
A. Table of Contents
B. Version history
D. Walkthrough
1. Tomahna
1.1 Day
1.2 Night
2. Haven
3. Tomahna Interlude
4. Spire
5. Tomahna Revisited
6. Serenia
7. Final Considerations
8. Viewer Codes
E. Contributors
F. Legal Stuff

--- B. Version history ---

Version 1.1 - (08.12.2004) Added some contributions and contributors to the
Guide. Updated the FAQ with some more questions.
(14.11.2004) Corrected some more mistakes. Added a few
contributions as well as updating the contributors list. Added
a memory trigger I had missed in Haven.
(25.10.2004) Initiated FAQ listing. Added more information to
the solution for the Camoudile puzzle in Haven. Added notes
about the missing scale for the Hexagonal pipe and the
Frequency Puzzle in Spire. Added contributors to the list.
Updated the list of sites with permission to host this
(17.10.2004) Updated list of sites with permission to host this
walkthrough. Added note about French and Portuguese versions of
the walkthrough. Corrected some spelling and grammar errors.
Altered paragraph about the tuning gears in Spire's bottommost

Version 1.0 - Corrected a few more errors. Finished walkthrough. Updated list
of sites with permission to host the walkthrough. (12.10.2004)

Version 0.7 - Corrected some errors. Finished Tomahna Revisited and started
on Serenia. Updated list of sites with permission to host the
guide. (11.10.04)

Version 0.3 - Finished the walkthrough up to Tomahna Revisited. Added Viewer
Codes section. (10.10.2004)

Version 0.0 - Started walkthrough. Laid skeleton for sections. (08.10.2004)

All dates are in European format which means dd/mm/yyyy.

--- C. FAQ ---

- General questions -

Q: I took some beautiful screenshots but I can't find them on my computer. Are
they only available within the game?
A: No, but you'll have to have the game running in order to be able to extract
them. Once you have loaded a savegame, press ALT+TAB to switch out of the
game. Go to the My Documents folder and inside this one, access the 'myst4-
revelation savegames' folder and then the 'journal' folder. All the
pictures will be there. You'll have to copy them to another folder because
when you exit the game the contents of the 'journal' folder will be erased.

Q: Is there a fast way of finishing the game?
A: Yes, regrettably, but you'll miss out on some beautiful gaming experiences.
The only thing you need to do in order to finish the game is finding out
what your color scheme from Spire is. You don't need a Spirit Guide and you
don't need to set foot in Haven (as long as you know the movements to set
Quetzy free and those you can find in here).

- Haven -

Q: I have tried your solution for the Camoudile puzzle in Haven, but it
doesn't work. Are you sure it is the right one?
A: Yes, my solution is working, but you need to apply it to a puzzle that
hasn't been touched yet, that is, the puzzle must be in the initial state
for the solution to work properly. If it isn't, you'll need to reset the

Q: How do I reset the Camoudile puzzle?
A: Return to Achenar's hut in the middle of the lake and enter it. This is
very important: you must actually enter the hut, not stand outside of it.
Only entering the hut will reset the puzzle.

- Spire -

Q: When I zoom in on the lock where the Nara Knight chess piece should be, it
is empty. What do I do?
A: Don't worry: it might seem like it isn't there, but the piece is present. I
had this happen to me on my first run through the game, but when I returned
from the bottommost level after tuning the cables, I tested the Nara
frequency and as soon as it was set the lock started vibrating. On zooming
in, the Knight chess piece was there.

Q: I have tried to use the solution for the Frequency puzzle in Spire, but it
isn't working. What can be wrong?
A: Before you start setting frequencies, remember that the cables have to be

Q: I've tuned the gears, but when I set the first frequency nothing happens.
A: It might be that you haven't tuned the cables correctly. Remember that the
first positions in which the indicators on each gear are initially, count
as number one, so when you pull them down to the correct positions (4th,
3rd and 7th) you only have to move the first indicator 3 spaces down,
the second indicator 2 spaces and the third indicator 6. Once tuned,
using the sliders upstairs in the correct frequencies produces a more
melodious sound.

Q: The gears have been correctly tuned, but the blue crystal lock stops
vibrating as soon as I change it to the stone frequency.
A: The second setting for this crystal is 1. Unfortunately, when you are
coming down from the second setting for the previous crystal (which is 12)
the selector has an annoying tendency to slide to 0 instead of 1. As this
isn't the correct position, as soon as you change it for the next crystal,
the blue one stops vibrating. So you have to be a little more careful when
setting this frequency.

- Serenia -

Q: What are the names of the Protectors?
A: They are, in order of appearance, Anya (Water), Yannin (Fire), Caradell
(Wind), Zanika (Fire) and the twins Raeane and Moiri (Wind and Water).

Q: Caradell (the middle aged Protector) is not appearing. What must I do?
A: Caradell will only appear after you have made several things, namely,
meeting Yannin and releasing Quetzy from the water control wheel in Stone

Will post more as I come across them.

--- D. Walkthrough ---
Hello. Coelho Buda here (or for those familiar with the Guild of Greeters,
Rabbit). Myst IV: Revelation marks the return to the node system, which means
you haven't the freedom of movement that is available in a true 3D
environment, but each node can behave as if it were 3D. If you have played
Exile, this system is just like the one used there.

As always and as in my previous walkthroughs, any contributions will be gladly
accepted, ^_^ and can be sent to my e-mail. This walkthrough has been
translated to French by Nootilus from the Guild of Greeters and there's also a
Portuguese version done by me.

Warning: This walkthrough contains major spoilers. It could seriously affect
your enjoyment of the game. I do not give out hints or nudges. I simply state
how a given puzzle should be solved. That said, read on at your own risk.

So without further ado, on to the game itself.

1. Tomahna

The game begins with you inside a tram with a cute little girl. This is
Yeesha. Listen to her speech and enjoy the tram ride. When you are close to
the end of the ride the tram will halt and Yeesha will invite you to take a
picture of Tomahna (the Age you are in) to remember it when you are gone.
This is a way for the game to tell you that you can take picture shots of
the environment which will be very helpful throughout the game.

To take a picture, click the imager icon (leftmost icon) on the bottom bar.
This will make the game toggle to camera mode. Click the left mouse button to
take a picture and the right mouse button to close the camera mode. While in
camera mode you can move the screen around to select what you want to
photograph. Once you are done, enjoy the rest of the ride. When it ends,
Yeesha will leave you alone outside the Observatory.

1.1 Day

Once you have full control of your character, look around you. The game has
beautiful graphics. Watch the pretty birds fly by. Before proceeding look to
the left and down near where you exit the tram. There's a button to call the
tram and below it a symbol. Get a close up of the symbol below the lever and
take an imager shot to refer to it later.

Continue forward and pull the lever on the right to open the door to the
Observatory. Enter it. Go up the small flight of stairs to the right. This
room has a lot to be discovered. Some of the items that can be found here
include an orrery (a clockwork model of the solar system), several operable
drawers with writing materials, crystals and bottles and also small cabinets.

Continue forward to trigger a sequence with Atrus explaining why he brought
you here. It will trigger the first puzzle and your first choice: you can
choose to follow Atrus instructions and solve the puzzle or do nothing. The
end result will be the same: the Viewer will overload causing a short-circuit
to the entire Age.

To solve the puzzle you'll need to overlap a wave sign over one provided by
Atrus in the machine behind you. This is done by manipulating two signals: a
red and a green. The slider on top selects the signal and the knobs below
alter the signals amplitude (how high or low it sounds), frequency (how fast
or slow it cycles) and phase (how far ahead or behind in relation to the
pattern signal it is).

You will need to do this for the two prison Ages: Haven and Spire. It's
relatively easy if you follow the instructions Atrus gives out. If you find it
too hard, as I said above, you can always choose not to do it.

Once you're done, there will be a small explosion and Atrus will go off to
Rime (another Age) to find some materials to repair the viewer. He will leave
you with a list of things to do while he's gone. You'll have your work cut
out for you here in Tomahna. Here is what you need to do:

1 - Restore full power to the Age by closing the gates at the water facility
2 - Look up the combination for Rime in Atrus' journal so you can contact him
3 - Turn on the roof antenna
4 - Keep an eye on Yeesha

Let's start with the journal which is in a drawer next to the calibration
machine. Pull the drawer out to open it, close up on the journal and pull the
cover to the left to open it. Read the journal. Make a note (or take a
picture) of the colored crystal code for Rime. I'll put it here in terms of
colors and slider positions you will need to select when the time comes and
explain what this means when you get to the Viewer.

Rime code: Red 6, Cyan 3, Yellow 8, Green 8, Blue 2

Walk to the other side of the room. In the middle you will find stairs leading
down to an elevator. Get a close up on the lever that opens the elevator and
take a picture of the symbol below.

Continue past the viewer and climb up the small flight of stairs. There are
three security cameras here (not working because there's no power) and two
maps on the wall to the right. The first of these maps out Tomahna and the one
below is a sketch for the Telescope. Continuing forward will lead you to the
Telescope chair. The chair has a button that makes it transport you up to
where you can turn on the antenna. As the power is still out, there is no way
of getting there now. Return to the elevator and pull the lever.

Enter the elevator. Fortunately there's enough power to operate it to the
middle level. When the ride finishes, use the lever on the right to open the
door and exit. Proceed along the walkway to the first conservatory. There's a
ladder leading down to the bottom of it. Climb down and take a picture of
Atrus' Family Tree (written in D'ni). The lamp in the middle is not working
because there's no power. Return upstairs, cross to the other side and exit
the conservatory. Yeesha will beckon you from the other conservatory to come
and see something.

Before going to her, you can step into the Botany Lab and explore. To the
right of the entrance, there are some pressurized chambers. There is a symbol
on the wall of the closest one to the entrance. Take a picture of it. On the
table in the middle, there is a book with diagrams of butterflies and a
microscope that shows a close up of a leaf.

Opposite the pressure chambers, there's a small cabinet with a Venetian lid.
Open it to reveal a power box. Notice all the glowing symbols below the
columns? Each corresponds to a place in Tomahna and you have been taking
pictures of them so now you know at least what three of those columns refer
to. There are two symbols glowing red. These are the ones that correspond to
the gates at the water plant. For now, leave the power box.

Continue exploring the lab. You will find some beetles inside a glass case.
You have another choice here. You can leave the case alone or open it. This
will affect the way Yeesha reacts to you a little later on when you return
here. If you set them free she will be upset with you. If you leave it as is
she will comment on her experiment and that she has to report the results to
her father.

Past the fireflies, there is a door at the back. It is closed and will remain
so until you can open it from the other side. To the right of the door there
is a workbench. In a drawer you will find Catherine's Journal. Read it to find
out more about what is going on. Further to the right, it's possible to open
one of the chambers to see one of Catherine's flowers up close.

When done, exit the Botany Lab and continue to the second conservatory. Yeesha
will show you a salamander (if you took to long in getting here, the
salamander might be gone be the time you get here though) and talk about her
necklace, Serenia (another Age) and her two brothers. That necklace will
become very important throughout the rest of the game. For now though, exit
the second conservatory.

There's a fork here. The left path leads to Atrus and Catherine's bedroom and
the right path leads to the water plant. Take the left path to the bedroom.
This is one of the few opportunities you'll have to explore the bedroom by day
(although you will not be able to do much as there is no power yet). Before
you enter, notice the plaque on the floor outside the entrance. Close up on it
to see something from Uru.

The walkway continues to another platform on the left with two levers. Again,
as the power is still out, there is nothing to do here. This means that the
rest of the Age is off limits for now. Return to the bedroom and explore a

There is a note on the right bedside table (take a picture), a lamp on the
left bedside table, a desk with a lamp and some drawers and a fireplace with a
picture above it. Opening the central top drawer on the desk reveals a note
explaining how to turn on the code panel inside the fireplace. As there's no
power you can't do that yet. Exit the bedroom and go to the water plant by
returning to the second conservatory and taking a right at the fork (with your
back to the conservatory).

Climb down the stairs to the Gate controls. Notice the two glowing red
symbols. These are the same symbols as the ones in the power box. Reset the
gates by pulling the middle lever. Now return to the Botany Lab. You can use
Zip mode if you prefer. To use Zip mode, click on the lightning bolt icon
(the rightmost icon at the bottom of the screen), and then click on a
destination from the little vignette strip.

When you arrive at the Botany Lab, Yeesha will be there. Enter the Lab and she
will make fun of her father and tell you about the Power box. She'll tell you
that you need to have the green light on top of a column lit up to have the
power restored for that section. She will also say that she isn't allowed to
touch electrical things so, it will be up to you to get things working again.

She will then proceed to the glass case with the beetles. If you take a step
toward her, depending on what you did before, her reaction to you will reflect
your choice. When she leaves, go to the Power box.

Open it. Right now, the observatory and the elevator have power. The red
glowing symbols for the water gates are off (you reset the lever at the water
plant). The panel in front of you has two rows of buttons and a switch on the
left side (this acts as a reset for this puzzle). There is a button on the
right that is used to transfer power. What you have to do now is transfer
enough power units from the working sections to the water gates so that you
will then be able to turn back on the generator for the whole Age.

Columns from left to right correspond to: Observatory, Living Quarters, Left
Water Gate, Right Water Gate, Elevator and Botany Lab. The first row of
buttons sets the column to transfer from and the second row of buttons sets
the column to transfer to. Select a button from the first row, then select a
button from the second row, then hit the transfer button.

To activate the gates follow this sequence:

From column To column
1 3
3 5 left gate turned on
1 6
5 4
4 6 right gate turned on

Note: The above solution was sent in by Marjory Gearhart. The original
sequence I used, is posted below as a reminder that there is more than one way
to solve a puzzle, even if you take the long way to get there! ^_^

From column To column
1 6
1 3 left gate turned on
6 1
5 6
6 1
1 2
2 6
2 4
5 4 right gate turned on

When you are done, the gate symbols will glow cyan and the Power box lid will
close. Return to the water plant and the symbols should be glowing white. Take
a moment to save, because this is the last time you will be seeing Tomahna by
day. Press the button on top of the controls to open the water gates. The
water starts flowing, powering the dynamo wheel and creating electricity.

Turn around and climb the stairs. At the top you will see Yeesha crossing the
walkway and waving to you. Go forward to trigger a sequence. An earthquake
will happen (make that a Tomahnaquake ^_^), you will fall down and be rendered
unconscious . When you come to, you'll be in...

1.2 Night

Tomahna by night. Wow, amazing and gorgeous! Pity that in coming to, you'll be
a little woozy, hence the distortion to your field of vision. Maybe you bumped
your head somewhere or those green fumes had something to do with it. Anyway,
climb up from here as this helps to clear the old noggin. You can only climb
to the side of the Conservatory. If you make a detour to the Botany Lab and
take a peek at the Power box you'll see that the whole Age is now powered.

You can get to the bottom of the first Conservatory and turn on the lamp
there. It can be tilted to light up the Family Tree, so you can take a better
look at it. Climb up, exit the conservatory and proceed to the elevator.
Return to the Observatory to check on Atrus.

Exit the elevator and turn left. Go to the security cameras (you can get a
close up on them if you want to and see different areas of the Age). Now that
the power is on and it's dark you can see a lever with a light on the handrail
behind you. Pull the lever to open the roof of the Observatory.

Continue to the Telescope chair. Sit on it, tilt around a bit and press the
button. Once it reaches the top, get close up on the telescope. You can move
the view around using the two small wheels and get a look at the moon. All you
need to do here though, is turn on the antenna by pressing the button with the
windmill symbol on top of the right wheel.

Exit the close up, press the red button and exit the chair. Return to the
viewer in front of the elevator. Time to contact Atrus. Get a close up on the
viewer console. You'll see five compartments with a button in front of each
one, another button below these, a monitor showing static, a color wheel
selector and a slider with nine positions (0 being the first).

Each of the slider positions corresponds to a different crystal and each of
the color wheel positions can be used to produce different color crystals.
Pressing a button in front of a compartment places the corresponding selected
crystal there.

So, to input the code for Rime (as in the sequence I mentioned earlier), do
the following, pressing the button in front of each compartment, left to right
after a crystal has been selected:

Place slider on slot 6 (initial position is 0), color wheel stays on Red;
Place slider on slot 3 and color wheel on Cyan;
Place slider on slot 8 and color wheel on Yellow;
Place slider on slot 8 and color wheel on Green;
Place slider on slot 2 and color wheel on Blue.

Once you are done, press the big button below the compartments to listen to
Atrus. He can't leave Rime due to an electromagnetic storm. What he says next
is very important:

1 - Go to his bedroom and press the button on the desk to discover his
commentaries on Haven and Spire
2 - Tell Yeesha not to forget her homework.

OK, so on to Atrus' bedroom. Exit the viewer and go to the elevator. Select
the bottommost position. Enjoy the ride to the other side. As the walkway was
destroyed during the quake, the elevator is now the only way you can cross to
the other side. You'll arrive on the platform that was on the left of the
bedroom. The switch at the end there can now be operated to swing a pivoted
bridge from the Yeesha's bedroom to this platform. The pivot point being the
platform outside the Kitchen area. For now, let us examine the bedroom.

Go to the desk and turn on the lamp there. Open the topmost central drawer and
press the square central button below it (this button won't work if the drawer
is closed), to open a panel revealing two books: one for Spire (red) and one
for Haven (blue). Besides some more background information, you will find
viewer codes for both Ages, which I reproduce below:

Spire code: Green 1, Blue 7, Red 8, Yellow 4, Cyan 5
Haven code: Blue 2, Red 8, Purple 1, Green 5, Yellow 6

Note: you could now return to the Observatory and input the codes to see a
static image of each Age, following the same method I explained for the Rime
code. However, other than being pretty pictures these do not add any relevant
information to the game (other than showing a little more of the trickery
Sirrus is capable of, which you'll learn later on). So I won't include it as a
must do, but mention it here so you can do it if you want to.
The viewer for Haven shows a shipwreck and the viewer for Spire shows some
crystal statues, much like the picture above the fireplace in the bedroom.

Cross the room and turn on the lamp beside the bed. Then turn around and go
into the Fireplace. The game will take over and you will discover Yeesha's
Memory Amulet which will flash whenever a memory (read: clue) is present at a
given object or location like it's doing right now. Press the icon of the
amulet to see a short movie of someone trying to grab Yeesha. For now, do
nothing inside the fireplace. Exit to the bedroom and take a look around with
the amulet.

You'll get a reaction at the close up view of the painting and you can use it
on both of the books. It will work as an audio book in the voice of the person
who wrote the book. Exit and go to the plaque on the floor in front of the
bedroom. Another reaction here.

Onwards to the Kitchen area. Go to the platform next to the bedroom and turn
the switch. The gangway will swing round to this platform. Cross to the other
Approach the table on the outside and get a close up on the book. Use the
amulet. Take a picture of the book (you'll be needing those translating skills
in a bit) and notice the notepad on the right. If you translate what it says,
you'll find it's Yeesha's name (she's been practicing). Enter the Kitchen.

Explore the area. There's a fireplace with pictures of the boys on the mantle.
To the right there's a picture of Atrus and Catherine and towards the back
you'll find the food preparation area. The amulet reacts on the stove (which
can be operated). Above the stove there's the symbol for this area (no longer
needed, but nice to see consistency within a game). Behind you, the water
faucet is also working. Also, the pots and pans over the sink will react to
touch, and the two on the left will trigger memories with the help of the
amulet (thanks to Scott for this).

Continue to the front of the Kitchen to see Yeesha's picture on the right wall
and a chess set to which the amulet reacts. These pictures, along with the
family tree, the D'ni alphabet book, the note in the bedroom and something
else Yeesha will say in another memory are the key to another puzzle you'll
have to tackle later on. Exit this area and move the gangway. Notice that
there's an area below the one you are about to go to.

Continue forward to Yeesha's bedroom. On the left there's a toy (a table with
balls, pins and holes that can be tilted) and a bookcase. On a close up, you
can see an Age book and a paper with the print of a hand. The books on the
shelves all have names (written in D'ni) and five of them can be pushed at a
time. This is the puzzle I was referring to above, but it is still too early
yet to solve it.

On the writing desk, you'll find a crystal sculpture to which the amulet
reacts. There's also an orrery above the desk. To the right of the desk is
Yeesha's bed and a dress to which the amulet also reacts. Finally, there's an
aquarium on a stand near the door. Exit the room and return to the platform
with the elevator. Use Zip mode if you want to.

Note - There are some things that you can do now if you want to:

- The pillow on Yeesha's bed can be moved to reveal her Journal. I choose not
to do it at this point, as I will be coming back later and the Journal will be
on the top of the bed then.

- If you want to see some more amulet reactions here's a list of places where
you will get them:

Below first conservatory: Family Tree picture
Botany Lab: flower inside pressure chamber; Catherine's Journal;
Power Box
Observatory outside: symbol for Observatory below tram call lever
Observatory inside: Atrus' Journal; Viewer console; Security cameras;

Again, as with the Viewer codes for Haven, Spire and Serenia (when you get it)
these are not crucial to finishing the game but they definitely add to the

Enter the bedroom and go to the fireplace. Close the panel by pressing the
button in front of you. The objective of this puzzle is to light up the tiles
that the lasers are pointing at. Tricky part is that when you press a button,
it lights up four buttons at a time: above, below, right and left. Here's a
diagram of what has to be lit and another one of the order and which buttons
to press in order to light the correct tiles.


X - lit tile O - unlit tile


O - do nothing number - press tile in this sequence

If you make a mistake, pressing the button below the panel will reset the
puzzle. When you are done, the game will take over and the elevator will
descend. Exit the elevator. Climb down the small flight of stairs and get a
close up on the Age seal made of Nara. Use the amulet to trigger a memory.
This is the area that blew up, releasing the noxious green smoke and which
destroyed the walkway above.

Turn around and pull the lever to open the chamber. Enter it. Once inside pull
the small lever on the right to close the chamber and open the linking books.
Left one (red) leads to Spire and right one (blue) leads to Haven. Let's deal
with Haven first. Touch the linking panel and enjoy the flight.

2. Haven

You arrive on Haven inside a chamber that is literally falling apart. This was
a communication cell with a divider wall to prevent Achenar from reaching the
linking book for Tomahna, which is behind you inside a stand. Apparently, it
didn't work. Close inspection of the debris on the floor will show what
happened. Some high pitched frequency destroyed the divider wall.

To the right, there's a tray that can be tilted to transfer items between the
two sides. Inside, you'll find Yeesha's satchel which triggers a memory of her
running away from someone. There's also a pipe that can be pushed up to blow a
horn that was probably used to signal Achenar so that he would know he had
visitors. When you are done, go outside.

Continue forward until the path is blocked. Move the little crab away (if it
is in the way) and move the stone aside. Behind it, there's the top half of a
broken crystal figurine. It triggers the amulet. Use it to see the brothers
fighting each other. Turn around, walk forward and turn left. There are two
paths here. One leads to the back of the linking chamber which is filled with
some sort of structure and the other is a tunnel into the cliff. Take this

At the top you will see a drawing of a gargantuan creature (a Cerpatee as you
will find out in a bit). To the left there's a rope ladder leading down. To
the right there are two paths: one leads up and offers an aerial view of the
island and the other leads to Achenar's camp. Go down the ladder on the left.

The path leads to the shipwreck you saw when you linked in. To the right, near
the beginning of the "pier" there's a totem. Approach it and get a close up.
Use the amulet. When you are done take a picture of the symbol on the totem
and associate this totem with the Cerpatee animal (this is part of a puzzle
that needs to be solved later). Return to the beginning of the "pier" and go
forward. On your way to the wreck, there's a scene where some crabs eat a

When you get to the wreck you'll be faced with this Age's first puzzle.
There's a wooden box inside the elevator, four cannonballs outside and to the
left and down from the elevator there's another box (the counterweight) with
four more cannonballs nearby. What you need to do here is figure out how to
take some cannonballs up in the elevator with you, in order to trigger a
pressure plate in the upper floor to make a further gangway elevate.

Go to the counterweight box and move 3 cannonballs into it. Return to the
elevator. Pull the box outside and move 2 cannonballs inside it. Push the
wooden box to the elevator and follow it inside. Turn to the right to see the
commands for the elevator. Wind the counterweight (by rotating the wheel) and
release the brake (lever to the right). The elevator will go up.

At the top, push the wooden box forward. Wait for the gangway to rise and
cross to the other side. Once inside the ship proper, you can either go up or
down. Go down first, by taking the rope net at the left hand side. This leads
to Achenar's work area. At the end, the amulet will react to the stuffed
Karnak above the work table.

There's a diagram on top of the work table. Take a picture of it. It tells you
which animal eats what and will help you establish a pecking order (needed for
the puzzle that also uses the totems). Enter the room off to the side at the
back. The amulet reacts to the tools on the table. There's also a tube with a
rubber reservoir at the end. Squeezing it releases a green cloud of the same
stuff that made you woozy back in Tomahna. Looking around confirms that
Achenar is one very disturbed person.

Return upstairs to the middle level. Take the ladder upstairs. Once up there,
you will be greeted by a Karnak eating a fish. Notice it's hind paws. You can
correlate this information to the picture you took downstairs. Now, before
entering the ship, continue forward to the end. Turn to the right and rotate
the leftmost gear. This will unfurl the sail and show you a map of the island
along with the territory each animal occupies. It will also trigger a memory.

The five animals are represented here: the Cerpatee at the top, below it the
Mangree and to the right of the Mangree, the Camoudile. Below the Camoudile is
the Zeftyr and to the left of the Zeftyr is the Karnak, our fish eating
friend. Take a picture and when you are done, push the wooden tab to the right
of the gear to collapse the sail.

Enter the room to the right, and turn right. Examine the treasure chest to
trigger a memory. Now go to the other end of the room and examine Achenar's
first journal. You can use the amulet for a voice over. Here you will learn
the eating habits of the Zeftyr, the Camoudile and the Mangree, along with
their names. Further along will come the Karnak (a scavenger) and references
to the fifth creature.

When you are done, return to the pier. To lower the elevator to the pier, just
touch the metal tab next to the winding gear for the counterweight. Then,
retrace your steps to the top of the cliff. Now, take the path to the right
that leads to the aerial view. You'll see a red flag waving in the distance
and a wooden structure to your left. This jungle is a maze and you need to
navigate it. Climb down and go to the camp area. Approach the tent to trigger
a cutscene.

A Zeftyr will run out and you will use the tent as an hang-glider to pursue it
(I choose to think we're not running away from it in abject terror ^_^). It
proves smarter than you, as it hangs back just below the base camp and watches
you crash land. You then wake up with a Mangree looking over you. This scene
is also important as it contains a clue to another puzzle. You will hear a
Mangree screaming: high then low then high again. The one looking over you
will become alerted, just in time to escape the Camoudile that bounds over you
in pursuit of a hot meal!

When you get up, I suggest you do some exploring. It's very hard to give
directions here in the jungle as there aren't many reference points I can use,
so if you know the places I'm talking about, this will be much easier. Look
down to see some prints. Zoom in and the amulet will react.

Right now you are in a three way fork with the tent remains to your left. The
Camoudile came from your right. Take the path in front of you. Walk to the end
of this path. You will see a Mangree jumping from a tree to another one across
from it and hear the warning call again: high, low, high.

Go forward again and you'll arrive at what seems to be a dead-end. There's the
hunting post Achenar mentioned in his journal. You can push the red plants
aside. Do so and this lets you continue to the hunting post. Climb up.

Turn around and pull the cover down. Another diagram that helps establish the
pecking order. Take a picture. The pile of bones to the left triggers a
memory. Now, observe the three wheels in front of you and the Mangrees in the
distance. Do a close up and you'll see they are playing with the Mangree

Unfortunately, one of them is always covering the symbol. To make them go away
so you can take a picture of the symbol you'll need to reproduce the sound for
the warning call using the wheels in front of you. This includes not only the
pitch, but also the duration which is long, short, long.

Sorry I can't be of further help, but this is something you'll have to
practice until you get it right. It also serves as practice for a puzzle with
the same principle later on. I normally manage it by doing 3/4 of a turn for a
long duration and 1/4 of a turn for a short one.

Note: Frobotz has sent me this note in case you are having trouble with the
timing on the wheels:

"[...] it is a LOT easier if you double the values you gave i.e. 1.5 not 0.75
and 0.5 not 0.25."

I never had any trouble with using my values, but these might work for others.
As long as the ratio between the two durations is maintained (long being 3
times what you use for short) it should present no problems.

In this particular case, you'll need to turn the rightmost wheel first (3/4 of
a turn), then the leftmost one (1/4 of a turn) and then the rightmost one
again (3/4 of a turn). You also shouldn't take too long between changing
wheels as this can affect the sound reproduction. When you have managed to
reproduce the correct sound, the Mangrees will go away. Take the picture of
the totem and climb down from the post.

Return to the three way fork and take the path with the tent remains. You'll
see and hear a Camoudile up there stalking prey. Continue forward. At the
intersection, turn left. Continue forward. You will pass by a Karnak on your
right and going forward from there will lead you to a gate. Zoom in on the
panel to the left. Use the amulet. You'll learn what you need to do to solve
this puzzle.

Open the panel by pulling on the bottom central area (where there seems to be
a wood tab). The objective of this puzzle is to get the hammers to rest on the
white pins without the hammers themselves being inside the sliders. The
solution is listed below. As there's no way to reset the puzzle, save the game
before you start solving it to prevent headaches (trust me on this one...)
In the solution, a letter followed by a number, an x and a direction means you
have to move that slider a number of holes in the direction indicated. The
second move means: move the middle slider two holes to the left.

t - top slider
m - middle slider
b - bottom slider
lh - light hammer
dh - dark hammer

Step by step moves:
lh down
m 2x left
lh up
dh up
m 1x right
lh down
dh down
m 1x left
lh up
t 2x right
dh up
m 1x right
dh down
lh down
m 1x left
lh up
t 1x right
dh up
m 2x right
lh down
dh down
m 1x left
lh up -----> upper lock done
b 2x left
dh up
m 1x right
dh down
b 1x left
dh up
m 1x right
dh down ---> bottom lock done

At the end of this, the gate opens. Go forward to enter the lake area and the
Karnak habitat. Zoom in on the lake to trigger a memory. Turn around, zoom in
on the totem and trigger another one. Take a picture of the symbol. Now climb
down the trail to the intersection where you saw the Camoudile. Instead of
going right and returning to the tent remains trail, go forward. You will find
a trap on the left side of the trail. Use the amulet to trigger a memory.

If you continue forward, you'll arrive at base camp. Turn around and return to
the intersection. Turn left to the path with the tent remains. Take it. Pass
the three way intersection and this time go forward. You can use the Zip mode
to get there faster. You'll arrive at another intersection. To the left there
are two Zeftyrs feeding. Turning right leads to the swamp area.

Take the left path to visit the Camoudile habitat. You'll witness an attack in
which the Camoudile kills a Zeftyr. Pass the feeding Camoudile and the tree
stump and turn around. There's a Karnak waiting for its turn at the carcass
and an axe imbedded on the stump. Use it to trigger another memory.

Turn around and go to the end of the trail. Turn left and a Camoudile will try
to attack you. Fortunately for you (and unfortunately for the poor beast) the
poisonous green gas the nearby plants emit will render it unconscious and
probably give it a very bad headache, which is good, as it matches the one
you'll also feel as the vision blurs yet again.

Wait for your vision to clear and zoom in on the left plant. Trigger another
memory to learn about the proprieties of the gas and what a sadistic person
Achenar is (not that it needed any more confirmation). When it ends, leave
this place and go forward one screen. Take a right detour here to discover the
Camoudile totem.

Proceed to the end of this little trail and turn right at the huge boulder.
The totem is behind it. Take a picture and trigger the memory. Now return to
the intersection where you saw the two Zeftyr eating. Climb the path to your
left (when leaving the Camoudile habitat) and you'll see two Mangrees running
away from a Camoudile. You'll also hear the Mangree warning sound again (just
in case you hadn't figured it out yet).

Proceed forward to yet another intersection. The path on the right leads to
the Gate area (Karnak habitat) and the path on the left with the wooden planks
that leads to the swamp (Zeftyr habitat). Take the left path. Enter the swamp
and keep going until you get to a stone with prints on it. There's also a
small frog-like creature.

Zoom in on the prints to trigger a memory. At the next intersection, turn left
to find the final totem, the Zeftyr one. As before, take a picture and trigger
a memory. Return to the last intersection and this time take the right fork.
This leads to the bridge puzzle and this is the one that requires all the
information you've been gathering so far.

Climb up and go to the right. Touch the handle on the pulley hanging from the
wooden beam to lift the cover from the bridge lock puzzle. After solving this
puzzle you can return here by pressing the lever to the right when approaching
the bridge from the other side (not that you need to, but it's a convenient
option if you want to soak up the environment some more). You'll have to enter
the combination again though to lower the bridge once you are on this side.

The lock has five tubes that look like flutes and each tube has a symbol
viewer. Below the lock there's a pyramid just like the one in the hunting
post. To the left there's what looks like a wooden fan that will lower the
bridge once the correct sequence has been chosen. One of the viewers is
broken, so you'll have to use the ones either side of it as your reference for
setting it to the correct symbol.

The objective here is to organize the various animals, represented by their
symbols, in descending pecking order. From the eating diagram in the wreck and
the diagram at the hunting post, the order is Cerpatee, Camoudile, Mangree,
Karnak and Zeftyr, logic being carnivores first (in order on size) then
omnivores (Mangree and Karnak, with the Mangree being more intelligent) and
finally herbivores (Zeftyr). With this in mind, set the tubes like so:

1 - three holes showing (blank square)
2 - two holes showing (three triangles on the vertex of a big one)
3 - five holes showing first so as to set the fourth tube and then reset to
initial position (four leaf clover)
4 - five holes showing (four squares)
5 - four holes showing (letter s rotated 90 degrees)

Pull the wooden fan and the bridge will lower. Cross to the other side and the
bridge will rise again. Enter the hut on the left. There are quite a few
things hidden here and all of them will come in handy very soon.

Open the trunk nearest to the door to find some pulleys and diving gear.
Proceed to the next trunk and open it. Look at the inside of the lid. Take a
picture of the drawing with the Mangree and the squares with dots and
markings. Approach the bed. Use the amulet on the shirt and on the second of
Achenar's Journals.

From this you'll learn the name of the Cerpatee, and that Achenar seems to be
repenting and is on the road to redemption. You also discover that he has
given all the Mangrees names. You've already found one inside the trunk. Go to
the desk and unroll the piece of paper at the top of the small writing pad.
Take a picture of White Beard's name.

Turn around and climb up the mast. Examine the telescope and have a look
around. When exiting the telescope open the notepad next to it and trigger a
memory about Achenar and the perils of over hunting a species. There's another
Mangree name on top of the table. Take a picture. Use the amulet on the box
next to the drawing. Look at the painting on the easel. Lift it up (you can't
be in zoom mode to do this) and you'll find the final name behind it. Zoom in,
take a picture and trigger the memory.

Return downstairs and exit the hut. Turn left and continue to the jungle. Walk
to the end of the wooden walkway until the nasty Camoudile starts snapping at
you. Turn left and proceed to the hut at the end. Climb up. Watch the
Camoudile enter this clearing and the Mangrees running for dear life. Notice
the wheels in front of you. They are just like the ones in the hunting post.
Turn around and examine the diagram hanging from the ceiling. Trigger the
memory. Turn around and take a picture of the fruit throwing call.

OK, what you have to do here is get the Camoudile to fall into the pit and
have White Beard throw a fruit so that it will hit one of those poison plants
which in turn will release some gas and render the Camoudile unconscious.
White Beard has to be the one doing the throwing because he is the only one
who is accurate and strong enough to do it. Unfortunately, moving the Mangrees
around involves using the wheels to simulate their names and the game is a
stickler for precision. Feel free to turn around and bang your head against
the nearest wall. ^_^

Save your game and prepare yourself for probably the most infuriating puzzles
in this whole game. Each of the names you have been collecting is made up of
two tones. As in the other puzzle, there are high and low tones and also a
middle one. There are two lengths: short and long. A square means short and a
rectangle means long. The names are written from top to bottom, so to call a
particular Mangree, begin at the top line and work down. If you need to reset
the puzzle at any time, walk back to the hut in the middle of the lake, enter
it (if you don't enter the hut the puzzle doesn't reset) and then walk back

When you are ready, here's the sequence:

Letters A through E denote stations; P denotes Pit.
Number - denotes wheel to use, numbered left to right
1/4 or 3/4 - denotes length of signal


Mangree moves Camoudile moves
Free Station from to from to
1 1/4 3 3/4 E A E D E
3 3/4 2 1/4 A B A E A
1 1/4 3 3/4 B E B A B
1 3/4 2 3/4 E D E B(P)E

This gets the Camoudile in the pit but White Beard isn't in the throwing
station yet

2 1/4 1 1/4 D C D E D
1 1/4 3 3/4 C B C D C
3 3/4 2 1/4 B A B C B
1 3/4 2 3/4 A E A B A
3 3/4 2 1/4 E B E A E

I strongly suggest you save your game here, unless you want to redo the whole
thing. You'll have very little time once the Camoudile is in the pit to throw
the fruit

1 1/4 3 3/4 B C B E P
3 3/4 1 1/4 2 1/4

The Camoudile is put to sleep. Climb down and return to the end of the wooden
walkway. Climb down the ladder and you'll be greeted by a Mangree and see the
sleeping Camoudile in the pit. Follow the path to the right and climb the
wooden post at the end. This nest is filled with Mangrees. There's a compass,
some shirts and linens. Zoom in on the shirts and trigger the memory sequence.

Turn around to the left and zoom in on the plant leaves with the drawings.
This is the solution to one of the puzzles in Serenia and also the solution
needed to finish this Age. It says you'll have to stroke the bottom stripe of
the third coil of a flying snake (you'll see it in just a bit) four times to
the left and then pat it on the head when it awakens. I shall name it Quetzy
(short for Quetzocoatl).

Follow the path of leaves to the end. If you turn around you'll notice you
have quite a following. The Mangrees seem to have taken a liking to you. Sit
in the chair and look right and down. Zoom in on Quetzy and trigger the memory
to see Achenar doing what is needed to wake it up. Repeat what he did when the
memory finishes. It will seem like Quetzy is going to attack you but never
fear. Once it's gone, touch the lever. The chair will start moving and a
passenger will join you for the ride.

Once the chair stops, return to the linking chamber. If you go back to the
chair, zooming in on the lever and triggering a memory replays the ride. Once
inside the chamber, link to Tomahna.

3. Tomahna Interlude

On linking back to Tomahna, you will see Achenar outside Yeesha's bedroom. You
will see him using a linking book, which then falls to the deck below the
bedroom. Time to investigate what happened, so pull the small lever to open
the chamber and when it's open, use Zip mode to go to Yeesha's bedroom.

The room is a shambles. Seems like Achenar was searching for something. Go to
Yeesha's bed and use the amulet on her Journal. You'll learn about Serenia,
Serenia's viewer code and Yeesha's spirit guide. Of special importance to
solve the bookshelf puzzle is a note on a Friday where there's a drawing of
Atrus working on the bookshelf. Yeesha says all the names are written in D'ni
and that she won't forget who is older. This is the final clue needed to solve
the bookshelf puzzle (along with the family tree, the note from Atrus to
Catherine, Yeesha's notepad where she practiced her name and the pictures of
the family). We will not solve this puzzle for now, for game continuity, it is
better if we solve the Spire Age puzzles first. ^_^

Note: at this point, you could return to the viewer and input the Serenia
crystal code to see a picture of it. As with the other codes, it doesn't add
much to the story.

Serenia code: Red 7, Yellow 6, Purple 4, Blue 3, Green 1

The image is a place near the linking spot into Serenia. You see a bit of the
stone forest maze and some water in the distance.

Go to the bookshelf and zoom in on the lower left display. Trigger a memory to
hear Achenar saying "I knew you had one". He has stolen Serenia's linking book
from Yeesha. That's where he linked to and that was the book you saw falling
to the deck below. Zoom in on the right compartment to see Yeesha's handprint.
It says she is a child of water, which means her spirit guide is a water
spirit. You'll learn more about spirit guides when you link to Serenia.

For now, exit the room and return to the linking chamber (you can use the Zip
mode if you want to). Once there, pull the small lever to close it and then
link to Spire using the book on the left.

4. Spire

Before you start, a warning: Spire is evil! Then again so is Sirrus, so that
makes it even. As with any Myst game the details are very important, but in
this Age they are even more so. Now that this is out of the way, look around
you. The scenery is beautiful.

You arrive inside a blown up linking chamber. As with Haven, the same system
was adopted here. You'll find a book on the bench across the room. Use the
amulet on it to trigger a memory. Yeesha's first mistake with Sirrus: telling
him she knew D'ni. Second mistake: teaching it to Sirrus. Anyway, when you are
done, exit and start climbing down.

On your way down you'll pass an elevator shaft off to the side. Enter it and
see that the call button is broken. You can zoom in on the shaft but you won't
see much. Exit the elevator and continue climbing down until you arrive at a
garden with crystal statues. If you used the viewer code, this is the place
you saw.

Proceed to the statues and trigger a memory sequence. From this you can see
the kind of manipulative mind Sirrus has. Turn left, and zoom in on the tools,
bedroll and extinguished fire on the floor. Trigger another memory sequence.
To the right and back there's a tunnel that leads to an elevator. Instead of
taking that route, let's go another way. Turn back to the statues and proceed
to the left and then behind them.

At the end of this walkway, there's a huge crystal jutting out from a stone
pipe. Take a picture and note the shape of the pipe (pentagonal). Zoom in.
Trigger the memory sequence which confirms this is indeed a pentagon-shaped

Zoom out. Notice the white mark at the fourth position of the scale (counting
the one where the indicator is at as one). This will become relevant near the
end of this Age. Now turn right.

Examine the pipe hole. Zoom in and trigger a memory sequence. Jump in and
enjoy the slide down (hope the Traveler has heat-resistant pants! ^_^) Once
the ride ends, go forward. There's a sort of book device at the end. Pull the
lever below to open it. Trigger a memory sequence. This is a circuit board for
the Age and it shows where there's power. Right now, nothing is powered up.

There are a group of four fuses on the upper left side, a group of seven fuses
below that and a group of 35 fuses on the right hand side. There are also a
lot of symbols. Each of these represent a location here in Spire (kind of like
the power box back in Tomahna).

To the right of this circuit board is a metal pipe with rungs leading up. This
is your exit ladder from this level. Examine the rest of this location. Go
left. There's a control box here. The symbol on the lid looks like a castle
with waves above it. It's an electromagnet and the waves represent magnetic
forces. Zoom in on the lid and trigger a memory. Press the button beside it to
open the lid. Inside you'll find a slider and seven LEDs (numbered 1 to 7).

There's a power gauge on the right and a switch on the left. Flick the switch
down. Now, let's ground some conductors. It took me a few tries to find the
right combination, but to save you the time, here it is: move the slider
right, left, right, left and right. This works because one move to the right
lights up 4 LEDs and one move to the left turns two off. All seven LEDs will
light up. The game will take over and you'll see something being pulled down
by the magnetic force.

If you now go to the circuit board, you'll see that this area is also lit up.
From there, and to the left, you can go to the end of the walkway and see a
huge crystal that is storing electricity. A cable leads out into the void and
connects to several floating stones. A ladder seems to lead out to the left,
but can't be used right now. Turn back to the exit ladder and climb it.

At the top, move the lever to the left to open the trap door (if you had used
the elevator back at the Statue Garden, this trapdoor would be locked and it
would have been impossible to open it from here). This area leads to Sirrus'
work area, botany lab, and another elevator to the right with a rest area and
workbench, to the left.

For now, continue climbing the pipe. This is another control area. The control
box lid here has a symbol that looks like a ship sailing over some waves. It's
another electromagnet, this one is pointing down. Zoom in and trigger a
memory. What you have to do here is balance out the floating rock you saw
coming down when you powered the box downstairs. This is all explained in one
of Sirrus' Journals (we'll get to it in a bit), and also through the triggered
memories at the control boxes when they are covered up. You'll learn that the
location downstairs is a dock and that the floating stone is actually a stone

Open the box. This one is exactly like the one below but has only four LEDs.
You need to light up two LEDs here. The sequence for this, after flicking down
the switch, is: move the slider left, right and right. The game will take over
and although you can't see it from up here, the stone ship has moved to the
correct position in order to be boarded at the docking area.

Climb down to the middle area and go left. Approach Sirrus' workbench. On your
way there, zoom in on the floating stone to the left and trigger a memory. As
long as you are here, take a moment to follow the path next to the floating
stone to the end to add a link to the Zip mode. It might come in handy. Do not
use the elevator though. There's no need to yet and besides, you have more
things to do on this level. Return to the floating stone and continue to the
bench. Zoom in on the first of Sirrus' Journals and use the amulet for a voice

You'll learn a lot about how the Age works, some of its secrets and why the
stones float. You'll hear how the stone ship was created, how the electro
crystals work and about Sirrus' failure. Contrary to his brother, Sirrus
doesn't seem the least bit remorseful.

To the right of the journal there's a device that shows how the crystals work.
It also can be used to trigger a memory. Do so. To the right is a telescope
that triggers yet another memory sequence. It shows you the destination of the
stone ship. You'll be going there in a bit.

For now, go to the left and behind the workbench area. This path leads to the
Botany Lab where Sirrus' has nurtured a flower to offer to his mother
(remember the one in the pressure chamber in Catherine's Botany Lab, and also
it triggers a memory sequence in Tomahna by Night in the Botany Lab.) Zoom in
on the statue and trigger another memory sequence. The Botany work table shows
a diagram, but that doesn't look like flower experiences. Looks like Sirrus
has been extracting something from the plants around here.

Return to the trapdoor. Return to the docking area below. On arriving, notice
that a gangway has now been extended to the stone ship. Walk to the ship and
get inside. Push the lever up and enjoy the short ride to the other island.
Once there, get out of the ship and proceed forward and to the right. Cross to
the other side and zoom in on the pipe. Trigger a memory sequence and climb

To the right there's a web of chains. Go there first. Zoom in on the porthole
and use the controls on the right to move the view around. There are three
places where the blue button will light up, but one of them is more important
than the others. Before you start moving it around, trigger the memory
sequence. This is where Sirrus discovered that this Age has no bottom and the
link book was lost forever.

First hotspot is at the bottom of the stalactite which is currently shown in
the viewer. Click on the blue button to zoom in and again to zoom out. Second
hotspot is almost at the top of this stalactite. Again click the blue button
to zoom in and again to zoom out. To the left of this one is the most
important one: it shows a crystal jutting out from a windpipe (circular in
shape) and the white mark on the scale is in the third position (again with
position one being the first where the middle indicator is). Zoom out from the
viewer and go to the machine at the end of the other path.

This one had me banging my head on the wall for a while. The gears won't turn
not because there's no power (as I first assumed) but because there's a
floating stone wedged against them to prevent them from turning. Touch the
stone (on the right side of the screen) to set it free, then pull the lever.
This will enable a floating stone to form a bridge near the stone ship. Return

Cross the walkway and use the floating stone to cross to the other side.
Continue to the end to find another circuit board. Zoom in and use the amulet.
Return to the floating stone and step left to the control box. I forgot to
mention we are trying to power an artifact that lets you access the bottom
most point of the Age. That object looks like a chair with spiders legs. I
shall refer to it as the spider chair. For that we need exactly 36 conductors
to be lit.

Zoom in on the closed lid and trigger a memory. The symbol here looks like a
three stringed lyre. Open the lid. Wow! That's a lot of conductors! After much
experiment, the sequence for the slider here, after flicking down the switch,
is: move slider right, right, left, left and right. You need to light up 29
LEDs which this sequence does. Return to the stone ship and to the main Spire.

Now, 29 conductors from the island plus the 7 from the dock station makes 36.
All you need to do is turn off the ones above the area where the metal exit
pole leads (to the upper magnet control room). Go there and turn them off by
flicking the switch up. Climb down and this time, go to the right, towards
Sirrus' rest area and second workbench. On your way there, notice a piece of
paper on the floor. It's close to piece of square rock. This is the first note
on the Quartz crystals. Zoom in and take a picture.

Keep going until you get to the third crystal jutting out from the windpipe.
This one is broken and there's no scale, but the shape is a hexagon. Zoom in,
take a picture and trigger the memory sequence. This confirms the shape of the
pipe and also the position for the last indicator, which is set to the seventh

Note: Here is some additional information about a feature I missed. Thanks to
Anthony Germon for sending it to me.

"[...] when you are near Sirrus' rest area, in front of the third (hexagonal)
crystal, jutting out from the windpipe, you can indeed notice that there's no
scale. Of course you may get the position for the last indicator during the
memory sequence. But, when facing the crystal, if you turn yourself 180
degrees, just above the chessboard and a little to its right, you can also see
the missing scale, which is damaged and stuck in some pillar, and you can zoom
on it."

This will also provide you with the correct setting for this cable.

Turn around and go to the cot area. Zoom in on the chess set to trigger a
memory that completes the other one (triggered on the chess set back in the
Kitchen in Tomahna). Turn around to the water bucket. Notice a piece of paper
on the floor. Zoom in and take a picture (this is the first note about the
blue crystals). Now go to the workbench.

On the left there's a rotating display with crystals inside. Below it there's
a note about Nara. Take a picture. On the top and to the right, there's a note
on rock. Take a picture. Now open the small compartment to find two more
notes, the one on top is about blue crystals and below this one, is another
about rock. You'll have to move the small gear aside to be able to lift the
note about the blue crystals. Take a picture of both notes.

Now, turn to the right, walk forward and examine the hole there. Jump into it.
At the bottom you'll be faced with the spider chair. To the left of the chair
there's a statue with a list of numbers. Take a picture of it (as it will help
determine the correct frequency for Rock). Open the gate in front of the chair
by pulling the lever down. Leave the lever with the lightning bolt symbol as
it is. Exit through the gate to the other side.

Climb up the stairs and look on the floor. Zoom in on the note and take a
picture. This is the second note about Quartz. The elevator cab is here, but
you won't be needing it. Return to the spider chair and sit down. Press the
button on the right. A control panel closes over you and everything lights up.
If you look carefully to the left side you'll see numbers next to symbols.
These indicate the amount of energy needed to access a level, and this is how
I knew that 36 was the correct number. Pull the knob on the left down one

The chair will descend and the statue will travel down with you. Zoom in on it
and use the amulet. There seem to be a lot of flasks around. On the control
console of the spider chair pull the knob to the left down another position.
Again you will descend. This time you will see four displays in front of you.
Inside each there's a different piece of crystal. On the left there's Quartz
and Stone and on the right Nara (in the form of a Knight chess piece) and Blue
Crystal. These are locks and the notes you have been collecting help you find
out which are the correct frequencies that will make them vibrate (and thus
open). Before you do that, however, you need to tune the machine.

Click on the button in the panel that looks like three capital 'E' letters.
You'll have to open the panel first to reveal the button. Once at the bottom,
you'll see three gears each with a different geometric symbol: a pentagon, a
circle and a hexagon. Each corresponds to one of the windpipes I told you to
take a picture of. On the right there are some tools. Zoom in on them and
trigger a memory sequence. After this, set the gears accordingly. Remember
that the first position counts. The first position on each gear is number one,
not zero. The correct positions are:

Gear one (pentagon) in 4th position
Gear two (circle) in 3rd position
Gear three (hexagon) in 7th position

If you make a mistake, the white handle in each gear can be used to reset the
indicator to its original position. Once they are properly tuned, return
upstairs by pressing the big black button up and to the left. When the ride
ends, save the game. Get ready for another annoying puzzle. Seems to be one
per Age. But first let's find out the sequences.

Open up the notes on the Quartz crystal. The first one says the first slider
should be set to 6. The second one says the optimum setting is near 8-12-4.
Push the sliders on the chair control panel to these positions: the first one
to 6, the second one to 12 and the third one to 4. The quartz crystal begins
to vibrate (the lights on the conductors turn off meaning that energy is being
spent to make the crystal vibrate). You have the correct frequency for Quartz:
6-12-4. Notice that there's only a hole on the Quartz ring and that it spins

Now for the Rock. The notes for Rock say that the total power is 20 and that
the last slider must be set to 5 (seen in one of the notes). This means that
the power distributed to the other sliders has to add up to 15. There are a
lot of combinations, but the notes also say that the lab vibrated strongly
with one of the melodies from the music chart. So that reduces it to 10-5 (as
found on the last three lines of the chart), since this is the only pair from
the melodies chart that adds up to 15. The correct frequency for Rock is 10-5-
5. Test it and notice the lock behavior. This one has three holes.

Now for the Blue Crystal. The notes let you know that the setting for the
first slider is 3. The other ones must be set to the total output from the
garden, which is 4, and docking station which is 7. The total is 11. So if the
total is 11 and the first one is set to 3 and one of them has to have the full
power from the docking station, which is 7, the sequence is either 3-7-1 or 3-
1-7 (since both add to 11). Testing these reveals that the correct one is 3-1-
7. Notice the lock behavior by zooming in on it. This one has two holes.

And now for the final one, Nara. This is the easiest one. The only note on
Nara says that it will have to be all the power the board can generate,
equally divided by three. Since the full power is 36, dividing it by three
means the frequency is 12-12-12. Zoom in on the lock and see that it has four

So frequencies we have, now to determine the order. Since the slower vibrating
materials take longer to get to a hole in the ring, it's better to have them
set up early. In order of the number of holes, this means the correct order
(along with frequency settings) is:

Quartz: 6-12-4
Blue Crystal: 3-1-7
Rock: 10-5-5
Nara: 12-12-12

Now for the really annoying part. You have to get all four locks vibrating at
the same time and this requires speed while setting up the sliders. This would
be easy if the control system wasn't so clunky and the mouse hovering
sensibility was a little more sensitive. My suggestion, at least for the first
setting is to set up the first and third slider to the correct positions and
leave the second one to the end. As this involves cranking it up to the
maximum, it buys you some time. Once it starts vibrating, set the next
combination and so on. With a bit of luck you'll get it right and the bridge
in front of the chair will rise.

Note: Here's an alternative way of solving this puzzle, provided by Greg
Diroll. Thanks for sending it to me.

"As you state, the clumsiness of the mouse control makes it difficult when
time is so important while trying to get all the pieces to vibrate. The key to
speeding up each code is knowing that the 3rd number selected in each sequence
only has to be crossed and not "set." For example, the quartz code is 6-12-4
and Blue is 3-1-7. Starting from zero, I set 6 and 12 on the 1st 2 cables. I
then went directly to 7 on the 3rd cable, hence passing 4 and activating the
quartz, and setting the 3rd number of the 2nd sequence. I then reversed to the
2nd cable, set 1, and then slid the 1st cable back to zero quickly(passing 3
and activating Blue) and then up to 10 to start the Rock sequence. Then to 5
on the 2nd cable and so on."

And here's a trick sent by Mark Neil. I haven't tested it though:

"If you set the first crystal and then wait 45 seconds or so, before resetting
to the vibration pattern for the second crystal, you have a full 50 seconds to
complete the set. This is because the crystals only stop vibrating when the
locking holes align with the crystals themselves. This happens on the blue
crystal after 30s, because there are 2 holes, and the rock after 15s, but I
was well away by then."

Once this happens, click the blue button on the right to lift the control
console and free you. Walk over to the bridge and cross it. Save the game.
Climb to the new area and you'll see a huge stone slab in the elevator to your
left. You need to remove it. To your right is a panel with two settings. Move
the slider to the right (below the drawing for what looks like a Bishop chess

Move forward and you'll see a figurine inside an electrical cage. Zoom in and
trigger the associated memory. Oh, so the crystal figurines will act as bombs
once they are grounded. Continue to the second of Sirrus' Journals. You'll
learn of Sirrus' bitterness, his trickery of his mother as well as taking
advantage on her feelings and that he is not in the least bit sorry for what
he did: he's quite blase about it. You'll also learn of his plans to blow up
the linking chamber, how he tricked Atrus into giving him some Nara (in the
form of chess pieces) and his surprise at finding out he has a sister and the
anger/envy he feels towards her because Atrus chose to teach her the Art of
writing Ages and didn't do the same for him.

Approach the nearby dispensers and zoom in on each one. You'll have the
opportunity to trigger two memory sequences, showing a figurine being
retrieved and deposited into the sliding container. The one on the left is
made of rock and the one on the right is made of Nara. Since you need to blow
up the rock slab that is blocking the elevator, Nara would be the right way to
go. You'll have to make sure that the container is pushed to the left so that
the Nara figurine will fall to the ground and blow up.

Slide the container to the left and return to the spider chair. Set the
sliders to 12-12-12 and watch the cutscene. A figurine slides to the back of
the other area and an explosion will be seen. In fact, it's similar, if you
remember, to the one you were part of on Tomahna, back when that unexplained
quake took place. It now seems that both brothers had a hand at that event.
Return to the area that just blew up. The elevator is now unblocked.

I suggest you save your game at this point as you are about to take a fun
ride. ^_^

Enter the elevator, lift the lever and enjoy it! The ride ends at the shaft
chamber near the beginning of the Age. By the way, the ride up here should
explain why this elevator wasn't working: beside the slab of stone blocking it
downstairs, there was a missing section of the shaft that Sirrus substituted
with electromagnets.

Turn around and zoom in on the medallion next to the lever. Flick the little
latch and take a picture of the color scheme that appears. This changes from
game to game, so I can't tell which scheme you'll get. It's also part of the
solution to another puzzle in Serenia and the reason why you needed to visit
Spire before going to Serenia. Zooming in on the lever, replays the elevator
ride. Exit the elevator and proceed to the linking chamber. Return to Tomahna.

5. Tomahna Revisited

Time to take care of the book shelf puzzle in Yeesha's room. Pull the small
lever right to open the chamber and Zip mode to the bedroom.

Go to the bookshelf and zoom in on the lower left display. Trigger a memory to
hear Achenar saying "I knew you had one". He has stolen Serenia's linking book
from Yeesha. That's where he linked to and that was the book you saw falling
to the deck below when you returned from Haven. Zoom in on the right
compartment to see Yeesha's handprint. It says she is a child of water, which
means her spirit guide is a water spirit. You'll learn more about spirit
guides when you link to Serenia.

Now the books. There are two rows, with eight books each. Number the books in
each row from one to eight. I'll refer to a particular book like so 2:4 in
which the first number is the row and the second number is the book.

On the spine of each book is a name written in D'ni. After gathering all the
clues (Yeesha's Journal where she says all the names are written in D'ni and
that she won't forget who is older, the family tree below the first
conservatory, the note from Atrus to Catherine, Yeesha's notepad where she
practiced her name and the pictures of the family) all that's left to do is
translate the names so you can find out which books to push.

Since you already have Atrus, Catherine and Yeesha's names in D'ni, the only
ones missing are Achenar and Sirrus. If you translate the other names, you'll
see some familiar names there, like Rand for example. Or you could simply try
to find out which are the ones you want from looking at the Family Tree
picture. Yeesha has said in her journal that she won't forget who is older.
The order must therefore be arranged chronologically from oldest to youngest.
Obviously this is Atrus, Catherine, Achenar, Sirrus and Yeesha, which
translates to the books:


Push these books into the shelves to have the bookshelf lower. Climb down the
secret exit to the lower deck. Step forward and you will see some diving
equipment. Continue forward to find a painting on an easel, a glowing lamp
with beetles flying around it and Serenia's link book lying on the deck (this
is where it was dropped when Achenar linked to Serenia). Open the book and
link to Serenia.

Before you start exploring Serenia, do a small detour. Turn around, do a close
up on the stone pedestal behind you and trigger a memory. Poor Yeesha! Link
through the book lying on the floor. It takes you back to Tomahna. This is a
very nice surprise, especially if you played Exile, because you are in the
same place where Exile starts!

Approach the bench on the left, zoom in and shawl to trigger a memory that
replays the first scene from Exile. Turn around and go through the corridor
there. At the end, turn the little fan knob to unlock the door and step
through. The door at the back of the Botany Lab is now opened. Return to the
balcony you just left, and turn right to Atrus' study.

Turn left and go to the leftmost mural. Zoom in to trigger another scene from
Exile. Zoom in on the right mural and trigger another memory, this one is of
Catherine teasing Atrus. Continue to Atrus' desk. The linking book to Serenia
is on a bookstand to the right.

Turn on the lamp on Atrus' desk. Zoom in on the feather and trigger a memory.
Zoom in on the Journal and use the amulet for a voice over. The journal
teaches you about Serenia, and the family trip there. It also talks about how
Yeesha underwent her Spirit Guide ceremony. When you are done, turn right and
link to Serenia.

6. Serenia

Serenia is a maze-like place. As with Haven (but even more so here) it's very
difficult to give precise directions. I strongly suggest you get acquainted
with the Age, perhaps make yourself a map, and at least learn the locations
for the water control puzzles (there are three), the Spirit Guide
manifestation points (stone circles for Wind Guides, circular pools for Water
Guides and burning stones for Fire Guides), as well as their shapes
(Whirlwind, Water Column and Flame Column), and their offerings (Pollen for
Wind, Bubble for Water and burning Sap for Fire).

Start by going forward. Cross the bridge and go past the bubble fountain on
the right. Continue forward past the white butterflies. To your left you'll
see a water wheel and in front of you there's a bridge. Turn left and go to
the water wheel. Pull the control handle on the wheel to the right to stop
water from flowing to the left. You need to do this as part of a puzzle you'll
encounter later on. There's also a water pool here. Return to the main path.

Cross the wooden bridge. You'll see Achenar walking briskly to the right. This
is a four way intersection: the path from where you came, a stone path to the
left, a stone path where you saw Achenar in front of you and two wooden
bridges to the right. Follow the path where you saw Achenar. Pass the stone
circle to the left and continue to another intersection. You'll see two water
conduits intersecting on the right, a path to the right and a path to the
left. Take the left path.

Turn left and notice a small wooden box in a stone shelf to the left. Zoom in
and trigger a memory. This is what Achenar was hiding. Open the box and use
the amulet on the Journal for a voice over. This Journal will help you learn
what the brothers have been up to on Serenia, as well as their intended plans
for Atrus. It also informs you of a fall out between them.

Continue forward on this path. At the end, just before a bridge, you'll see
some burning stones. Incidentally, if the game takes over when approaching a
Spirit Guide manifestation point, it means the Guide is there. Do nothing to
harm it though. I point this out because a Fire Spirit might be here. You'll
deal with them later on. Cross the bridge and you'll be standing under a
pollen tree. Turn left and go forward.

There's a water pool on the left (and probably the Water Spirit guide is
there). Forward again until you get to another water control point. Climb the
small wooden ladder on the left. At the top, pull the little car right so that
its top wheel connects with the wooden axle. Go forward and pull the handle to
the right. Staying at the top, approach the ladder and return the car to its
original position. Descend and return to the water pool.

Turn left to the water control and pull the handle hanging from it twice. This
will block the water from flowing to the left conduit (the one closest to the
small wooden ladder). As I mentioned above this is part of a puzzle you'll
encounter in a little while. Go past the small wooden ladder and continue
forward. You will come across a stone circle on the right and probably see a
Wind Spirit. Again, do nothing to it. Keep going forward.

You'll be back at the intersection where you saw Achenar. The Wind Spirit may
be in the stone circle next to that path now. This time, take the path with
the two wooden bridges. You may be able to see a Fire Spirit to the left at a
distance. Go past it. Cross the wooden bridge. Ignore the trail leading down
from here for now (it's a dead-end with a raised drawbridge). There's another
stone circle to your right. Take the left path.

Another water control, and if all went well, there should be no water flowing
here. There's a water pool here. Zoom in on the broken wooden cogwheel on the
left and trigger a memory. Once it ends, go forward. To the left you'll see a
burning sap plant and another one to the right in the distance. Take the path
to the right that leads to another burning sap plant and a pollen tree.

Pass the pollen tree on the right and the bubble fountain on the left. There's
a path to the left here where another pollen tree can be found. Ignore this
path and go forward. There's another bubble fountain here, a path to the left
where some burning stones can be seen to the right of it and a path leading
forward and downward. Take this one.

The game will take over and you'll meet Anya. Listen to what she has to say.
She is one of six Protectors looking after this part of Serenia. She tells you
to visit the Memory Chamber, so go there. Go forward, but make a detour first.
At the cross roads, turn right and go to the end of the path. Zoom in on the
mosaic and trigger a memory. From it you'll learn that water links everything
in this Age. Take a picture of the mosaic, as it is also a map to this Age's
stone maze (the one you've been navigating).

Return to the crossroads and go right. Go down the stairs and at the bottom,
turn left. Go down these stairs and witness a cutscene with Sirrus. As usual,
he's up to no good. When he sees you, he'll blow up the bathyscaph to escape.
Turn right and go forward. Zoom in on the offering plate and trigger another
memory. Before entering the Memory Chamber in front of you, go left and to the
back of the bathyscaph. Examine the blown up door and trigger a memory. The
bathyscaph is used to harvest memory globes from the bottom of the Memory

Return to the Memory Chamber and enter it. There are four statues at the back
(two on each side) and they will replay scenes of Yeesha's imprisonment,
Achenar stealing something and Sirrus holding a blue egg. There are some
stairs leading up, but there's no need to go there for now. The chamber in the
middle of the room holds the pistil of the plant, which is beating like a

Exit the Memory Chamber and return to where you saw Sirrus inside the
bathyscaph. You'll meet a new Protector here. She'll tell you about the
Memory Chamber and that a few of their sisters have gathered at the Hall of
Spirits. They'll be able to tell you more about Yeesha when they've woken up.
Follow her to the back of the bathyscaph. She'll tell you of the existence of
another bathyscaph and that the pollen inside a Memory Chamber grows deadly
when the plant gets old.

Once more, return to where you saw Sirrus and climb the stairs. At the top
turn left and go forward. Cross the wooden suspension bridge and climb down
the other side. On this plaza, to the right is a statue with an offering
plate, and to the left, a small outcrop. Go there. A tube at the end triggers
a memory when you zoom in. This is used to call the village and you discover
that the Protectors live elsewhere in a village. Return to the plaza and go
left at the top.

At the base of the stairs is a stone lid (the control to open it is up the
steps). Climb the stone steps, and encounter Achenar. Listen to what he has to
say. While he's clearly a few sandwiches short of a full picnic, he does seem
sincere when he tells you his brother is mad. He also mentions the Journal you
found inside the wooden box. He also insists you must prevent Atrus from
coming here. When the scene ends, turn right.

Walk to the end of the wooden walkway. Notice the thing on the water control
wheel? It's a Quetzy just like the one in Haven. This is why you had to go
through that Age: to find out how to release this lock so that you can operate
this water control. Zoom in and trigger a memory of Haven. To release Quetzy,
stroke the bottommost stripe on the rightmost coil four times to the left and
then tap her on the head. She'll fly away and let you operate the control.

Don't operate it yet though.

Instead, return to where you just met Achenar and on the pillar statue to the
left, pull its red tongue. This opens that stone lid. Return to the outcrop on
the plaza. There should be a middle aged woman there. Another Protector. She's
very suspicious of you, but asks you to do her a favor. She talks about the
importance of water, the theft of the Life Stone and the diversion of the
water courses. This scene is important because it triggers the awakening of
the Protectors inside the Hall of Spirits and lets you move forward in the
game. The woman will only appear AFTER you have removed the Quetzy.

We will now go now to the Hall of Spirits, but will take the long way round in
order to discover a bit more of the game. Return to the stone plaza and left
to the base of the steps. The stone lid should be open allowing you access.
Climb down to the very bottom. There's a switch here (I don't know its
purpose), and a pillar surrounded by three more. Zoom in on it to trigger a
memory. It's the Life Stone Achenar was carrying when you spoke.

Turn left and go forward. Zoom in on the crevice and then click on it. You'll
exit this chamber. Incidentally, if you had changed the water control settings
on the plaza this area would be flooded and you'd have been prevented from
proceeding this way. Climb up and you'll be on the side from which Achenar
made his speech. Proceed forward. This path leads to the drawbridge I
mentioned earlier. It's no longer a dead end. Now use Zip mode to return to
the crossroads after the point you met Anya or continue on this path.

Once at the crossroads, go to the mosaic. Another scene with Anya will reveal
a little more of what is going on. When it ends, go straight ahead to the
building on the opposite side of the mosaic. This is the Hall of Spirits. Save
before you go in. Enter it and you'll be addressed by one of the Protectors
there. Listen to her explanation and you'll learn you need a Spirit Guide to
visit Dream. First though you must be allocated a Spirit Guide.

Note: The guide is randomly attributed. Problem is I don't know what triggers
it. I've been going through the save I did but it seems I always get the same
guide. It does change when you start a new game. I've been a child of Wind and
of Water so far.

The Image Viewer will be flashing. Click on it. Notice a hand next to the Zip
mode icon. Clicking on it will show a hand print just like the one in Yeesha's
bedroom back in Tomahna. Exit the Hall of Spirits.

Now that you know who your Spirit Guide is, it's time to find it. Return to
the Stone Forest and go to the appropriate spot to get an offering. These
spots are always within a four screen distance from a Spirit manifestation.
You have to take the offering from the tree/fountain/plant to the place of
manifestation by holding it in your hand (the cursor). To collect an offering,
place the cursor below the falling material. After you have collected it, you
mustn't make quick or sudden moves or the offering will disappear. You
mustn't take too long delivering it or your Spirit Guide or, again, your
offering will disappear. Moving more than four nodes will also make the
offering disappear.

As I have no way of knowing which Guide you have been given here's a table
with the information you'll need:

From Collect Spirit Guide Manifests in
Pollen tree ---> Pollen ---> Wind ---> Stone circle
Bubble fountain ---> Bubble ---> Water ---> Water pool
Burning plant ---> Sap ---> Fire ---> Burning stones

If the Guide is at the place of manifestation you choose, touch it with your
offer in hand. This will cause an explosion of light and a shower of sparkles.
If not, you'll have to visit every spot where it appears until you find it,
always bearing the correct offering in hand.

Once this is done, go to the Memory Chamber and be SURE to save your game
before progressing.

You are about to experience one of the most pleasurable puzzles in the game as
well as bear witness to a fabulous journey accompanied by the song Curtains
(beautiful in itself) written and performed by Peter Gabriel. When you are
ready, Zanika will be waiting for you there and will explain what you must do
to get to the Dream Age.

Once you reach the upper level, the game will take over.

Enjoy the video. When it ends, your Spirit Guide will explain what is going on
in Dream and that it will try to help you. He will allow you to interact a
little bit with Dream, and you can play around with the color clouds and have
them follow your cursor around. After some time, you'll be taken to what I
consider to be the most fun puzzle I've ever completed in a Myst game.

When the screen has filled with swirling nimbus of color surrounding a white
one, and your Spirit Guide has stopped talking, save the game. This puzzle is
easy once you know what you are trying to do. The spirit guide told you to
bring the Ancestors in closer harmony to the ones surrounding it. White, for
those of you who aren't aware of it, is a combination of every possible color
which makes up light. It is therefore considered the most harmonious of all
the colors. Your objective here is to change the color of all the Ancestors to

To do this, you brush the cursor through an Ancestor and it changes color. The
color sequence is:

Red ---> Purple ---> Blue ---> Cyan ---> Green ---> Yellow ---> White

Once you get to white, the cycle will begin again. The best way of doing this,
since the clouds are arranged in a hexagonal matrix, is to trace triangles or
do zigzag motions. Now, there are some rules:

- going from one cloud to another, moves the color up one level on the
sequence above
- going back on a color that you have just changed causes no effect at first,
but if you linger too long or pass through it without changing colors
around it, it will force a color change on the clouds that surround it
- white clouds are a bit sturdier to the effect above but will also change if
you brush past them
- the central white cloud never changes color and isn't affected by any of
the effects described above

So when you are ready, begin. Don't be afraid to change a white into a red if
you need to or do shapes other than triangles (squares for instance) if this
approach is sometimes needed. When all the clouds have been changed to white,
your Spirit Guide will tell you you've succeeded and will reveal two color

Watch as two white lights both separate into three distinct colors and then
form two pyramids. Make a note of the color and position of the lights for
these two pyramids. Although your Spirit Guide says you won't be able to see
this revelation again, you will. There's a memory trigger that allows you to
review this clue:


Where R, G, B stands for red, green and blue and M, Y, C stands for magenta,
yellow and cyan. Once you are back on Serenia, say goodbye to Dream for now.
You will be returning there just before the game ends.

Exit the Memory Chamber. As soon as you do, Anya will appear and say that she
hoped to discuss what went on in Dream with you, but there isn't time. She
tells you she must remain at the Memory Chamber to block anyone from entering
it. Once the door is closed you can trigger a replay of the last bit of
conversation by zooming in on it or by using the amulet.

Once at the Stone Plaza (where you met the elderly Protector), proceed to the
water control where you made Quetzy go away. Turn the wheel to the left to
stop the water from flowing to the left canal.

Time now to face the brothers in their hideout.

Return to the crossroads that lead to the mosaic and the Hall of Spirits
(there's also a Zip mode link to it). Once there, turn left and proceed
forward, passing under the bell to leave the Protectors section and enter the
Stone Forest.

Climb the wooden steps and you'll be at an intersection with a bubble fountain
and a wooden bridge. Take the left path and follow it to the end. At the end
there's a burning sap plant to your right and in the next screen there's an
intersection to the left. Go forward once to the next screen and take the left
path again. Pass the water control with the broken wheel and at the end of
that path you'll be where the path leading from the drawbridge connects with
this one. Go to the drawbridge and cross it.

On the other side, next to the winding wheel for the drawbridge, there's a
stairway leading down. Climb down this stairway and at the bottom, proceed
toward the door of the building in front of you. You'll meet Sirrus as he
emerges from the abandoned Memory Chamber. Notice how he backpedals a little.
Once he finishes his speech, proceed round to the right and to the far end of
the Chamber.

From Achenar's Journal, found in the Stone Forest, you should have seen a
drawing of an underwater back entrance to this Memory Chamber. There's a
bathyscaph here and a well. You'll have to drain enough water from the well in
order to access the secret tunnel and door it leads to. It is for this reason
you have been purposely diverting the water course - away from this location.
If you hadn't done so, water would continue flowing into the well and there
would be no way of accessing the secret tunnel.

There are two levers here that control the bathyscaph: one lowers and raises
it (the left lever) and the other opens and closes its door (the right lever).
Begin by pulling it up using the left lever. Close the door on the bathyscaph
by using the right lever, then lower it. With the door still closed, lift it
up. This will cause enough water to overflow and grant you access to the
tunnel. Approach the well and climb down the stairway on the right. Once
inside, climb down once more.

You should be able to see a glass window and below it, a wheel. Turn the wheel
to the right to open a drain and allow some more water to drain out. Return to
the bathyscaph controls. Lower it, and with the door still closed raise it.
Again this will drain some more water. Finally, open the bathyscaph door,
lower it, close the door while it is underwater and then raise it. This will
have drained enough water to open the panel for the secret door at the end of
the tunnel. Go there now.

Zoom in on the panel and trigger the memory. This shows you a picture of the
medallion in Spire, a replay of the revelation your Spirit Guide showed you
and then six small triangles separating (notice that every dot is white) and
finally, the door opening. Click on the button below the panel to open it. You
will see a circle of colored marbles and sliding channels.

This is the reason you had to go through Spire: the medallion there gives you
the color combination for the six innermost positions of the panel. You then
have to form triangles, using the combinations shown in Dream to form six
triangles in the outermost positions of the panel, so that when these are
combined each triangle will glow white. Each of the small triangles can only
be made up of one of these two combinations:

R B or C

and one of its vertexes (top or point opposite the base) must coincide with
the color scheme from Spire. In each case, if say, the vertex is Green, moving
clockwise, the next colour must be Blue and the third, Red (as per the diagram
above - same applies for the other three colors).

I don't know what combination you got in Spire so I won't be able to tell you
where to place the marbles. You'll have to work it out for yourself, but it
shouldn't be too hard. It's just a question of sliding the marbles into place.
To move a marble, click on it, and white lines will show you clear paths of
travel and where you are allowed to move the marble to. Select the position
you want the marble to move to by clicking on the destination, and the marble
will travel there. When you have placed all the marbles correctly in their
groups (to form white light in each case), click the button below the panel to
open the door.

Proceed through the tunnel, and climb the metal ladder at the end. Find the
handle on the wheel and turn it to open the hatch. Explore the Old Memory
Chamber. You can enter the Shrine itself if you want but there's nothing to do
inside. The ancient plant is protected by a glass cover. To the left of the
chamber, there's a sarcophagus. If you zoom in on the glass window, you'll see
Sirrus frozen inside. Ignore him and climb the stairs to the top of the Memory

Once there you'll discover Yeesha strapped to a chair. She'll ask you to
release her by pulling the Silver lever on the machine. As soon as you can,
SAVE your game. This is where you get to make your choices for alternate
endings. I'll explain them in the Final Considerations section. For now, go to
the machine. When you get there Achenar will enter. Do as he says and pull the
AMBER lever.

Unfortunately, doing the right thing puts Yeesha's body in trouble (then
again, she already was, as Sirrus has taken over her body). Again, follow
Achenar's instructions and sit on the chair behind you. Look up at the ceiling
- where you will be transported back to Dream Age. Prepare for the annoying
puzzle for this Age.

Note: if you want to see Achenar's sacrifice (or just what he is up to) before
sitting on the chair descend to the lower level and look in the Memory
Chamber. You'll witness a short scene with Achenar. Thanks to Adrian Phillips
for this tip.

Your Spirit Guide will be waiting for you and will show you Yeesha's mind
being plagued by a parasite in a form that seems like a beetle with fine
binding energy tendrils that are strangling her. This is Sirrus. The Spirit
Guide will send you inside Yeesha's memory and you must untangle Sirrus from

This place has five images floating around and each of them has one or more
symbols attached. If you float the cursor over one of the symbols, it will
replay a piece of a conversation. You have to put the conversation strings in
order and also place each piece of it over the relevant object. The full
dialogue is listed below (in no particular order):

01 - (Yeesha) Daddy's really good at chess
02 - (Yeesha) You can make one just like you made my spirit guide
03 - (Sirrus) I'd like to sis, but I don't have a chess set
04 - (Yeesha) I'll tell them to when I link home
05 - (Yeesha) Well maybe mum and dad could give you a set, as a present
06 - (Sirrus) Ha, right, and I suppose you'll tell them to make it out of the
same rock as this chamber
07 - (Yeesha) You should play him
08 - (Sirrus) I could, but it's really hard to carve figurines that small
09 - (Sirrus) That way, I'll never be able to break them
10 - (Sirrus) They break so easily

The available objects are: chess set (C), figurine (F), painting (P), book (B)
and Nara crest (N). When the correct sequence, as well as the right number of
sentences, have been placed over an object, that object will have a white
energy nimbus around it. This is the order the sentences should be put in:

C - 01, 07, 03
F - 02, 08, 10
P - 05
B - 04
N - 06, 09

You can only move sentences from object to object in groups. If a group has
more then one sentence the uppermost one will automatically be placed in the
next object you brush over, excluding the one it came from. A sentence is
placed in an object in the lowest position and is removed from the highest
position in the group. To acquire a group click on it.

In order to simplify the solution, I'll refer to the object, rather than the
sentence, you will be clicking on to acquire the initial group and then the
object(s) you are going to distribute that group to. I'll also use the
abbreviations above. For example, the first step of the full sequence is N -->
C which means you click on the group over the Nara crest and distribute it to
the chess set. Here is the full sequence:

N --> C
B --> N --> B --> P
N --> C
B --> N
N --> C
F --> C
C --> F --> C --> N --> C --> N --> C --> N
F --> P
C --> F --> C --> F
C --> F (done)
N --> C --> N --> C
C --> N --> C
N --> C --> N
N --> C (done)
P --> B --> N --> B --> P
B --> P --> B
B --> N (done)
P --> B (done) --> P (done)

After this one is complete, you have another one to do. This time it's a
Sirrus monologue (in no particular order):

01 - Father and mother will teach you the art
02 - See how round and smooth and empty it is
03 - And everything that's you will be sucked out of your body
04 - Then, I'll put my new memories back on my body and no one will be able to
stop me
05 - See this globe little sister
06 - Of course, I'll kill them as soon as I know how to write Ages
07 - Lights will go on
08 - Leaving behind the perfect disguise for me to step into
09 - When I turn the switch, the chair you are sitting in will activate
10 - Never knowing that it's me who is doing the learning

This time, the available objects are: memory globe (G), sarcophagus (S), chair
(C) and book (B). Once more, when the correct sequence, as well as the right
number of sentences have been placed over an object, that object will have a
white energy nimbus around it. This is the order the sentences should be put

G - 05, 02
C - 09, 07, 03, 08
B - 01, 10, 06
S - 04

Now is also a very good time to save, if you want to have a savegame right
before the game ends. As soon as you solve this puzzle the game will take over
and conclude with the titles. Full sequence for this puzzle is (following the
same conventions I did above):

C --> G --> C --> B
G --> S --> G --> S
G --> C
S --> G --> C --> G --> S --> B (done) --> C (done)
G --> S --> G
S --> G --> S
G --> S --> G
S --> G (done) --> S (done)

Listen to the final reassurances from the Spirit Guide. When you return to
Serenia you will learn of Achenar's sacrifice, as a result of his revelation
over his brother, which in turn leads to his redemption. Unfortunately, it
also leads to his death in his sister's lap. As soon as you stand up from the
chair you'll hear Achenar's dying words and witness his death scene. Yeesha
will be all right (at least until she grows a lot older and turns into the mad
woman we've encountered in Uru: there's something seriously wrong with the
whole of this family's gene pool). After this, you'll return briefly to
Tomahna to listen to Atrus' conclusions.

Roll on credits and you'll have the opportunity to listen to "Curtains" again.
After that, the game ends.

7. Final Considerations

Alternate endings
When you are given the choice of levers to free Yeesha from the chair in the
upper floor of the Memory Chamber, there are three options you can make:
1 - Pull the amber lever (the preferred ending)
2 - Pull the silver lever
3 - Do nothing.

If you choose number 2, Sirrus (inside Yeesha) will be set free, Achenar will
be crushed under a Spirit Stone, trapping you in the process. Sirrus (in the
form of Yeesha) will then kill you with Achenar's crossbow.

Note: As a side note, what ever happened to Rand Miller's primary objective
that the gamer NEVER dies in any Myst game??

Choose number 3, and Achenar stands between you and Sirrus (inside Yeesha).
Sirrus takes the opportunity to stab Achenar in the back and then shoot you
where you stand.

Note: Ditto as above...

In both endings, Sirrus will also gloat about his performance and of how he is
now sure that he'll be able to convince his father that he is indeed Yeesha.

That's it. Walkthrough is over. Hope you've found it helpful and that you've
enjoyed the game.

8. Viewer Codes

Rime: Red 6, Cyan 3, Yellow 8, Green 8, Blue 2
Spire: Green 1, Blue 7, Red 8, Yellow 4, Cyan 5
Haven: Blue 2, Red 8, Purple 1, Green 5, Yellow 6
Serenia: Red 7, Yellow 6, Purple 4, Blue 3, Green 1

--- E. Contributors ---

- Me. ^_^
- Anthony Germon, for telling me where the scale for the hexagonal pipe
can be found.
- Greg Diroll, for suggesting another way of tackling the Frequency Puzzle in
- Mark Wooge for some corrections he sent.
- Mark Neil for a trick with the crystal frequencies in Spire.
- Frobotz for the tip on Haven sound durations.
- Brian Ireland and Marjory Gearhart for a speedier solution to the Power Box
puzzle in Tomahna.
- Marjory Gearhart for alerting me to an error with the control for the water
gates in Tomahna.
- Adrian Phillips for the tip about the extra scene with Achenar near the end
of the game.
- Mark Wooge and Robert Kosten for the suggestion about clarifying a
paragraph regarding Quetzy and the Stone Plaza area in Serenia.
- Scott from Japan for the information about the pots and the pans in the
Kitchen (Tomahna by Night)
- Steve Anderson for proof reading, editing and clarifying some sections of
the walkthrough. Thanks!


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