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FirefoxIz Mozila Foundation-a nam stiže nova verzija Firefoxa. Radi se o securitz relise-a pa se instalacija preporučuje. Ispravljeni su sledeći sigurnosnni propusti:

  • MFSA 2006-29  Spoofing with translucent windows
  • MFSA 2006-28 Security check of js_ValueToFunctionObject() can be circumvented
  • MFSA 2006-25 Privilege escalation through Print Preview
  • MFSA 2006-24 Privilege escalation using crypto.generateCRMFRequest
  • MFSA 2006-23 File stealing by changing input type
  • MFSA 2006-22 CSS Letter-Spacing Heap Overflow Vulnerability
  • MFSA 2006-20 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

i načinjene sledeće izmene:

  • 286557 – Need an easy way to skip/disable/turn off the Import Wizard (profile migration) on first startup (when no profile exists).
  • 320504 – Prompt users to submit feedback when uninstalling Firefox.
  • 320192 – Better way for users/testers to detect and isolate leaks of large object graphs (more info).


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