MotherLoad (sifr)


Cheat mode:
Submitted by: RM
Enter one of the following codes.

Result                 Code 
Additional $100,000  - blingbling  
Hull strength +1     - penetrable  
Drill strength +1    - digdug  
Engine strength +1   - warp9  
Fuel tank size +1    - guzzle  
Radiator strength +1 - toocool  
Bay size +1          - supersize  
Refill fuel          - fillerup

$5,000 and Guardian:
This trick requires at least a Medium Fuel Tank ($750). Go to the fuel station
and refill. As soon as you close the pump screen, start flying upward by holding 
[Up]. Keep soaring until you reach 5,000 feet in the air. You will receive a 
transmission from "Mr. Dog" and earn $5,000. Begin dropping down to the ground, 
and make sure to press [Up] at about 150 to 200 feet so you do not strike the 
ground and die. When you land, fill up and buy the $2,000 upgrades for a Fuel 
Tank and an Engine. Then, fill up again. Start flying up again until you reach 
10,000 feet. You will receive a transmission from "God" this time. 
He will give you some sort of guardian angel that follows you around.

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