Mortal Kombat 3 (šifre)

Mortal Kombat 3

Submitted by: Enigma Question 

Some "Combat Codes" (number of time you have to press
the buttons):

New Kombat codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

P1(123)P2(926) - No Knowledge That Is Not Power appears on screen
P1(987)P2(666) - Hold Flippers During Casino Run appears on screen

P1(100)P2(100) - No throws
P1(020)P2(020) - No block
P1(987)P2(123) - Invisible time and energy meters
P1(033)P2(000) - Half energy Player 1
P1(000)P2(033) - Half energy Player 2
P1(707)P2(000) - Quarter energy Player 1
P1(000)P2(707) - Quarter energy Player 2
P1(688)P2(422) - Dark fighting
P1(985)P2(125) - Changing characters
P1(460)P2(460) - Dark fighting and changing characters
P1(466)P2(266) - Unlimited run
P1(642)P2(468) - Play Galaxian
P1(969)P2(141) - First Round winner fight against
P1(769)P2(342) - First Round winner fight against Noob
P1(033)P2(564) - First Round winner fight against Shao
P1(205)P2(926) - First Round winner fight against
P1(282)P2(282) - View a message

Use these commands to start the game:
MK3 603015     Slow motion
MK3 8000       Turbo mode
MK3 12345      Tall characters
MK3 54321      Miniature characters
MK3 1111       Miniature characters that float
MK3 8888       Jumbo characters
MK3 1995       Invisible Kombat
MK3 831        Characters turn invisible
MK3 9966       Mirror mode
MK3 0666       Smoke enabled
MK3 1000000    Shao and Monty enabled
              (only in 2 player mode)

The following is a key for the Code Bar on 2 player mode.
Submitted by: Dj Simo

2=Yin Yang
4=Question Mark
5=Lighting Bolt
8=Shao Kahn

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