Moorhuhn 2 (šifre)

Moorhuhn 2

Submitted by: Jernej

You need to shoot the spider 3 times, then you`ll get a 
100points+ 50points for the first shoot! When you shoot 
at the scarecrow, you must shoot his hat first, then his 
head and you get 50points more( when you shoot down the 
whole scarecrow a lot of chickens appear-why? beacouse it 
a scarecrow, it scares birds)!
On occasion ballons appear (spider,stones on the floor), 
it is wise to shoot at them beacouse some of them are worth 
more than a 1point(it goes up to 100points)! 
There is a chichen in the watch tower her worth is 25points!
When you start the game it`s recommended to fire first at the 
town watch(the one whit the flag) to get additional 10 second, 
but you get -25points. But becaouse you fire at it first you 
don`t have minus points (!!!0-25=0!!!)!!
Then you can fire at the at the other tall building, left from 
the watch, without a flag and you will get 15points.
You can get another 25points for shooting at the building on 
the left edge of the town.

Submitted by: Tuan Anh

text: if you shoot the spider 150 points, you shoot all yellow stones and shoot 
the spider again, you have 200 points
And you shoot the boat, you have 50 points.

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