Midnight Club II (šifre)

Midnight Club II

Submitted by: Haspa

Go to Options/Cheat Codes and enter one of the following codes : 

Code              Result
starlite        - Hallucinating view
howhardcanitbe0 - Difficulty adjust (0 -9)
starpower       - Gun (key F by default) and no damage
leatherandlace  - Gun, rocket launcher (keys F and H) and no damage 
upupdowndown    - Unlock all cities, vehicles and modes (arcade only)
theparrot       - Unlock all modes 
griswold        - Unlock all cities
octane          - Nitrous
yerbamate       - Unlimited Nitrous
rimbuk          - Unlock all cities, vehicles and modes (arcade only)

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  • gggktjrtutf

    jel treba nešto posebno da unesem šifre?

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