Megarace 2 (šifre)

Megarace 2

To Add these codes to the command line when 
you start your game. For example, to start 
the game with $99,999 and a map of the track,
enter the command MEGARACE MONEY MAP. 

speed       makes whatever car you choose faster
money       gives you $99,999
map         shows a map of the track while racing
game        skip the intro
nolance     skip lance boyle
debug       press "O" at any time during the race to turn into a bomb
            box and "TAB" to switch to other obstacles to race as
testprize   keep going through the prize doors (you have to turn off
            your PC to get out of it) 

Debug mode
Start the game with the debug command line parameter. 
Then, press O during game play to transform into a bomb box. 
Press [Tab] to select other objects.

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