Medieval 2: Total War patch v1.1

Medieval 2: Total WarCreative Assembly nam donosi i prvi patch za njihov istorijski RTS, čime verzija igre dostiže 1.1. Dosta toga je izmenjeno: poboljšana je stabilnost igre, ispravljene su neke greške AI-a, dodata je opcija za podešavanja vremenskih okolnosti kod Custom Battle moda…celokupna lista izmena se nalazi u nastavku teksta, a patch možete preuzeti ovde (40MB).



Major Issues

1.Crash while watching a Custom Battle Replay that ends during a cutscene.
2.Crash when Elephant Artillery fire.
3.Crash killing every enemy unit in Tunis Settlement during Spanish Grand Campaign.
4.User unable to progress in the Battle Tutorial when moving all units to the highlighted area instead of just the cavalry unit.
5.Crash when Auto resolving a siege battle, gaining victory, and repeatedly Right – Clicking the settlement the players army is moving into.
6.Enemy AI Cavalry not attacking spearmen.
7.AI defect on the Battle Map when enemy AI seiges a town with infantry and calvary, and the infantry die and rout, the player still holds the city, and the enemy cavalry do not attack or rout.
8.Units ascend invisible ladders when one unit ordered to climb them and another to take the ladders away on the Battle Map.
9.Units descend invisible Siege Tower when one unit is ordered to descend whilst another is ordered to move the tower away on the Battle Map.
10.General's Bodyguard unit unable to find a path back into a settlement through destroyed wall.
11.Corrupt deployment boundary in Tannenberg Custom Battle Map during the Deployment phase.
12.Crash in turn roll-over during English Grand Campaign.
13.AI sallying army confused by user besieges from 2 sides.
14.Attacking siege AI chases cavalry in circles rather than concentrating on taking the settlement.
15.Slow siege equipment and weapons can perform double speed when moved by double clicking on the mini-map.
16.Battle of Agincourt Historical Battle intro movie playing at triple speed.
17.Arquebusier units do not stop running towards their initial target when given another target to shoot at.
18.Trebuchets disappear when viewed at a close distance on the Battle Map, the crew remain visible.
19.RTS Camera mode breaks camera restrictions when player holds down left mouse button.
20.Corrupt deployment boundary in Bordeaux settlement occupied by England during the Deployment phase of a battle on the Battle Map of the Moors Grand Campaign.
21.Deployment Zone allowing player to deploy units in enemies settlement central plaza during Spanish Grand Campaign.
22.Enemy Deployment Zone restricted to a small area around a monastery building in Quick Battle on the Scottish Glen Battle Map.
23.Corrupt deployment boundary in Deathtrack Custom Battle Map during the Deployment phase.
24.Resources loose value in the World Map of Grand Campaign Mode when a game is reloaded from a previous save game.
25.Corrupt deployment boundary in Spain in French Grand Campaign during the Deployment phase.
26.No indication whether the game is patched or not.
27.Camera becomes stuck if player zooms to a unit holding down the scroll wheel and releases it when the camera shows a battle event such as a generals death or falling wall on the Battle Map.
28.Invisible enemy siege equipment during Grand Campaign mode as Spain when the English assaulted the users Fortress of Bordeaux.
29.Invisible players Trebuchet Siege equipment in a Custom Battle with the player defending a fort.
30.Deployment areas too close in Scottish Glen Custom Battle when the player does not move their units during the deployment phase and starts the battle, both factions can instantly engage.
31.Camera becomes stuck if player zooms to a unit holding down the scroll wheel, pauses the game with the Escape Key then releases the mouse wheel and un-pauses the game.
32.Cannot use unpacked data by using the –io.file_first command
33.Cavalry become stuck in corners of the Middle Eastern Fortress they are defending after sallying through a breach in the wall.
34.Carroccio standard cannot fit through the gate on a sally out battle.
35.Trebuchets are unable to fit through gates when sallying out.
36.Troops armed with gunpowder weapons stop firing on the Battle Map.
37.AI enemy Cavalry flanking the player but do not attack.
38.Readme file included with installer out of date.
39.Defending AI does not respond to missile damage on the Battle Map when player is sieging settlements. i.e. change to a loose formation.
40.Assaulting AI units moral swings from very low to normal too quickly.
41.Crash showing results scroll of Custom Battle with six AI allies against one AI opponent.
42.Advisor giving misleading information in Custom Battle about destroying buildings on the Battle Map affecting the buildings on the Campaign Map.
43.AI Cavalry units failing to engage archers on the Battle Map during Custom Battle Mode.
44.Weather condition settings in Custom Battle Mode.

Minor Issues

1.Frame rate drop during French short Campaign.
2.Audio: The Battle Event "Player_Ram_Breached_Gate" speech triggered when the enemies gate only damaged by 20% on the Battle Map.
3.The "Spotted by Subterfuge:" field of the Enemy Character Details scroll in the English Grand Campaign crops the characters name down to 3 letters with a '…' after it
4.Tribute in florins, is not clearly displayed on the Diplomacy scroll during Grand Campaign Mode when returning to the same faction the player holds the tribute agreement with. It always displays 0(zero) florins.
5.No video displayed in the Victory scroll after completing the Grand Campaign as England.
6.English spy joining an English army lead by a general and triggered two "Joins_Army" speeches on the Grand Campaign Map.
7.English Merchant ordered to embark a boat on the Grand Campaign Map did not trigger the "Movement_Embark" speech.
8.English Merchant ordered to disembark a boat on the Grand Campaign Map did not trigger the "Movement_Disembark" speech.
9.Janissary Heavy Infantry unit has incorrect spelling in Unit Description card accessed on the Battle Map.
10."Select_Ally" speech played incorrectly on Campaign Map when selecting an allied Merchant of Milan.
11.English Priest ordered to disembark a boat on the Grand Campaign Map triggered the "Movement_Disembark" speech twice.
12.Floating wall to the east of the English Army in the Battle of Agincourt Historical Battle.
13.Raised area of terrain on cliff edge in the Battle of Agincourt Historical Battle appears tiled.
14.Graphical glitches / lines near 'BACK' and 'START' options on Select Army screen on front end.
15.Black Square on the Main Menu background image just after the word "Total War".
16.Three flanking cavalry units will not attack if all the Yeomen Archers have been killed/routed in Battle of Agincourt Historical Battle.
17.Hidden units on the Battle map can still be seen on the mini-map.
18.Byzantine Latinkon units individual men have arms missing where they should have Armor Upgrades.
19.Misquotation of Shakespeare in German version.

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