Mdk 2 (šifre)

Mdk 2

God Mode:
In-game you can press '~' and enter the following string 
after the 'Omen' prompt to get full invulnerability: 


Looks like the programming language? Yeah - this is trick 
for the internal game scripting system. But please note 
that this code must be re-entered periodically because the 
game doesn't store previous mode while map block change 
(block changing can be determined if your HDD reads something 
heavy and the game slowdowns for a while, or just see what you 
now is not invlunerable and your health value is decreasing). 
Hopefully you do not have to re-enter this long code - you can 
just bring console ('~' key) and then press Up-arrow key to 
get previous command form history. 

Other codes (entered the same way):

Code               Result 
mdkNewGame(1,12) - Jump to Level 1 
mdkNewGame(2,12) - Jump to Level 2 
mdkNewGame(3,12) - Jump to Level 3 
mdkNewGame(4,12) - Jump to Level 4 
mdkNewGame(5,11) - Jump to Level 5 
mdkNewGame(6,8)  - Jump to Level 6 
mdkNewGame(7,11) - Jump to Level 7 
mdkNewGame(8,8)  - Jump to Level 8 
mdkNewGame(9,13) - Jump to Level 9 
mdkNewGame(10,7) - Jump to Level 10 (Final) 
mdkNewGame(11,1) - Jump to Level 10 #1 (Special) 
mdkNewGame(12,1) - Jump to Level 10 #2 (Special) 
GodDebugToggle() - God Mode on/off 

Toggle slow motion:
Begin game play as Max, then hold [Fire] and 
press [Equip Up] four times. A message will 
confirm correct code entry. 

Make use of Sniper mode as Kurt. An enemy taken out 
from afar is an enemy you don't have to worry about 

If concerned about ammo as Max, switch to the main 
pistol it won't run out. Save the Uzis for rougher times.

Dr. Hawkins requires an unorthodox approach. Save often 
and try everything; you'll stumble upon the answer eventually.

When facing the first boss as Kurt, zoom in and look for 
those blue globes. There are four in the middle and two 
orbiting the ship.

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