Mass Effect – Bring Down the Sky i patch v1.01

Mass EffectRanije najavljeni besplatni dodatak za Mass Effect je od danas dostupan za preuzimanje. Bring Down the Sky u igru ubacuje novi svet i nudi vam dodatnih devedesetak minuta igranja. Installer se može preuzeti ovde (309 MB), a biće vam potreban originalni CD key pri registraciji BioWare community naloga. Simultano sa dodatkom je izašao i prvi patch sa oznakom 1.01 i može se preuzeti ovde (35 MB). Uputstvo za instaliranje dodatka i detaljna lista izmena koja su ispravljena se nalaze u nastavku teksta.
PC Download and Installation Instructions
1: Log in to the BioWare Community

    * Register for a free BioWare Community Account
    * or
    * Login to your account now.

2: Register Your Mass Effect (PC) CD Key and get a Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky CD Key for free!

Once you are logged in, register your Mass Effect (PC) CD Key on this CD Key Page. (login required)

Your Mass Effect : Bring Down the Sky CD Key will be listed once your key is registered.
3: Download and Run the Installer

    * Run the downloaded file to install the new content.
    * Enter your Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky CD Key when asked by the installer.
    * You can always access this CD Key from your Mass Effect CD Key page. (login required)

Update 1.01

* added some infrastructure support for additional downloadable content
* updated the image of the Batarian race in the codex
* fixed an issue where the center channel for hardware audio wouldn't play correctly sometimes
* fixed an issue where the hardware mouse pointer would disappear when first selected
* fixed an issue where Shepard did not auto-crouch when entering cover in some places
* fixed a tool-tip indicating a game restart is needed before enabling hardware or software audio if the option was changed
* fixed an issue where ambient conversation would not be heard from rear speakers sometimes
* fixed a text string to make it clearer on how to exit a vehicle
* fixed a text string so the tool top for dragging the map is clearer in French languages builds

Mass Effect Configuration Utility

* fixed a crash running on certain multi-core AMD systems
* fixed an issue where video RAM was not being reported properly on certain cards

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