Marble Blast Gold (šifre)

Marble Blast Gold

Submitted by: RM

Level select:
Go to level selection screen and click to the next level that is locked. 
Then, go down and click on the bottom right corner of the screen on the picture.
It then will unlock that level. Continue this process until you have unlocked all
Note: This does not unlock "Custom". You must complete all levels to unlock "Custom".

Special mode:
Beat the "Gold" time target on every level. 

Beginners level 24:
On level 24 of Beginners level, you can substitute the Gyropractor 
(which is tricky to work), and instead use a "super bounce" to reach he tower with gems.
The location of all gems for this level are: 

Two on main platform.
One in mine tunnel.
One on super bounce platform.
One on Gravitron pathway.
One on Gyropractor towers.
One where super bounce towers are (be careful, you easily fall off here).
One on moving platform that moves horizontally, 
Also, be careful during the drop to the ending circle-platform. You are supposed to use 
a shock absorber there and people easily mistake it as just a regular drop.
To beat the "Gold" time, go forward into tornado to get first two gems. Then, go back to 
middle platform. Get those gems and use tornado to get to the platform instead of using 
super bounce. Next, go under by the mines to get that gem. Then use the super jump to get 
back up and go to gravity to get the gem on the ceiling. Then, gyrocopter to get the last 
gem and finish. 

After you have collected all the gems, use the Gyrocopter to float down to the finish. 
Use it rather than the Shock Absorber. It is much easier.

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