Majesty – The Northern Expansion (šifre)

Majesty - The Northern Expansion

Submitted by: nightraider

Hit enter and type the desired cheat:

Result                               Code 
Additional 10,000 gold             - fill this bag  
All buildings available            - build anything  
All spells available               - give me power  
Full map                           - revelation  
Lose game                          - i'm a loser baby  
Kill opponent                      - now you die  
Restore hit points                 - restoration  
Unlimited spell range              - cheezy towers  
View frame rate                    - frame it  
Highlighted hero gains five levels - grow up  
Win game                           - victory is mine  

Get All Powers:
Submitted by: arun prakash

To get all of the powers at the bottom of the screen enter: give me power

To get 10000 gold enter: fill this bag

To build anything simply enter: build anything

To cast Wizard Guild spells anywhere enter: cheezy towers 

Entire Map revealed:
To see everything on the map press enter and type revelation

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