Majesty – The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (šifre)

Majesty - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

While playing, press [Enter] then type the following 

Code              Result 
victory is mine - Win Game 
now you die     - Lose Game 
fill this bag   - Add 10,000 Gold 
revelation      - Reveal Map 
build anything  - All Buildings Available 
give me power   - All Spells Available 
cheezy towers   - Spells Have No Range Limit 
restoration     - Restores Hit Points 
frame it        - Shows Frame Count
grow up         - Highlighted Hero Gains +5 Levels 

Submitted by: Jens Lohse

Upgraded marketplaces are your primary source of 
gold; a distant trading post will help supplement 
your income nicely. 

Once you've got a steady income, your first priority 
should be to keep your guilds full; you need as many 
heroes as you can afford earning experience and spending 

Don't be shy with the money you put on your bounties. 
To really attract heroes, try placing a couple of thousand 
gold pieces on a target and watch them flock to the flag. 

Take houses off the tax route until they've built up about 
50 gold pieces each. Then tap them for a single visit from 
the tax collector. This keeps your collectors from wasting 
precious time scraping together the trickle of gold that 
comes into the houses. 

Submitted by: rickHH

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