Lost Eden (šifre)

Lost Eden 

Building citadels:
To build a citadel, first find the humans in the region. 
Then find a shaded forest and take some mushrooms from 
that location. If a poison mushroom is taken, feed it to 
Thugg. He will be able to digest the mushroom without any 
ill effects. Next, find a herd of Brontosaurus and befriend 
them by offering them some mushrooms. Play the flute and 
they will assist the men in building a citadel. 

To find the Mosasaurus, talk to Thugg and get an apple. 
Go to a lake and look below the surface of the water and 
wait for the Mosasaurus to swim into view. If it does not 
appear, try a different location at the lake. Throw an 
apple into the lake. If nothing appeared, leave the valley 
and talk to Thugg. He will find another apple. Return to 
the lake and try again. The Mosasaurus will tell Adam which 
object of power will be effective for that specific valley. 

Velociraptors are the only dinosaurs who can fight the 
Tyrannosaurs. To accomplish this task, they must be given 
gold and an object of power. Gold can be found near the 

Triceratops want empty nests, which can be found in the 
trees. If there are eggs in the nest, the Triceratops will 
not want the nest. Instead, give the eggs to Thugg.

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